Idol Top 12 Guys Recap: All They Wanna Do Is Zooma Zoom Zoom Zoom

No disrespect to the incomparable Ryan Seacrest, but perhaps for one week only, American Idol should’ve replaced him with an auctioneer?

Tonight’s one-hour telecast — which featured Season 14’s Top 12 guys performing for only eight available slots next Wednesday — was paced so frenetically it made Usain Bolt look like a three-legged tortoise.

Actually, it might’ve been better had Auntie Trish (AKA exec producer Trish Kinane — read my juicy Q&A with her here) simply cut the fat from the telecast — and no, I’m not referring to 15-year-old Daniel Seavey, despite the PTS-Ewww I felt after hearing him sing the line “Scooch a little closer dear, I’ll nibble your ear.”

With so much to pack in to such a limited amount of airtime, why not eliminate the judges’ critiques? I mean, J.Lo, Harry and Keith’s comments were so rushed — and so boiled-down in this pre-taped environment — that they actually proved less helpful than the Aussie judges’ mid-performance hair flips or Jenny From the Block’s “mmm-hmm” face.

Ah well… what do I know? I just sit here in my Old Navy sweats — they’re new, and they’re spectacular(ly comfortable), in case you were wondering — and make snarky Twitter comments. Professionally speaking, I am one-step above that dude in his mother’s basement who types in PERMANENT CAPS LOCK and ruins every comments section on the Internet. GAH!

AI14_24perf_0755_hires1Instead of succumbing to such a terrible fate, let me weigh in now with letter grades for each of the night’s performances — along with succinct five-word opinions (gotta keep it pithy — since I also recap Empire).

Adam Ezegelian – Twisted Sister’s “I Wanna Rock” — Grade: C+ | Tuesday-night karaoke. Compliment? Insult?
Michael Simeon – Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” — Grade: C | On bended knee, offering cheese.
Savion Wright – Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” — Grade: B+ | Sung beautifully; Will Jazzfest-iness = votes?
Mark Andrew – The Band’s “The Weight” — Grade: B- | Will forget this by midnight.
Trevor Douglas – Gavin DeGraw’s “Best I Ever Had” — Grade: D+ | Voice crumbled like tragic feta.
Clark Beckham – Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” — Grade: B+ | Soulful, sexy. Glory note sketchy?
Rayvon Owen – Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” — Grade: A- | TONE! J.Lo had point re. attitude.
Daniel Seavey – Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” — Grade: C- | Vocally inconsistent, lyrically inappropriate. Blerg.
Riley Bria – Eric Church’s “Homeboy” — Grade: C | Brutal pitch problems went unmentioned.
Quentin Alexander – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell on You” — Grade: A | Hauntingly original and deeply felt. #spellbound
Nick Fradiani – Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” — Grade: A | Adults understand lyrics. SO! GOOD!
Qaasim Middleton – Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” — Grade: B+ | Super entertaining — despite iffy notes.

Should Go Home: Trevor, Michael, Daniel, Riley
Will Go Home: Trevor, Michael, Adam and (because life is cruel) Rayvon

Your turn. Who’d you love from the Top 12 guys? Who should be and who will be at risk? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. -The 3 that stood out based on their voice, their performance or a combination of both were Quentin, Clark and Nick. Quentin’s performance and voice, Nick’s voice and Clark’s everything. All so good.
    – I think Daniel, Riley, Trevor and Michael might be in trouble. None of them were so horrendous like we have seen others in years past, but they were either inconsistent or lacked having a really great performance and moment, and in such a super-high paced kind of an episode you need to standout they did not.

    • Runner says:

      You are spot on about the bottom 4. They were soooo forgettable and a tiny bit awful. I just got over how adorable Daniel is tonight – now, it just makes feel uncomfortable hearing him sing adult lyrics. Um, no.

    • Lisa says:

      The problem is that Daniel actually has a really good voice. I honestly believe they should have had him wait a year. Unfortunately, he is likely to get eliminated too early because of that haste.

      • Runner says:

        I agree. Daniel is talented. But it is too early for him. They should have at least waited until his voice changed…

        • kevstar says:

          He’s not going because young girls will vote for him. Remember Deaf Guy and Sanjaya?

          • Ben says:

            Do you mean blind guy?

          • I really dont think Daniel is going home. I live in Portland and they had the news on about Daniel and he is actually from Vancouver Washington! This is actually connected to Portland by a bridge and ten minutes from Oregon to Washington! They call this “The Vancouver Portland Area”. So now we know he has 2 states voting for him! Besides all of the little girls. Literally from downtown Portland it is just one bridge to the state of Washington. I am a Qaasim and Quentin fan, but im still sorry to say Daniel has tons of voters in 2 states. Also ,they cover Daniel on the local news all the time, but havent seen hardly any coverage of Lovey James! She is also from Portland. The news is kind of ignoring Lovey James! They showed Daniel playing several instruments including a cello, which he did play beautifully.

