Grey's Anatomy Recap: It's Raining Men

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Recap

Did somebody order a testosterone infusion? This week’s Grey’s Anatomy not only featured Derek’s return to Grey Sloan but the introduction of True Blood’s Kevin Alejandro in the potentially recurring role of police captain Dan Pruitt and Hawaii Five-0’s young Steve McGarrett (Taylor John Smith) as a guest flirtation for Stephanie. But the hour was hardly all McDreamy charm and longing glances. Read on, and I’ll tell you the whole sad story.

THE COMEBACK KID | As “When I Grow Up” began, Mer was adorably telling Maggie that she was now one of those dreadful people who has it all. “I would beat myself up,” Grey admitted — if she wasn’t so tired from having sex with her husband. Meanwhile, Derek was learning from Owen that his reinstatement would have to be approved by the hospital’s neuro head — Amelia. Understandably, she had her doubts about whether her brother was really going to be able to work under her. “You don’t do second place,” she noted. But he was determined to prove her wrong — going so far as to clip the “boring aneurysm” that she assigned him. And, by the hour’s end, it did appear that it was all going to work out. Amelia even confided in Derek that she was falling for Owen — and afraid that it would destroy her. “It wouldn’t be love,” he pointed out, “if it didn’t.”

SINGING THE BLUES | After Richard welcomed a bunch of fifth-graders on a hospital field trip, the kids saw more than anyone expected — or wanted them to — when they just happened to be present when two cops shot during a robbery were wheeled in. To make matters worse, the cops were brothers! While they underwent treatment — with one passing away in the first 15 minutes and the other before the half-hour mark — Callie examined their captain, Dan, who had been shot in the leg. He needed surgery, she said, and would have to be off his feet for six to eight weeks. That was fine with him. After 14 years on the force, this robbery marked the first time that he’d had to fire his weapon, and now he was ready for a desk job.

LIVER DIE | No sooner was the teenage getaway driver from the robbery wheeled in than Bailey discovered that he needed a new liver and fast — and asked Mer to ask the mother of the dead cops to donate the organ from one of her sons. When Grey wouldn’t do so, Bailey did it herself. But, as you’d expect, the second the mother learned who the liver was for, she hit the roof and refused. Upon being updated, Dan explained to Callie and Mer that he wasn’t interested in the boy’s condition because he hoped the youngster would pay for what he’d done. On the contrary, he and the late cops — all of them — had tried to help the kid. That being the case, the deceaseds’ mother changed her mind and donated a liver the way her children would have wanted.

HEART BEATS | On a lighter note — and the hour had quite a few, thanks to Arizona and Alex entertaining the schoolkids — lovelorn Stephanie clicked with the fifth-graders’ cute chaperone… only to learn that he was 17 years old! And, as the episode neared the end, Dan admitted to Callie that “if today were any other day, I’d ask you if you’d like to have dinner with me.” She didn’t say yes, but it sure looked like she would when he returned for his follow-up appointment in 10 days. Finally, Jackson cleaned up the fallen cops before their mother saw them again — the way Mark would have, he noted to April. Aww…

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you like Callie with Dan? Hit the comments!

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  1. Sa says:

    Callie and Dan NO THANK YOU

    • Babygate says:

      That was my initial reaction but he’s clearly a really decent guy and Callie deserves some happiness already. She’s been screwed over by everyone she’s been with, except Mark and every episode she spends away from Arizona it becomes more and more evident that she’s better without her, IMO.

      • bluefairy says:

        I agree with you, Babygate, but unfortunately since Dan isn’t a surgeon, he can’t become a regular character, so any potential romance with Callie is bound to be short-lived.

        • broncfanwa says:

          so? a little short-term happiness isn’t necessarily a bad thing. let her get her self-confidence back, get her equilibrium back, and then let her find the long term joy she deserves. Arizona is NOT long term good for anybody. hated her since the first time she “wheelied” into the room.

  2. Jared says:

    This episode was clearly a filler but still not bad. The case with the mother and her two sons was very emotional and well done. Can’t wait to see the next episode

  3. chris says:

    Just NO to Callie and Dan. Callie and Arizona need to repair their marriage and raise their child/

  4. Sam says:

    I haven’t watched yet, but did they really do that with the kidney? Organ donation so does not work that way. Taking some serious creative license there.

  5. Tee says:

    The use of “Shepherd” in this recap seemed out of the blue and confusing.

