Survivor Twist: Viewer Votes Will Decide Next Season's Castaways

Survivor Fans Choose Cast Season 31

If your favorite Survivor castaway never made it to the end of the season, now you’ve got the power to bring him or her back for a second chance at glory.

Fans of the long-running reality series will pick the 20 people who’ll compete in Season 31, CBS announced Wednesday.

Those who visit will have their pick of 32 former contestants from Seasons 1-30. None of the contenders won their respective seasons.

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The voting results will be revealed during this season’s live reunion show on Wednesday, May 20 (10/9c).

The castaways competing for… another chance to compete are:

Season 1/Borneo | Kelly Wiglesworth
Season 2/The Australian Outback | Jeff Varner, Kimmi Kappenberg
Season 3/Africa | Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper
Season 7/Pearl Islands | Andrew Savage
Season 12/Panama | Shane Powers, Terry Deitz
Season 15/China | Peih-Gee Law
Season 18/Tocantins | Stephen Fischbach
Season 19/Samoa | Monica Padilla
Season 22/Redemption Island | Natalie Tenerelli, Stephanie Valencia
Season 23/South Pacific | Jim Rice, Mikayla Wingle
Season 24/One World | Troyzan Robertson, Sabrina Thompson
Season 25/Philippines | Abi-Maria Gomes
Season 27/Blood vs. Water | Vytas Baskauskas, Brad Culpepper, Ciera Eastin
Season 28/Cagayan | Woo Hwang, Spencer Bledsoe, Tasha Fox, Kass McQuillen
Season 29/San Juan del Sur | Jeremy Collins, Keith Nale, Kelley Wentworth
Season 30/Worlds Apart | Joe Anglim, Shirin Oskooi, Max Dawson, Carolyn Rivera, Mike Holloway

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  1. Jake says:

    OMG Abi needs to be on the next season!

    • Ben says:

      Ugh. She really doesn’t!

      • Jake says:

        Have mercy, I am a huge survivor fan but don’t remember 70% of these options…also, it seems like recent players have a better chance of getting picked than people from 10 years ago

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Yeah they definitely have an advantage that’s for sure. With the exception of Kelly from s1. Who doesn’t remember her? She has to get picked!!!!

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I’d like to add, I’ve never missed an episode and I don’t remember some of these folks.

          • Dan says:

            There are plenty of names from the 19-26 season range that I don’t remember, but upon seeing the clips on the website I remember them.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Yeah, I’ll have to wander over and check out those clips for sure.

  2. Nate says:

    ” None of the contenders won their respective seasons.” – Granted I haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet, so maybe it was a double elimination that took out Mike AND Carolyn, but if not, doesnt this kind of spoil at least one of their demises in the game?

    • omar says:

      You’re damn right! I was like wtf tvline! :'( So Tyler won? :(

      • omar says:

        Or even worse… Rodney? Will? Dan? OMG please don’t

        • Mike says:

          There was an interview wherein Jeff didn’t know this idea “spoiler” of Mike/Carolyn not winning this season after being included in the list. He said they might win and if they do they wont get to join next season. A definite BS answer/alibi hahahaha Tyler wins!

          • Mac says:

            Mike is clearly winning. Jeff was interviewed as saying this season’s winner is possibly his favourite winner ever, cause they never stopped fighting to earn the title. They put Mike on the list to throw people off the fact that he has a clear path to victory.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            No he doesn’t.

    • dan says:

      I read on another site that if one of the current contestants win (Mike or Carolyn) then they wouldn’t be able to return. I haven’t gone to the CBS website to see if that is explained, but that was in the TV Guide article.

    • Ben says:

      They have said that if they win, votes for them won’t count. I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS have deliberately set out to surprise by including them in the poll. I tend to think either Mike or Carolyn probably is the winner.

  3. esc87fan says:

    For those who are wondering: Mike and Carolyn from this season are on the ballot, and they’re still in contention for the Worlds Apart title. That doesn’t necessarily mean they were both voted out. If either Mike or Carolyn win this season and at the same time are voted into the Second Chances cast, they will be declared ineligible to participate next season and the man or woman finishing 11th in the voting would move up and take their place

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m surprised Malcolm is not on the list. Maybe because he already did it twice.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Woo and Joe Anglim definitely got my vote.

  6. Winnie says:

    I see a few “yes, please” (Season 1 runner-up Kelly Wigglesworth, Andrew Savage) and a few “oh, no – not that person,” ( subjectively annoying rather than love-to-hate) but overall, I don’t have 10 names from each list that excite me. Reading a Jeff Probst interview where he explains why they picked some of the not-as-memorable/coattail rider players (using Amber Brkich’s inclusion in All-Stars as an example) individuals makes it interesting.

  7. LK says:

    I dont even remember most of those names… They should have one play from each season and do a “battle of the seasons” thing

  8. omar says:

    Okay, I just read Jeff Probst’s interview on EW.
    EW (Dalton Ross): You are calling this twist “Second Chance,” and you clearly mentioned it’s for people that did not win the first time around. But you have two people in Mike and Carolyn that are still in contention for the current season airing. By having them be potential contestants in a second chance season, isn’t that a huge spoiler in big neon letters that they do not win this season?