          • It just ate my comment. More I heard on the news about Daniel is he almost didnt get on the show. He missed the American Idol Bus tour that came through Portland because he was away on a Mission? In Mexico? This is what his family said on the news. So his dad flew with him to California, the producers rushed him straight through to the judges after they heard him sing and he was the last performer that day. It just all happened by chance and rushing around according to the family and local news

          • Lyn Jensen says:

            I don’t know anything about Deaf Guy and Sanjaya, but young girls are more likely to find this guy too much like that creep who won’t leave them alone in the lunch room.

      • Jill Moy says:

        Let’s be honest, the kid is ok! A really good voice is stretchin’ it! I feel he shouldn’t be here, but at least he’s hands down better than BRISTON MARONEY who these judges put through last year to top 15 boys! This 15 year old was by far the worst (serious) contestant to ever appear on stage in Idol history! They loved him. A howling wolf sounded better than him! After he made it I knew these judges were incompetant and tone deaf!

  2. Andres says:

    A great way to start of the live shows. For me Nick was the best tonight. I really hope Trevor leaves, it was not a good performance. Can’t wait to see the girls tommorw.

    • Andres says:


    • JM says:

      That song is so boring for me that I found Nick’s performance equally so. But I still gave a vote for singing it well.

    • Runner says:

      Nick was top 2 for me. The old codger really showed his experience tonight :) He just seemed so comfortable on stage. And his tone is amazing.

    • Jaszy says:

      Man, Nick’s experience REALLY showed…he was….awesome! Loved everything about that performance…EVERYTHING!

    • The Beach says:

      Nick was like a pro surrounded by a bunch of amateurs tonight. He was great. Also, I’ve enjoyed all of Clark’s performances, but tonight the song was keyed too high to allow him to soar and it caused him to sound strained.

    • Heres a good question! Every year they have a wild card, but will they have one this year? I think it should be like last season on the voice where we get to vote on the wild card. Instead of the judges picking the wild card!

      • Im kind of confused. So they will perform, we vote and then they announce who goes home on the following week? Kind of like SYTYCD has their routine? Ya know its crazy how rushed the show is and then the voice has those great 2 hour shows. How is American idol going to have musical guests or extra little tidbits of fun on the show when they have to race through the hour?

        • Except tonight they will send home 8? oh Geez!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Not a bad show! I feel Riley is and always has been awful! I think Michael and Daniel were so so. I am not a big fan of the kid but I value YOUR opinion! You know my 4 I picked and the only guy on my list is Savion. Well, I think the best was really Nick! He’s so natural and a great singer. He had, I feel the best performance previously at the HOUSE OF BLUES! Butm like I said, Riley is rerrible and needs to go FOR SURE!

          • Jill I frikkin love Quentin now. Omg! Quentin, Qaasim, and now Sarina!

          • Jill I remember last year we picked Caleb to win early on , but it was simple and obvious last year, because most of them sucked, and Caleb stood out! Do you realize he was the only guy without a guitar? CJ, Sam, Alex, Dexter, Ben. They all had guitars!

        • ben says:

          Everyone I know feels the same way. It is pure madness to herd 12 singers thru in an hour. The judges are nothing but eye-candy. I enjoy some backstory to know the contestants better. They cut that by at least 70 %.

        • ben says:

          OK. I tried, but have no idea. Please, what is SYTYCD?

          • SYTYCD So you think you can dance is another show but with dancers!

          • ben says:

            Well, good grief! If you’d said it was a DANCE show!

            Want to know the main reason I can’t watch that one? The LOUD-MOUTHED woman! That, and I seem to recall them having a British host, a British male judge, and another judge from another country? Not sure about that part, but it amazes me how these networks are so monkey-see monkey-do. Like THAT is the key, having foreign judges. Strangest thing, that. I’ve seen a number of European competitons and have yet to see the FIRST American judge! lol (Oh, and I know the Voice has all local judges, but….

          • I know which big mouth you are talking about. Its Mary Murphy. I think and you are right about Nigel Lithgow. He is the british judge and until last year he had a BIG hand in American Idol. I think, but not sure that they fired him and now Per Blankens who is a Swede has Idol now! But yes Mary Murphy is LOUD! LOL She is still adored by many, but her laugh drives me bonkers!

          • Well I know one of the reasons I watch these shows, I am a huge music fan. I love every Genre too! I will listen to some Pantera, then some old Neil Diamond, and then some Sia, And then some electronic Eskmo! Then some Black Sabbath, then get in the mood for motown and listen to that! I cant sing at all, but I love to hear other people sing!

