Pretty Little Liars' Brandon Jones Previews Aria's Future With Andrew

Pretty Little Liars Aria Andrew

Ezria ‘shippers might want to stop reading now, because Brandon Jones (aka Aria’s strip study buddy Andrew on Pretty Little Liars) tells TVLine that last week’s big kiss was just the beginning of — well, whatever it is they’ve got going on at the moment.

“Andrew’s always been the knight in shining armor for these girls,” Jones says. “He’s a good guy, very prone to wanting love. And he gets infatuated by girls quickly, first with Spencer and now with Aria. I think Aria just needs someone in her life who’s intellectual and loving and cares about her.”

Scroll down for more of Jones’ thoughts on Aria’s relationship with Andrew, including that first kiss and the fans who are convinced he’s “A.”

TVLINE | OK, first thing’s first: Andrew’s been doing a lot of fully clothed studying this season. What’s up with that?
[Laughs] You know, I guess it’s always good to try new things. They went in a slightly different direction with Andrew this season, so I’ve been keeping my clothes on.

pretty-little-liars-aria-andrew-2TVLINE | Did you always know that direction was heading towards Aria?
I did not! Honestly, I had no idea. They asked me to come back, and it wasn’t until I read the scripts that I started seeing a little romantic thing happening. I pretty much picked up on it when everybody else did.

TVLINE | Since you know how passionate the fans can be, were you nervous about stepping in the middle of the show’s central couple?
I’m still nervous. It’s pretty much split down the middle, which was also how it was when Spencer and Andrew had a thing. I get a lot of loving tweets from fans who are happy, but then I also get people being like, “Stay away!”

TVLINE | And does he stay away? Tell me what you can about their future together.
I can say that Andrew and Aria’s relationship does slowly grow in the wake of her breakup with Ezra. … You never know, if Aria and Andrew’s relationship blossoms, maybe it will become one of those couples that people love to tweet about.

TVLINE | Then we have to come up with a ‘shipper name. Andria?
I think that’s the best one I’ve seen so far.

TVLINE | That sounds like a lady’s name — a sophisticated older lady.
[Laughs] It works for me.

TVLINE | Lastly, since you’re seeing all your tweets, I imagine some of them are accusing Andrew of being “A.” Any thoughts on that?
He does seem to show up at the right places at the right time, doesn’t he? … I’ve actually gotten a lot of tweets about Andrew’s name starting with “A,” but you know what? Aria’s does, too! At one point or another, everyone has been suspected of being “A” on the show. For now, what you see is what you get with Andrew.

PLL fans, how do you feel about Aria and Andrew as a couple? Do you even trust him as a person? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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