Pretty Little Liars Recap: London Falling

Pretty Little Liars Aria Andrew Kiss

The hunt for Cyrus on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars led Aria and Hanna to the hospital, where they learned the name — or at least the alias — of the man who put him there: “Varjack.”

Of course, it’s anyone’s guess as to who that is, though Hanna did wisely point out that it’s the same last name, albeit misspelled, as a character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The girls were quick to recall how much Alison loves that movie, but isn’t Ezra the one who first told Ali she reminds him of Holly Golightly? It’s almost as if you can’t trust anyone on this show, anymore.

But wait… an even bigger surprise came when Aria returned home looking for Mike — and ended up kissing Andrew! (For the record, commenters on my recaps often accuse me of reading too much into their connection, so I’ll just leave this here.)

Pretty Little Liars Aria Andrew KissBLOOD BAG | Meanwhile, Spencer was living out a proper British nightmare across the pond. Her interview at St. Andrews was going swimmingly, as they say, until she suddenly realized her purse was leaking… blood. And since it wasn’t detected when she went through airport security, Spencer deduced that “A” must have planted it while she was in London. Of course, her trip wasn’t a total bust; she did, after all, get to spend time with Wren’s roommate flatmate, who sputtered adorable English phrases like “peckish,” “mobile” and “bugger off.” (Oh, and for those of you wondering where you’ve seen that actor before, he played Kurt’s college boyfriend Adam on Glee. You’re welcome.)

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT | Back in Rosewood, Emily continued to make the kind of nonsense decisions that surely elicited a chorus of “No!”s and “Why?”s from viewers. For example, after learning that Talia was leaving her husband and would soon be homeless, Emily offered her a room at her house because her mom is out of town. (Isn’t that convenient?) Then, because it’s totally normal for a 20-something to skulk the hallways of a high school, Emily invited Talia to join her dance rehearsal. Talia sort of redeemed her weirdness by standing up to Emily’s pageant liaison — the board wanted Emily to drop out because of her proximity to the Alison murder trial — but something tells me that, too, will soon blow up in her face. (Run, Emily! You in danger, girl!)

With only three episodes left until the “big A reveal,” what are your newest theories? Is Ezra more involved than we know? And what’s up with Talia? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Riana says:

    I for one enjoyed Aria and Andrew’s kiss, but we need a new one from Emily and Ali.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I agree, re: Aria and Andrew.

      As for Emily, I’m all for an Ali-Emily romance… but right now, I’m trying to figure out Talia’s deal. The fact that she looks so much like Emily has me concerned for some reason.

      • Ashley says:

        What do you think varjack could mean?

        • Darling says:

          Well I do know that in the christmas episode, they found a fake passport that said Holly Varjak and had Ali’s face but with brown hair.
          Here is a link to the picture of the passport:

          • Alexis Cleveland says:

            Here’s what I’m thinking.. Either Arias dad or spencers dad had an affair with mrs D.. if its aria which for some reason i think it could be it would make sense that her and alison are sisters and why she wanted aria to tell her mom her dad was having an affair. Aria has twin pictures in her photo album and so does alison also in alisons room too.. Bethany somehow got tied into it because shes someone’s twin sister probably aria and thats why the doctor at radley recognized her..

  2. Alexis Cleveland says:

    I think it could be the boys to be honest… the boys that they are dating know everything. Ezra knew who A was.. now all is great.. idk Wren keeps showing up and Caleb’s been asking weird questions and keeping up with everything almost too well..

  3. Diane says:

    Do you think Ezra has a twin who could be A? Maybe his twin is Varjak.

  4. K says:

    At this point, A has to be someone who’s been around for a while. And I keep coming back to Ezra. IMO, he’s been acting shady this season. And I know the show probably won’t be revisiting the plot about him writing a book about Alison, but you don’t put up a bunch of cameras and spy on people just to write a book. I’ve never been convinced that’s all he was doing. That’s just my opinion, anyway.

  5. anon123 says:

    That whole England storyline was ridiculous. Please bring it back!

  6. brycebwillis says:

    Has anyone been getting the vibe that this Andrew kid could be A. He even made a reference to A when he invited Aria to the movies. I feel like he definitely knows more than we think. Especially because he has had an interesting relationship with Mona and the liars since season 3.

