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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D., The Flash and More

Bones Once Upon a Time

How bad is it for Bones‘ Booth? Will Once Upon a Time explain two vanishings? How will Arrow‘s Felicity react to a shocking return? Is Gotham expecting? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I’m desperate for some Bones scoop! Plz, give us something! —Claudia
Booth’s disappearance takes a very bloody turn in Episode 2. Elsewhere, a handsome new man enters the Jeffersonian to assist Angela (which immediately puts Hodgins on high alert), while Cam and Arastoo make a big decision about their relationship.

Now that Once Upon a Time‘s Emma is the Dark Swan, can her heart be removed from her chest? –Mia Bennett
Good question – yet one that is not addressed in the Season 5 premiere, at least, seeing as she is busy doing the pumper-plucking :-O What’s more, she’s not the only one in  Sunday’s premiere aiming to take someone’s ticker!

Once Upon a Time‘s Zelena always has a trick up her sleeve. Do you think she will try to regain her powers? –Rasika
I do “think” that, yes. The question is, though: Is she clever enough to outwit those who prefer her to remain incapacitated? Bonus premiere scoop: Amy Manson and her hair are quite terrific as Merida (and Rumple has a great line about the Brave one’s accent); Emma/Hook fans better have their GIF-making machines at the ready; and the episode ends with a final twist I did not see coming.

So excited to hear that Mulan will be back on Once Upon a Time. Last we saw, Robin Hood asked her to join his band of Merry Men. Any chance we will see more of her relationship with Robin Hood? –Karola
The whereabouts of Mulan (played by Jamie Chung), as well as Meghan Ory’s Ruby/Red, will be accounted for when each character resurfaces after so much time off-screen. “We’re not planning to drop them back in the show with no explanation and just say, ‘Oh, they were over in the corner,'” says co-creator Adam Horowitz. “We do want to give a taste of where Mulan has been and what she’s been up to and what she’s been going through. The same with Red.”

When Empire first started, it touched on a lot of important issues in the black community. Now, as times are increasingly tense racially, socially and economically, how will the show be addressing issues in Season 2? —Jazmine
As you saw from the season opener’s “Gorilla suit” scene — and heard in Cookie’s incendiary “How much longer?” speech — Empire is not shying away from examining the topic of high incarceration rates for (and recent instances of excessive police force against) African-Americans. And it won’t be a one-time-only reference. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is “not a story arc for us, but thematically we touch on it throughout the season in different ways, because it touches the lives of these characters,” Chaiken tells us. Adds Strong: “As long as we keep our end of it truthful and honest to what’s happening in America today, we can’t go wrong.” Bonus scoop: Chaiken previously told us a character named Laura would be one “to keep an eye on” this season. Pressed for more details about the mystery woman (who’s played by Jamila and will first appear in Episode 4), here’s what she had to say: “I don’t know that I meant to call her a major character, but she’s a major talent. Certainly, she’s someone I wanted fans to be aware of because we’re excited about her music and her story — she plays an important relationship role [as] a love interest for Hakeem.”

Any word on if HBO will pick up Alan Ball’s Virtuoso pilot to series? –Nat
I checked on this for you on Thursday, and there is alas no word yet.

OK, I’m back on board with Gotham. Any scoop to share? –Craig
This Monday’s episode features a significant death, as well as an enormously entertaining dialogue between Lucius Fox (newly promoted series regular Chris Chalk) and Alfred, as the gents first meet and warily compare agendas with regard to Master Bruce. Also, if you were wondering if the real-life baby news for costars Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin will be mirrored on-screen, I am hearing that is not the plan.

Vampire Diaries‘ Steroline shippers need to know if Stefan and Caroline will be together in the future timeline. Thank you! –Mary
Things are quite dire in the Oct. 8 premiere’s flash forwards, so romance isn’t really the priority. That said, Caroline and Stefan share plenty of screentime — and a few awkward, loaded silences — back in present day Mystic Falls.

Any positive Vampire Diaries spoilers you can give us on future Bonnie/Damon scenes? –Renee
Would you consider Bonnie playing chaperon to the vampire and Alaric’s drunken European adventures “positive”? How about Damon calling her his best friend? (Somewhere, Alaric is crying into his booze.)

Did The Vampire Diaries cast young Giusepe? I saw this pic on Annie Wersching’s IG profile. The actor in the pic is John Charles Meyer, and he looks really a lot like Old Giusepe. –Marko
A show rep confirms that Meyer – whose recent TV credits include Hawaii Five-0 and Mom – will be playing the Salvatore boys’ dad in flashbacks, in Episode 7.

