Outlander's Sam Heughan: Jamie's Temptress Is Actually a 'Good Girl'

Outlander Jamie Kiss Laoghaire Sam Heughan

If it looked like Jamie wanted to kiss Laoghaire in Sunday’s Outlander, star Sam Heughan says, that’s because he did.

The episode included a scene not found in the Diana Gabaldon novel on which the Starz series is based; in the interlude, Heughan’s character is confronted by Laoghaire MacKenzie, the 17-year-old who thought she was Jamie’s main squeeze… until he showed up married to Caitriona Balfe’s Claire.

In an effort to capture Jamie’s attention, Laoghaire (played by Nell Hudson) follows him to a quiet spot in the woods, reveals she’s wearing a corset — but not much else — and suggests that he disregard his newly sworn wedding vows.

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And Jamie, whom many fans of the novel and the series alike tend to regard as a perfect male completely devoted to his very new wife… seems to come thisclose to agreeing to Laoghaire’s plan.

“I think he’s absolutely tempted by her,” Heughan tells TVLine. “He has past history with her.”

Blasphemy!, you cry? Yeah, Heughan has heard it — and knowing that the sentiment is an unpopular one, the actor nonetheless defends Laoghaire’s actions.

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“She’s totally misunderstood,” he says. “I’m going to get shot down in flames now, but she’s a good girl. It’s really sad, this young love that she feels. Had Claire not turned up, he probably would have been with her and ended up with her.”

He adds: “Jamie’s whole life and whole path certainly would have been very different had Claire not showed up.”

Heughan also teased that the remainder of the season would see great changes in young Mr. Fraser.

“We see him grow up drastically in this second part of the season. He faces a lot of responsibilities,” he says. “He has a duty he has to fulfill, a lot of problems with the clans and the politics there. It’s certainly about a man growing up.”

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  1. Julie says:

    I have no words, good thing our Jamie doesn’t know about his future with this “good girl.” Yak

  2. She was being punished for loose behavior. Good girl, my *ss. *spoiler* book Laoghaire wasn’t even a virgin

    • Tara D (@taratama) says:

      is that true? i don’t remember that…

    • OutlanderFan says:

      At this point she was a virgin. She tells Jamie in book 7 that she lost her virginity to John Robert McLeod only AFTER she found out Jamie was married (and presumably after she talked with him). Before that, she was a virgin.

      • SueS says:

        And you’re assuming she wasn’t lying to him even then?! Her father wanted her punished for loose behavior so if she hadn’t slept with McLeod yet she was already dallying. And if I recall correctly she was going down that road with several gents at that time. Yeah right, nice girl!

        I’ll stick to the book version of Jamie. The one who knew better than to get involved with the little chit in the first place.

        • OutlanderFan says:

          Yes, I believe her. I don’t think she had any reason to lie at that point in the books. She was in her late 40’s and had been married 3 times and was about get married a 4th time.

          Back then, loose behavior was anything from kissing to full on sex, so who knows what level her father brought her in for when she was 16.

          And, book Jamie didn’t know better than to get involved with her. He was kissing her in the alcove when Claire came upon them. He didn’t love her the way he loved Claire, but he did like her and was attracted to her. In the book, Jamie had no idea Laoghaire was responsible for the ill wish and sending Claire to Geillis’s house when she was to be arrested. That’s why he marries her later. Also, he was jealous and hurt when Laoghaire gets involved with her servant. He was hurt that their marriage didn’t work. So, no, book Jamie didn’t know better than to stay away from Laoghaire at all.

          • Alichat says:

            So….one…..uh…SPOILER ALERT!! LOL! Two “In the book, Jamie had no idea Laoghaire was responsible for the ill wish and sending Claire to Geillis’s house when she was to be arrested. That’s why he marries her later.” This is another thing that bothers me about the river scene and the ill wish moment. I was really annoyed that he married her later, and that’s mostly because I have a hard time believing that as close as they were before Culloden, as much as these two people communicated with each other, that Claire never told him who set her up to be arrested. I’ve never believed that he wouldn’t ask or she wouldn’t let it slip. So, knowing that’s what happens in the book, how do they explain that now? Who gets her to Geillis’? And, knowing that Laoghaire put the ill wish there, and if they reveal in the next few eps that she’s the one who set up the arrest, why in the blazes would Jamie marry her? No matter how lonely he is, I can not buy that he would marry a woman who tried to kill Claire…..no matter how young and naive people want to believe Laoghaire was at the time. So I’m wondering how they will explain that a few seasons from now.

