Revenge Series Finale Promo Teases Jack's Grim Fate, Amanda's Last Shot

The final twists on Sunday’s Revenge — both deadly and apparently-not-dead-ly — left fans slack-jawed, but judging by ABC’s promo for the series finale, they might want to save some of that disbelief for next weekend.

We’d expect nothing less than insanity from this show’s final hour (Sunday, 10/9c), so we’re pretty pleased with what we see, even if it looks like a few of our favorite Revenge-rs could end up in dire straits.

Let’s break this puppy down moment-by-WTF-moment, shall we?

0:03 — Ooh, pilot flashback! These ladies have not aged.
0:06 — Amanda pointing a gun at Victoria isn’t surprising, but the tears in her eyes concern me. What does Vicky do to her this time?
0:10 — Is that Louise stabbing Nolan in the hand?!
0:11 — Sexy time for #Jamanda, at last!
0:12 — Wait… why is Jack in the hospital? (Follow-up: Why does it look like Amanda’s kissing him *gulp* goodbye?)
0:14 — Ah, Amanda on the floor in a pool of blood; I figured they’d trick us into thinking she’s dying, but she can’t really die… right?
0:17 — Lastly, how surreal is it seeing the words “series finale” atop the Revenge logo? I mean, we all knew this was coming, but it’s still crazy to see it.

Hit PLAY on the Revenge finale promo above, then drop a comment with your theories below: Will the series end with Amanda’s death?

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