Grey's Preview: Who Will 'Step Up' When Amelia's Surgery Hits a Snag?

Grey's Anatomy Amelia Stephanie Spoilers

As the doctors of Grey’s Anatomy brace for one of the hospital’s most daring surgeries ever — removing Dr. Herman’s life-threatening brain tumor — anxieties are running as high as Dr. Amelia Shepherd’s confidence.

Dr. Stephanie Edwards, for one, is “nervous as hell,” her portrayer Jerrika Hinton admits, when the surgical resident is invited this Thursday (ABC, 8/7c) to scrub in on the cutting-edge procedure. “She’s nervous but still capable, and inspired,” the actress adds. “As much a supporting force as Stephanie is for Amelia, Amelia turns out to be that for Stephanie. She’s really inspirational.”

Hinton’s regard for new scene partner Caterina Scorsone is similarly high. “She is so generous, and giving,” she says of the Private Practice import. “She and I really value the process of rehearsal, so sneaking off into the corners to run scenes and find more ‘juice’ to bring out when the camera is on has been fantastic.”

Of course, the doctors the duo play are coming off a rocky-ish moment, when the happy outcome of a tumor removal that restored a man’s eyesight turned intense, as Amelia ripped the resident for hedging on the surgery. “That definitely cooled things, in terms of Stephanie’s excitement about getting to work with this phenomenally smart woman,” Hinton says. “But one of the key things in that lesson, in a way, was looking at the greater good, how many people this is going to benefit.”

Besides, “Just because you get chewed out once doesn’t mean you get to flounce off to your room and slam the door,” Hinton laughs. CAMILLA LUDDINGTON, JERRIKA HINTON“You’ve still got work to do, so you need to throw on your big-girl panties!”

Meanwhile, Steph fields a bit of the green-eyed monster from fellow resident Jo (Camilla Luddington), who doesn’t get to be a part of the landmark procedure. “Jo is super jells,” Hinton smiles, “because Stephanie once again picks the right horse, as Dr. Herman would say. But you won’t really see that interfere with their friendship, since the point of being a resident is this rivalry.”

The medical drama’s subsequent episode, airing March 5, revolves around Herman’s (Geena Davis) actual surgery, which even the highly skilled Amelia will come to realize is far more difficult than she anticipated. Will Stephanie, scrubbing in at her mentor’s side, rise to the occasion and help right the boat? “You will see Stephanie step up during a pivotal moment,” Hinton allows, GEENA DAVIS, JERRIKA HINTON, JESSICA CAPSHAW“and yet that moment is not the apex of the surgery. That moment won’t be the highest point of tension.”

Hinton wouldn’t dare spill the biggest twist and eventual outcome, but offers this much: “You won’t see the ending coming. The end of the surgery you think will happen is not the ending we give you.” Beyond that, the actress will only say that the operation “inspires a lot of emotions, and many of them are at odds with each other.”

Hinton herself, meanwhile, is not at all anxious but sitting back and relishing the abundance of recent developments for her character, who first arrived on the scene in Season 9, then was made a series regular for Season 10.

“When you start reading the scripts and go, ‘Oh, more Stephanie…. More Stephanie…. Oh, that’s new information,'” that’s really great,” she effuses. “I feel like she’s finally finding her footing and becoming grounded in the world of Grey+Sloan!”

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  1. Kelli says:

    Let’s guess – Derek shows up at the end and he and Amelia finish the surgery side by side?

    • Tia says:

      Doubt it. He’s returning in episode 16. I think Herman will die, I doubt they will keep Geena Davis forever.

      • Geena (Dr. Herman) shouldn’t be killed off. She is good for the show and should be made a series regular. If they need anyone to kill off, it should be Derek with Amelia as his replacement neurosurgeon.

      • Grey's Fan says:

        Derek does return in Episode 16 – the speculated title “Don’t Dream it’s Over” – Not sure if that’s anything to do with Mer/Der…

        I think Herman’s tumour will be the surgery Amelia needs to get out from under Derek’s shadow and be a famous neurosurgeon in her own right. I’m thinking Amelia will be successful (Harper Avery Award nomination? She can’t win but she can be nominated.) Herman will survive and be tumour-free but there will be some sort of deficit where she can’t operate any more.

        I’m interested in episode 15 where a FEMALE doctor is trapped in her car after an accident and helps another victim despite being injured herself – I’ve narrowed down the hapless Dr. to: April, Amelia, Bailey, Arizona or Herman (if there’s a time jump – I mean wouldn’t it be typical Grey’s if she survives the tumour but dies in an accident?).