            And I haven’t read all the books, so the revelation that he’s jealous and hurt about Laoghaire’s relationship with her servant is new to me. That seems hard to believe for me as well, since I never felt he was that connected to Laoghaire at all. To me, in both situations, she was sort of second place or runner up, for lack of a better description. I’ve always felt he was in love with Claire the moment he met her, but he never thought he’d have a chance with her because she was English, she was always very vocal that she wanted to go home, etc. So, he thought Laoghaire was pretty, and she made no secret of her feelings, so then that’s where he channeled that desire or want to some extent. (You know as the song says….if you can’t be with the one you love……) And the marriage was one of need…..not love or desire. He needed something to feel alive again, and she needed a husband. So him being hurt and jealous just doesn’t make sense to me. LOL

    • Lizo says:

      So? Her virginity isn’t related to whether she’s “good” or not.

      • OutlanderFan says:

        Exactly! I hate how even in 2015 we equate a good girl with whether they have sex or not. A teenage girl can be a “good person,” but be sexually active.

        Whether she is a “good person” is up for debate. I think I remember a convo with DG saying that she was a girl with unrequited love, but didn’t know she was going to cause that much trouble for Claire. So, she’s immature, but not a “bad” person. I think in the future books, Jamie does love her in some way (not the same as he does Claire, obviously) and even feels a pang of jealousy and hurt when she in involved with her servant. I actually think its sort of similar to how Claire feels when Frank cheats on her.

        • Lizo says:

          High five! And it’s so gendered too! We never say a boy is a “good boy” only as long as he’s a virgin.

        • I believe in later books you find out all Leery does is cry or cringe if Jamie comes near her, once she is married to him. I think it’s his male ego and pride that is hurt not any deep feelings. If I read it right he moved out within a year.

          • tsevca says:


            Yes, he didn´t marry her, because he loved her. He never thought to see Claire again, his children couldn´t be with him. He was lonely and always had the feeling he has to take care of people who don´t have anyone to do it. Those things wouldn´t be enough, but Jenny pushed him into it, so he did it and try to be the best husband possible, but marrying Jamie was ironicly the worst punishment for her actions. She did all that, because she thought he loved her, that they were starcrossed lovers, that he suffered in his marriage to Claire. Mind, that´s no apology for her, she didn´t even ask him if he ever loved her, he gave her no reason to believe it, she just automatically assumed and was willing to kill for it. After 20 years of this delusions, she finally has him, thinks how perfect their lives will finally be and instead, he is destroyed, still thinks only about Claire, even cryes out her name in sleep. He tries in bed, but she must feel he does it as a duty, desiring Claire. So she can´t stand his touch, sometimes starts crying only from looking at him and his tortured face. Karma is a bitch. Jamie did move out within a year and during that time he was with her, he even left sometimes not able to stand it with her.
            Jamie didn´t know why she acted like that, why she couldn´t enjoy it in bed, while he did things that made Claire scream out loud from pleasure. She didn´t talk to him about those things. So he assumed one of her previous husbands was brute, maybe even violent in bed, and it mentally scarred her, so she was affraid of sex, perhaps even relived some of this violence when he tried. He heard nothing but how he is natural talent from Claire, Laoghaire didn´t tell him why it was, so… And then he hears how she loudly enjoyed sex with someone. It naturally bugs him. He made his best efforts in bed and nothing made her face look different that she is in pain. Who would thought it´s emotional pain caused by the fact that her lifelong dream screwed her over? He thought himself very good at sex and yet this guy managed something he didn´t. And then he finds out the guy is cripple you wouldn´t guess to be good at all, let alone better than him. Only after that Laoghaire tells him that it has nothing to do with skills, it´s because that guy wants HER and needs her. Something so simple, but something that would never cross his mind and something he could never give her.

        • Mary Dixon says:

          Of course she’s a bad person. Claire almost got fried on the stake, entirely because of her (causes Claire to be arrested)! Also, purposely lying at a trial to get someone executed constitutes “bad” to me.

          • Mary says:

            Laoghaire is a bad person in the TV version, it is clear. But you do not learn the ways and means of her complete badness in the books until you are way in — past the 6th, I think. I am not sure of what the TV series will do if in the 3rd season the subject of “Leer” comes up. Going by what is written in the books, it is outrageous but going by what happened on TV, I would kill Jamie if he does what is written in the book. So, obviously, the TV folk will have some fixing and back-pedaling AND ‘plainin’ to do to make certain plot points work.