Have you seen The Flash premiere yet? If so, how is it?? –Janelle
I got around to it the other day, and by and large it is quite satisfying. You will (eventually) see exactly how the “singularity” was dealt with, and why that seeming victory has, sadly, splintered Team Flash in multiple directions. A highly entertaining bromance gets a big boost, one could argue that the foundation for Caitlin’s fated alter ego is laid, and there is a montage toward the end that is simply wonderful and loaded with heart. All that said, I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge a major “What the heck?” moment in the penultimate scene, a zag that actually had me yelling, “What the heck?” (or saltier words to that effect) at my laptop screen.

SVU, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, crossovers… anything!?!? Please! –Kenny
Oliver Platt, who plays Chicago Med shrink Dr. Daniel Charles, will be keeping busy ahead of the spinoff’s launch — on both P.D. and Fire. For Lindsay’s rehabilitation on the former., “Voight has some really strict conditions she has to meet,” executive producer Matt Olmstead previews. “He wants her to meet with Dr. Charles, so she goes there and tries to work him and deflect — ‘Just tell my boss we met’ – but he’s a little smarter than that. She then comes back later and kind of opens up a bit to him. They talk about her dad a little.” Charles will also assist the Fire crew after “Brett and Chili go through a pretty heavy duty first call in the first episode” and the former develops a “fixation” about the well-being of a baby.

It was teased a little while ago that Hawaii Five-0 might do an episode where Steve and Danny go to New Jersey. Any updates on that? –Sarah
Nothing is firmed up just yet, but we’re maybe getting closer to Steve observing Danny in his natural habitat. “We’ve been holding that story in abeyance for so long,” showrunner Peter M.Lenkov admits. “I’m hoping to do it this year.”

Is there anyway possible you can get more info from any sources you have, or from [TNT president] Kevin Reilly himself, on the subject of Titans? –Jeff
Seeing how many got into a tizzy and feared the worst when TNT announced its fall/winter slate – and given that there has been no movement on the casting/production front – I asked around and have been assured that the DC Comics-based series is still in development.

Sleepy Hollow‘s Season 2 finale ended with Abbie and Crane in the past. Does Jenny wander roam a different period at any time? –Ramon
So far, there’s no indication that Jenny will travel through time like her sister did last season. But she will traverse a path we haven’t seen before: gainful, legitimate employment. Lyndie Greenwood fans will be happy to hear that the job Jenny has in the premiere is an easy way to keep her deeply enmeshed in the Witnesses’ mission throughout the season. P.S. Our Kim Roots says the premiere is a “solid restart” for the Fox drama and has the potential to bring back to the fold many viewers frustrated by Season 2’s trajectory.

If Sleepy Hollow‘s Crane just up and left Abbie without a word, and they’ve neither seen nor spoken to each other in nine months [at the point Season 3 opens], I imagine their reunion isn’t going to be lovey-dovey. Anything you can tell us? –Bella
It’s not “lovey-dovey,” but it’s also not as contentious as you might imagine — partly because of what’s happened for each of the Witnesses during their absence from each other, and partially because of the circumstances under which they reunite.

I’ll take anything you’ve got on the Secret Warriors in the upcoming season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. –Joseph
As you may be well aware, the comic books’ Secret Warriors story followed Nick Fury as he rounded up young people with powers and safeguarded them from corrupt elements within and outside of S.H.I.E.L.D. “And the person sort of in charge of training them, under him, is Daisy Johnson,” series EP Jeff Bell points out. On the ABC series, in lieu of Fury, “Coulson’s our director, and at the end of last season he tasked Daisy with trying to find Inhumans, or powered people, to put together a team to combat the rise of these other people out in the world. And that’s a process. As you can imagine, it’s one thing to find a person who has powers; it’s another to find a person who has those skills and wants to be with you. So, the idea of putting together a Secret Warrior team over the course of the season seems like a noble goal for S.H.I.E.L.D., as they battle Inhumans.”

I’m so excited for Season 4 of Arrow and Olicity. But I was wondering what we can expect from Felicity on her own? What kind of storyline will she have? –Natalie
As we previously reported, Felicity will be stepping up and facing challenges as Palmer Tech’s new CEO. Speaking of the company’s namesake, the discovery that presumed-dead Ray is actually alive is “a huge emotional reveal, especially for Felicity,” executive producer Wendy Mericle previews. But don’t worry, Olicity ‘shippers — “It’s more of an emotional reaction to the loss of a friend than any sort of romantic rival. She’s very happy with Oliver when we come back in Season 4, but [she and Ray] were friends and they left on good terms. It’s more just the relief of, ‘Oh my gosh, I thought you were gone and now you’re not. How exciting is that?'”

Any insight to the pic that Arrow‘s Stephen Amell posted with The Flash‘s Grant Gustin, in formal wear? Funeral? Wedding?! Something else entirely? –Hannah
Vlada Gelman and I were debating this over IM the other day. I put $20 on “funeral.”

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