Big Bang Theory Premiere Recap: Makin' Up Is Hard to Do

At the close of The Big Bang Theory‘s Season 9 premiere, Leonard and Penny, as well as Sheldon and Amy, were on uncertain terms.

In “The Matrimonial Momentum,” Leonard and Penny’s wedded bliss was quickly halted once Penny learned her husband worked alongside the woman with whom he once “cheated.” Meanwhile, Amy officially called it quits with Shelly after one too many insensitive comments, forcing him to phone his devout Christian mother (returning guest star Laurie Metcalf) and ask that she remove Amy from her prayers!

Let’s break down the big moments from Monday’s opener:

After a call with Leonard confirming the uncertain status of his relationship with Amy, Sheldon wandered over to his maybe-girlfriend’s apartment, having already given her 11 hours — or the equivalent of The Lord of the Rings trilogy — to think about the questions she posed during their season-ending Skype chat. And though he wasn’t invited to attend Leonard and Penny’s streaming nuptials at Howard and Bernadette’s, he tagged along anyway, alledging that he and Amy would make the experience awkward one way or another regardless of where they stand. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the supposed genius to wreck things once and for all, telling the woman he loves to “think faster” about their relationship, as “those eggs she’s toting have a sell-by date.” It wasn’t only the final nail in the Shamy coffin (for now), but it was the interruption that plagued the entire gang to miss Leonard and Penny’s “I Do’s.”

Back in Las Vegas, things couldn’t have gotten any worse following Penny’s Toy Story vows. After carrying the new Mrs. Hofstadter over the threshold of their hotel room — BTW, we’re never learning Penny’s maiden name, right? — their second kiss as newlyweds was interrupted by Penny’s thoughts about that other woman, Mandy Chow. Leonard certainly didn’t help matters by revealing he still worked with her at CalTech, a fact he conveniently left out when he made his confession on their way to elope. As a result, the two returned to Pasadena, where Leonard spent his wedding night with Sheldon. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Penny might not be on speaking terms now that he’s learned that Penny spoke to Amy before their breakup, never alerting Sheldon that his girlfriend was having doubts.

Though tonight’s premiere had a slightly more melodramatic vibe than we’re used to from Big Bang, we can’t help but wonder what it’ll be like to watch Sheldon explore the complexities of his first breakup, especially after our very own Michael Ausiello’s Emmy chat with Mayim Bialik. The same can’t be said for Leonard and Penny’s ongoing strife. Those two need to get their subatomic particles together ASAP so the writers can spend more time dedicated to the peculiar pair of Raj and Emily; the new couple’s season-ending “I love you” was not addressed at any point in tonight’s half-hour.

But enough about what we thought: What did you think of tonight’s relationship-heavy premiere? Grade the episode in our poll, then sound off with a comment below!

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