          • ben says:

            Well, I CAN sing (decently) and I’d rather serenade myself than some of those you listed! lol

  3. Jake says:

    what a disappointment tonight was. Hopefully the girls tomorrow can bring it. I’m looking at you Jax and Sarina!

    • Mike says:

      how was it a disappointment?

    • I’m looking forward to Loren, Tyanna, sarina, Jax, and Joey!!! :)

    • JM says:

      Absolutely. I really expected more from these guys. First of all, most, if not all, need to take Usher’s 101 lesson in exercising and singing at the same time. They just lost all breath control when they moved. Clark and Quentin were smart to stand still and captivate with their voice alone.

    • Runner says:

      Jake, I agree. There were some definite letdowns. I thought Clark sounded tortured and Rayvon way way off – that falsetto thing was just painful. I wanted so much to vote for them – but I decided to vote for people who actually sung well or were just super entertaining. They were neither tonight. I did think tonight would be a lot better. Oh, well…

      • Meg says:

        The full performances at House of Blues should have been for public vote. So much better; I have watched it several times: Youtube:
        American Idol House of Blues Showcase Full Performances Just Singing

  4. Mike says:

    I will forever be a fan of AMERICAN IDOL. Woooooooooooohoooooooooooo!

  5. mamamitzvah says:

    WOW!! Not such good performances tonight. I hope Riley squeaks by.

    • Gailer says:

      I do like Riley out of the kids

    • Jill Moy says:

      Riley is the worst of all…TERRIBLE TINNY VOICE!

      • Jill Im afraid for next Wed, of who is going home. Im afraid Qaasim is too SHOWY. Anyway that is what some people here said. I find him entertaining. Here is why I dont care for Jax! She tries to whisper while singing, almost sounding like a childs voice, or even trying to have a baby whisper voice. Now that is just my opinion, and I know she has tons of fans! I like more of an Allison AhrIeta(spelled right?) or Haley Rinehart voice or remember Elise Testone? They kept puttiing her in the bottom 3 and she was fantastic! I bet you anything that Shi is in the top contestants. Im just saying…….

        • Jill Moy says:

          Jax is terrible, BECCA, and so is Shi! Hopefully Shi goes home. The first singer isn’t going home. Neither double Q is going home!

          • Donna Jacob says:

            Jax irritates me too.

          • Ok Jill, Heres who I like. The 2 Q’s, Adonna Duru and Sarina. I liked Katherine Winston, but I think she picked a bad song! I wish there was someone like Angie MIller or Holly this year, but there isnt. Jill do you remember Holly? Josh Ledet and her flirted around a lot. It was cute! Judges were very hard on her though!

        • WhatAmIWatching says:

          God help us all if Shi makes it to the Top 12! I can’t even imagine it. There’s literally nothing likeable about her from a viewer perspective. I feel you on Jax. She does this thing with her voice that sounds so….affected! Almost childish, British, sex-kitten-ish, popstar-ish….not enjoyable.

  6. JayNC says:

    I actually like the new format. Rushed, yes, but I do not miss the filler or prolonged judges monologues at all. As far as my favorites I have to put Quentin on top – love this guy, please vote for him. Nick is second – the best overall performance and vocals IMO. Clark third – sincere and cuddly, I feel it. I put Adam fourth – he won’t last I know but I really enjoyed his performance and think is voice is spectacular. Savion was the biggest disappointment, I expected so much better. Please send Trevor and Daniel home, I just don’t want to hear them any more.

  7. LLA says:

    I need a valium after that show–haha SO RUSHED. I didn’t notice Riley’s pitch problems. Most of his performance was interrupted here with a local news commercial.
    I honestly don’t have any fave because it was hard to concentrate due the speed of the show. It was really distracting. I didn’t like it at all. Show should have been 90 min.

  8. BobL says:

    I think Michael got the grades just about right. Loved Savion, Rayvon, Nick, and–somewhat surprisingly- Quentin. Those first three guys just know how to sing; they have a sense of melody, and their songs have a cohesive whole, rather than sounding like random lines strung together. If Vote For the Worst were still in business, their man would definitely be Trevor. God, he was awful.

  9. Gailer says:

    Oh my not a good night
    Daniel, Trevor, clark and Michael should go!

    • Davey says:

      I liked Clark. I voted for him, Savion, Nick and Rayvon. Quentin was very good, too, but he belongs in a song and dance show.

    • Jaszy says:

      Daniel – definitely can’t stand this dude. Yes, he’s cute. Why all the yelling girls? It’s unnecessary. He’s lame.
      This song is overplayed. He didn’t sing it well at all…blah.
      He needs to go ASAP. There is the connection issue; he doesn’t know how to connect. He also looked like he was losing his breath.
      He doesn’t even look 15, he looks 12. Girls, simmer down.

