Dancing With the Stars Week 7 Results: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

DWTS Nastia Liukin Sasha Farber

Dancing With the Stars pulled a fast one on us in a number of ways this Monday night.

First, the dreaded double elimination was postponed by one week, taking quite a bit of suspense out of one of the season’s most eventful shows.

Then, in a results shocker that was, perhaps, not entirely unfair but certainly unexpected, one of Season 20’s frontrunners was sent packing in a flurry of tears and hugs from the other contestants.

But that’s enough suspense. Let’s get right to the highlights of Monday’s “Eras Night” broadcast, which found each couple dancing to a style from a particular time period.

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BEST OF THE NIGHT | Nastia Liukin and pro Sasha Farber, and pro Derek Hough, kind of (Modern Charleston) — It was pretty clear from the start that this dance had to be the best of the night, given Derek’s devastation that he couldn’t fully participate in the number. (Side note: I can’t be the only one who thought Derek’s injury would be more dramatic than, “I kicked a light too hard, and then got a second injury while going to get ice for the first injury.”) But if the sympathy for Derek weren’t enough to earn a high score, the elaborate subway set and live performance from a top-notch Andy Grammer made the routine impossible to ignore. Nastia seemed a tad hesitant to commit to those lifts — possibly the product of her new partnership — but otherwise, the number was energetic, fast-paced and tons of fun. Check out a short clip from the routine below:

| Willow Shields and pro Mark Ballas (Futuristic Jazz) — Creativity? Check. Awesome costumes? Check. Sufficient content? Check! Still, despite the many boxes that Mark and Willow’s routine fulfilled, I still found myself wanting more. Perhaps it was the choice of music, or the several seconds that Mark and Willow spent getting dragged across the floor (ouch), but there was a distinct lack of energy that normally isn’t missing from this pair’s performances.

MOST ENJOYABLE TO WATCH | Riker Lynch and pro Allison Holker (Quickstep) — Riker’s band, R5, should really consider working more costumes into its shows, now that its frontman has pulled off Captain Jack Sparrow’s likeness and a vintage baseball uniform. (I have no personal experience with either of those get-ups, but I imagine it’s no easy task.) But all that aside, Riker and Allison moved with such ease and an infectious enthusiasm that made each of their (quick)steps a joy to watch.

WORST OF THE NIGHT | Noah Galloway and pro Sharna Burgess vs. Robert Herjavec and pro Kym Johnson (Cha-Cha Dance-Off): This is potentially a cop-out on my end, but these routines were up for points, and not many of the evening’s other performances stood out as truly difficult to watch — a good thing, of course! But this dance-off found both pairs clumsily stomping through their cha-chas, with little fluidity and a clear lack of confidence in both Noah and Robert.

Still, the performers who were at their weakest on Monday night weren’t the ones in danger of elimination. Here are the full results:

Rumer Willis and pro Val Chmerkovskiy
Willow Shields and pro Mark Ballas
Riker Lynch and pro Allison Holker

Rumer Willis and pro Val Chmerkovskiy
Willow Shields and pro Mark Ballas

Willow Shields and pro Mark Ballas

“Can I not be a TV host for a minute and just be a dad?” Tom Bergeron asked, before pulling an emotional Willow into a hug (one of a zillion she’ll get before the night is over, I imagine). Mark, meanwhile, thanked Willow for their weeks in the competition, reassuring the 14-year-old that he did it all for her. (Awww.)

With that, I hand it over to you. Were you surprised by Willow and Mark’s elimination? And who’s on track to win the whole shebang? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Wes S says:

    Well since you guys don’t want us to curse…

    What a BLEEPing load of bullBLEEP. Should have been Robert or Chris. BLEEP, man.

    • Angela says:

      My thoughts exactly. I was seriously expecting one of those guys to go. I don’t agree with this outcome at ALL, nor did I agree with the bottom three being what they were. On the one hand, I’m not surprised, ’cause it’s typical of shows like this to have these “shocker” eliminations at some point in their run, but it still sucks. I felt bad for Willow. She looked like she was about ready to cry (probably was crying). Tom’s “dad” moment with her was really sweet. It’s a shame to see her go.
      On the note of the dances themselves, though, I did like that subway one, it was very cool, and Noah’s dance that WASN’T part of the dance-off was really cool, too.
      And Riker is just so fun. I was seriously going to kick something if he got sent home tonight :p.

      • Bill Nems says:

        Agreed. The Voice might be considered of typical shows that have “shocker” eliminations, but the top 12 is clearly about the fans. There is no pretend judging. Quite frankly, by the time the show gets to the top 8, I may have a favorite, but honestly could not be disappointed if any of them won.

      • Lynda says:

        Agreed. How did Chris last this long?

