Rookie Blue Boss: For Andy and Sam, Marlo's Pregnancy Is 'A Terrible Blow'

Rookie Blue Season 6 Spoilers

Rookie Blue‘s Season 6 premiere left Andy near tears with good reason: her boyfriend is going to have a baby with his ex-girlfriend Marlo.

That unexpected news comes as “a terrible blow” to the shocked officer, executive producer Tassie Cameron tells TVLine. “It would be an impossibly hard thing to deal with.”

Even the cop’s portrayer was taken aback by the twist. “Missy Peregrym, who is a very emotional, sensitive person who really connects with where Andy’s at, was like, ‘This is terrible! I don’t know what I would do!'” Cameron relates. “She really brought a lot of that confusion and pain to the dilemma.”

Andy’s decision about what to do next will be “a huge struggle for her” in this Thursday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) as she’s confronted with a not-so-perfect family during a case. Meanwhile, Sam will stand up and take responsibility for his child.

“Sam is a good man, and he cares very much for Marlo,” Cameron says. “What’s he going to do except man up and try and juggle a very complicated, delicate situation? It’s really interesting to watch how he does that.”

But should he be keeping an eye on his girlfriend to make sure she doesn’t bolt?

“We’ve shown that Andy can take off and run away sometimes if she’s panicked or scared,” Cameron explains. Certainly, an unplanned pregnancy — especially one that’s not her own — could present the “perfect opportunity to fail” in her relationship. But the EP thinks that “five seasons of learning to love Sam Swarek [is] pretty compelling” evidence that the rookie won’t sabotage her romance.

“Sam and Andy are in as good a place as they’ve ever been,” Cameron adds. “We’ve watched them work really, really hard together to communicate. They’re telling the truth to each other and not [running] away from each other. If they’re ever going to handle something like this and readjust their expectations about their relationship, this is the moment.”

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