Will Scandal Cheat Death? Who Will Bates Kill? Too Much Mad Megan? Did Peter Sabotage Wife? And More TV Qs

12 Monkeys Striking Woman

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Bates Motel, Justified, Arrow and Scandal!

1 | Crazy 12 Monkeys theory: Could Striking Woman be Jennifer Goines? Or related to her somehow? We can’t be the only ones who think there’s a resemblance, can we?

2 | When it comes to Grimm‘s Juliette, are you Team ‘Biest or Team Restore?

3 | Is Outlander‘s recent virgin-turned-newlywed Jamie Fraser the quickest study in the world or what?

Once Upon a Time4 | Once Upon a Time fans, does this pristine pumper look like the heart of a (glamored) Wicked Witch? Also, why would Regina have had Neal’s apartment keys? (And who paid Neal’s rent for the past year-plus? The same person keeping Walsh’s abandoned furniture shop from being seized?)

5 | Is it possible The Good Wife‘s Peter was behind the Democratic machine’s shocking derailing of Alicia’s State’s Attorney win? Also: Alicia’s gray-and-white “apron” suit — love or loathe?

6 | Did Revenge need to save some money and production time, hence this week’s stealth clip show?Mad Men

7 | Seriously, Mad Men? You only have six episodes left and you devote one of them almost entirely to Megan and her brood ennuyeuse? And to borrow from HuffPo’s Maureen Ryan: How did Diana’s hair smell like shampoo at the end of a diner shift, and not griddle grease?

8 | Time to play teacher, Salem fans: What grade do youSalem give Mary on her doomsday diorama? And on a related note, how cruel is it that, the moment she has completed “the grand rite,” she’s given “the great task” to accomplish? What next, “the incredible chore”?

9 | After Bates Motel hooks up Dylan and Emma — and it’s clear that the show’s gonna go with them where it didn’t quite with Dylan and Bradley, right? — which of them do you think won’t survive Norman’s reaction? And did you think it was odd that the clerk at the boutique where Norma went on her retail-therapy binge swiped her credit card before even ringing up her purchases? What kind of ass-backwards check-out process is that?

10 | Despite what The Following’s Powers That Be have said about reducing the series’ violence, hasn’t this season felt more needlessly bloody and gory?

11 | Crazy deep as The Voice Season 8 field may be, would you bet a single dollar of your own money against teen sensation Sawyer Fredericks winning it all?

The Flash12 | Is Felicity currently a better character on The Flash than on Arrow? And given his science/tech love, were you expecting Ray to express more excitement about meeting someone with superspeed?

13 | Are iZombie Liv’s undead options, Blaine and Lowell, looking far more interesting than her human one (sorry, Major)? And did anyone suspect Major was in the body bag?

14 | Did Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s eerie little girl twist not catch anyone by surprise? And for someone so anxious to keep a secret, could Jiaying have perhaps staged a more private “family” dinner? Also, how does Raina sleep on her head of thorns?

15 | Were we the only ones that caught Community killing off Jonathan Banks’ character in Tuesday’s email hacking install- ment? (One of the lunch lady’s emails included the subject line “Buzz Hickey Memorial Services.”)

16 | Which Justified finale jst_613_Promise_1378d_hires2showdown was most intense: The Raylan/Boyd one that wasn’t, or Raylan and Boon’s mutually wounding face-off?

17 | Shouldn’t notorious NCIS prankster Tony have at least suspected that McGee was pulling a fast one, as “the face of NCIS”? And can Bishop try to dress a smidgen more badass, and leave the peg jeans at home, when storming Afghanistan?

18 | First, there was Oliver’s “I love you” to Felicity. Now, Roy’s “death.” Did you fall for Arrow‘s bait-and-switch (again)? Relatedly, since Thea just the other week beseeched Roy to run away with her, shouldn’t he have maybe invited her to flee town with him? (And in doing so saved her a brutal stabbing?) Finally, who thinks we’re bound for a scene where Ray breaks up with Felicity, saying,”It’s not you. It’s my spinoff”?

19 | Is Supernatural‘s Charlie a little too good at kicking butt considering her relative newness to the hunting lifestyle?

