Vampire Diaries EP on Caroline's Next Move: 'Her Danger Knows No Bounds'

Vampire Diaries Steroline Spoilers

Stefan’s reign of terror might have ended on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, but Caroline’s dehumanized shenanigans are far from over.

“Caroline will certainly leave a path of destruction in her wake; her danger knows no bounds,” executive producer Caroline Dries tells TVLine, which is particularly disturbing to hear after this week’s series of unfortunate events. (Is there anything more heinous than putting Matt Donovan in mortal danger? … I didn’t think so.)

The former Miss Mystic Falls will be back to her old self by the end of the month, though it’s unclear how her lapse in judgment will affect her future with Stefan. Per The CW, the May 7 episode finds Caroline coming to “a realization about her and Stefan’s prospects of being together.”

“When all is said and done, the queen of stress cleaning will have some work to do,” Dries adds. “Once she comes down from this violent streak, her humanity will return and we’ll recognize her again.”

This is especially good news as we look towards Season 7; with Nina Dobrev’s exit now just four episodes away, Caroline is essentially becoming the show’s main female protagonist. (We love you, Bonnie, but it’s not called The Witch Diaries.)

TVD fans, what are your hopes for Stefan and Caroline moving forward? Drop ’em in the comments section below.

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  1. Jason says:

    After she gets her humanity back I think they need to let things settle for a while and not rush forward with the Stefan and Caroline relationship. It’s something that can wait until next year. It would be nice to see Stefan being the one pursuing her for a time.

  2. Kinsey says:

    HAHAHA, we love you Bonnie, but it’s not called the Witch Diaries. Andy I love you! Thank you for this. I love Caroline Forbes and can’t wait to see her shine. Especially Steroline! <3 I know you've been trying to get SC scoop for us for awhile, so it's much appreciated.

    • Fx says:

      I agree. Bonnie is the weakest character on this show BY FAR. Caroline is great with or without humanity (except for the part when she threatened Matty Blue)

      Also, I’m glad Delena is almost over, because Nina and Ian have ZERO chemistry and their scenes seem so forced and akward.

      • Sydney says:

        Bonnie is the weakest character? That is absurd.

        Also, Kat is a FAR better actress than Candice. Candice is not that good at emotional, crying scenes.

      • STELENA says:

        agreed so much I hated delena. All they do is have sex. When they try to have emotional scenes I just laugh

      • CruellaSlayVil says:

        Bonnie the weakest? Caroline’s storylines always involve a love interest. She’s never been good at being a stand-alone character. She doesn’t even have a storyline that’s worth her being lead. Bonnie has a whole new arc to explore since she changed from being in the prison world and not to mention the fact that the heretics/Kai/Lily storylines directly involve her. Caroline has no role in either of those.

  3. Dee says:

    Steroline is the only reason I’ve been watching the show since season 4 so as long as they continue that storyline I’ll stick around

    • Ana says:

      Agreed completely, no Steroline no show because as much as I love Defan, Stefan needs some love!

    • CruellaSlayVil says:

      If you’re watching a show just for a ship then that means the writing sucks and the writers need to step it up. That doesn’t say much about the show at all if this is the only reason people watch it.

    • lanam says:

      I feel the same way – Steroline is AMAZING and the chemistry is off the charts !! I just hope they continue w/this love story! I love the way Stefan looks at Caroline and when Stefan is across the room Caroline can’t keep her eyes off of him. I TRULY think the writers need to put them together. I’m only sticking around if Steroline becomes a true damn couple in love. I will miss Elena, not sure how Damon will be w/o her. Nina was ready to go and I don’t blame her she’s young talented gorgeous actress ready for something new. I’m on a Steroline high right now, even though Caroline said she needed time I feel confident Steroline shippers will be happy w/season 7.