    • Keegana says:

      You are right on target there, Wes S. Robert or Chris should have gone home. Or Noah even…but not Willow, who is always good.

      • Barbara says:

        I agree it should have been Robert or Chris, not Willow, that was horrible.

        • Dee Potter says:

          Noah should be gone. Enough with the sympathy vote.

          • Gina says:

            Even with Noah’s disabilities he’s better than the zzz Bachelor Chris. I think it’s honor, not sympathy

          • rosemary winter says:

            That’s so rude…he so much better than Chris with one arm and one leg plus he’s not rude to his partner like Chris.

          • nursejazz says:

            I commend Noah, but he cannot dance. Chris cannot dance either, but I think Noah wants to be there and Chris is tired he wants to go home. Noah inability to dance has nothing to do with his disability. Amy Purdy who was a double amputee nailed it in her season. That girl could dance, she shined in every area of dancing. I loved her.

          • Weather says:

            That’s not a nice thing to say. I don’t think he’s got the sympathy vote at all. His scores haven’t been that high, however, the point IS, he’s a damn better dancer than most people I know who have two legs and two arms, and this is a show for people who haven’t danced professionally. I split my votes between Noah and Willow, however, most of my votes went to Willow, because I like Mark, but I’m glad Noah has gotten as far as he has, and I hope he wins, but I doubt it.

        • nursejazz says:

          I agree also & I really think that Chris really wanted to go back to his farm. He did not seem too excited that he was not eliminated.

      • Bill Nems says:

        Also, Keeganna, Willow has steadily improved from week one.

  2. Jaime says:

    Before anyone insults anyone’s dancing or anyone’s fanbase, I think we should see how the fingerprints of the producers are ALL OVER this elimination. The Bachelor and the Shark are safe, but one of the highest scorers goes home? I’ve been denying it forever, but this proves that ABC messes with the eliminations to keep their people around. C’mon ABC, have some more class than that.

    • Steve says:

      I don’t think the producers hands were over the actual elimination, and there is nothing really to support that at all. This is and always has been largely a popularity contest not a strictly or even at times primarily a dancing one. The fact that a 14 year-old didn’t have fan base to support her really isn’t a shock nor reason for conspiracy theories.

      What did tip this off a bit though was the announcement at the start of the show that the double elimination was being postponed until next week. That gave me a pretty good indication that the elimination was going to be a bit of a surprise.

      • KatsMom says:

        The double elimination was postponed because there’s no results show this week, like they had originally announced last week. Instead, ABC moved up the 10th anniversary special to tomorrow night instead. Otherwise, I agree with you. Willow may have been in a big movie, but, let’s face it, she wasn’t the star of those movies and she’s done little else to build up a fan base. Her scores were such that people undoubtedly thought she was safe and through their votes to the folks who seemed to be in some trouble It happens. It sucks when it happens, but that’s the show.

        • Lisa says:

          Hunger Games fangirls are pretty hardcore… I’m pretty sure that there’s some fans out there supporting Willow. Also, Willow was a good role model considering that she’s fourteen, and she might have gotten some family votes as well. I think that Willow would have gotten more votes than a farmer on a dating show and an old millionaire.

          • nursejazz says:

            Lol.. Leave Robert alone, he looks so happy considering is divorce. He is enjoying himself and Kym.

      • marilyn neff says:

        Worst decisicion made on DWTS.
        She should be brought back asap!;!!!

      • Weather says:

        I voted for them weekly. One one of my phones, I’d vote strictly Willow, and my cell phone, I’d give most of my votes to Willow, and then the rest would go for Noah. I guess I must have been the only one voting for Willow.

    • Gailer says:

      Chris sucks, I hope his fiancé sees his true personality

      • caliblue24 says:

        The farmer does suck. People from reality show like the bachelor should’ve never be on DWTS in the first place. Since the first episode, he was placed at the bottom and he still at the bottom….why is he eliminated already?

        • Donna Marie Jones says:

          You hit the nail on the head!!! I never understood why reality stars were considered celebrities. I felt like the only reason they were asked to do the show was because they couldn’t get enough celebrities to want to do the show and they were reaching to the bottom of the barrel. I think the only reason Chris is still on the show is because of his fan base. After all he was on ABC in the same time slot and was on right before the start of season 20 of dwts!!!

      • rosemary winter says:

        If she doesn’t see his true colors by now she is in trouble…..amen sister

    • april-ann says:

      I don’t believe the producers of any show would leave it up to the general public to decide how it all plays out. And I am okay with that. What a boring show we’d be left with. No one would watch anymore. That said, it was easy to see tonight who would be eliminated. Riker and Allison absolutely killed that number against Willow and Mark, and all the judges chose Willow and Mark as winning that mini competition.