    • Macaroni says:

      I do think there is something suuuper fishy about him, but he can’t be Big A, as it was confirmed Big A was in the pilot episode of PLL and Andrew was not

  7. Essie says:

    I loved the kiss between Aria and Andrew. But I do feel like something’s up with Andrew, maybe he knows something…

  8. Cobra says:

    I think Hanna is on the A Team.

  9. R says:

    This crap is becoming more and more unbelievable. The writers lay down all these insane story lines but we know that they will never have an explanation for all of them.

  10. Sara says:

    I am very suspicious of Andrew. When he was describing the
    movie date to Aria, he said it is “about getting messages from a shadowy figure who
    knows everybody’s secrets.”He has given Spencer drugs in the past and has
    access to Aria’s house now. That means he has access to Mike, who seems to be
    A’s main target right now. He is also really fit, goes to the girl’s school and
    is really intellegent. The only question is his motive. My guess is he is
    acting on behalf of someone else. Maybe he was Bethany’s boyfriend, or maybe he
    went to Radley under a different name. All I know is that Andrew is suddenly
    back in the picture for some reason, and we all know that Aria and Ezra are
    going to get back together at some point so he isn’t there to suddenly be
    Aria’s boyfriend when he never showed any interest in her before.

  11. chitown_mimi says:

    Here’s a theory. Who haven’t we seen in awhile? Lucas. He fits the profile of A perfectly; he’s estranged from everyone so no one suspects, he’s smart, and he’s got motive. He feels like the outsider, the loser that Allison tormented for years. I think he killed Mona, is A, and using Andrew as one of his minions.

  12. Rebecca says:

    I wish they would give us real answers and stop chasing their tails around!!!!

  13. Macaroni says:

    “And since it wasn’t detected when she went through airport security, Spencer deduced that “A” must have planted it while she was in London.”

    Weirdly, Spencer does not deduce that (although that’s what I would’ve assumed if I were her). Spencer says A must have put it in her bag “before I got to the airport”. She just says she would’ve been in BIG trouble if they had detected it via the xrays

  14. Anna says:

    The whole England storyline is so poorly written it’s painful. Oxford isn’t even in London!!!!

  15. Okay, Marlene has said that ‘Big A’ was in the pilot – here is the list of characters that were in the first episode: Spencer, Hanna, Ella, Aria, Ezra, Maya, Ashley, Byron, Emily, Pam (Emily’s mom), Wren, Mona, Alison, Jenna, Wilden, Ian, Mrs. D, Mike (Aria’s brother), and Toby
    If we believe what we are told… it’s one of those people.
    We can eliminate a few because they are dead: Maya, Mona, Wilden, Ian, and Mrs. D
    I keep thinking it’s Byron.
    I keep coming back to the fact that Aria out of the four liars has never really gotten beaten down as badly as the others. Also, Byron had his own problems added to because Mike and his issues with stealing etc.
    Byron is a good choice and I really can’t think of a way to eliminate him as a potential ‘Big A’.

    • Also, if the second part of what has been said… that BIG A was also in the premiere of season 3, here are the ones that appeared in both episodes: Spencer, Hanna, Ella, Aria, Ezra, Ashley, Byron, Pam (Emily’s mom), Emily, Wren, Alison, and Toby
      Byron was in both episodes

  16. Kristie says:

    A is Ezra. When Ezra and Ali met, he called her his Holly Golightly from the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys, starring Audrey Hepburn, because she liked to tell stories. Episode 5×24 is also called “I’m a Good Girl, I Am” which is a famous line from the movie, My Fair Lady, starring Audrey Hepburn.

  17. brandydanforth81 says:

    Ok, so was BiA or Origiginal A (Mona ) in the pilot?. Cause im cinfused from hearing confilcting things.Also,Big A has to be a female-Mona talked to a female in a red coat about toffee Chapstick and said to her”I did everything you asked” in 2.25 .In 3.16 Mona told Toby “She’s in charge now”.

  18. Nancy says:

    Did anyone else put together the varjack clue? Paul varjack is a struggling writer in breakfast at tiffanys. Hmmmmm who is a struggling writer in PLL? Oh EZRA!