  4. Morgan says:

    So in the world of The Vampire Diaries, doing karaoke is considered ‘being dangerous’ now? A few seasons ago, Caroline would have killed Matt… or rather, the show would have had the guts to kill Matt. Now, though, we get… er… Oh yes, lots of threats and verbal teasing. Ooh scary. Judging by every interview with Caroline Dries I’ve ever read, I’d say the lady’s really, really not good for writing supernatural shows. She should be on a soap opera like Revenge, or something…

    • Caroline can’t kill Matt because who else do you think is really Elena’s end game? It’s always been Matt from the start. That’s the plot armor that’s kept him alive for so long. It’s not just that they need a human because they had Carol Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes and– most of the time– Alaric for that. Matt’s lasted because Elena goes full circle. I’d wager they write her off by her taking the cure and she and Matt leave Mystic Falls to go have a normal, human life. That’s why a plot with Matt imperiled at the moment exists– as a driver to push Matt out of Mystic Falls with Elena for his own good.

    • As a Stelena fan and a TVD original 4 books faithful…I would be very happy with this!!!

  5. Ana says:

    I’m so excited! I love Caroline and Stefan together! I’d love to see Stefan pursue Caroline for a change. I have no problem with a slow burn romance, but I don’t want Caroline to do the chasing. It’s gonna be so much fun next season! Plus Caroline is my spirit animal, so there’s that.

  6. Sarah says:

    I expect things to be tense between Steroline in the last few episodes but I hope next season they can actually be together!

    • ldddhunter says:

      Sarah – I feel the same way; I think they will be together, but it will take time especially after the season finale; we’re not sure what happens w/anyone. I do however want to see Stefan pursue my girl Caroline, things will be “tense” at first and they will have a “talk” making things seem “bleak” but I do thing going into season 7 Stefan will definitely go after Caroline b/c he’s too in love w/her and will not want to lose her. Besides they have such electrifying, loveable, chemistry. also they were friends first and slowly fell in love. Steroline all the way – just be patient :)

  7. Ken says:

    Hey, I’d like that spinoff – The Witch Diaries! Make it happen CW! And will we’re at it, do another spinoff called the Werewolf Chronicles and i’ll be there premiere night!

  8. YESSS Steroline Is Everything !!! Steroline is endgame

  9. John says:


  10. Sara says:

    Can I marry you Andy? I’ve been looking for Stefan and Caroline scoop for MONTHS and no one has come through with anything. I’m just gonna go re-read this again. BTW I miss sweet Steroline, I need them back and happy :(

  11. kristin says:


  12. Lilly says:

    All I want is for Stefan and Caroline to be happy together. They deserve it after all the heartache and pain they have been through in the past. Just let them be happy.

  13. Callie says:

    Yeah I need my sweet Steroline back. As much as I love the ripper couple, the parts that made me fall in love with them was how sweet they were. Anyone else agree?

  14. liza says:

    oh god, so i have to watch stefan and caroline as the new happy couple now? I hoped this show would go back to its old style like the first 3 seasons, or at least focus on the brothers more, and i think that bonnie/kat deserves more than this, her character was waaaaay bigger in the first 3 seasons so i really believe that the writers shouldn’t choose between them, it would be totally unfair!! And stefan and caroline still give me the brother and sister feeling, the only thing that i see when they are kissing eachother is stefan from season 4 when he tells lexi that elena is the love of his life and he would go back to her in a heartbeat. Caroline can never beat that love story, just as stefan can never beat klaus and his chemistry with caroline. So sad, i would even love stefan and bonnie more! But I hoped for a romance between damon and bonnie but that is also not happening, so the only to keep watching for are the brother moments and matt?

    • Stacey says:

      He didn’t say the writers said that, he said he thinks Caroline will be the lead. Don’t worry, I happen to think they’re gonna focus on the brothers more. Sorry about your couple ending, I know it would suck if SC was over for me, so I feel your pain!