      • Glen says:

        April-Ann – You’re looking for conspiracy theories where there are none. I don’t think the producers have anything to do with the results. That happened back in the 1950s and a lot of people saw their careers end as a result of the scandal. Anytime you allow the viewers to affect the outcome, you’re going to have a popularity contest instead of a talent contest. America’s Got Talent has the same problem. The main difference is that AGT’s judges have the guts to tell off the viewers. Last season, Howard Stearn came right out and said the views blew it – that AGT should be a talent contest, not a popularity contest and he hoped they got it right the next week. Too bad the DWTS judges don’t have the balls.

    • Kay Garrett says:

      I Agree with Jaime! Since the tally of votes are not shown there is no way to know how many supporters Willow had, I suspect it was a lot more than any of the three men and she was eliminated to have less competition for Rumor Willis! Since Julie Ann made it clear that she is a permanent judge, tonight was the last DWTS I will ever watch. Julie Ann in the judges box is exactly what they needed to completely degrade the show and lose the little credibility it had! She’s been a flop at everything else she tried since she quit dancing so it makes sense for them to let her finish killing this show!!! Goodbye DWTS!!!

  3. HRG says:

    Willow should still be there. That was a horrible choice. It should have been Robert or Chris. Sad night for DWTS.

    • april-ann says:

      Willow is 14 years old and never should have been there at all. Not the place for a child.

      • I totally agree!!! This is an adult dance competition. If people are looking for children to be on then there should be show called dancing with child stars competing with child dancers!!!

        • Rich says:

          Really Donna Marie? Then let’s take all the “young” singers off the Vocie and have nobody left or all the so called “children” out of professional tennis, out of the Olympics or out of movies, television and everything else. Didn’t know there was an age limit for the show – since there isn’t why shouldn’t she compete?

          • Donna Marie DiStefano says:

            I was referring to dwts not other competitions. And your right if there’s no age limit the she’s ho of be competing. what I was trying to say was there should be an age limit an it has nothing to do withLow personally.

        • diane says:

          I don’t think age is a factor in this. Really why do they have judges, they have nothing to do with who goes home. The show is totally a popularity contest. Chris socks as a dancer but was great as the Bachelor

      • goodwolfe21 says:

        I agree that they shouldn’t typically include 14 year olds, and putting the minimum age at 18 would make sense. But this is a different issue, because the producers did chose to put her on, and since then, she has proven to be a worthy competitor to anyone there and probably one of the best and improved dancers. Again, even though the producers shouldn’t have put her on in the first place, they did, and she has since proven she can hold her own, and shouldn’t be penalized at this point for something she can’t help, namely being too young.

        • Hazel Hightower says:

          There’s nothing wrong with Willow being allowed to dance on DWTS. If she can be an actress at her age, She should be allowed to dance. Plus look at how old other dancers have danced. There are much younger dancers, actresses, models and singers. So we shouldn’t discriminate against age requirements.

      • Judy says:

        I totally agree April-Ann, should have to be 21 to do the show. Really if you look at the whole picture , no one is fairly matched. You have a 14 year old against a 70 year old, a double-amputee, and a farmer against an Olympic gold metalist, not the most balanced to say the least. Still entertaining and I wish everyone luck. I refuse to knock anyone just because they are not my favorite , they are all trying their best.

      • Donna Barker says:

        no sway Willow has more talent than others more than twice her age
        Her talent and personality were entertaining an inspiring. Love her!

      • Lisa says:

        Willow was extremely mature for her age and was one of the best dancers. She handled the pressure very well. However, she did burst into tears when she was eliminated – which I still totally understand. She was one of the best dancers and always earned the best scores. Nearly everyone from the judges to the other contestants thought that she would reach the finals. Willow worked very hard, and the elimination was a shocker. I’m sure that if one of the other good competitors like Rumer, Nastia, and Riker got kicked off, they’d feel the same way. Usually, when a contestant gets eliminated, they know that they’ll be leaving soon. But this wasn’t the case for Willow.

  4. Steve says:

    Carrie Ann was on something tonight with odd comments and scores all over the place that didn’t make sense.

  5. Dave says:

    Are we judging actual dancing? A 10 from Carrie for Noah—please!!! This will leave 3 of the worst dancing couples still in.

    • Joana says:

      Seriously. I like Noah, and I think his dance was one of his best but it’s time to send him home. He can’t keep up with the rest of the contestants and if we’re honest he’s still there because he’s getting sympathy votes. In season 18 the judges kept telling Amy Purdy they couldn’t score her higher because of her condition, that they had to be fair and judge her as any other contestant, and the thing is she danced way better than a lot of the others but that is not what’s happening here so they should score him accordingly.