The Americans20 | Are you surprised Philip’s hairpiece on The Americans came out as quickly as it did?

21 | Didn’t the General Hospital scenes in which Silas granted Ava’s wish to die with dignity remind you of how amazing the ABC soap can be when it wants to?

22 | Just one week, ESPN? Seriously?

23 | In the Great Idol Showdown of 2015, are you #TeamQuentin or #TeamHarry? And now that we’re down to six singers, is it time to axe the Idol Twitter Save and simply eliminate the lowest vote-getter?

24 | Just how many studly operatives did Scandal‘s Rowan have lined up to hit on Olivia, er “Alex,” at the bar that night, had Russell not successfully reeled her in? And while it’s hard to imagine how anyone could’ve survived being stabbed 16 times in the chest and stomach, anyone else getting a strong “BS” vibe from Jake’s “death”?

25 | What enjoyment if any does Louie expect us to derive from the title character’s “relationship” with the dreadfully caustic Pamela?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CC says:

    #2 Definitely Team Biest. Juliette finally became an interesting character. No longer a damsel to be rescued, she can more than take care of herself. I really like the new Juliette.

    • Kristen says:

      Ugh. While I can agree she needed some backbone, she’s becoming so unbearable to me. She’s being b****y just to be b****y. She’s not given Nick any opportunity to even attempt to deal with her change. Of course his first reaction would be shock and dismay. Let him process a little. RESTORE HER!

      • SK says:

        How about both? I would like for her to be a Hexenbiest so that she can help Nick and not be the damsel in distress but I want her to be like her old self, not mean. She does need to give Nick a chance to process this. She should know how it feels.

        • JC1 says:

          How about both? I would like for her to be a Hexenbiest so that she can help Nick and not be the damsel in distress but I want her to be like her old self, not mean.
          That’s what I want too.

        • Tamim says:

          Me too :) I want her to realize that the Biest makes being evil unnaturally easy, so it becomes something she must fight against. But I also think the push for her to face that struggle is the Captain and not Nick. Nick isn’t really striking the right tone with her either – he seems wimpy. Maybe he’s just so overcome with guilt he doesn’t know what to do. Or maybe he’s so goody-goody that he doesn’t know how to deal with someone, especially someone close to him, who is very grey with a willingness to embrace a little darkness when needed. Makes Juliet more like his mom actually

    • Georgia Madman says:

      How about option #3 — Team DEAD?

      • keylimepie78 says:

        ^^^ yes. I’m new to Grimm and working my way through Season 3. I’ve never liked her character. I find her either whiny and annoying or nosy and overly helpful, trying too hard. I kept hoping she’d leave at some point since I think she’s not the right person for Nick.

      • M&MB says:

        Yesssssssssss! Team Dead! She is horrible!

    • ChicagoDan says:

      Juliette will be cured by the baby Adalind is carrying – that’s for sure with the unique blood line of Grimm/Hex.

    • Marci says:

      Agree. Juliette was boring and annoying before she was turned into a ‘biest. It will be interesting to see where this takes her character.

  2. TVPeong says:

    14. AoS – I agree. If she wanted to keep it quiet that Skye was her daughter, why did they have a family dinner together?

    • Gerald says:

      Unless Skye called her Mom or she called her daughter, it is just a dinner. But it would have been better to keep it a secret, but glad Luke Mitchell is right in the thick of it.

  3. Bryce says:

    #6- probably not considering that the production code is #23 of the season. Revenge usually has 22 episodes and ABC ordered the clip show hybrid to fill scheduling needs.

  4. Caroline says:

    Of course Jake isn’t dead. There’s no way we could be that lucky. Seriously, this show has got so many plot holes, dumb red herrings, etc. I keep watching because I think it might just snap out of it, but I’m afraid it might be too far gone.

    • Aeol says:

      And ABC has already released production stills of Jake alive and “well,” so they’re clearly not trying to push a “Jake is dead” angle.

    • cp1945 says:

      Just when I think Olivia can’t be more of a romance lame brain, she proves me wrong. No background check on Lover Boy? As for Jake, I doubt he would have been left alive. If he was, the shark just got jumped.