          • joyce b says:

            does any remember Jamie saying to Claire At least when I go home I know where leery will be.

      • ? says:

        Untrue. This is the 18th century, so it does tell us about her character as to whether she’s a good person or not. A “good” woman in the 18th century would never think of sleeping with a man outside of wedlock because that’s immoral according to the value system of the culture in which she was raised, and “good” women don’t take immoral actions. Just like all “good” members of society would attend church in the eighteenth century, so if you were a good person you would be there, and if you weren’t there, it was a reliable indicator that it was because you weren’t a good person. Now, of course, our culture has different values where neither of those things are immoral, which means good people who would never act immorally don’t feel they shouldn’t do them. Which is why a girl’s virginity is unrelated to her being a good person in the 21st century, but definitely related in the 18th century.

      • tsevca says:

        Where did the idea came from?

      • Joyce says:

        Jenny Murray has ALOT to do with Jamie and that sweetheart getting married!When jamieand the goof were at the altar Jenny had a vision of Claire standing next to Jamie then Jenny knew that it would not work,When Jamie and Claire were still in Scottland do you remember Jamie making love with Claire, and he was scewing Claire like he was still awoke but he wasn’t.

    • PAT WALKER says:


      • OutlanderFan says:

        Loose behavior, in this sense, was probably making out with people. She also does this with Jamie in the alcove. Even though it was just kissing, in that society it would have been scandalous. She tells Jamie she didn’t lose her virginity until AFTER she learned that he had married Claire. She went back to McLeod to be “comforted” by him. Jamie was upset to hear this in book 7.

  3. snarkland78 says:

    Laoghaire’s good? I’ve read all the books and this is the first I’ve heard of it. :)

  4. Tara D (@taratama) says:

    As they did with Frank, I feel so much more empathy for these character as they become more fleshed out. I felt a lot of heartache for Laoghaire, even knowing what’s coming. And Jamie, in wanting to spare her feelings, doesn’t tell her no, in no uncertain terms.

  5. Gail says:

    Good girl?? Sam has obviously not read books 3,4,5,6,7!!!!

    • Marie says:

      No, Sam says that he does not read too far ahead. He doesn’t want to get ahead of the material but wants to discover as Jamie would. He’s only read through to DIA. So but Sam some slack. He’ s walking Jamie’s path.

  6. 1mars says:

    Bad Sam, bad Sam, our social media savvy king is stirring the s**t. We so wish we could tell you about Jamie’s future. sigh.

  7. Lizo says:

    I have no problem with her actions, she makes total sense. I don’t get why Jamie would be tempted. Like it’s too early for that.

    • sm says:

      Simple – he’s human and therefore, not the perfect husband most people like to think he is.

    • Linda says:

      He’s a man.

    • OutlanderFan says:

      I think it makes complete sense he’s tempted this early on. At that moment in the show, Claire is hardly speaking to him and he doesn’t know if 1. Claire will live with him long-term and 2. if Claire even loves him back. There is something very satisfying about someone telling you straight-forwardly that they have feelings for you and are devoted to you. And, on top of it, we know that he finds Laoghaire attractive. But, luckily, Jamie loves Claire enough to give it another try and step back.

      I heard on Ron Moore’s podcast that Sam and Nell actually kissed in one of the takes, rather than holding back. So, they had a choice of which way to run the show. Meril fought hard to keep the version where they almost kiss, but don’t. Ron wanted the full kiss. He thought it was more powerful for Jamie to start down that road and pull back (a man’s perspective). I think Meril rightfully saw that women would see any kiss as a betrayal to Claire (woman’s perspective).

      • Peg Blaylock says:

        I absolutely agree with you. I don’t like Laoghaire and I don’t like that Jamie was so tempted. I would have been very upset if they had left in a kiss, it was bad enough Jamie left his hand were it shouldn’t have been Claire was approached by Dougal and she acted honorably. How would it have gone if she had let Dougal cup her breast? I wonder how it will go down the line, knowing what he now knows of the “good girl” will Ron leave in a marriage of Jamie and Laoghaire?