      • Rich says:

        Great comment Joana – Noah should get a 10 for bravery and serving his country but not for his dancing. I doubt he even wants to given sympathy votes. It’s a dance compatition and too many people are obviously no longer taking taht into consideration, including Carrie Ann who will add 2 points to a male contestant’s score if he takes his shirt off.
        Dare I say it, but she’s becoming the Paula Abdul of DWTS.

        • Justin Walker says:

          Yeah Bruno as well is also a bit of horn dog himself with the dramatic gestures illustrating his orgasmic pleasure seeing any male contestant rip his shirt off or his dance partner rip his shirt off then afterwards in the duration of scoring will add extra point to that contestant more than enough of what they actually deserved based on his dancing. Also as you said Carrie Ann Inaba a boy crazy cougar that gets all giddy whenever a male contestant is good looking or takes his shirt off I think both of those judges have really deviated a stray from what they are suppose to be critiquing but they let their extreme sexual libido kick in and not taking any consideration of the dancing which clearly shows it all on tv that makes it so ludicrous at times when you watch it.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree. Noah is amazing and all – but he’s not as good as a dancer as the rest. Noah does have to face many challenges, but he doesn’t come close to Willow, Riker, Rumer, and Nastia. I do think that Noah will get place above Chris and Robert and earn a spot in the finals.

  6. LaShawna says:

    Uh no, the right couple did NOT go home. Chris, Robert and Noah all should have gone home before anyone even considered Willow. I was rather surprised at the oututcome tonight.

  7. Yuka says:

    This elimination is absolutely crap. I hope this show gets cancelled.

  8. Jen says:

    Wow. This was really unfair. I really hate how DWTS just relies on votes. Willow was definitely one of the top four competitors there. Chris and Robert should’ve left, or even Noah. Willow was young but she consistently managed to earn top scores and improve every week. I’m really disappointed. This show should be a dance competition, not a popularity contest.

    • Jennifer says:

      They don’t just rely on viewer votes. It’s a combination of judges score and viewer votes.

      • Lisa says:

        Yeah, but Willow got great scores from the judges. There’s too much of a high percentage placed on viewer votes – contestants with the best scores still easily get sent home.

    • maureen says:

      Unfortunately, the show has become nothing more than a popularity contest! I am disgusted that Willow was voted off, instead of the obnoxious farmer and the shark, who can’t dance to save their lives! God bless Noah for his service to our Country, resulting in his horrific injuries, but it is time for him to go too. Willow, Rumer, and Riker are clearly the best dancers, and should have been the final three contestants Why should the celebs bother to practice so hard, if they know they’re going to be ousted for someone who may have a larger fan base. ABC should re-think how much voting power the fans should have, and start treating this as a dance competition with majority of votes from the pro judges. The show has become a big disappointment to me!

      • Angela says:

        Unfortunately, the show has become nothing more than a popularity contest!
        I think it’s always been a popularity contest on some level. Most of these sorts of competition shows are. I agree that the ultimate goal should be to focus on one’s dance abilities, but ultimately, popularity will always be a big factor.

      • Kay Garrett says:

        No one can convince me the farmer or veteran got more votes than the fourteen year old which is a much better dancer and probably has many more friends/fans using social media to vote for her! DWTS has a ten year history of keeping the most controversial as long as possible thus setting up the one person to win that is most beneficial to ABC.
        Julie Ann’s statement about being a permanent judge is the last of the show for me. Since she quit dancing she has been a total flop at every thing except manipulation and acne.

    • jinx2014 says:

      Have you ever seen the scoring results NO. which leads me to believe, like all other reality show, that the producers decides who wins and who loses. I agree that there should be an age limit like 18 after all who is next Honey BooBoo?

  9. susan gill says:

    Been watching DWTS since Season 1. This was the worst elimination ever! Chris, Robert, and Noah cannot match the dance skill that Willow has; not even close.

    • Donna Marie Jones says:

      Absolutely, I’ve been watching DWTS too since season 1 and I also think this is the most unfair and disappointing elimination. You’d think for at least the anniversary special things would be on the up and up. I do get the fact that she didn’t get the votes because she’s so young and doesn’t have the fan base and unfortunately it has become a popularity contest. I think the voting should be based on the judges point of view. After all their ghe experts in the dancing. When they’ve had guest jusges before with no dance experienced they were also voting on what they liked not who danced the best.

      • Emily D says:

        I will disagree with that the voting should be based on the judges point of view. Carrie Ann has judged Noah based on emotion this whole season. There was no way his dance had the content and technique that the other dances had that she gave lower scores to. There was no way it was equal to the dance performed by Nasta. Don’t kid yourself that it has always been about the dancing either. I have watched for many seasons and the most improved or most talented hasn’t always won.

