Vampire Diaries: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Talks Wedding Plans, Elena's Big Decision

It’s rare for a TV drama to go six seasons with neither a wedding nor a major pregnancy, yet The Vampire Diaries (returning April 16 at 8/7c on The CW) has managed to go against the grain — until now.

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe tells TVLine she’s “honored” to help knock both of those off the series’ to-do list, following Alaric’s surprise proposal to a pregnant Jo. “Then again, I feel honored just to have lasted this long,” she admits. “So let’s start with that.”

Below, O’Keefe reveals what she can about Jo and Alaric’s impending nuptials — I’m thinking the season’s penultimate episode, reportedly titled “I’ll Wed You in the Golden,” sounds like a reasonable wedding date — and reflects on how that major life event might inspire a change in an already-uncertain Elena.

TVLINE | Guest stars on this show, especially those that date Alaric, tend to have a short shelf life. How did you feel when the producers told you what they had in store for Jo?
Every time I get a new script, I still skim it for my parts just to make sure I’m still alive. [Laughs] I keep waiting for that moment. So it did make me a little more hopeful when they told me what they had planned for her.

TVLINE | Ian Somerhalder recently told us he doubted Jo would let Alaric make Damon his best man. Do you agree?
You know what? I think Jo, at this point, would be OK with anything. She’s been through hell and back this year, so Alaric can have any best man he wants.

TVLINE | So Jo is cool with Damon now? I know they’ve had their ups and downs — mostly downs.
I think she is, yes. She’s still a little wary around everyone, which I think is smart, but I think they’ve finally gotten their s—t together. [Laughs]

vampire-diaries-wedding-spoilers-2TVLINE | I imagine Jo has to make Elena her maid of honor, right?
Don’t you think? I mean, I was thinking about that, myself, because I haven’t gotten the wedding script yet.

TVLINE | Speaking of Elena, she finds out Jo is pregnant soon, and it causes her to reflect on her own future. What can you say about that?
I think Jo is going to be how she’s always been with Elena, which is very supportive. She’ll want her to think it through and decide what’s important to her, and make sure she makes any decisions based on that. Jo has been, and will always be, a voice of reason for Elena, and whatever choices she makes, Jo will support them. I think Jo really does adore Elena, and she just wants to be a support system for her.

TVLINE | Do you think Elena should take the cure now that it’s back in play?
That’s an excellent question, one I haven’t even thought about. I wonder what’s going to be more important to her; I wonder if her life as it is now is what she ultimately wants, or if she wants the kind of life she previously had with those other options. It’s tricky.

TVLINE | Back to Jo and Alaric, how do you think they’ll be as parents?
I think they’re going to be fantastic, very doting. It’s going to be such a new experience for both of them, one Alaric never thought he’d have, and one Jo just never factored in. It came as a big surprise to her, but also a welcome one, so it’ll be interesting. How do you have a baby when you’re surrounded by vampires?

TVLINE | At least you’ll have a stable of really powerful babysitters.
Yes! Babysitters who don’t need sleep, so that’s good. [Laughs] Night shift babysitters!

TVLINE | This might be a silly question, but should we expect to see Kai at the wedding?
Jo is still really fearful of her brother, and rightly so. I mean, he slaughtered her entire family when they were kids, and I’m not sure how much we can trust his change, even with Luke’s influence over him.

TVD fans, what are your hopes for Jo and Alaric’s nuptials? And which vampire should take the cure this time? Drop a comment with your thoughts below. 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Ummm wait, the “cure” is back. Oh lordy, LOL!!

    • Harley says:

      please, please no more delena….they are sooo boring. better s/l please!!

      • Sydney says:

        I so agree with everyone about DULLena. They need to end it for real and NEVER return to that storyline like EVER….but I’m afraid that if the writers did end it that they would revisit it later and then we will end up with the boring couple again. So if they are just going to put them together anyway just leave them together but don’t show them so much like lets have other characters have some purpose!!!

