Is Grey's Doc a Masochist? Is Last Week Drubbing Daily Show? Best Outlander Sex? Did Shamy Bang? And More Qs!

Outlander Season 1 Spoilers

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Outlander, Shameless, Mad Men and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Did Outlander‘s angry make-up sex top the steamy wedding night? Or could you tell it was filmed before the infamous nuptials? And for book readers: Did the way the Starz series handled the spanking scene change your opinion of the subject matter at all?

2 | Come on, Good Wife: Do you really think someone as clued-in and evolved as Diane would utter such a dated, derogatory term as “sexual preference” — particularly in the context of an otherwise powerful gay marriage case?

3 | Considering Shameless‘ Fiona keeps making the same mistakes over and over, is it time for Showtime to think about setting an end date, so the characters can progress?

4 | Did Showtime’s Happyish feel like the culmination of a million online think- pieces? Its arguments on modern communication and marketing via social media, and life, liberty and the pursuit of Mad Menhappiness might be relevant, but are they original?

5 | Roger’s mustache on the Mad Men premiere: Yea or nay?

6 | Are you still a little in disbelief that Last Week Tonight actually landed an interview with the elusive Edward Snowden? On that note, should Comedy Central be more worried about Trevor Noah replacing Jon Stewart, or Last Week Tonight becoming more culturally relevant than The Daily Show?

7 | Which registered higher on the Salem shockometer — Mercy replacing a dude’s johnson with a crow, or the inventive way that Lucy Lawless’ Countess Marburg drowned a henchman with her used bathwater?

8 | American Odyssey’s Odelle gets one chance to call home and let people know she’s alive, and she chooses her house’s landline? Not, like, her husband’s cell?

9 | Is Brian Van Holt on house arrest or something, that in consecutive weeks he appeared on Cougar Town and Community via video chat?

10 | Is Nina Dobrev’s exit from The Vampire Diaries destined to turn into a Downton Abbey situation where it doesn’t make sense for the lovers to be separated, so Matthew/Elena must die?Jane the Virgin

11 | Which is the worse response to “I love you”: Rogelio’s “And I… am getting there with you, as well” on Jane the Virgin, or Felicity’s “That’s nice to hear” on last week’s Arrow?

12 | If NCIS ever goes off the air, who’s up for a sitcom spinoff about the DiNozzo bachelors living in the same apartment building?

13 | Are you with us in wishing that New Girl had spent a little longer on the interesting race conversation that Winston, Coach and Nick had?

14 | Anyone suspect that Forever‘s Abigail is actually still alive and that Adam is somehow involved in her staying away from Henry for so long?20Qs-SHIELD-sandwich

15 | Have you ever been so happy to see a sandwich?

16 | As much as we love Justified‘s spunky Loretta, wasn’t it a stretch to suggest that she is barely intimidated by Markham? Also, how many calories do you think Joelle Carter burned shooting take after take of scrambling around the mountain wearing a backpack?

17 | How are Finding Carter‘s parents so cool about their teenage daughter’s boyfriend sleeping under their roof?

18 | A couple episodes in, are you picking up what Younger is putting down (that Sutton Foster can pass for 26)? And can we get 100 times more scenes with Foster and The Following alum Nico Tortorella?

19 | When Nashville abruptly ended just as Juliette and Avery were naming their daughter, did you think your cable had accidentally cut out for a moment?

20 | Best Elizabeth wig/look on The Americans: punk bob or sexy businesswoman?
The Americans

21 | Did Jason Derulo’s appearance as American Idol mentor make you just a tiny bit more optimistic about his upcoming SYTYCD judging gig?

22 | How far do we think The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon and Amy “went” during their impromptu sleepover?Grey's Anatomy

23 | After Cristina, don’t you think Grey’s Anatomy‘s Owen would be looking for a drama-free relationship with someone relatively chill and mentally stable — AKA literally anyone other than Amelia?

24 | Was Madonna’s epic, super-fun takeover of Thursday’s Tonight Show a dry run for her inevitable (and possibly imminent) next Saturday Night Live hosting debut turn?

25 | That satellite dish company pulling their “I’m Rob Lowe” commercials: Hooray, boo, or do you have mixed feelings?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!