      • JayNC says:

        I know – he is such a tiny little thing, and so young, not sure why the girls like him. And his performance was so wooden and not a good song choice at all.

    • Jaszy says:

      Trevor – bad song choice especially if he’s going to be moving like that
      Shaky vocals, tired vocals, he’s going home. Just bad all around­.
      J-Lo, it was worst than an okay day, it was an awful day
      Bye Trevor.

  10. All I can for tonight was
    QUENTIN, QUENTIN, and QUENTIN!!! I knew he could sing early on, but I didn’t know he could SANG!!! MAGNIFICENT!!! He and Jacque lees versions are my personal favorites!!! :)

  11. Christine says:

    My biggest complaint about the whole show is it was way too fast – hated that!! If the elimination isn’t going to be until the end of the show I don’t see how they are going to do 12 performances and eliminate 4 in an hour next week – hope it’s at least 1 1/2 hours, does anyone know??

    • Jaszy says:

      I don’t know how they’re going to do the eliminations, but I definitely agree with you about how rushed it was. Hated it, hated it, hated it.
      2 hours is the way to go when you have 12 people singing.
      We didn’t even get to know anything extra about the contestants. They just rehashed what we already know about them.

      • Ben says:

        Me too. Two hours could be too much, but one is too short. One and a half hours needed at least to get through 12. There was just no time to reflect on a performance. It started, it was in the can, we moved on.

        Take Quentin – his performance NEEDED some space after it… you needed time to dwell on it.

        Ugh, the whole thing just didn’t work for me. It felt like a chore because there was no time to talk or think.

    • The show next week is also an hour. 4 guys will be eliminated from tonight & 4 girls will be eliminated tomorrow. Ryan Seacrest said that next week after eliminations there will be a Top 16 (8 guys & 8 girls). So each night next week will have 8 performances. Next week will also have a total of 8 eliminations (same as this week). Hope this helps!

      • Christine says:

        I thought they said they arent’ going to do eliminations until the end of each show so that would mean 12 performances then 4 eliminations. I think what you said makes more sense so hopefully that’s the way it will go. Either way I don’t like this pace – the reason I like Idol better than the Voice is that you get to know the contestants better but if they keep going like this that’s not going to happen. Also what the heck happened to the judges tonight they all took happy sugar pills especially Harry – you can’t tell me that he didn’t have more to say about some of the perfornances. I’m fine with having it go to one night with the eliminations the same night but not at the expense of the perfornacnces – that should stay 2 hours at least when there is more than 8 performances.

        • Jaszy says:

          Well let other people on here tell it, the judges couldn’t say much because it was only one hour. I don’t believe that. They could’ve said what was really on their minds but they chose not to because it’s the first show.
          I really wanted Harry to tear Daniel and Trevor new ones because they weren’t good. But yet, he just basically didn’t say anything of substance.

        • TakenByTheWind says:

          I’ll bet they only have 8 performances each episode next week… And the 4 that don’t get called to perform go home at the end

          • JayNC says:

            I agree. Probably they will just call people one by one to perform – these are the ones that made it. Those that don’t get called are eliminated, but we won’t know for sure who they all are until the last singer called performs.

          • Timmah says:

            Yes, you are correct. They did this before a couple of seasons ago when they announced the finalists one by one and had them come out and perform (which everyone hated). This is going to be the awful format they use every week from now on.

        • TD says:

          The eliminations on the same night–when AI goes to once a week–happens when they get to the top 12.

      • ben says:

        So, they will announce LIVE on Wednesday’s show who the eight are? All week, however, all 12 boys will be practicing like they made it. They certainly won’t have time to string it out like they’ve always done. This is crazy on so many levels. They will be housing and feeding 8 people who have already been eliminated. I feel sorry for the contestants. There has to be a feeling of impending doom throughout wherever it is they are staying. I mean, sure, they all know from the get-go there can be only one winner, but, there’s a lot to be said for being part of a group ALL of whom will be performing the following week, so there’s just the night of the performance to get through before the verdict. This sucks!!!

    • moonriver22 says:

      An hour is plenty of time if there weren’t so many commercials. For a 90 second performance, 12 guys takes 18 minutes. Add in 1 minute per person for judge comments (which is a lot) and you’re exactly at half an hour.

  12. sg54 says:

    Should stay: Clark(!!), Nick, Quentin, Rayvon, Savion
    Should leave: Trevor, Adam, Mark, Daniel (!!)
    Unfortunately Trevor and Daniel are probably here to stay based on social media.

    • Ben says:

      I’m sad by Trevor, but I actually believe in him and want him to stay. I think it’s inevitable that at least one African American dude goes – simply based on history – despite the fact they are all clearly in the top 8. On the basis of the poll above, perhaps the one that would go would be Savion.