    • SandyColli says:

      I think Jaime is tempted simply b/c he is starved for sex. This is his first experience with a woman who knows what she’s doing; knows what she wants sexually and knows how to please a man. I imagine he’s getting more than he can stand, since he and Claire had been “doing it” on the regular since they got married. After Jaime spanks Claire, she cuts him off. So, he’s been w/o affection for weeks (remember Dougal is still collecting rent). She continues to shun him when they return to Castle Leoch. So, poor Jaime sees “fresh” breasts with “Laoghaire-on-a-platter” and loosed his mind….for a minute. He is human. The important thing is that he DIDN’T go through with it.

  8. Joni Soriano says:

    She had a crush on him since she was 7 when Jamie had come to castle leoch the first time. She would be 14 or 15 when he got married. First love denied after their first contact. …..ouch..

  9. Monica says:

    Alas Sam I’m saddened to see your blind as Jamie! LOL What about the cursed thingy under the bed?

  10. pam says:

    I like the way the show is fleshing out the other charachters. Sometimes a little conflict among them is a good thing. You really can’t adapt a book to movie without that. So far I’ve been pleasantly suprised. What is really awesome is the dialogue between main characters is taken from the book almost verbatum.

  11. lori says:

    I’m sorry, NO.

  12. Alichat says:

    A good girl? Uh……no. You will never convince me of that. Was she perhaps given the wrong impression by Jamie? Yes. But considering what happens down the road…….she is not a good girl. Not. at. all.

  13. Susan says:

    I was NOT pleased with this diversion from the book. I had to resist the urge to throw objects at my TV/Jamie’s head!

  14. Anyone who thinks that Jamie is never tempted by other women really weren’t paying attention when they were reading the books. There are many, many times when Jamie is tempted by other women BUT he always remains loyal except…well I can’t go into the details because that would spoil the books for non-readers. One could argue in those instance that he wasn’t cheating on Claire anyway…..but again, I can’t go into details. Suffice it to say, Jamie, while near perfect, is still a man who has bodily needs just like the rest of humanity. Can we please not dumb him down into a simplistic perfect romance hero. That would be boring as heck. He’s the perfect man…the “man” part, and all that that entails, is crucial to understanding him throughout this story.

    • Doreen A. Smith says:

      I totally agree with you Tina. As a reader of the books, we know about what the future holds.

      Don’t put Jamie on a pedestal because you will be disappointed later. He’s flawed like all the best characters are. Thank you DG for making him so.

  15. Julia says:

    Oh please, Laoghaire attempted slut-shame Claire. She told Jaime, “Claire has been married before, while I am ‘pure’,” as if her being pure somehow makes her more attractive. Slut-shaming is never OK. Yeah Laoghaire may be young and innocent and have a history of knowing Jaime, but I really don’t like her after she did that. She even tried to seduce Jaime through only wearing her corset even though she knows that Jaime considers himself to be an honorable man. Ultimately this episode she not only disrespected herself and her own body, but she also disrespected Jaime and Claire. Even the creepy “ill-will” thing that she put under Claire and Jaime’s bed… talk about desperate.

  16. Peg Blaylock says:

    Shut down in flames you are. If we are going to use extremes I would say Laoghaire is a bad girl not a good one. In reality she is probably a miss guided, love sick, a wee bit wanton; and a “I want what I want” 18th century teenager. As Murtaugh said so rightly, “a child till she is 50” I would have liked the scene better if Laoghaire had simply approached Jamie, told him how she felt and he, in his wonderful tender self, sent her packing.
    Now that I have that off my chest, we all still think your great Sam!

    • Doreen A. Smith says:

      I think you are right Peg. There is a reason why she was being punished. I don’t think she had lost her virginity yet but she was on the path to do so. I believe she was telling Jamie the truth about who she lost it to and when she lost it. Laoghaire was extremely immature, jealous and vindictive. She wanted Jamie and she tried her best to seduce him in a last ditch effort to be with him. That said, Jamie is a man. Most men I think would be tempted if a pretty girl approached him and made the statement Laoghaire did. I can definitely tell you what my husband’s reaction would be if I went home and told him I wasn’t wearing any underwear! LOL I know, I know….Jamie is married to Claire but I think it was true to nature to have Jamie tempted at that point if not, just a little aroused.