  5. JC1 says:

    #2 – can there be another option? I was excited about Juliette going hexenbeist, but I’m hating Juliette going dark side. So I guess I’m Team Restore, if we can’t have a good Juliette hexenbeist. :(

    #12 – NO! Hell no. I thought she was terrible on The Flash this week, and I usually love Felicity. :(

    • Rachel says:

      Felicity is best when she’s not with Ray. It’s so hard to watch. Makes me feel icky. 😝

      • JC1 says:

        It wasn’t just about Ray, although her oversharing about their sex life was the worst moment. (I was facepalming like Barry in the background.) I just thought she was written like a caricature of herself. Telling Ray about Barry, telling Barry about Laurel. The “mama’s been away from her keyboard for too long” comment. The very cheesy hacker battle. I just didn’t like it. *shrug* Mileage may vary.

        • Shelley says:

          It was a cutie episode. Filler, IMO. A way to break up Iris and Eddie. Rather lame really.

        • Rachel says:

          See I attribute that to pairing her with Ray (work and romantically) The beginning of the season she was fine. Even in the arrow/flash crossover eps. But the more she’s with Ray the more she’s become, like u said a caricature. I guess all the writers has brain aneurisms a third of the way thru the season.

  6. Newo says:

    19: When Charlie got back from Oz earlier in the season she explained that her and Dorothy were in a war to free the land from evil, perhaps that’s where the fighting skills were acquired

  7. Amy says:

    #1: When I see Jennifer Goines, I see Ally Sheedy a la The Breakfast Club.

  8. @tvneuroepi says:

    Woah! Community killed Buzz Hickey? I gotta watch the episode again – I love episodes where secrets come out during increasing frustration. Friends excelled at these episodes and as does Community. Thanks for pointing that out!

  9. Tim says:

    If that was Megan’s Mad Men swan song, I’m okay with her having an episode to herself. It was a good episode!

    • Lerbert says:

      Agree. I know she hasnt been a favorite but as such a major character she deserved a complete wrap up. I love that we are having moments with the supporting players set around the core cast’s usual business.

    • Amie says:

      I thought it was a really soggy episode. Like, slow and annoying and a big waste of time. I would’ve preferred Don get a note from his lawyer that the divorce was final, skipping the depressed waitress, nothing more of Sylvia or her husband, and a lot more Sally.

  10. Lizzie says:

    Yes Felicity on The Flash is so much more fun she’a old school Felicity not the whining one we have this season. Although this week’s interactions with Ray and Oliver were a little lighter.

  11. Letti says:

    4: I guess this Zelena twist was an afterthought. I actually liked it, but the things you said are so true. They should have worked more on it. Oh well.
    6: It was announced a long ago that Revenge got an extra episode that is a clip show. So it will be 22+1 special this year. (Compared to the usual 22.)And actually I was afraid of how the clip show will work out, but it was great. They did it very well.
    13: You’re totally right. And she would also be cool with Ravi IMO. But Major is actually ok too. I wouldn’t mind any couple on my new favourite iZombie.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I agree that the Zelena twist was more of an after thought .. Once (pun intended) they saw how well received the character was last season, I think they were looking for a way to bring the actress back.
      Ironically, for a show that time jumps frequently within an episode, OUAT has more than their fair share of continuity problems. It can be distracting if not wholly perplexing.

    • Isobel says:

      Major’s a nice guy but a little bland, I like her zombie choices more actually

  12. Marco says:

    9. The real person the character of Norman is based on, Ed Gein, supposedly killed his brother and faked a hunting accident, so I guess… both. I seriously think Emma isn’t gonna survive the show either…

  13. Nick says:

    19. I’m assuming Charlie learned her butt-kicking from Dorothy during her year (or more?) in Oz. Time is different there, after all.

