Forever Season 2: Find Out What Would've Become of Henry and Jo

Forever Season 2 What Would've Happened

It was no Netflix pick-up, but Forever fans got a small gift from series creator Matt Miller on Thursday when he used Twitter to answer their queries about what would’ve happened next on the cancelled ABC series.

Fans will remember that the drama, which followed immortal physician Henry Morgan (played by Ioan Gruffudd) as he worked with the New York City Police Department, ended with the doctor poised to tell Det. Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza) his long-held secret after she saw a photo and noticed that he hadn’t aged in decades.

On the social media site, Miller acknowledged that he wasn’t going to give away too much — “still have dreams about the show living on in some way some place,” he tweeted — then proceeded to outline how the action would’ve continued had the series been granted a second season (and beyond). Below, the highlights:

WOULD HENRY HAVE EVER ACTUALLY DIED? | “That would have been part of the long term plan but I don’t think Henry would ever have achieved death.”

DID HENRY HAVE CHILDREN OTHER THAN ABE? | “Yes and a family.” He later elaborated that these biological kids would have been introduced “in flashbacks of Season 2.”

HOW WOULD HENRY HAVE ANSWERED JO’S QUESTION ABOUT THE PHOTO? | “Was going to be complicated then interrupted, then he tries to tell her then….”

DID HENRY INSPIRE SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE’S SHERLOCK HOLMES? | “Yes. Plan was to have a wink-wink that he inspired Holmes.”


WOULD HENRY AND JO HAVE MADE IT TO PARIS? | “Yes. that was the plan. someday….”