  17. Liz says:

    Well, our dear Sam hasn’t read all the books, or he would know that she was a manipulative b*tch, even then, who tried to have Claire killed! (yes, I know she was jealous and hurt. Doesn’t mean you can kill someone!)
    And then, you know *spoiler alert*, got Jamie to marry her but couldn’t stand him, and then shot him, wanted to kill him, took all his money…
    You know, a nice girl…

  18. Thought Jamie was attracted to Claires intelligence, Laoghaire is somewhat south of Claire in that way!

  19. Bonnie W says:

    There’s a lot of discussion about the books which I haven’t read…only because I don’t want to be spoiled while watching the show. Since the are spoilers galore here today perhaps someone will enlighten me. In the first episode, how was Jamie standing there looking up at Claire’s window even before she transported to his time.

    • that will be the last part of the very last book. Diana hasn’t written it yet.

    • Lauren Fichera says:

      That is something you actually start to see earlier then the last book. Starting in the 3rd book. If I describe the situation it would give way too much away, but he has dreams about certain people that will be introduced in the next season/book. In his dreams he is able to see and describe things that have not been told to him. It’s kind of like a ghost situation. But the set-up for his appearing in modern times starts early in the series.

  20. Annie says:

    From a line in the book, Jamie told Clair he had wanted her from the first time he saw her, so I don’t feel that he ever had true feelings for “Leery”. He was only experimenting and playing around with her in the alcove before he was married. So I don’t feel he should have been shown as being so tempted to kiss her. He had wanted Clair from the beginning and now he had her. Why would he be tempted to kiss another girl?

    • Dee says:

      Because he was feeling sorry for himself and confused about how to move forward with Claire. Leery forced him to be clear about what he wanted and make the effort to repair his relationship with Clare. Took a lot more courage to make the decision to change his way of thinking for Claire. It was actually a pretty good plot point to demonstrate his newly found devotion to the woman of his heart.
      Besides, he’s still a man. Makes him more real.
      And, yes Leery is vindictive B and a “whiner”, to partially quote Jenny at a later date.

  21. lainiejay says:

    Jamie later married Laoghaire because he was lonely, felt sorry for her because she was widowed w/girls to care for, and his sister Jenny put a LOT of pressure on him to do it. Laoghaire ended up hating him because he never needed her the way he needed Claire. For him, it was a marriage of convenience. I believe that at the time of the discipline in the Hall, she had already lost her virginity. I’d look it up but I’m too lazy right now. I just remember thinking, “Oh! So she really WAS the slut I’ve been calling her for the past 20 years!”

    • Mairghread says:

      L never stops wanting to possess Jamie and if she can’t have him, is prepared to kill Claire and even him. Murtagh summed up L’s character very early on. She’s a spoilt, silly and immature girl who will never grow up. And, is very aware of her appeal to males! A conniving character with no saving grace. She wants a Laird, money, privilege and a handsome suitor to boot; owning Jamie is her mission in life. Jamie is still young, hot blooded and unable to perceive this – as yet! I can well imagine Sam intentionally contriving defence of L. Unfortunately, Nell Hudson is getting a lot of bad comments from fans. Hopefully she can put those into perspective. Her character is loathed. Sam is doing a Jamie – trying to protect her. It won’t wash…

  22. Gerri jenkins says:

    These are all great discussions! All I have to say is that “Leg hair” is NOT a good girl!!! I really did not like this scene at allbut understand why the produces did what they did for TV viewers’ sake.

  23. Rhonda L W Shalosky says:

    Sorry, Sam, but Laoghaire is not a good girl. You really need to read all of each of Diana’s books. The Jamie I know & love is above all else, honorable. He absolutely wouldn’t have squeezed L’s titty or almost kissed her. He also wouldn’t have led L on by making it sound like the marriage was just an arrangement by Dougal. He’d have told the girl that he’s in love with Claire–in no uncertain terms. He would not have acted like he really wanted to have sex with her if not for those pesky wedding vows. He wouldn’t have kept yelling “I’m sorry” as L left. We know & love the Jamie from the books. He’s so honorable and he is our hero, our fantasy man. I hope the writers don’t take him away from us and make him just another man who thinks from below the waist instead of his brain. The rest of the show was fine, but I absolutely hated the scenes Jamie had with Laoghaire!!!

  24. Veronica says:

    Enjoy the show but this episode not so much. Even though this episode was from Jamie’s perspective they did not include anything from The Exile the graphic novel written entirely from his POV. The Exile clearly shows he was not attracted to anyone but Claire since they met. Thank goodness Maril Davis understands book reader sentiments more than others involved. Now that we know the outcome of the ring change between show and book did that make it better? I am thinking no and I am also thinking this change will result in the same??

  25. Kate Smith says:

    At last! I have been defending the young Laoghaire for years. She is a fairly normal 16 year old who is in love with a gorgeous young man.