      • ldddhunter says:

        I think season 7 will be a lot about the bros. but I also think that Steroline will happen as well; some of the things I saw on the internet- also Steroline has a huge following – the writers see how much chemistry they have as well. I think some people don’t like Steroline that’s fine but I NEVER saw a bro/sis vibe b/w them – since season 4 I saw 2 best friends hanging out w/each other slowly starting to fall for each other – The bros will have a lot to deal w/season 7 and it should be about them but I also think that Stefan deserves to be happy w/Caroline as well – he’s in love w/her and she’s in love w/him neither could see them w/other people b/c deep down SC know they are in love. they won’t be able to fight those feelings and both will want to be together for season 7.

    • Jessie says:

      I feel completely the same! I always loved the friendship of sterolike, but his true love is Elena! And I would love to see some bamon and focus on the brothers

    • Denise Sayer says:

      Totally agree with all of this

    • Angel says:

      Who’s said damon and bone arnt gonna happen

  15. Stacey says:

    Thanks for this Andy, I’m in love with Stefan and Caroline at the moment, and I’ve been scouring the internet for news. This made my day :)

  16. kristin says:

    I just want Steroline to say I love you by the end of the season.

  17. Tori says:

    I REALLY REALLY want a Stefan and Caroline dance in 6×21. I mean it’s tradition they ALWAYS dance every season. They just have to!

  18. Holly says:

    LOVE Steroline, can’t wait to see what’s in store for them! A June wedding perhaps?

  19. LEENA says:

    I wish Caroline had a non romantic storyline. I Was really looking forward to this season being the one where Caroline had her own storyline and then thought the whole Liz thing would be it, and it was all about getting Stefan to realize he liked her or whatever. They ruined Dark!Caroline with this whole Stefan thing and my favorite bromance. Will not be watching until I can recognize my favorite character again. I miss my strong, independent Caroline!

  20. Angie says:

    im all for Steroline!! I’m excited to see their relationship move forward !!!

  21. Madison says:

    I stopped watching this show for awhile but after finding out that Stefan and Caroline were happening, I had to start watching again and I’m not disappointed. LOVE them together. I just want them sweet and cuddly again.

    • Christina Frost says:

      i was exactly the same as you! I stopped watching midway through season 4 but when i found out steroline was gonna happen i became a fan again. now i’m watching all the episodes i missed, so i don’t miss a minute of steroline.

      • CruellaSlayVil says:

        Watching a show for ships only is the worst reason to ever invest time in a TV series. TVD is a story about the Salvatore brothers. I really hate how they’ve made the show into a fan service but half the blame is on the shippers. The writers don’t even have to try and write a good storyline anymore. They know as long as they include a few scenes here & there with someones favorite ship, people will watch even if the writing is trash. That is really sad. People want Steroline so bad they’re screaming for Caroline to be lead but they haven’t even realized that apart from being involved with almost every male character on the show, Caroline as a character is severely underdeveloped. No one has even pointed out that she’s only been written to be relevant when she’s involved with someone, that’s why Caroline has had the most romantic and/or sexual relationships on the show – her character would cease to exist without them.

  22. JC says:

    Caroline without her humanity is just annoying, can’t stand her. I would much rather prefer Bonnie to take over the lead female character. We need someone who is as compassionate as Elena.

    • Katie says:

      Yes, JC, YES! I completely agree. I’m not a huge Caroline fan to begin with, but I can’t stand her without her humanity. I, myself, would prefer if Bonnie took over the lead, too. I just love her. (And may I remind the writer of the article that Elena didn’t start off a vampire either)

  23. Nikki says:

    I don’t like this article. The Vampires in The Vampire Diaries are Damon and Stefan Salvatore, always has been and always will be. So Bonnie can be the female lead to partner with the vampires and male leads Damon and Stefan. Bonnie is with the best, most complex and layered female character on the show period.

