Fall TV: NCIS vs. Stamos vs. Muppets, and Tuesday's Other DVR Dilemmas

TV Calendar Fall 2015

The Fall TV season will be here before you know it, and with it comes exciting, new viewing choices. And the time to get dwelling on those DVR dilemmas is now.

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All this week, TVLine is presenting you with the grids for each night’s fall line-up, including Big 5 fare and the likely cable competition. You then vote for what you plan to watch “live” in each time slot.

THIS NEXT GRAF IS SO IMPORTANT, DON’T STOP READING YET! NBC’s Tuesday roll-out plan this year didn’t lend itself easily to this poll, seeing as there are six different permutations starting Sept. 15 (see crazy chart). So what Imma gonna do is fast-forward to Nov. 17, and base the polls on that “official” line-up.

(If you are hung up on my use of the word “live” in this discussion, I invite/ implore you to instead vote for your “Top Priority” in each slot. Semantics solved!)
WTWtuesday2015r1NOTES ABOUT THE TUESDAY GRID: This represents face-offs taking place for at least six weeks of the fall TV season — thus, we’re including ABC’s Wicked City (debuting Oct. 27) and excluding TNT’s Public Morals (which ends Oct. 20). Details on new shows (listed in RED) can be found at these links: The Bastard Executioner, Chicago Med, Grandfathered, The Grinder, Limitless, The Muppets, Scream Queens, Wicked City.

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