  2. Diane says:

    It’s stupid to have one of your students be your maid of honor instead of your sister.

    • Erin says:

      Yes but doesn’t everything revolve around Elena to the point of ridiculousness. One would expect Liv to be but then I wouldn’t be surprised if they were stuck with Elena.

      • Whittney says:

        you’re right about Elena and ridiculousness the writers really need to give her a life. All they have her on for is being Damon’s lap dog. Really what is her purpose anymore? This is another reason I’m tired of delena.

        • Marc Meyer says:

          people keep talking about the obviousness of delena and all… what about the unimportant role of enzo, he should take the cure

          • At least enzo is a minor character he’s only been there for like 2 seasons at the most. But elena is supposed to be the major character, i mean it will be stupid to fix all the minor character roles but the major character role is as sloppy as hell. So in my opinion first fix elena and let her have a use instead of being Damon’s puppet before anything else.

        • THANKK YOUU!! Basically, elena has no life, except Damon’s puppet. Minor tv sgow characters have more use for her. Damon needs to ebd it with her for REALLL this time, julie plec dragged it long enough. At least let elena have a use for once

          • Sydney says:

            I agree with you Dovelina, Elena is Damon’s puppet and minor characters have more use than she does. I’m not sure what the writers are doing with her character, she is useless. It’s like her whole life is revolved around some guy, who wants that?? She doesn’t think for herself anymore. I could finally stand her again after her memories were compelled away but as soon as the “epic” love came back she was dead again. This is not a love story it’s like all of you said, it’s a disturbing, obsessive, delusional, dysfunctional story…..and I don’t call it a relationship. Bamon is so refreshing and I really enjoy their relationship. It’s because Bonnie doesn’t put up with Damon’s crap she calls him out on it and doesn’t just roll her eyes or let’s his behavior slip by. Bonnie actually has a voice and she’s not afraid to use it!

          • nesrine says:

            i think they are doing it pn purpose since she’s leaving the show after season 6, she’ll probably take the cure and leave the damon to have a normal life and we’ll never have to see the dramatique dalena ever again

      • Mark McG says:

        I think that Liv will be Jo’s maid of honor why would Elena be it Liv is Jo’s last remaining family so it stands to reason to be Liv.

    • lorna says:

      Liv is the worst character the show has ever had, and worst actress. I hope she stays gone.

      • Mark McG says:

        Hey there is no nee for that okay Penelope Mitchell is a great actress alright and Liv is a great character so if you have any negative comments keep them to yourself

  3. Sarah says:

    She has a living sister to be her MOH.

    • AT says:

      Yes but she’s in hiding from Kai. So it could be plausible that Liv couldn’t be the maid of honor.

      • Mark McG says:

        I’m not sure if Liv is in hiding because she is in the cast list for the wedding episode.

      • Anastasia says:

        Yeah well Kai’s trapped in the prison world so…….. And you forgot that Kai is like not a psycho anymore so she has no reason to hide.

        • Mark McG says:

          Yeah i am pretty sure Liv will be maid of honor and i think their father is going to be in 6×21 so he will be their so i think that their will be some great Parker family moments and maybe Liv and Tyler will get back together.

        • W447 says:

          Think that Kai might be dead. I mean, he was stuck with six magical vampires who have been all but dead for over a century. He’s not one of those power suckers anymore either, since he became leader o the coven and got Luke and Joe’s powers. Plus, I think killing Kai would be a good move, he’s boring as a nice person.

  4. Yunuem says:

    The only way to really make it a cliffhanger is if Elena or Caroline take the cure, cause they’re the only ones who wouldn’t die soon

    • AT says:

      Caroline was better as a vampire than she ever was as a human. I’d prefer Elena take the cure. Or, better yet, ship it off to Rebekah to take in her original body (assuming there was a way for her not to die of old age right away).