      I hope the ones to go are Riley, Daniel, Adam and Michael. I could do without those four.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      I think you’re right on all fronts. But I’m hoping you’re wrong about that last one.

  13. Angela says:

    Quentin was definitely the best of the night. And I can agree on Qaasim and Nick, too. Rayvon and Mark were okay.

    Otherwise, everyone just seemed to be yelling or screaming their songs tonight and were awfully pitchy to me.

    • Jaszy says:

      Clark was essentially yelling his song. Didn’t like it at all. Never really liked him to begin with. And it was pitchy.
      Adam was yelling too, but at least he sang mostly in tune. Clark was all over the place.

      • Angela says:

        Ohhhhhhh, yeah, people were praising Clark and I was like, “…did I just hear an entirely different performance from everyone else, or…?” Very, very shouty. I agree that between the two I preferred Adam’s performance-he was clearly having fun, so that did help make it a little better.

        • Jaszy says:

          Yes! Definitely concur! However, Clark’s not going anywhere. The women go crazy over him too….eh…he’s not my cup of tea.

    • JMay says:

      The singing out of tune was there, but to me there seemed to be sound issues all over the place. Maybe it was the pace of the show or the venue.

  14. Jessamine says:

    I actually enjoyed tonight’s show and didn’t mind the pace. I liked the fact that there was no filler material and no irrelevant blather from the judges. There were a lot of good performances and some serious misfires, but no complete disasters. Trevor, Michael, Riley and Daniel should be the ones to go home, although Daniel performed much better than I expected.

  15. JM says:

    You mean there were other singers besides Clark and Quentin? I didn’t notice…

  16. James says:

    Power Ranking (my opinion based on tonight and other nights)
    1) Quentin Alexander
    2) Clark Beckham
    3) Rayvon Owen
    4) Savion Wright
    5) Michael Simeon
    6) Riley Bria
    7) Nick Fradiani
    8) Qaasim Middleton
    9) Daniel Seavey
    10) Mark Andrew
    11) Trevor Douglas
    12) Adam Ezegalian

  17. Craig says:

    Quentin was easily the best! I also thought Qaasim was entertaining. Nick sounded good and so did Rayvon, although I agree with J Lo that his facial expressions were inappropriate. Everyone else was either awful or a total snooze-fest!
    Sorry but Clark was way off at times and that ‘show-off’ note he held out forever sounded terrible! Trevor and Daniel were dreadful, but that’s nothing new as they have sucked this entire time and are only there for tweens. Savion sounded OK but he was boring as hell so he’s likely history after this week. Hilarious that there was this big uproar over him being eliminated early last season and he won’t even make it past the first week! lmao

    • BobL says:

      I’m glad somebody else heard that Clark was “way off at times.” I think you can infer from Harry’s comments that he heard it too. Clark has a pleasing voice and a lot of soul, but maybe he is lost when he’s not behind a keyboard. That performance tonight was just not very good. Yes, Qaasim was entertaining–much more so than the awful AND pathetic Trevor–but despite what JLo and sometimes Keith would have us believe, this really IS supposed to be a SINGING show. And Qaasim can’t sing.

      • sg54 says:

        I think and hope that Clark’s past performances can help him through, cuz darn that guy can give a good performance. every one up to this point in fact he has been amazing.

        • Puchinsmom says:

          I agree. I was a little disappointed with Clark tonight, and I’ve loved him up to now.Nick was great, and Quentin blew me AWAY! The look on his face, his voice, were just perfect! And Qaasim was super entertaining. And a lot of the other guys were ok, but boring.

      • Jaszy says:

        Yes, I’m so glad other people agree about how bad Clark was.

      • Ange Pitt says:

        Yes Qaasim is horrible. I hope he is cut, can’t stand to watch anymore. Quentin and Mark Andrew are by far the better singers.

    • Runner says:

      “but that’s nothing new as they have sucked this entire time” LOL. Indeed. Thank you for noticing how off Clark was tonight. I thought it was just me. I like him so much. But that did seem dreadful to my ears.

    • Lemon says:

      Clark was definitely off. I was surprised. I haven’t heard it in any of his other performances. I hope he gets that worked out.

    • Dan Levin says:

      wow, its like we heard diferent shows, clark was amazing , very solful

  18. Kent says:

    My top 4 would have to be Rayvon, Quentin, Nick and Clark. They all killed it and I just think a lot of the younger contestants (Daniel, Riley and Trevor) simply aren’t experienced enough or ready for this big of a competition. I just hope america agrees and sees this.

  19. marie says:

    Quentin’s performance was spellbinding. Also really enjoyed Qaasim: what a showman. Daniel looks really out of place among the grownups, and yes, that song was really inappropriate for a young kid like him. And, yes, trim the fat, Idol, but that was WAY too rushed. It’s an excellent judging panel; why waste them?