  26. tsevca says:

    How would they end up together if Claire wasn´t there? As Jamie said, her father wouldn´t let her marry a fugitive and if Claire wasn´t there to fix his shoulder, the guys would ruin it, so he´d be cripple on top of that. Plus I think Murtagh would warn him, he never thought it a good idea.
    But I´m really not suprised. It´s like with Frank. They always forgive everything he did, because he did it, because he loved Claire. Like that makes it ok. They do the same with Laoghaire.

  27. Dee says:

    Jamie might have died had Claire not been there to reset his shoulder into joint. If you recall, the men were going to try something else and Claire stopped them.

  28. From a stand point of history if Jamie would have been considered for the future laird of Lallybroch or the MacKenzie clan Leery would never have been considered an appropriate choice for a wife. People married people from the same social level. A scullery maid might be a mistress but never a wife to a laird.

    • Pegblaylock says:

      I am done with Laoghaire! After all we now know (after episode 11) how can anyone say that she is a good girl!
      Like I said earlier just a “want what I want” 18th century teenager. As far as the jibberish that Jamie would have probably ended up with Laoghaire if Claire hadn’t arrived: there would not be a flipping story, book or TV production, if Claire hadn’t arrived!!! How outlandish LOL. I strongly dislike Laoghaire and I think we are supposed to dislike this character (not feel sorry for her) so, I give kudos to Nell Hudson she has done her job well.
      I for one am glad we are done with Laoghaire MacKensie at least for a while anyway.

      • tsevca says:

        That´s the thing. You would think that, but not in Diana´s books. It is one of the things I hate about them despite loving them. Characters and the books themselves forgive anything if you can say it was done because of love. It´s very frustrating, how selfish and terrible people are always forgiven, because everytime characters come with “he/she did it, because he/she loved…” Even when there is originally love that got twisted into a feeling that could have nothing to do with love.
        We are not supposed to hate Laoghaire, we are supposed to think she did it, because she loved Jamie. And she was young, so she didn´t know better. Because of that, we are supposed to forgive her.
        I might be terrible at explaining it, but I don´t want to give you any spoiler. I bet you wouldn´t thank me for that.

        • Pegblaylock says:

          Hello tsevca
          I have read the books, several times and as you know the Laoghaire story is a bit different in the books verses the TV production. In the books, I can say, I never disliked her as much as I do in the production. But, in neither do I forgive her for her viciousness (more vicious in the production).
          My biggest objection to all this Laoghaire nonsense is that I would never, ever,ever peg her as a “good girl”. I have enjoyed Diana Gabaldon’s version of Laoghaire much more than Ron Moore’s version.
          I love love the books and I am really enjoying the visual version. All of the actors are doing a fabulous job.

          • tsevca says:

            Yeah, she is much more annoying in appearance in the show. In books she is quiet at the start and not at all this agressive. In the show, even her voice is annoying and from her face you know she won´t be a good character, you can feel the bitch in her. That might be it.

    • tsevca says:

      They would never be on the same level, true. Right now, Jamie is an outlaw, he could get killed any day, so as is said in the books, Laoghaire´s father would never allow it. And if he wasn´t, he´d be, as you said, of higher birth. He is a smaller laird, no one would think so scandalous if he married a daughter of one of his tennants. After all, his parents weren´t on the same social level either. It wouldn´t be that impossible. If you think about it, they think Claire is from good family, probably noble, but she didn´t have any dowry, something Laoghaire would. Considering the situation he came from, he had relatively free hand in picking a wife. But there is another thing, they are from different clans and it was also said, that Laoghaire´s father would allow her to marry only someone from their clan.

      • Debbie yonaka says:

        I completely agree! She would never have been allowed to marry outside the MacKenzie clan. Jamie flirted with Leohaire in the alcove because he was burning for claire. I dont really believe there was much of anything between them, except in the mind of a 16 year old. I understand that a certain tension had to be built into the tv version but they played things up beyond the book. Jamie took his vows to claire seriously. He was already in love with her. And how dare L try to seduce a married man! Good girl my a***!

  29. Fitz says:

    I love reading all these comments ….they are bloody brilliant Ty all

  30. Chris says:

    A person can certainly have romantic feelings for two people at the same time, albeit in different ways, and such is the case with Jamie. Countless people throughout time have gone back to a former sweetheart for which they still have feelings or unfinished business.