  5. Jillian says:

    Hoping Elena takes it because this show needs that “what will happen next”. I want to be excited to see something new on here but ultimately not thinking that the writers would take the Elena route because we all know how they feel about delena…they don’t want to mess with the boring aspect of the show. It would be interesting if Stefan or Damon took it too. I thought the only reason it aged Katherine was because Silas sucked it out of her.

    • Sammy says:

      I agree with you. If they did have her take it, it would be only to show how she loves Damon as a human and nothing else which = boring! If this is the case then don’t even have her take it because I can’t watch another season of them trying to fight for their “epic” love…barf!!

      • Ila says:

        Then do us all a favor and quit the show, so we don’t have to hear this incessant whining.

        • Tiffany says:

          Why don’t you quit the comments section so we don’t have to “hear” your incessant writing? You can always tell when it’s a dullena fan, can’t face the truth about the sinking

          • alex says:

            The why don’t YOU stop commenting on other people’s comments, lol. You can always tell a salty anti-delena fan, can’t face the truth about the past six seasons.

        • Lila says:

          I agree. If you have nothing to say and you don’t care about the show why are you wasting your time

          • Jessie says:

            Did YOU say salty? lol I think everyone can agree who the salty fans are….and by the way DULLena has ruined this show for the past THREE

      • zed says:

        Oh, you are on the money here LOL. If Elena takes it then it will be all about Elena human chooses Damon. Nauseating.

      • Tina says:

        Ikr?! The writers need to come up with something more interesting than the dullards. Also hoping one of the brothers gets the cure maybe some good writing would come from that. Enjoying the Bamon moments and want more of those. Would like Alaric and Jo to be happy at least for little while but this is tvd so…lol

        • Brielle says:

          The dullards!…good I laughed so hard with that one. They need to stop with this DElusional dullena nonsense, they really are bringing this show down. Even Ian wants his character out which is very telling. Ian and Kat have amazing chemistry onscreen and hope the writers follow through, I think this could really be a dynamic relationship if they take their time and writers don’t screw it up.

          • Thank you, delena’s time or rather DELUSIONAL’s time have passed like 2-3 seasons ago time for a new thing now. Please @ least give Bamon a chance, just with totally better script than delena before you hate on it. Geesh

          • Mark McG says:

            Yeah i agree but i want Tyler and Liv to get back together because they were really good and i think that Like Jo and Alaric they are great together and were and still are a great couple.

    • Lila says:

      That was the only reason BC Katherine only started aging after he drank from her, before that she was fine. I think it’d be really interesting if my some miracle Damon ended up taking it because I feel like that would be a very different from what we’ve seen so far. Damon has never been weak and vulnerable so it’d be nice to see some of that

    • Sophie says:

      LOL….”boring aspect of the show” Girl you’re not kidding, the level of boring is at an all time high with them.

    • W447 says:

      I was thinking that maybe since there are two prison worlds, there a two cures too. Maybe they’ll have Elena and Damon take it together.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Have to agree about the whole Elena cure thing, either way they won’t won’t take away dullena. Wondering if Stefan will get his humanity back after this next ep but still kinda thinking he’s faking. It’ll be interesting to see the dynamics with the Mama and sons.

  7. zed says:

    Alaric and Jo deserve the HEA. Jo will probably have twins. I want Elena to take the cure. But now it is fair game for all. It should be poured in a drink and then someone accidently takes it. Cliffhanger. LOL. At this point it is all a parody in a way, especially if they go down the route of human Elena choosing Damon after all. Yuck. Damon and Bonnie had a natural progression in their relationship-them falling in love would actually be the Epic thing. With Elena it feels like it is an obsession and he is very insecure about her loving him epicly, and she has proven that so many times, erasing her memories is one. Anyway, Elena needs to find her own way. I cn’t wait to see what her big decision will be-LOL-probably this:”oh Damon I so love you and this is all I want out of life”. I don’t expect anything of Elena anymore. She is no strong female character. Shame. But there is season 7, so maybe they do somethung with her character, so she is not defined by the Delena dysfunctional sl.