  14. BrightLight says:

    5. I actually thought Alicia’s suit WAS an apron at first. Actually I spent so much time trying to figure out what that “outfit” was that I couldn’t focus on what was being said.
    7. Any Megan is too much Megan for me. It’s nothing against Jessica Pare, I just could never connect with that character.
    21.GH can still be amazing when it wants to be. The 52nd anniversary ep and this storyline are prime examples, but then they show crap like the NuKiki/Morgan sabotage and I want to poke my eyes out.

  15. Joe says:

    #24 if Jake lived after being stabbed that does it for me ,I’m out

  16. hipster says:

    7. I think that’s the last we’ll see of Megan. I never get the hate. I was more disappointed with the whole Diana thing. Way too late in the game to introduce a new side character.

    14. I hope they take the entire Afterlife story and throw it in the spinoff. I simply do not care.

  17. Joe says:

    #9 Dylan Emma or Caleb one of them will be dead by the seasons end

  18. Nick says:

    10. No. I totally disagree with the notion that it’s been more “needlessly” violent and gory. It’s still The Following, so of course there will be blood, but I think it’s totally relevant. If you haven’t noticed, the new villain (Michael Ealy) only kills when he feels like he has to. There’s no showy “killing for the sake of killing” type stuff. I would say that if you think there’s more, you may not be paying attention to the other parts of the show. Just my two cents.

  19. Drew says:

    4. Once Upon a Time is horribly written. This Wicked Witch twist was just a lame way to undo the corner that the writers wrote themselves into.
    12. Yes! Felicity is so much better on The Flash. But then, every character has been severely damaged this season on Arrow…
    14. The family dinner scene was horribly written. Now all of the Tomorrow People are going to know about Skye being the daughter.
    18. It was really awkward for Thea to not be there when Roy said goodbye. I can understand Laurel not being there. She has a lot of work to do at the DA’s office with the bat-sh** crazy things that the police are doing lately. But Thea should have been there. The only reason for her to not be there was so that the writers could get her alone in the apartment where she could fight Ra’s way better than her brother did.
    19. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Charlie is a fanfic character. My theory is that Becky found Chuck’s computer and it somehow allowed her fanfic to become real, because Charlie is just so out of place on the show, and she’s constantly written into situations where she doesn’t belong. She, like any fanfic character, is just a way for the writer (Becky) to put themself into the story, often making the real main characters look pathetic in the process.

    • Drew says:

      Also about Once Upon a Time, wasn’t it a little strange that the moral of this episode (which is targeted toward children) was that Robin should give up his honest life as a tavern owner and become the thief that he was always meant to be?
      When I was a kid, they usually tried to steer children in the opposite direction!

      • DarkDefender says:

        Yes, it is true.. But OUAT is not a kid’s show. It is most definitely a TV show about “fairy tales with a twist” geared for adults.

  20. Amber says:

    #2 teamkillheroffalready. Shes the worst part of the show

  21. cynthia wiseman says:

    #22 isn’t that called a vacation? I guess college can’t teach class. You either have it or you don’t and it looks like she doesn’t.

  22. Nick says:

    12. No. She’s a great fit on The Flash, but if she were on it all the time, she’d get old really fast. Arrow would be too dark without her.

  23. Kim R says:

    5. The Good Wife – I just can’t believe we had to go through this election storyline the entire season just to have this happen. It hasn’t been my favorite season by far.
    12. The Flash & Arrow – I think I’m enjoying the characters appearing on The Flash because I’m finding that show more enjoyable. Not as many flashbacks (no pun!) as Arrow and, while they are still dealing with saving their city, there is a lighter side on The Flash.
    16. Justified – The finale was awesome in every way. The final scene, the final words, so well done.
    17. NCIS – Regardless if Tony should have caught on or not, it was so funny to watch. :)
    23. American Idol – Personally I think Quentin behaved like a child. It is a competition, they are all making friends, they are all seeing someone go home, that is the game. He looked so sour and petulant standing there I think it may have hurt him. Harry calling him out so that Quentin could clarify what he was saying might actually have saved him at this point.

  24. Sara says:

    13: Omg I love iZombie and Lowell is much better than “saint” Major who may be dead…or not!
    18: That last frase just amazing, I would love to see her face if he did that line 😊

  25. Gerald says:

    #4 so many questions about this. Yes that image of a heart looks pretty pure, unless it was glamoured as well. But we know how to kill the wicked witch… Just need the snow queen.