  6. JJM says:

    Callie stating “maybe I should be myself for a while” and telling Arizona the same thing was the best thing possible. They’ve been working on themselves lately and getting back into the dating scene is proof that their characters (because Arizona will start at some point too) are doing what’s best for them and moving forward instead of backwards. I don’t doubt that Shonda will pull an endgame scenario when Grey’s does finish up, but for now, let them be themselves as characters and not people you see as a ship. It’s reasons like this why Meredith and Derek almost ended and is proof on how couples like Cristina and Burke, Cristina and Owen, Mark and Lexie, Izzie and Alex, Richard and Ellis, etc. could never make it in the long run because the other character was dragging them down from being themselves. Sometimes a break is what people need.

    • Babygate says:

      Unpopular opinion, but accurate…

    • busta950 says:

      I agree. They needed the break Derek needed to realise what was really important to him and Meredith needed to see that although she could be ok without Derek she wanted him.
      This episode was enjoyable. What worries me is that this could be the last calm before some horrible storm to com

  7. Hailey says:

    Dan and Callie…uh not even know but heck no

  8. N says:

    Sad episode

  9. Katie says:

    I will never understand people that want Arizona and Callie to repair their marriage. Since Arizona lost her leg they have not been the same, and I definitely think it’s time for them to cut their losses and move on to other people. I have no problem with Callie dating a guy for a while (kind of the definition of bisexuality) and hopefully whatever partner she does end up with will treat her better than her two previous spouses.

    • kn1231 says:

      Only takes a little bit of good writing to fix that. It was a bunch of bad writing that lead to it in the first place.

      • Jamie says:

        I strongly disagree. There was nothing wrong with the writing that lead to their break up – in fact, the writers did a great job of showing how two people who once were madly in love could find themselves in a toxic relationship once life isn’t all roses and sunshine anymore. Happens every day in the real world. Just because it happened to a couple that you like doesn’t mean that it was bad writing.

        • busta950 says:

          I agree really there although they were happy there was always problems in the relationship between Callie & Arizona. Arizona although she got on board was not really happy about how Callie got pregnant, she most probably rightly so in her own mind but always resented Sloan. Everyone talks about Derek kissing and being unfaithfull but really Arizona cheated on Callie while they were actually together. Arizona never really wanted a child although she loves Sophia and although she was willing to have another one it was not for her only for Callie. In the real world this does not really work and Shonda has tried to show this in her own way. Derek and Meredith yes have always had ups and downs but underneath they have always loved each other. Not so sure that this applies to Callie and Arizona

    • cyrano says:

      Precisement!!! I love this comment. I like the idea of Callie moving on… Maybe with a guy or maybe at a later stage with a woman. But Calzona must be done now… They are not the same people anymore and that’s the crux of the maTter… Shows change and evolve and people need to understand and move on.

  10. Abii says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Callie and Dan. Callie is bisexual so I she was to date a man it wouldn’t be crazy. Her and Arizona need to be apart and start dating other people. The cut leg and cheating made for an irreparable marriage and even I they do get back together it will never be the same. If Callie wants to move on with a man she can. It’s changing things up a bit in a good way

    • Abii says:

      The *I after “so” is supposed to be *if*. As well as the the one after “even”. Typo

    • Babygate says:

      It may not be entirely about the fact that Callie may choose to date a man but about the fact that the choice would represent the almost certain extinction of the Calzona ship. The longer they stay apart they more clear it becomes that they are better separate than together and it becomes almost counterproductive to bring them back together. Also, either of them seriously dating would almost certainly mark the point of no return for their marriage. And that’s as devastating for Calzona shippers as a MerDer breakup would be for that particular fandom.

  11. Babygate says:

    I loved the medical cases. They were heartbreaking. Overall I thought it was a solid episode with a few caveats:
    I’m over Bailey being so sanctimonious and self-serving
    Amelia falling for Owen is beyond disturbing. Are we supposed to believe that Owen is over Cristina? If he is, the last 6 seasons were a lie. If he isn’t, he’s using Amelia and that’s despicable. The actors and writers have come up with this compelling backstory for these two getting together that has not been translated into the screen at all. They had a couple of talks in which Owen acted like his regular Chiefly self. Other times he was his usual douchy self and suddenly, because they both have baggage they are supposed to make a compelling couple? Nope. The best part of tonight’s episode was not having to see Owen attacking Amelia’s face.
    Loved all the Derek parts but I’m concerned the other shoe will be dropping soon. This recent epiphany about the value of his life is in sharp contrast with the fact that he still has not admitted to Mer that he kissed the other girl. And Mer acting like everything is unicorns and rainbows is totally OOC. Where is Cristina when you need her?

