Teen Wolf Season 5 Trailer: Scott's Pack Faces Its 'Greatest Enemy Yet'

If Teen Wolf‘s first Season 5 promo rattled your nerves — personally, I haven’t been to a “doctor” since it aired last month — you might want to keep the lights on as you dive into the just-released trailer.

The network on Thursday released the full-length trailer for the show’s upcoming fifth season — premiering in two parts on June 29 and 30 — which includes your first look at Cody Christian’s character. (And am I crazy for thinking that Malia is eye-ing him in the gym?)

Here’s the official description for Teen Wolf’s fifth season, per MTV:

On the eve of Senior Year, Scott and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without each other, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different directions despite their best intentions. Little do they know that outside forces are already plotting to break the pack apart long before they ever see graduation. New villains that use a combination of science and the supernatural for a malevolent and mysterious purpose that will eventually pit Scott and his friends against their greatest enemy yet.

“They’re very scary,” Tyler Posey recently told TVLine of the season’s Big Bads. “When I first read this season, I was so excited about these villains — more excited than I have been about any villains before. They’ve got powers we’ve never seen before, they’re tall as hell and they’re awesome.”

Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment below with your thoughts, hopes and fears for Season 5.

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