  26. rowan77 says:

    3. I thought that, too. A bit too fast.
    5. I don’t know if Peter was behind it. Tarnishing his wife tarnishes him.
    15. I missed that!
    16. I’m gonna go with Raylan and Boyd because Raylan was just aching to kill Boyd and was so frustrated by Boyd betting that Raylan is too good a person to shoot an unarmed man, even a murderer like Boyd. Rylan and Boon was really tense, but we all knew Boon would die. Rylan’s head getting creased was a surprise, though.
    19. We don’t know if time in OZ moves at a different rate than in their regular realm. She could’ve been in there for the equivalent of years, trained by Dorothy. At least that’s what I’m going with because if not, yeah, she learned a little too quickly.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Yes.. Then tension between Raylan and Boyd was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The Boon/Raylan standoff was not tension filled, because Raylan was not gonna die or end up in the hospital before the episode ended.. And basically Boon was a plot device to bring Raylan’s quick draw abilities full circle.. So no tension cause Boon was clearly gonna get the raw end of that shoot out.

  27. Larc says:

    Here’s 1 big reason why I don’t think Jake is dead: his “killing” was a cliffhanger because the outcome wasn’t revealed. Scott Foley and Josh Malina would never have destroyed that suspense with tweets if Jake really were dead. I think there’s a strong possibility this is all a bad dream Olivia is having. The visual switching back and forth between the elevator and the double doors at the end of the corridor in her “prison” told us that her mind was in turmoil after she heard that Fitz had shot down the passenger plane. I think there was a specific reason why that was done and it relates to “Jake’s death.”

    • Aeol says:

      ABC has already released production stills of Jake alive and recovering from the episode airing 4/30. Some “secret!”

    • Sweetweeny says:

      Olivia already knew that Fitz had shot down the passenger plane. During Season 3, the Operation Remington had an entire arc, which led to the reveal that Olivia’s mother was still alive. The visual switching back was because Olivia had made the decision to sacrifice Fitz for justice.

  28. A fan of TV says:

    I think the Striking Woman is Aaron’s mother, who left his father to join the 12 Monkeys, not Jennifer Goines. My mind would be blown if Jennifer was both the Striking Woman AND Aaron’s birth mother, but this show keeps hinting at the possibility that the original skeleton containing the virus is Aaron, as well, at least the way he gets a paradox brain freeze every time he’s in the same room with it…so I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past it.

    • Ina Hark says:

      My suspicion is rather that she is Jennifer’s also supposedly crazy mother and that Jennifer’s assistant is Cole’s (Aaron Stanford’s) missing mom, Marian. Agree though that the skeleton is either Cole’s or that of one of Jones’s prior experiments. She caused the plague by trying to undo it.

  29. Azerty says:

    Since Arrow likes to trick us so much, any chance Colton Hayes’s exit could be fake? And Roy would be back next year? Still can’t believe he is definitely gone, there is so many stories to tell about Arsenal/ Red Arrow…

    • Georgia Madman says:

      Its been reported Colton will be back before season’s end (probably to deal with Crazy Thea once she emerges from the Lazarus Pit). And he’ll guest on Arrow, Flash and Atom spinoff next year. Apparently he’s got something of a movie career going and his contract with Arrow expires at the end of this season. I didn’t care from him in the beginning but have gotten to like him the longer he’s been on. Thea will probably join Team Arrow next season so they needed to make room for her. Why they couldn’t have killed off Laurel is beyond me….

      • Shelley says:

        Me too. But, Colton had a 2 yr contrast, which was up. He has other things happening for him. A great opportunity for the big screen too. He had a lot of character development this season. I loved him in this last episode. Arrow is going to be different from here on. Oliver will change, Thea will change. Arrow has something specific for her from now on.

  30. Shannon says:

    2# Team Restore or Team be less of a b&$^#. I’m a little tired of the attitude.
    14# Something is rather off about the dinner. Raina made no mention of Jiaying when she spoke about her ‘dream.’ Almost as if she was there for Skye and Cal, but not for everyone else.