    • merdersolid says:

      Here’s another thought. Remember when Derek left DC, he forgot his cellphone, car and house keys at the lab. Who thinks Renee seemed like a nutjob? She answered Mer’s phone call. I don’t buy Derek’s reason that Renee probably thought it was him that is why she answered. You can read and see the picture of who’s calling. If Derek’s car is involved in the car crash, don’t you think it may be premeditated? Renee has his keys. Sides 11×22 there are 2 burn victims. The thought that Renee orchestrated the fire in the dream house came to mind. But that is just a wild speculation. Could happen. They zoomed in on Derek’s keys and cellphone when he left Renee in the lab. Maybe there’s a significance. What could be worse is if one or both kids are with him at the time of the crash. Derek lied to Mer about the truth about Renee, and the kiss. I have a feeling this is going to blow up big time. And if too much damage has been done, I doubt they can survive the relationship and they may go their separate ways. However, that’s better than killing Derek or letting him ride into the sunset with that Renee. It may be a good storyline for a comeback later on if Derek does leave or if Derek is staying, they will have to work so much harder to build a relationship that was so broken that it can’t be fixed in a short period with rough patches. And frankly, I’d like to find out why Derek was not honest about the kiss. I hate the fact that Derek flirted with and kissed that Renee but what is worse than that, he is now a liar? Not good.

      • busta950 says:

        I thought they zoomed in on the keys and phone as Derek said he left them both in DC have not seen anywhere that Scottie Thompson is doing more than 1 episode of Greys. Also Derek said to Owen that he would have to go back and forward to DC for a bit as he has to hand over his studies etc. Do we know if he is actually leaving as he is contracted through to season 12

      • Ashleah Youn says:

        Since it was dark when Derek came to the door, and light once Mer said she had to go to the hospital, I’m of the belief that Derek told her about the kiss. Also, in the latest episode he said he’d be traveling back and forth between Seattle and DC so he’ll likely pick up his cell phone and keys during the first trip back to DC.

        • busta950 says:

          I agree but think she answered the phone then as soon as she saw Meredith put it down not sure if she even knew her name as Derek said my wife. Do not think she is a nutjob just besotted. On another note 11×21 is taking a long time to film and I really think this is Derek’s swansong if it is I am sorry everyone I am out

  12. s says:

    So completely pissed off now at the treatment of Alex, Jo, and their relationship. Seriously greys? They haven’t had a proper story line in an ENTIRE SEASON for themselves, Alex has been Meredith’s bitch for far too long now, and just gets treated like crap in return. Alex is an original and he barely shows up on screen, whereas we get treated to endless scenes of boring Maggie who does NOT fit with this cast IMO. SO SICK of it, and now its nearing the end of the season, doesn’t even look like they’re getting anything until the finale, if that. Really have no idea why Shonda hates Alex so much that he can’t be allowed the screen time to progress his story and relationship the way even NEW people (owen/amelia) have

    • Erin B says:

      It seems like Alex is getting the George treatment of disappearing. I get that you can’t have the same character front & center all the time, but like you said, he hasn’t had a storyline all season but to be there for Meredith. Hopefully something happens for him in the next few episodes.

      I am interested in seeing what happens with Callie & the cop. I’m for her moving on regardless of gender.

    • kn1231 says:

      I love Mer and Alex’s relationship/dynamic, and I don’t think she treats him like crap at all. I actually see a lot of respect depicted between those two. I would also love to see more Alex and Jo, but maybe the actor’s wanted a reduced schedule or are not available. There is so much happening behind the scenes that we don’t know about.

      • s says:

        I like Mer and Alex too, in fact they were one of my favourite dynamics prior to this season. However, it’s gone from Alex telling Jo they ‘won’t need anyone else’ last season, when she was constantly there for him (and still is), and when Mer and most of his friends couldn’t give him the time of day when he was going through all his problems with his dad, to now – him dropping everything important to himself AND his relationship to run to her beck and call. And I agree, prior to season 10 things were really equal between them, however ever since shonda’s decided to making this ‘the season of meredith’ she’s come across as callous and uncaring in general, but mostly to Alex, who has done nothing but put up with her snide comments about him, Jo, and his work while basically turning himself into her punching bag. I just want her to show both him Jo more respect, and realise how good a friend he really is :(

        I get that but even just having a meaningful story line for them when they ARE on screen, it’s just been so bad this season!