    • Angel says:

      Thank u

    • CruellaSlayVil says:

      Thank you Nikki! Caroline as lead will end up being another Elena and lord knows we don’t need that. Watching Bonnie come into her own with a new sense of self worth meaning she’s no longer risking it all for her friends is refreshing. As much as I love Steroline, choosing a female who’s main storyline always involves a love interest is boring. Bonnie provides a new focal point.

    • Christina Frost says:

      ur all on an acid trip about bonnie she’s always been a secondary character! allway will be. this is no insult to Kat. She’s great. But Caroline Shines.

      • CruellaSlayVil says:

        Shines how? By always having a love interest? Because that’s the only defining thing about Caroline. Her character has to be involved with someone to remain relevant. She’s another Elena, yawn.

  24. Gia says:

    This whole article is rubbish! Elena was human for 3 seasons but Bonnie can’t be lead because she’s a witch?! Get your arguments in ORDER before you present your case. You only end up sounding bias and alienating a large portion of the TVD fandom.

  25. autumnd23 says:

    Actually, I would much prefer Bonnie as the main female protagonist because Witch Diaries sounds great. I’m already sick of this much Caroline to be honest (the more screen time she gets, the worst the show gets IMO). Bonnie became the protagonist in the 4th vampire diaries books and it worked really well. Gosh, I wish the show would go with that ending regarding Elena too. Change the villain (Klaus) and book 4 would be the perfect model for season 7. But I already know the writers aren’t going there. I fear a True Blood end for Elena.

    • zed says:

      Wether people like it or not Bonnie Bennett is a protagonist that is in the same lead position as Caroline, if not more. It may not be called witches diaries, but, somehow they always need witchy Bennett at the end of days. If it wasn’t for witchy Bennett end of season 3 who didn’t kill Klaus, there would not be Klaus’ line of vampires. LOL So, how about showing little respect to Ms Bonnie Bennett, who is the most layered female character on the show!!
      As for Caroline and her shennanigans- tedious! Steroline- still no chemistry!
      Right, I hope they strengthen Defan’s brotherly relationship! One more thing, Bamon Rock On!

  26. Maryann says:

    I have wondered how they will fill the gap next season of Elena leaving. I hope it is with Bonnie slowly moving toward Damon, with friendship leading to love — and with Bonnie moving into the spotlight as a lead character with her own story line. Sorry, I have never liked Caroline very much. She was ok as a sidekick, but she just doesn’t work for me as lead. And putting her with Stefan just feels totally forced, unnatural, and plot driven rather than organic to their characters. They were fine as friends. Caroline’s story line with her mother, particularly that flashback to her childhood and the bicycle was very strong, and my favorite Caroline moment in the show to the present. Too bad they had to ruin that with Caroline showing the ultimate copout (and immaturity) of choosing to turn her humanity off. She actually thought she could have her cake and eat it too by not feeling her grief for her mother, yet not doing things that would totally betray her mother’s memory ?

    After all that is said, my favorite characters on the show — and my favorite story line — is Jo and Alaric. Now just give them a chance to be happy, and don’t kill them off just because they are over twenty-five.

  27. Rose says:

    Well Elena was a human for a time so I don’t understand why Bonnie can’t be the leading lady. And also in the book when Elena died, Bonnie was the leading female character. Just saying…

  28. Caroline and Steroline are the reasons I’m not watching the shows anymore.

  29. Bobby says:

    The “emotion chip or humanity” or whatever the hell it is, is ridiculous. I say once a character shuts theirs off, they should be staked.

  30. Caroline is ridiculous as is Stefan and Caroline. I am sorry, but even in the fake reality of TV you don’t dump your boyfriend for his brother, you don’t become said brothers and ex-love of your life’s cheerleader and you don’t screw your best friends ex-love of her life. This show is so screwed up!!!

  31. warerickeya says:

    On your “not the ‘Witch Diaries’ ” comment, you forget that Bennett magic is the source for just about everything in TVD, including the creation of the doppelgangers and the creation of the Originals. That’s more than enough of reason to make Bonnie the lead. But I’m hoping that both girls are bumped up as the leads, along with the Salvatore’s. They’ve spent most of this season focusing on the entire ensemble as opposed to the triangle or the one female lead, and have done pretty well. They should continue on that route.