  10. laura says:

    I think what happened this week happens almost every season – – one of the top contenders goes home in the middle way too soon. I wonder if it’s because people just assumed they were so safe that they didn’t bother to vote for them this week.

    • Good point. That’s very possible.

    • Amanda says:

      I think that is precisely what happened. Everyone assumed the front runners would be safe and voted for the underdogs instead. I’m betting they cancelled the double elimination because two top contenders would have ended up going home.

      • KatsMom says:

        I think they canceled the doubled elimination because there was no time for it without the results show that was originally scheduled for tonight. You don’t want to do two eliminations at the end. Then someone likely gets short changed on their response and their ability to thank their partner and whatnot. You want to break that up a bit, which is what they usually do. Someone gets dismissed halfway through the show. Then someone gets eliminated at the end. I highly doubt that ABC rejiggered its whole schedule just to prevent that double elimination. I think it’s more likely that they just reconsidered putting the show on Thursdays because it wasn’t going to bring in Shondaland ratings. They don’t want a big ratings dip on a strong night in the middle of sweeps. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that air time wasn’t selling to the advertisers like they’d hoped for the show, so they jettisoned the anniversary show to Tuesday. This Tuesday was the easiest to schedule for because they hadn’t done a results show yet, so you just postpone results for one more week.

        • Gina says:

          I think they cancelled the double elimination because of Derik Hough’s injuries during the early part of the week and his partner had to dance with someone new.

  11. Jennine says:

    How on earth was Rumer in the bottom two? She is one of the best they have! I admire Noah, but the pity votes for his disability should stop. The cold, hard truth is that he cannot keep up and compete at the level of others, despite what a great guy he might be.

    • Keith says:

      The bottom two is not always the two lowest in votes.They put the other one in for drama

    • april-ann says:

      I love watching Rumer and Val, but lately I think it’s just a lot of stepping around, last week and this week, Val needs to get her back to dancing.

    • Gailer says:

      I think that’s the big story here, too!

    • Mimi says:

      Thank you – I’ve felt the same way re: Noah. Those high scores from the judges are an embarrassment. Rumer is an outstanding competitor. So was Willow. Is DWTS a dance competition, or a popularity contest?

      • Deborah Collins says:

        I agree with you about Noah. If the show were actually a dance contest the results would be determined by qualified judges. When the public votes on the outcome it’s a popularity contest by definition.

  12. S says:

    Derek is a brilliant choreographer and dancer, but getting pretty little partners every time does not make you the strongest partnership. Maks had Meryl a few seasons ago, but I felt she transformed out of her sport into a dancer. Nastia isn’t growing as a dancer, his choreography just highlights that she’s super flexible. Then you have someone like Sharna who is really going on a journey with her partner, and guys like Robert and Chris really giving it their all knowing they are not the most talented. That is what makes this show!!!!

    • DW says:

      I doubt Amber Riley or Amy Purdy would describe themselves as “pretty little partners”…

      • RIP Derek says:

        Exactly! I liked both of them more than what he does with Nastia. I thought last night was her best dance, possibly because she had to dance and rely less on her gymnastics training

      • Rich says:

        The problem isn’t the partners, it’s the fact that Derek is the best choregrapher and the most popular dancer on the show by far. Some comic joked that next season he’ll be paried with a vacuum cleaner and still make the finals. Amy Purdy was quite talented and this year’s teaming of him with an Olympic gymnast is absurd – they came in as heavily favored to win. The problem is that Derek – not his sister – should be a judge. Just as they won’t put on a major star who obvioulsy has too big a fan base, the same should now hold true for Derek – he’s generating more votes than some of he celebrities. Derek should chorograph the special numbers on the program and even dance – but competitively, it’s tipping the balance of the competition. The only thing that may stop Derek and Nastia from winning this season is that she has shown no discernable personality. I also liked it when he went down with an injury and rather than saying I feel terrible for Derek she says “I wondered how this would affect us in the competition.”
        How sweet.

  13. Lynn Troxel says:

    Wrong couple eliminated, as usual. Willow was the youngest, and the best this season.

    • William says:

      I don’t know about “the best this season” But she’s WAY better than Chris or Robert which seems to be the consensus. She is better than Noah, who incidentally is better than Chris and Robert. Better than Riker, Rumor, or Nastia? Mmm I wouldn’t go quiet that far

      • Lisa says:

        I agree with WILLIam. Willow is better than Noah, Chris, and Robert, but Riker, Rumer and Nastia are better. She still deserved to be in the finals though.