    JEFF: Oh my God, I didn’t even think of this! You’ve just caught me off guard! [Laughs] As you would expect from Survivor, we found a way to add a little twist, a little layer of mystery, into the Second Chance voting. So the definition of Second Chance is, contestants who have only played once and never won. So, that means either Mike and Carolyn both lost, or one of them could be, ultimately, ineligible.

  9. drock says:

    Kelly Wigglesworth!!!

  10. kirads09 says:

    I like this idea – choosing the castaways. I still would like to seem them go to say Antartica or Siberia type COLD location as a switch up. (Have no idea how they’d work that out) I know, I know – they want to show the hot bodies in bikinis and the guys shirtless because it sells the show.

    • Lizo says:

      I’d love for them to do a genuinely challenging season based on geography. I like that they’ve abandonded trying to make each season “look” different though hahah.

  11. Brandy says:

    Ugh. Other than Joe and Jeremy, I don’t want to see ANY of these people again! Where are the other fan favorites??

  12. mia says:

    Original runner up Kelly I cant wait to see.

    I will be mad as anything if we get so few old school survivors, theres way too many people to think from recent years. That to me, everyone from the first 8 seasons should automagically be voted back in.

    I dont want to see a Cagayan or Blood vs water reunion, with so many.

    If it were me, no more than two people from the same season on period.

  13. Leah says:

    Worlds Apart I will not accept all of them being voted in, because they are more fresh in peoples mind. No way.

    Season 27 to 30, have too many people to pick. So for that reason, I will hate this season if we see too many return from that era.

    No more than five people period from season 27 to 30 thank-you. It wont be fair.

  14. Mr. Tran K says:

    My money’s on Kelly from the very first season of Survivor to come back. Where has she been after all she went through on the show? Talk about a long time coming.

  15. N says:

    Well I guess Carolyn not winning this year then, great job producers.

  16. kalontae says:

    Why arent reed or josh up here they were both amazing and are any of these contestants gay… survivor needs more gay contestants

    • Lizo says:

      Survivor needs more contestants who aren’t straight and white. So many dang white people. Though I suppose there’s probably been more contestants who are queer than have identified as such on the show.

    • John says:

      Thank god there are no flamboyant gays, I’m so sick and stopped watching both Survivor & Big Brother If your gay keep it to yourself, god for you … Happy happy joy joy!!! You don’t have to act like a f*g

      I guarantee this will be one of the highest rated seasons. I just how Big Brother follows because 2 seasons of super flamboyant queer and a tranny does not make for family TV ….. Unless your in San Fran

      I just hope

  17. Lizo says:

    An awesome idea!! So many people deserving of a second chance (perhaps no one more so than Jeremy and Kelly).

  18. Et Al says:

    It’s amazing. I’ve seen every season of survivor and I remember roughly 9 of these people (including the current season).

  19. jackiegee says:


  20. Trista says:

    Do we know if this means that neither Carolyn or Mike win this season?

    • James says:

      Probst said that if they win, they will be removed from the voting, and the 11th place finisher would make it instead

  21. Kris says:

    Kind of a giveaway that mike snd carolyn don’t win since they havent been voted off yet…

  22. Robert says:

    Really, bringing back people for another 15 minutes of fame, who cares. I want to see new faces, not a gimmick to recycle old faces. Never liked these idea of bringing back so called fan favorites. Again who remembers most of these people.

  23. Josh Vitiello says:

    Get Troyzan In! He was robbed massively. If Survivor One World wasn’t a battle of the sexes he would have gotten a lot farther than he actually did! #GetTroyzanInSeason31

  24. Benjamin says:

    Okay, I’m actually more excited about some of these females than males, surprisingly. I remember all 32 contectants, being a superfan and all. I may be the only one who feels this way, but Peih-Gee was one of my faves from her season and I really want her to return. Same with Kelly W, T-Bird, Ciera, Kass and Tasha. PLEASE NO ABI-MARIA!

    For the men I really want Stephen, Jeff V, Spencer, Vytas, Joe, and Mike. The rest i’m either not too thrilled about, or I enjoyed them the first time but can’t seem them adding anything different to show that they didn’t already add the first time, such as Terry, who is super nice and rocked the challenges, but I can’t expect anything different from him.

    Oh well, I think the selections are diverse enough that the seasons should be realyl good! Can’t wait! Also, I’m glad i get to vote for 10 each and not just 1, it makes me think my votes are worth it!

  25. faye says:

    the pictures posted need to be side by side of a current picture and a picture of them when they were on survivor. I have watched survivor since season II – and like some of the other people I don’t remember some of the contestants. It would be a big help to post another picture of them.

  26. Aashray Shrestha says:

    Tash Spence and Woo. Wohooo 😄