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Fosters' David Lambert on a Moment of Desire for 'Brallie,' Finale Fallout

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s episode of The Fosters.

The Fosters steamed up TV screens on Monday night as foster siblings Brandon and Callie surrendered to the long-simmering sexual tension between them.

But with Callie’s adoption possibly not playing out in the way that she expected, the couple will have to “come back to reality” in next week’s summer finale, star David Lambert tells TVLine.

Below, the actor also explains what drove Brandon and Callie to finally give in to their lusty urges and previews the complicated repercussions of the desire-fueled moment.

TVLINE | Talk to me a little bit about Brandon’s mindset during the episode. What is he feeling toward Callie?
This episode is, obviously, a pretty monumental one. There’s definitely a turnaround that is made here, in mentality, between the two. It’s the result of that just-under-the-surface tension that was always there. They had things going on in both of their lives they happened to distract themselves with. They went down their own paths for a while. These moments, in this episode in particular, are them coming back and genuinely connecting. It could almost be chalked up to a genuine slip-up out of pure desire and emotion between the two.

Brandon, specifically, has a lot on his plate, as well, with the competition… It’s been very tough and very stressful. He’s lost sleep over Idyllwild. He’s worked very hard to produce something that he’s proud of and that’s he satisfied with. Brandon is probably, for lack of a better word, a little strung out at this point. There’s a lot going on for him. There’s bound to be some sort of reaction to what’s going on. Brandon and Callie alone in a cabin, it’s just not a good idea. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Just last week, he was telling the case worker that he loves Callie as a sister. Was he denying his real feelings? Was he trying to protect Callie?
It was a mixture of things. It was definitely him trying to protect her. That’s first and foremost. I don’t know if, in the moment, he felt like he was lying. It might have been more so him almost trying to convince himself. Saying that aloud, maybe he felt like that would make it real. They are 16, and these more serious love matters can be confusing. It’s one of those things where Brandon is constantly trying to navigate the truth there. What is real? And what is maybe from the past? How does he really feel about Callie? He gets caught up, and he gets confused. It’s a hard situation for him.

TVLINE | Something clearly changed for Brandon between that moment on the couch and the end of the episode. What do you think was the straw that broke his resolve?
I think it just culminated. That situation’s too hard. They were left alone for just a little too long. They’re in this other environment outside of the house, so it doesn’t feel wrong there. It was the perfect conditions for something like this to go down. It was the rare case where he did give in. He tried not to. He tried to leave it alone… It was definitely both of them trying to fight off this desire. Like I said, Brandon and Callie in a cabin is a recipe for something to happen.

TVLINE | And it created quite a steamy scene for ABC Family.
[Laughs] Yeah. [Co-creator] Peter [Paige] and [director] Joanna [Johnson] really wanted that scene to be full of desire. Even for me, I was actually surprised the network and the show was going to these lengths. But I think it’ll be an effective scene.

TVLINE | What does the aftermath look like for them in the summer finale?
That’s the ominous cloud hanging over them. They stop for a second and think, and suddenly they realize the repercussions that could take place here. They just chose to ignore everything and just go through with this. So it’s going to be definitely a sense of everything coming back and slapping them in the face.

The other point to make is: They were under the impression that there was no hope for Callie. That is sort of their reasoning. It might not be the greatest reasoning. But they were so tired of that reason, that when that reason was not there anymore, they almost got too excited about it and jumped the gun a little bit and went for it… Things may not pan out the way that they had predicted. So now they’re going to come back to reality. Now they have this sort of regret that they have to share. That’s question: What do they do with that little secret now?

TVLINE | For the sake of the adoption, do they have to keep this quiet from the family?
Possibly. It’s one of those things where Callie assumes a little too much. It’s a matter of whether or not [the adoption] actually plays out like that. If Callie isn’t getting adopted, then I guess they have nothing to worry about. There is a complication in the last episode, for sure.