  14. mary hendeson says:

    this was so disgusting it was so obvious this was fixed for the rich guy robert and his new chick this makes your show so crooked that i will never watch it again to do that to a 14 year old girl who was so good its terrible

  15. Riana says:

    Riker isn’t the frontman. Ross Lynch is

    • Shalandara Dawn says:

      Ross Lynch isn’t technically the “front man”, if you’re talking about R5. He just is the lead singer for most of their songs and happens to be more well-known for his Disney role of Austin Moon. Riker is a lead singer for a few of the songs, and is pretty much the leader of the family in a way because he enforces things. The band doesn’t really have just one “leader” most of the time though. They are just a really tight-knit family.

  16. Michele Stimson says:

    Last dwts that I’ve watched….no frig’ing way….enough with the farmer and rich guy….what network are they on and who is voting?

    • Leah says:

      Well, to answer your question, they are both on ABC…

    • caliblue24 says:

      Shark tank and the bachelor are both on ABC, this is so unfair. Who are these viewers are voting? Willow is an actress, she has a lot more talent than the farmer and the rich guy. The soldier is getting the sympathy votes.

  17. april-ann says:

    Yes, the right couple went home! I do not find it fun or interesting in the least to have a 14 year old child competing on the show. This isn’t Tiny Talent Time. She should not have been there in the first place and added nothing but boredom to it, and it’s good she’s off. The Bachelor can go, but I really like everyone else. Robert and Kym being a real life couple is exciting – and I think he’s improved. Love watching Rumer and Val – time to stop mentioning her parents – please forbid another appearance by either one, ugh. My favorite is Riker – so fun and exciting to watch!

    • Rich says:

      April Ann – you must be jealous that a 14 year old has talent and you do not

    • Lisa says:

      I totally respect your opinion, but I have to say that I disagree. Willow was really mature for a fourteen year old. She handled pressure much better than some of her older competitors. And most people happen to like her dances and even said that Mark’s choreography and Willow’s work made one of DWTS’s most creative pairs.

      Also – Robert and Kym are part of a showmance. Every season, DWTS likes to make it look like a couple is “in love”. (Meryl and Maks from 18, Janel and Val from 19).

  18. lauri5567 says:

    There’s always one that goes home earlier than predicted….
    14 year old girls aren’t the ones watching & voting. The ones voting are those that are watching the Bachelor the other half of the year. So not surprising to me.

    • Madison says:

      Actually, @lauri5567 I’m 13 years old, and I watch the show every single week and have voted evry single week for #TeamMarkingJay. Willow and Mark had such a bond, that Mark could use Willows talent in the dance to showcase it! I admire Willow for all that she is and has become. I’ve wanted to be on dancing with the stars, since season 1. But, I never thought I had the chance. Then Willow came along and taught me, life goals don’t have limits of any kind, whether it be age, race, or anything else. That we can be who we are, and still accomplish our goals. Now I realize this and want to do the show more than ever, but in not famous, so who knows. But the point being, she’s inspired me and many other young, and old people of any kind. That we can make our dreams come true! She’s a true role model, no matter what you say. I believe she did NOT deserve to go home, and I want her back on the show, fighting for the mirrorball trophy. She deserves to be back, because she DOES have fans, fans that comment over 16,000 times to bring back willow & #bringbackwillow on her instagram, on marks instagram, and on DWTS’ instagram! Please, just don’t judge SO many peoples role model, it hurts me just as much as it hurts others.

      • Lynn Troxel says:


        I agree with everything you said. Willow showed extreme maturity for a 14-yr. old. She and Mark had great chemistry with each other. Mark knew her strengths and weaknesses, and played to her strengths. That’s a great plus for dance couples, even if ABC said otherwise and eliminated those two. Now, EVERYONE knows who controls the voting, the producers, NOT the voting.

        BRING BACK WILLOW and MARK. They deserve to advance farther than where they ended.

      • Lisa says:

        That’s true, Madison. Plus she has the Hunger Games fandom backing her up…. HG fangirls can be really hardcore. She may be a minor star but the fans loved her as Prim.

  19. Patti Smith says:

    Willow did not deserve the elimination! She was fierce in her dancing with Mark. Also, Mark’s choreography is amazing to watch every week. What a huge loss . I’m sorry, but Robert and Chris are just boring dancers.

  20. MLT says:

    what a joke! Last season for me. It is no longer who is the better dancer but a popularity contest & sympathy vote. Judges are getting ridiculous. Get rid of Carrie Ann. She has gotten crazy. Willow should have never gone home. & Rumer shouldn’t have been in jeopardy at all. There were 3 others that needed to go home.

  21. BeeJay says:

    Willow should not have been on the show. She was too young. Chris, Robert or Noah should have gone. I started watching DWTS a few seasons ago because of the dancing not because of a popularity contest. This is the last night I will watch. Take note ABC.

    • breygi says:

      Age and maturity aren’t the same thing. Yes she seemed wide-eyed and amazed throughout the process. They made a mistake of playing up the age angle, but it was true. That said, she, at 14, acted a lot more maturely than many adults who have been on the show in the past… some this season. So I don’t think she should necessarily be written off for being young. The wrong couple definitely went home.