  31. Luis says:

    2. I’m on Team Restore. I think this story line has been great and its good to see Bitsie Tulloch get to exercise her acting chops, but the Nick/Juliette relationship is at the heart of the show and the question of whether Nick can have anything resembling a normal life. A Grimm/Hexenbiest relationship would not work long term.
    12. Felicity is a more natural fit for “The Flash,” which is why she’s so great on “Arrow.” She provides a counterweight to the darkness surrounding Oliver and the whole show. Emily and Stephen have such great chemistry; it’s fun watching them navigate the ups and downs of the Oliver/Felicity relationship. Its good getting Felicity a change of pace every once in a while on “The Flash,” but she needs to stay in SC.
    14. I called the twist with the little girl pretty quickly, especially with the emphasis that was placed at the beginning of the episode with May and Andrew wanting to have a child. Given where she was after Bahrain, I’m wondering how Coulson convinced her to get back in the field.
    18. You can only do the bait and switch so many times before you lost the fan base, although I personally thought Oliver’s “I love you” to Felicity was sincere, just conveniently used to trap Slade. Roy wouldn’t think of taking Thea on the run with him; he wouldn’t do that to her. I have a question though: given that it was A.R.G.U.S. that arranged Roy’s “death,” wouldn’t the natural place to stash Roy be the Suicide Squad?

    • arial2 says:

      2- I think the whole Wesen/Grimm conflict is a reflection on the intolerance IRL. Why shouldn’t these two supposedly reasonable (once Juliette gets past Hexenbiest adolescence) creatures exemplify how people can change, learn from their prejudices. Juliette as a Hexenbiest who started out human could be a great addition to Nick’s team.

  32. Deb Saine says:

    no. 22 – should’ve fired her over-educated ass for sure!

  33. Bwhit says:

    9) I think it will be Dylan (sad face) but not because of Emma. I don’t think Norman is that invested in her at this point. It will happen because Norma will forgive Dylan about Caleb and continue to improve their relationship which will enrage Norman leading to him offing Dylan. I don’t want Dylan to die though, he’s my favorite character.

  34. Sandra says:

    I honestly wouldn´t mind if Jake dies. The character it´s pretty much irrelevant lately and the whole B613 plot it´s insufferable by now.

  35. Rster says:

    14. Seriously how did anyone NOT know that the little girl was going to be who May killed? I figured it out as soon as she was “abducted” and brought into the building. The whole discussion about getting pregnant at the beginning was such a giveaway. And if that wasn’t enough there was the fact that her mother had spouted the same lines as the Shield operatives. So many signs I am amazed anyone was shocked.

    I had the exact thoughts on the dinner and sleeping on a head of thorns though.

  36. ka says:

    1.jaime is a quick learner
    2. Yes I thought it was major in body bag
    3. Revenge finale ending
    4. Ava not dead GH dragged a storyline for over a yr.
    5.I wish they kill Rowen..i can’t stand him

  37. Doug says:

    16: Raylan’s hat getting shot was a tragedy. But it was only made worse by him taking over Boon’s horrible wannabe Indiana Jones fedora.

  38. John NYC says:

    “When it comes to Grimm‘s Juliette, are you Team ‘Biest or Team Restore?”

    Biest IF she stays with her Grimm.

  39. Angela says:

    #9: Say goodnight, Dylan. I fear for Emma, too, mind, ’cause if she does get together with Dylan she’d be another “good girl” who betrayed Norman, but I think there’s a whole lot of bubbling tension between Dylan and Norman that’s likely to explode at some point. And ha, I didn’t even catch the thing with the woman swiping Norma’s card! That IS funny-don’t think I’d be able to make that work at my job :p.
    #15: Wow, I’m really unobservant-I didn’t catch that, either (though the Yahoo Screen site was being a bit choppy as I watched this week’s episode, so…)! Awwwwwww! No! Don’t kill off Hickey!
    #23: I have yet to actually see this week’s “Idol”, but if the transcript from the TV Line review the other night is any indication, I may have to side with Quentin a little there, I think. Even if people misinterpreted Quentin’s comments or whatever, Harry didn’t really need to say what he’d said. And YES. Enough with these saves and so on-just eliminate people and move on. If they don’t make it through, they don’t make it through. Many of the runner-ups have still managed to have decent/successful careers of their own anyway, so…