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Up-vote to all of this. The people at FOX never seem to know how to schedule. I knew from the get-go that Backstrom was gonna flop, so I wish they had put Empire on Thursday nights and given Idol the full two hours it needed to do Ryan, the judges, and these 12 singers justice.

    • Jill Moy says:

      Excellent judging panel???.DON’T MAKE US ALL LAUGH! Some of the boys and girls they put through are terrible!

  20. Kaba says:

    Quentin, that’s all that needs to be said.
    He better win >:)
    Love that dude.
    Qaasim is dope as well.

  21. Despite his choppy singing, Daniel will win the little girl/grandma vote. Trevor was great during Hollywood Week, but pretty much blew that out of the water and will go home. Adam was solid, but not so special as to win votes. Despite the majority of his performance, Riley wowed me with some vocal ability near the end of the song, plus he will get the country vote. So, it comes down to Mark, Savion, and Rayvon. Mark goes home, and I’m betting on Rayvon going also. People will remember Savion coming back, and that will get him some extra votes. Quentin was easily the best of the night with Clark coming in second. Nick sang to the best of his ability and will probably stay for two more weeks before he is dumped, and Qaasim, while performing well, will have to be just a little more solid vocally to stay in the game.

    • JustyB says:

      Nick sang to the best of his ability? Nick sang circles around everyone else. He is radio-ready, the whole package!

      • He Is ready. He is polished, and sounded good. But he is not going to get any better than he did at that moment. So, the issue is, where does he go from here. And that is mostly down. He is a good singer, and with good songs he will make a nice career out of singing. But I don’t see him achieving the heights of fame and fortune.

    • marie says:

      Not sure just when or why this “grandma” paradigm began, but let me say this: I’m not a grandmother, but I am a grand-aunt so of that age (63 soon). I have absolutely zero interest in listening to or watching young kids perform (unless it’s my grandnephew, of course!). No other women of my age that I know enjoy this, either; for the most part, we are NOT a bunch of elderly grannies who want to pinch little boys’ cheeks or find them irresistibly adorable. On the contrary, with very few exceptions – Allison Iraheta, notably – I’ve been one who over the years has wished Idol would actually raise the minimum age to 18 or even older (won’t happen, but I’d love it to). Little kids may be cute, but for adults, they’re just not very entertaining. It’s rather insulting to be lumped in with “little girls” as far as taste goes.

      • PeaceMaker says:


      • lily says:

        I’m with you, Marie. I’m almost 62 and am bored to death by those little kids. I loved Quentin, thought Qaasim was fun, and thought everyone else was unmemorable at best.

      • Puchinsmom says:

        Hey marie! I’ll be 65 in April, and I AGREE. I like some kids when they are exceptionally talented, like Allison and Jessica Sanchez, but just because of the voices. I don’t vote for cute or beauty. I vote talent and entertainment. GO Quentin and Nick !!!!

        • marie says:

          Yes, Puchinsmom, I agree. It almost seems some folks think that when we get to be “a certain age,” as they say, we REGRESS in some way to childhood and revert to being captivated by children. Nothing could be further from the truth. The original remark above that prodded my first comment seems to imply that “grandmas” are in some way actually attracted to young boys in a way similar to the way tween girls are, or are at least attracted enough to find them “cute”. Blech! I’m SO sick of that “grandmas vote for the cute little boys on Idol” misconception.

      • Jill Moy says:

        You are very wise Marie!

  22. DAG says:

    Quentin reminded me of Adam Lambert.

    • Shazza says:

      YESS! I thought that too! Reminded me a little of Adam singing “RIng of Fire” kind of WTF weird, creepy & awesome.

      • marie says:

        I can see that. I was wowed by both of those performances. Quentin really surprised me last night: he was riveting. Can’t wait to see what he does next (assuming he stays, which I think will happen).

  23. John says:

    Quentin…wow. That was amazing from start to finish. And Nick nailed it. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I thought Qaasim suffered vocally for the sake of his dancing.

    • Mary says:

      I agree with you, but the truth is I found him entertaining so I hope he stays and maybe he can work on that. I found a lot of the guys were off this week, so I am given a pass for first week jitters. Now if they are like that next week, all bets are off. I want someone who can sing first, the entertainment portion can follow.

  24. Good Job Guys says:

    I really hope Trevor, Daniel, Adam, and Michael go home. I thought Clark sounded a little off tune, but I still love him. Nick was great, Quentin’s performance was awesome, and this is the first time I felt like Qaasim actually pulled it together (there’s high energy, and then there’s spazz, this is the first performance that he managed the first group rather than the second.)

  25. Runner says:

    I guess I’m in the minority on this board, but I really loved Qaasim and Nick. And I was really disappointed in Clark and Rayvon – and before this show I thought at the very least they would sing in tune.