  32. tmporter says:

    I think people are stuck in their ways. For a richer more telling story stefan, caroline , bonnie and Damon need to be the leads.

    This season by farx these for have had the best storylines. Only placing Caroline as a lead gives us the same old same old. Not to mention as much as I love.Steroline and bamon… this show has to get past this shipping thing.

    It need to be fresh, cool and diffrent. What many of you are suggesting is just stelena minus elena. Thats not new.

    I’m watchin next season not just for.ships I want better storytelling. You get that with the lead four. Anything eles is just the same thing as these last five seasons.

    • warerickeya says:

      Yes! The shipping shouldn’t be the whole storyline. It should supplement it. It’s part of how the characters develop, and that includes non-romantic relationships.

  33. John Davis says:

    This season sucks.

  34. Amber says:

    I’m going to miss Nina she is such a great actor and she played Elena,Katherine,Tatia,and Amara so good.Also Steroline is definitely Endgame.Also hope to seem some Bamon.Hope Elena gets a happy ending!

  35. jane says:

    the moment i heard elena was leaving the first thought on my mind waa bonnie.not because of damon but she has been through alot and she lost alot of things.and she deserves to be the lead she must be explored she doesnt have to end up as the witch who helps everyone she should be more than that.they must show us that there is alot more to her than we all know.i dont hate caroline but she cant just be the lead female protagonist.its not possible except if her character would be changed completely which is impossible.caroline dat character is not lead material.i would rather accept a new actress to be the new lead than to have caroline do it.if caroline becomes the lead female protagonist tvd would be ruined forever.

  36. Melissa says:

    I can see Caroline and Stefan finally getting a go at a relationship and the chemistry between Bonnie and Damon could use some exploring.

  37. CruellaSlayVil says:

    It’s not called the “Human Diaries” either but that’s how Elena aka the lead character spent the first 3 years of the show and in case you forgot, Damon & Stefan are still vampires. “the Vampire Diaries” is in reference to the Salvatore brothers. Bonnie could be & should be the new lead. At this point she has the better storyline due to Kai & heretics planning to escape which she’ll clearly play a pivotal role in defeating them. Caroline as a lead is boring. I like her but her storylines have always been boring. She did the no humanity thing, sheriff Forbes is gone, all that’s left is her relationship with Stefan and who wants to watch a show that’s entirely based on that? Bonnie however is back with a new attitude and a greater sense of self worth. She also has bad blood with Kai who will more than likely be back to his old ways really soon. And then the heretics, vampires with magic, who better to take them on than a witch. That whole storyline makes no sense with Caroline as lead.

    • Christina Frost says:

      i’ve read every comment here. and all i have to say to the bonnie lovers out there is chill. this show is all about the ships. come on i’ts the the CW Their not winning any oscars, get it! There wasn’t a single post about bonnie and jeremy Who she’s been with since forever! THAT SAYS IT ALL IN A NUTSHELL!

      • CruellaSlayVil says:

        The fact that the article didn’t mention Bonnie being with Jeremy says what exactly? The show is about ships, that’s why the ratings have been on a steady decline for the last couple of seasons. Winning Oscars, that was brought up because…??? This isn’t a soap opera either, no one wants to watch a show that’s built entirely a around relationships, that gets boring. It also doesn’t say much about the capabilities of the writers. They haven’t written a decent episode since the introduction of The Original family. That also explains why the spin off has surpassed them and that happened because The Originals is NOT only about ships. TVD is nothing but a fan service show, that’s why it sucks and has sucked for a while now. Elena is gone, no more love triangle or the need to have everything involve Elena. They have the chance to take the show in a different direction and give it a fresh start. If they ruin that making boring Caroline the lead because of a ship, season 7 will probably be their last.