    • LaurenMC says:


    • Babygate says:

      I love Alex, and I agree that he needs more screen time. But that screen time needs to come with better writing. I don’t know if it’s Justin’s choice to play it this way or directed by the script, but, Alex seems to have just one speed lately: grumpy, with anyone other than Jo. He always seems to be growling about something. He doesn’t want to be Mer’s person, he scowls at Arizona when he feels she’s hovering and he looks uncomfortable and forced when he’s in the group with Maggie, Mer and Callie. And that’s a shame because he’s had some amazing arcs in past seasons. But this Alex, it’s just not much fun to watch.

      • busta950 says:

        yes they are great together Alex and Meredith he really understands her and really understands here relationship with Derek he was there in the begining with all there ups and downs

  13. Uh the liver went into the kid not the kidney.

  14. Laura says:

    When Amelia described that Derrick and her are runners, fleeing from awkward situations, did anyone think that Derek just ran from this woman he actually kissed back instead of actually addressing the issue and his feelings? I hope his kiss is addressed. Even if he didn’t feel like he cheated it seemed like a very emotional relationship.

    • kn1231 says:

      I definitely think that will come up again. Nothing ends that cleanly in a Shonda drama, especially not with dark and twisty Mer.

    • busta950 says:

      No if felt the opposite he actually ran from Meredith and I think that when he kissed was a bit like the rose situation he only thought of Meredith or at least it hit him that it was really Meredith he wanted to be with

  15. Kelly says:

    I don’t mind Callie dating someone else, I would prefer to see her dating another woman but am ok with a man but not with Dan. She and Dan lacked any chemistry. You could tell as soon as he was introduced, the writers were trying to get a spark going but it fell flat.

  16. LaurenMC says:

    Baily was so obnoxious in this episode. Pushing THAT hard to get the mother to donate her dead son’s organs to his killer? She is just too much sometimes. I miss Bailey from seasons 1-3.

    • Crystal says:

      I agree, Bailey’s been insufferable for a while now. They’ve lost the balance between tough and kind, so now she just comes across as self-serving.

    • bj says:

      They’re really turning me off Bailey’s character this year. She’s not likable at all anymore.

  17. Carrie says:

    I think this recap missed out on a lot of the nuances of this episode that to me were highlights – Meredith schooling Bailey on patient – and their family member’s care. The student has become the teacher in that relationship. When each organ was driven off by a cop car – thought it was a powerful tribute to how loyal cops are to each other and I got a little verklemped. Maggie and Mer’s relationship is inching into sisterhood and they acknowledge it – Maggie’s asking her to define an expression and Mer opening up more of herself to this new sister. Over the last few weeks they have been building a bond that is different to the relationship that evolved with Lexie. As a writer I don’t think Shonda is as blatant as some commenters seems to believe. Anyone remember when George and Izzy had a scene with no words that said it all? I think Meredith already knows about the kiss – and was thinking about it all last week which is why she was pensive and deciding what to do – the flashbacks were there for a reason – he told her everything and she decided, as a grown up, to move forward. Alex has grown up too, his support of Mer last week was a great example of how far he has come and I loved when he gave her the lecture/permission to take it out on him, but that he still is the Alex we love and will show kids inappropriate X-rays to entertain them. Perhaps now that Mer’s house in back in order Alex will confront getting married again and Mer will help him through that. As far as Dan – I’m thinking potential baby daddy scenario here but with Shonda twists and Arizona in the middle of it all. The one bit of foreshadowing that I found interesting was Amelia admitting that loving Owen will destroy her – all sorts of potential drama here – Christina returning to win him back, his PTSD, her drug issues and lets not forget the fiancee she ran away from. Eventually Derek will be back as Head of Neuro -her insecurities and ego will cause some sort of stumble and Owen will have to step in – Drama. Either way….as always…in Shonda I trust.

    • Kristen says:

      I don’t think that is what Amelia meant by saying loving Owen would destroy her. I think she meant that she is afraid of losing herself. That is why she left James in LA. She thought that is what she wanted, but didn’t and ran away from it. I think she is afraid of the relationship actually being what she wants and she is afraid of ruining it herself.

  18. Jamie says:

    YES to Kevin Alejandro on my screen.