        I base the list on the fact promo photos for the episode show Meredith, Maggie, Callie, Jo and Stephanie are at the hospital. I’m putting odds on either April or Bailey. April is a trauma surgeon and this could kickstart her into focusing 110 per cent on her trauma career now that she won’t be a mom.

        • Busta950 says:

          I agree he does return in 16 17 18 but what happens after that hope he does not leave completely and Amelia is getting on my nerves although I do like her. Meredith will step in she was in Neuro with Derek for years 2 trials and only stopped for her marriage’s sake

  2. Lea says:

    Meh. I just want this storyline to be over with.

    • Azerty says:

      Agree with all of you, Amelia is a good character but I can’t stand Herman (the character not the actress, actress is fine I guess) and especially her mentorship with Robbins, so boring. And seriousy about the big twist, is it just a tease? Because either Herman dies, either she lives, and none of that is a real surprise. I hope they can come up with something really original…

    • Francesca D. says:

      Same. It’s so boring that I gave up paying attention. Stephanie is just so boring and unappealing. Herman don’t interest me (which makes me sad as I love Geena Davis), and Amelia is only mildly entertaining. She’s a decent enough addition to an already over bloated show so it’s hard to get excited about her. It’s a moot point but I miss the momentum the beginning of S11 was carrying. Now it’s just meh.

  3. Jessica says:

    ‘Oh, more Stephanie…. More Stephanie….’ WOW. Soo excited.. NOT!!

  4. RUCookie says:

    I, for one, like Herman and hope that she lives through this. Amelia needs a big win to get beyond her Derek issues. Herman makes Arizona more tolerable (and she needs a friend).

  5. danyelle says:

    So glad to see some story about Stephanie! Haters will hate like above but refreshing to see a story about someone else for once.

  6. ggny says:

    I like Amelia and Steph but Herman is terrible. Wish Amelia had a better storyline

  7. Babygate says:

    I love Herman’s storyline so I am looking forward to seeing what happens. Geena Davis is a gift to the show which needed something huge to lessen the loss of Cristina. Amelia has made neuro interesting in a way Derek never, ever did. I don’t miss him at all. Love Amelia. But Stephanie is my least favorite resident. She thinks she’s cute and funny but she isn’t. So, not excited about seeing more of her at all.

  8. Matt says:

    I know not everyone feels this way, but why do so many people dislike Stephanie? I really think she has been a good addition to the team as a supporting character, and am interested to see how the surgery is going to play out! I am a Geena Davis fan, but I think Dr. Herman, as a character, has really grown on me!

    • Julie says:

      I don’t dislike her – I could just care less about her or Jo. I like the core characters of this show : the Originals, Callie, Arizona, Owen, April and Jackson. Everyone else is just a distraction and I could do without. I would trade Stephanie, Amelia and Jo for Christina, Mark and Lexie any day.

    • Busta950 says:

      I do not think we dislike her we just want more Meredith

  9. LaPiquante says:

    Very disappointed this story does not include dancing. Or dancers.

    I get it, but there really should be dancing.

  10. chris says:

    Christina fled after her breakup with Owen and finds her guru at Mayo (who died) and now we have AZ finding her guru in Herman. Herman is anchorless much like AZ is now without Callie – and advocating AZ embrace this state. AZ is also the only one Herman is connected to at this point. I can see Herman entrusting AZ with making the call to pull the plug if Herman’s surgery is only partially successful and would leave her without the ‘awesome and free’ career/life. My guess, Herman survives but is in a coma and not expected to recover, leaving AZ to make the decision to abide by Herman’s wishes and pull the plug, or pray for a miracle and keep her on life support. My money is on AZ pulling the plug.

  11. JulieAnn says:

    Does anyone cares about Stephanie? I bet the surgery is a sucess, tumor is removed, but Herman has a stroke or something they couldn’t have predicted.

  12. Grey's Fan says:

    If Herman ends up dying will Addison return for a short stint to finish teaching Arizona during her fellowship? Could be interesting with Addie teaching Arizona and resuming her friendship with Callie…

  13. greysfan says:

    From the beginning of this storyline i’ve always thought Herman will die. So for me the result would be she survives, but it will come at a cost to her being a surgeon. That’s my guess on all of this. I think it will be a great episode coming up.