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S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Elizabeth Henstridge Teases Jemma's Season 3 Fate: 'I Didn't Think They'd Go That Far!'

Agents of SHIELD Season 3

If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans can tough it out until the Season 3 premiere (airing Sept. 29), they won’t have to wait much longer to get the 411 on Jemma Simmons, who in the sophomore finale’s bonus scene was tragically sucked into the mysterious Kree monolith.

“Were going to find out what happened to Simmons pretty quickly,” Elizabeth Henstridge told TVLine on Tuesday night at ABC’s Television Critics Association press tour party in Beverly Hills. “She’s definitely changed by the experience, and what’s happened to her is going to impact the season — kind of as a theme or something like that.”

Henstridge is of course mum on what exactly transpired when Jemma met Kree stone, but says that at the time she filmed the shocking scene, she could not have guessed the eventual outcome, to play out in Season 3. “I didn’t think that they’d go that far with it, honestly,” she shared. “I thought, ‘Shes probably just inside the rock. Stuck.’ But all my ideas are quite boring. [The writers’] imaginations are much better than mine.”

In TVLine’s “What Happens Next?” poll, 34 percent speculated that Simmons was “spat back out” by the stone shortly thereafter, but as a “decidedly different” person — which of course would be a “worst nightmare” scenario for the alien-averse bio-chemist. “It will be interesting to see if her views on Inhumans have changed at all,” Henstridge allows, “and how that alters her relationships with the other people.”

Whatever the case, the actress asserts: “It’s going to be a really great thing for me to sink my teeth into!”

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