Following Video: Ryan Unearths Daisy and Kyle's True Identities

The Following‘s sexed-up slaughterers will be less of a mystery — but probably more of a threat — after this week’s episode, according to this exclusive sneak peek at the hour.

In the video above, showrunners Alexi Hawley and Brett Mahoney preview the Fox thriller’s two-hour outing (Monday, 8/7c), in which Kyle and Daisy help Mark prepare for a personal attack on Ryan. Of course we know, but Mark still doesn’t — or does he? — the randy pair are working for someone else, as well.

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As you see in the tease, Ryan & Co. get a tip that leads them to Daisy and Kyle’s previous home… complete with the requisite underground bunker full of… bodies? weapons? (It’s probably too naive to hope it’s just Kyle’s elaborate man cave, right?)

“He finds this idyllic house, this idyllic life that this couple seems to be leading, but he then uncovers a deeper, darker secret that they have there,” Mahoney says.

Also: According to the episodes’ official synopses, Ryan winds up having cause to “enlist the help of a former enemy to defeat a greater one.” Might this mean that Joe Carroll is (finally) back in the mix?

Press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments with your theories. 

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