    • Angie says:

      OMG, yes you just said everything! This show is such a joke.. no matter who takes it, (thinking Damon takes it by force/accident), it will revolve around ‘dullena’ and how epic their love is….gag! I’m watching this show for the comedy now and for any Bamon scenes they will give us. Yes this reevaluation is a joke too, the conversation between d/e will end up being “how epic is our epic love I was just teasing I don’t really want a life”lol I feel like this is just a filler scene with them leading up to the “epic” finale.

    • Lizzy says:

      Wow, could not have put it any better so thank you zed! What are they doing with Elena? When the writers had her say that line about the “one who defines her” I was throwing things at the t.v. That just proves they are operating in DElusion and dysfunction. IS this how the female producers/writers want the supposed lead female to behave…really?? At least they have given us Bonnie and Caroline because they are not defined by a guy nor are they living or breathing just for a guy.

  8. F says:

    this show is getting BORING!! repeated storyline and no BIG BAD at all! anyone else moving to The Originals??

    • Nate says:

      It has been boring for awhile now, I’m hoping it will change since Bonnie is back and not taking anyones crap anymore. Also waiting for them to bring Kai and Mama S. “family” back and see some real vampire s/l going on. They stayed on the dullena s/l for too long need to get back to it being TVD not dullena diaries.

  9. Bob Wood says:

    The Only think I would like to see is that the CW would stop taking so many Break in a season.
    but then again I don’t really watch the shows during the season as they air, I just download the episodes each week and wait until the season is over, that way at the end I have all 22 episodes, no commercials and not breaks, I can just watch it the whole season in 4 days or less depending on how many episodes I watch in a day, usually I watch at least 5 to 6 eps in a day back to back. Its very frustrating to watch the show as they air when you have commercials every 5mins .and all these breaks in between and the breaks are not short, that just breaks up the impact of the show for me. Also how come TVD and TO only get 22 eps a season when Supernatural, the Flash and Arrow all get a 23 episode season?

  10. David P Cover says:

    I have been a Delena fan since half way through Season 1 and I am hoping Elena takes the cure because I think their relationship is getting a bit stale. They seem to be repeating themselves. So I am hoping Elena takes the cure leaves in the Season Finale and Damon and Bonnie getting together for Season 7.

  11. Jenny says:

    I think Elena should take the cure and then Damon should suck Elena’s blood so he can be human too. Why Elena first? Cause when her age starts to catch up the time is only a couples of months or 2 years, I’m not sure. Damon on the other hand he has to age 150 years. So he should stay with the cure in his blood. That should be interesting, protecting Damon of turning old.

  12. Marta says:

    “Elena’s big decision” this is a joke the “big” decision is that there is no decision…she’s going to stay in her boring delusional relationship. So that should bring in a lot of viewers!

  13. v says:

    Just stop is really really really boring

  14. v says:

    Would writers just come back the originals???? From the moment they leave the show both vampire diaries and the originals become boring and no more “what will happen next?”if these interesting characters come back then the story more complicated as season1 to 4.episode17 was good because of Lilian’ story

  15. Mercie says:

    I wish bonnie and Damon would get together and dulena would leave the show to spice up things…. And have something to look forward to…….

  16. Sayre says:

    Bring back Kai!

  17. Sayre says:


  18. brooke says:

    Enough delena, So boring and repetitive, its not the same as it was before. And why does every interview end with elena. I think jo and alaric’s story line is the is one best and heart warming so far, its the first of its kind which makes it more interesting. And why is elena maid of honour shouldnt it be the sister, even if they arnt that close. I miss season 1 and 2 they were the best seasons

    • Mark McG says:

      yeah i agree either keep delena together or end it all together and i think Jo and Alaric are great couple much better than some of other couples in the show but i also really like Tyler and Liv and i am hoping for them to get back together.

  19. I don’t understand why they bothered to bring Matt Davis back if they weren’t going to use him. He”s always been one of the most interesting characters on TVD – so where is he?!?