  22. guest says:

    So wrong. Mark and Willow should not have gone home. It should have been Robert or Chris by far the worst dancers of the competition. When is @ABCNetwork going to fix the judging/voting system so dances and their stars get rewarded for skill & not by popularity. #DWTS #FAIL

  23. D. Grant says:

    This show has had ABC interference year after year and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bachelor go as far as the finals or even win it. He is pretty well the worst of the bunch…
    They even force Vana White to hype Goofy and Mickey on Wheel…Gimmeabreak!!!!

  24. Mary says:

    So disappointed to see one of the best dancers eliminated. Willow is so talented and mature for her age. I’m tired of fan based votes for popularity, status and sympathy versus true talent and ability. All the dancers have improved, but there were only four left that deserved to remain – Willow was one of them. Very disappointed in this show; don’t plan to tune in next week. I hope viewer ratings go down.

  25. anne finzer says:

    Robert or Chris deserved to go home not willow

  26. Savannah says:

    I think it was a hollywood stunt and the judges will be able to bring her back like in america’s got talent

  27. caliblue24 says:

    Willow should not be eliminated. The businessman, soldier, and the bachelor are the worst dancers than Willow. WHAT THE CRAP!!!! As long more people are voting for Nastia, Rumer, and Riker, and they should get the most votes from now on. Willow is a 14 year old actress who hasn’t make a big splash in the entertainment industry.

  28. heidi lagache says:

    Im sorry but to have one of the top scorers leave when you left 2 couples that just don’t deserve to go on, im skrry but this is my first season watching and that just soured it fofor me. Willow amd Mark have entertained me so much more than Robert or Chris ever have. There needs to be a second chance dance an d bring Willow back. She deserved the finale

  29. I think that chris s and his partner should have been eliminated

  30. I think that chris s and his partner should have been eliminated. Also I don’t think judges should confer with each other in judging. I think it should be want each judge think for themselves.

  31. Hazel Hightower says:

    I was totally shocked just like most of America that sweet Willow and Her partner Mark was sent home. It should have been Robert, Chris or Noah. Then to have the top contenders in the bottom 3 was hard to watch then when the announcement came to send Willow home, I was shocked. In fact, I didn’t think anyone was going to be eliminated till next week for double elimination night. I think Willow should be asked to come back or maybe Robert, Chris or Noah will step to the plate and give up their spot so she can come back. It have happened before.

    • Joana says:

      Same here! When those three couples were leff in jeopardy I thought they were going to go all aha! it was a joke, no elimination this week! Which is what should have happened.

  32. Lisa says:

    Got his one so very wrong. I think Willow did an amazing job and could have gone all the way to the final.

  33. Joana says:

    Willow wasn’t even one of my favorites but to say that she deserved to go home before Chris or Robert, no friggin’ way. It says something that even those two were surprised when they were told they were save, they were sure one of them was leaving. So what the hell happened?
    I swear if next week Robert or Chris don’t leave I’m gonna stop watching. The final three should be Nastia, Rumer and Riker.

  34. Carrie says:

    So Robert and Chris are out in the double elimination next week. Ta Dah.. Chill people… Willow moves on to her next movie and her exposure has been increased beyond the little sister in The Hunger Games…she was not going win and she’s 14 and she did well and there’s always that one shocker of the eliminated good dancer without the huge fan base for this is a popularity contest above all else….good on for her for a good job till now and buh bye to Robert and Chris next week. I kinda loved it for Rumor when Bruce showed up and there was that moment where they talked about it’s not that she’s his daughter but it’s more like he’s her dad – I have a feeling that there is a lot of meaning behind that for her beyond what was put on camera. Looking at her rehearsal and the dance they did I think she was hurting and was dancing carefully – even at the end he held her neck in that last pose. She seemed a bit more free in her second dance.

    Very clever of Derek to insert himself as much as possible into Nastia’s dance. Broken toe be damned. Fans still get to vote for them and barely miss him –

    • Donna Marie DiStefano says:

      Yes we hope Robert and Chris are the 2 that go home next week!! I hope Noah last till the following week. I know he has limitations and won’t win but I think he is definately better than Chris and Robert even with only having 1 arm and 1 leg. If for nothing else think of the inspiration he has been to anyone with disabilities!!!

  35. Tim says:

    DWTS just lost a viewer…

  36. Cecilia says:

    Have to say I don’t feel I can continue watching this program since it’s not about who has talent, it’s about who’s popular. Willow should not have been eliminated last night.