  40. shutuprob says:

    1. 12 Monkeys: Yes, I think Cole and Jennifer are half-siblings, too.
    2. Grimm: Team Biesty. Juliette is too traumatized for the show to credibly hit the Cosmic Reset Button and pretend that her transformation didn’t happen. Metaphorically speaking, remaining a Hexenbiest is an accurate reflection of not just the scars that she’s going to carry for the rest of her life but also the strength and power that one could gain from not letting a trauma of this magnitude IRL (ie: assault) define you as weak.
    12: Arrowverse: Felicity is the best character on both shows, so I don’t see the point you’re trying to make here. ;)
    13. iZombie: One can only hope that it’s Major in the bodybag, but OTOH, I think it would be hilarious if unzipping the bag were to cause him to wake up all white and zombified. If it’s him, then I think it’s safe to say that Blaine’s thug scratched him when he threw him.
    14. Agents of SHIELD: No, I saw the twist coming from a mile away, but then again, I read comic books and the girl stuck out like a sore thumb even in the first scene she appeared in. From the moment that the power was clearly defined as mind control (ie: when May first found her team in that room), I figured that the most likely explanation for the present day May being so traumatized by this incident was her having to kill this child, who would turn out to be the real source of this power. But again, I’m not just a comics reader, I was trained in dramaturgy (script analysis), so I don’t hold it against the show that I figured out that quickly where it was going.
    17. NCIS: Well, Gibbs was playing along with the prank, so I think it’s entirely credible that Tony bought it.

  41. herman1959 says:

    (24) Jake is not dead; that is all.

  42. Jessica says:

    #19 Yes, absolutely! Especially when just moments before she couldn’t stand up off the couch without wincing from her bullet wound

  43. Tom says:

    19 | Is Supernatural‘s Charlie a little too good at kicking butt considering her relative newness to the hunting lifestyle?
    Felicia Day can do no wrong.

  44. Jared says:

    I’d be totally fine if Felicity moved over to The Flash permanently next season. I am probably the only fan of Arrow who doesn’t want her and Oliver together.

  45. arial2 says:

    2 – I prefer the “biest” because at least she has a personality. If she can learn to control her emotions (she seems to be going through Wesen adolescence, something I would guess most Wesen have had to go through, too), I’ll like the very powerful, more confident Juliette we now have. I found pre-hexenbiest Juliette to be very weak, boring, but maybe this was the plan all along. Of course, I just can’t wait to see Mama Burkhardt’s reaction to this new state of affairs – if MEM ever does return to the show! (I like Kelly Burkhardt, miss her!)

  46. Maxsmom says:

    5. Hell to the No! Peter loves Alicia. He wants for her what she wants for her, except for that dalliance with Will. #Palicia4EVA

  47. Maxsmom says:

    7. this is Matthew Weiner’s FU to those of us who can’t stand Megan/JP and perhaps he actually likes the character

  48. Addie says:

    #12 Felicity and Ray are such a great fit on The Flash but Arrow is way too dark without Felicity. Ray is just delightful and I cannot wait for his new series to start, hope they do not alter his personalty.
    #13 I’m loving Lowell, that accent..daang, and true I thought Major was going to be in that body bag. I do not like Blaine, i don’t know if it’s because of TVD or because he’s really not very nice on izombie

    • Isobel says:

      Hm maybe because I like David Anders but I find Blaine a fun villain, though I agree Lowell would be a good love interest right now, though I don’t know how long Bradley James will stick around

  49. Maxsmom says:


  50. Lena says:

    12. I’ll always defend my girl Felicity, but I felt like she was better on The Flash because on Arrow, she has the burden of being the heart, morals, and humor of nearly the entire show, a few quips from Dig and nice moments between Thea and Oliver aside. On Flash, she gets to just be, without having to carry elements of the show on her own.