    Michael and Melinda, can you add another rule to list of “Things Not to Do.” Right, under don’t sing Whitney Houston – add: If you can’t dance AND sing, don’t friggin’ dance AND sing. Thank you.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      and don’t sing Michael Bolton songs and punctuate it with soulful stares into the camera. Easily the cheesiest performance of the night, and I kind of liked Michael going in. And a full season of Adam will make me want to do a swan dive off of Caleb mountain onto the cement.

  26. SMS says:

    Oh man…I want Adam to stay..I really liked Quentin & Qaasim but I always like someone a little “rocky” (rock & roll) just to keep things interesting & lively.

  27. Jaszy says:

    Nick- Really like this dude. He reminds me of Daniel Powter, not Daniel’s voice, but just the vibe I get. This is the type of music I picture Nick singing.
    Young Daniel performed this song earlier in Hollywood Week and he needs to take notes. I know Daniel only had his guitar, but I feel that if Nick just had his guitar he would perform it 100x better.
    This was a really great performance! This is who you should vote for.
    Good job, NICK!
    I agree with Jennifer, it was one of the best of the night.

  28. Lemon says:

    Quentin is just….everything. I was blown away by his HOB performance, which sounded like a recording, but tonight’s performance was a jaw dropper. Keith’s Grammy comment sounded like prescience.

  29. dajudge says:

    Disappointing! Some ok performances but certainly didn’t see a star among them. Hopefully it was first night jitters otherwise it’s the women or nothing.

    • Timmah says:

      I thought they were all terrible. If it wasn’t nerves then this is going to be a long season.

    • Smokey says:

      I prefer girls/ladies in singing shows anyway. I think Nick was the best actual vocalist for the night. Hope the girls, collectively, can put together a better show than most of these skits tonight.

      • Jaszy says:

        I agree with you. I prefer the girls too….and I am a girl. YEAH! I just think the girls are always better than the boys overall, every season. Women are better singers…period. But if any boy/man makes it to the finale, I want it to be Nick.

  30. Scott says:

    Michael Bolton is not a good song choice. I don’t even remember Trevor Douglas. That can’t be good. The little kid makes me cringe. So those are the three I hope leave.

  31. Jaszy says:

    Riley – I’ve noticed that Riley tends to pick songs that don’t really allow him to showcase his energy. It seems lackadaisical. Something’s missing in his performances.

  32. Jaszy says:

    Qaasim – He’s a really good performer. He knows how to pick songs that get the crowd going. But I do want him to focus on his vocals a little bit more. Other than that, Qaasim’s good. Great way to close the night.
    Adam was a good opener, Qaasim was a great closer.

  33. Alyson says:

    I don’t like that we can vote. People vote on how someone looks, really cute, or where there from, home town

  34. Art says:

    How do you give Ravon a grade higher than than many others? His tone is great but his performance was plastic. I never got the impression he was singing THE song. He was just singing A song. I was much more entertained by Daniel, and several others than Ravon.
    On the plus side, all but Trevor’s, and maybe Micheal’s, performance were very good and there seems to be some great talent.

  35. Rachel says:

    i just loved Quentin’s performance and his voice is so sexy. Had me holding on to my chair. Good luck to you. Would love to see you win. Represent New Orleans

  36. LeahKittyS says:

    Based on tonight, I know who I want in the Top 12. Clark, Nick, Quentin, Rayvon, Savion, and the last spot can go to either Quaasim or Riley. Savion was a little disappointing, but I know he’s capable of better. I squeed inside when Clark and Rayvon hit their respective high notes, and Rayvon especially showed he can be contemporary. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s his age or his rock style, but there’s something about Nick that reminds me of Chris Daughtry. Quentin came out of nowhere! I was expecting him to be good, but not that good! So much for cannon fodder. As for Quaasim and Riley, they made up for in presence (and in Quaasim’s case, energy) what they lacked in perfect pitch.

    Biggest disappointment? Trevor. I liked him and wanted him to do well, but instead of getting better with each performance, he seems to be getting worse. What happened? I thought his voice was done changing. Not like Daniel, who is giving me too many Justin Bieber vibes for my comfort level. The sooner they send him home, the better. Everyone else bored me.

    I agree with the majority about the pacing of the show being too fast. The judges barely had time to talk, and in these first few live shows, their feedback is especially important. At least, that’s my opinion. And it seemed to put the singers and even Ryan on edge, too. Maybe they should call this “Rush Week.”

  37. Matthew B Lawler says:

    I local Fox station that broadcasts problems tonight and I lost signal after the first four performers all I can say is from what I saw I’m not that impressed yet for the season

  38. joseph says:

    The program is way rushed. the ratings will drop, and these kid need a chance.