  37. Jim W. says:

    Agree with Wes S, adding if DWTS doesn’t adjust scoring procedure-giving a greater weight to the judges scores and less to public opinion/votes so these injustices don’t happen again, the show has lost this viewer! The judges scoring alone should make it impossible for the top performers to be eliminated with the remaining couples to be sorted out by the public.

    Goodbye DWTS, hello The Voice.

  38. goodwolfe21 says:

    As I read through the comments, it’s nice to confirm that pretty much everyone held the same opinion as myself. Robert, Chris or possibly even Noah should have gone home before Willow. It’s not so bad early in the competition when the wrong ones go first, but to still have non-dancers like Robert and Chris around when Willow was arguably one of the best. It’s pretty obvious and understandable that Robert (Shark Tank) or Chris (The Bachelor) have a larger following than a14 year old minor character from a franchise movie would. Still, it’s always sad to see someone as good (and as improved) a dancer as Willow was, to go home.

  39. RIP Derek says:

    My problem was that camera following her around to get video of her crying. That was ridiculous! She’s a 14 year old. We knew she was crying. It wasn’t necessary to try to show every tear. Once she was in Mark’s arms they should have pulled back into a wide shot not circle around trying to get an angel on her face. I was highly disappointed with the camera man and the director

  40. Sue says:

    I was shocked when Chris and Robert were safe and shocked even more when Willow was sent home. Although I like Robert he or Chris should have been sent home. Does anyone ever wonder if they ‘fudge’ the numbers from people calling in?

  41. Sandy says:

    The judges need to pull out a save for willow and mark!!

  42. Willow & Mark were robbed! I think it was very UNFAIR! You will never convince me now that it’s not rigged. I will not be watching anymore! Hold your head up Willow! You were fantastic and you’ve got bigger and better things waiting for you!

    • It’s a given that Willow was on the program despite her age and until last night, the low scores consistently included Chris & Robert. As Sue said, they were shocked when they were saved let alone not eliminated. Fan base does count, or has, until last night which is why the result is so confounding to the majority of the public, the judges, the DWTS pros & contestants. In past seasons, there have been upsets, but having Rumer and Val standing there too shows an unexplainable shift in points coupled with Willow’s drop. WRONG.

  43. Bobby says:

    I’m just gonna say it, yes, he’s a hero but that doesn’t mean he should be on DWTS for this long. Honestly, it’s just pity votes now. I’m tired of the public having control of the results.

  44. Arlene Lewis says:

    This is a bunch of bull! I have watched my last dwts show.this. Is supposed to be a dance contest, not a pity party. Robert & Chris need a lot of help, but, I’m sorry but Noah shouldn’t even be on the show.he is a hero for our country,but has no business on a dance show. Willow should have won the whole thing.

  45. ktbanks says:

    As much as it sucks that Willow went home, this seems to happen EVERY season. There is always a shock boot around this point–usually the result of the complacency (in this case, from Willow’s fans–and she does have a relatively small fan base), and voters over-compensating for bad reviews for those who maybe should have gone home, but didn’t (in this case, Chris & Robert). After this point in the season, voters/viewers typically come to their senses a bit more. Such is life, and DWTS.

  46. Betsy McGrath says:

    It appears that the show is rigged, as there is no way that the “public” would have voted Ballas and Shields off. The only way I will continue to watch the show is because of Rumor Willis. And Boooooo to the “Gods that be” for making Shields cry.

  47. Alli says:

    Is it just me or did Nastia and Sasha’s dance get too much credit? I mean, it was good but Allison and Riker’s was so much better. I know Derek is beloved (by me too!) but still… I think Rumer and Riker are much better than she is and are alot more committed to their dances every week. I get she is busy but so is everyone else.

  48. Marla Schmittke says:

    I have not been as angry about a decision on a couple being voted off since it happened to Mark with his partner Sabrina Bryan. I’m sure he had a flashback last night also. Great scores with both partners and then gone. Definitely mind blowing.

  49. kimikstenglescheid says:

    It is unfair that Noah is only being judged on what half his body is doing. He only has one arms movements to get correct. And the judges seem to be overlooking the clunky steps made by his prosthetic foot. The lack of content in his dances is rediculous. Often he just stands there moving his hips and holding his partners hand while she dances.

    Its wonderful that people with physical disabilities are able to enter the same contests as those without disabilities. But it is very unfair not to hold them to the same standards, and in most instances score them higher than a non-disabled contestant would get for the same dance.

  50. goldilocksloves says:

    I was sad to see Willow go but I also know I was not voting, so I certainly didn’t help her stay. Out of curiosity, for all of you that are so upset that she was sent home, how many actually voted for her? I also can understand her elimination in that I would imagine not a lot of her fan base are tuning in and watching and voting, same happened with Sabrina Bryan and so many of the other Disney stars, if people aren’t voting, even with high scores, you’re likely to get sent home before the final.