Revenge Finale Gets Barry Sloane's Seal of Approval: 'Emily and Jack Were Always Supposed to End Up Together'

Revenge Finale Emily Jack

Two weeks after the series finale of Revenge, fans remain plagued by several irksome questions, including this particularly divisive issue: When all was said and done, did Emily Amanda really marry the love of her life?

Many fans believe that, had Aiden not been killed in Season 3, he would have been the one standing beside Amanda at the altar. If you count yourself among them, it might interest you to know that the late Mr. Mathis — or at least his portrayer Barry Sloane — believes everything worked out for the best.

“I think Emily and Jack were always supposed to end up together,” Sloane tells TVLine, adding that Aiden “really messed up that ride for a little bit. When he came in, it was supposed to establish that Daniel and Jack were Emily’s two options — but suddenly, Aiden became a third option.”

Ultimately, Sloane gives his blessing to the newlyweds: “I think it’s the right thing, considering [Daniel and Aiden] are both dead,” he says with a laugh.

Barry Sloane The WhispersSloane returns to ABC this Monday (10/9c) on the supernatural mystery drama The Whispers, playing a high-ranking official in the U.S. Department of Defense, a role he says couldn’t be more different from his Revenge persona.

“There wasn’t much scope for emotion with Aiden,” Sloane says. “He was so damaged that he almost became a brick wall, which affected all of my choices as an actor. It’s nice to play someone who hasn’t done all that work on himself, to see how he’d react in a crisis. Wes doesn’t always deal with things well; he breaks too soon. There’s a vulnerability to this character, which I’m excited for people to see.”

Revenge fans, do you agree that Jack was always meant to be Amanda’s last love, or do you wish Aiden could have lived to see himself become Mr. Amanda Clarke? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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