  39. AlyB says:

    The 4 I didn’t vote for were Trevor, Michael, Adam and Daniel. I don’t mind Adam and he is fun but I like the rest of them more. Trevor was really interesting till tonight but he Just completely fell apart. I wouldn’t miss Michael or Daniel at all and just want them off the show. I don’t think Riley, Rayvon or Savion were particularly inspiring tonight but I want them to move forward as I think they’d bring a lot to the show. I like Mark and want to see him move on too. Quaasim isn’t the best singer but he’s quite a performer and should get a spot. Nick, Quentin & Clark are my favorites that I really want to see go deep in the competition. Loved the tight format and quick moving show. I could happily live without judges banter all season.

  40. Michael Johns says:

    I hope Clark, Nick, Rayvon, and Qaasim stay! I gotta say, for the first time in years, the boys have have my vote. The only interesting thing about the girls this year is Katherine Winston.

  41. George says:

    Rayvon gets an A- ? Seriously? You gave Chris Jamison’s version on The Voice the same grade, and his performance was way better.

  42. Laura says:

    I refuse to let Rayvon go home.. I might actually cry. People in trouble are Rliey, Adam, Micheal, Trevor, Mark and Daniel they can all go home especially Adam

  43. Simon says:

    I thought most of them sounded awful tonight. Maybe they couldn’t hear themselves or something. I thought only Clark and Quentin did a good job. Qaasim was at least entertaining. Riley and Nick were on key but do not interest me in the least. I’m a big fan of Savion and Trevor, but they both disappointed me tonight. I hope at least Savion gets another shot. I predict Mark, Michael, and Trevor will go home, but I have no idea who the last one will be. Maybe Adam?

  44. Smokey says:

    In terms of the actual smooth,with good, controlled vocal dynamics – –delivery of a well-chosen song — without going-off into some scream-note for effect……… It’s Nick that rises to the top tonight…………. If it’s about dancing, shaking, crowd-stirring hyper performances — then some of the others did better, whether they could carry a tune or not……….. Nick made no special impressions on me before, but he was clearly the class of the actual singing part of the show..

  45. M Tuazon says:

    I like Nick fradiani, we need more experience singer, Nick is the one. He got stage presence and good voice!

    • SillyOldGuy says:

      We need new blood … he’s pushing 30 … he’s had his youth .. . Other got her young … reward them!

      • JustyB says:

        Why reward them if they don’t deserve it? Nick is a class act. He isn’t here for a quick claim to fame. He knows about hard work and dedication. None of the ‘kids’ are all that impressive.

  46. Angie B says:

    Quentin is the most talented male in the competition. He has delivered every week. When I first heard him sing Riptide and it out shined the original, I knew he was the real deal. The others not so much, especially tonight! We were in shock at how terrible most of them sounded. Good thing Quentin came out and owned it, it made it all worth it.

  47. SillyOldGuy says:

    Only 2 I will remember … Quentin & Adam … make room for the girls … this is serious business!

  48. Temperance says:

    Hmmm. I hate rock, and Adam was pretty great. The crowd loved it (we still have strong rock roots here in Detroit). B+ Michael was good, but Michael Bolton is on the ‘Never Ever Sing Due to Death By Boring’ song list. B- (singing)/F (song). I also usually like Savion a lot of his version was terrible, cutting or deemphasizing everything great about the original – C (or lower). Mark nicely done, equally as instantly forgotten (bottom three). Trevor – I always forget who he is, but he (uncharacteristically) pulled a vocal boner this time out (bottom three). Clark – the front runner, it’s his contest to lose (A-). Rayvon – nice but too bland (B+). Daniel – I still don’t know why he’s there (bottom three). Riley – never fails to bore (C-). Quentin – The dark horse appears at best of the night, and the only one I’d buy today). Stunning (A). Nick was good, but didn’t sparkle (B+). Quassim – the clothes just hurt my soul instead of my eyes this time, but I loved the performance. A bit of funk is always fun (B+).

  49. christopher bee says:

    I thought all contestants but Nick had soundproblems (inear volumes not proper mixed against the crowd/ Room)) and coming from LA to Motown, a cold is almost a given thing.

  50. Evan says:

    Qaasim, Quentin, and Rayvon are three of my favorite five male competitors (along with Nick and Clark), but I’m afraid that there’s no way all three of them make it to next week. Idol has a terrible history of letting black male singers go far too soon. Putting it bluntly, America likes their cute white boys far too much.

    I’m thinking that even with the pimp spot, Qaasim might be outta luck.

    • Timmah says:

      There is some truth to what you’re saying. Of course, it’s even worse if you’re Asian or Hispanic, because then you likely won’t even get picked for the top 24.

      • WhatAmIWatching says:

        Unless you’re a small Asian girl with a big voice…then you’re practically guaranTEED a spot in the top 12!