Empire Recap: Break a Legacy

My fellow Americans, we received some devastating news this week, courtesy of Fox’s Empire: We are all just Boo-Boo Kitties, chasing our tails and kidding ourselves that we’ll ever keep it as real — or as tight — as Cookie Lyon.

I mean, try this one on for size: Ex-con Cookie walks into a celebrity soirée, spies her barely-legal rapper son with the fortysomething girlfriend he refers to as “Mama,” and begins throwing shade like a bamboo umbrella.

“I’m not one of your jailbird mates, OK?” huffs an unimpressed Camilla, the white-hot cougar (who happens to exist in the body of supermodel Naomi Campbell).

And here’s where Cookie teaches us the true meaning of next-level. She presses pause on the zingers about Camilla’s age (even though she’s pretty sure she might be the younger woman in this Oedipal troika). She doesn’t raise a hand. She barely raises her voice. Instead, she drops a retort so out-of-left-prison-field, there’s almost a Matrix-esque slowdown of space and time and the definition of human civility.

“I wish you were,” Cookie snarls. “You probably would’ve made a good bitch for me — you look like you got a long tongue.”

Mic dropped? Oh, fake-ass Lena Horne, THERE IS NO MIC!

But Taraji P. Henson’s alter-ego isn’t merely a quote-generating machine — although you can add “You want Cookie’s nookie? Ditch the bitch!” and “Well, what can you do, Yoko? Can you play the tambourine?” to the inevitable holiday checkout-aisle best-seller The Wit and Wisdom of Cookie Lyon. She is a mother, first and foremost — as we saw from her pre-verdict flashbacks all the way through present-day, wind-beneath-their-wings moments with her sons. She is a businesswoman — always and forever. And she is a lover — one who can go from playful to scornful in the time it takes Lucious to tell her he’s not only choosing to marry Anika, but he’s pushed up their wedding date, to boot.

But before this recap turns into “Cookie Weekly Appreciation Post No. 8” (“Too late!” you say), let me recap the action — because there was a lot of it in “The Lyon’s Roar”:

108Empire_ep108_scn25_0301_f_hires1TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET… NO MAS | Jamal tells Hakeem he’s considering staying in the closet — however much being closeted is possible with an equality-symbol tattoo on his forearm — at least until Lucious succumbs to his ALS. But then his dad goes and hires hot director Ryan to do a Lyon family documentary— and he and Jamal hit it off over drinks. “Do it for yourself. Do it for your daughter,” encourages the out-and-proud filmmaker, which prompts Jamal to go home and serenade his toddler daughter with a cover of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” that is beyond precious and proves that within a week or two of meeting his child, he’s already a better father than the man who once hurled him into a trash can. Suddenly, all of Jamal’s talks this season about authenticity and honesty begin to bear fruit at Empire’s White Party — especially after Lucious gives him a big speech about how he needs to “tell your truth in the music.” We know what’s coming next: Jamal gets up on the stage and performs his dad’s classic “You’re So Beautiful” — but tweaks to chorus to, “It’s the kind of song that makes a man love a man.” The crowd goes wild, and the elated looks on the faces of Jamal’s family — Andre, Hakeem, Cookie, even Vernon — cap off a two-Kleenex moment. Lucious, though, neck deep in his homophobia, cannot see the beauty that’s happening right in front of him. But the longer he clings to his disapproval, the more he risks losing Jamal’s love forever. I mean, the middle Lyon son has no shortage of support — as we see in a morning-after scene where Hakeem visits and tells him his performance was “the bravest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” It would be so easy for the show’s writers to define Jamal and Hakeem by their sibling rivalry, but instead, the genuine love and affection between them adds shading and tone, and makes for one of primetime’s most intriguingly nuanced relationships.

EmpireODD BROTHER OUT | In a brief but totally heartbreaking scene, Andre witnesses his parents and brothers reuniting in a recording booth — a stinging reminder he’s the only Lyon without “talent.” And so he and Vernon concoct a plan to get the Empire board to name him backup CEO (in the event something happens to Lucious). Andre targets a December-May couple — he’s a horny old dude in wheelchair (whose paralysis does not affect his P) and she’s got a penchant for the ladies — who control a crucial swing vote. “You know any hot blondes who like to use sex for power?” Andre asks his wife. But when they arrive for dinner, a drunken Rhonda winds up vomiting in her salad bowl — and later raging that she and Andre’s extracurricular games aren’t so fun when he’s trying to turn her into “a geriatric whore.” Even worse, when the board finally sits down, it’s Lucious who votes “No” to Andre’s plan — and the eldest Lyon son thinks it’s because his talent lies in making money, not in making music. Oh, but hold it now: Turns out Jamal isn’t the only child whose personal relationships are fair game for Lucious’ knee-jerk disapproval. Daddy Dearest says Andre lost his support, “the moment you brought that white woman into my house” and adds that he wants to “leave [Empire] to somebody who cares about my family — not someone trying to tear it apart.” Wait, what? Maybe there’s something in Lucious — having sacrificed Cookie to the prison system to build his business — that makes him sabotage his children’s romances? Whatever the case, it’s seriously twisted — and it ends with Andre in a studio, playing Russian roulette to the tune of “The Great Pretender,” then wailing in agony when fate decides that he gets to live another day. The show, to a large degree, has made Andre’s bipolar disorder a B plot for the first eight episodes, but Trai Byers performance here reminds us there is a lot more that can and should be explored.

EmpireLOVE AND MOTHER DISASTERS | The episode opens and closes with bruising flashbacks into Cookie’s past. The former finds her recalling the day of her drug conviction, as she said goodbye to Lucious and her boys in a courthouse hallway. We’re reminded here of just how young Hakeem was when Cookie went away — probably no more than two years — and it explains the bratty rapper keeping his mom at arm’s length. When Lucious agrees to let Cookie produce a legacy record, documentary and concert that will make him “immortal,” she’s finally able to figure out that her youngest child is like a Nick Jonas lyric — jealous of her relationship with Jamal. “I just know him better — that’s all,” Cookie says, and we can see in their subsequent interactions that the ice is melting — and that Camilla could very soon plunge through into the cold waters below. After Andre’s treachery and Jamal’s announcement, though, Lucious’ shiny, happy illusion gets shattered — because apparently runaway corporate ambition or speaking your truth about your sexual orientation are worse crimes than shooting Cookie’s cousin at close range in the head — and he calls off the legacy project. “The whole world knows,” Cookie pleads about Jamal revealing he’s gay. “No one cares. The world is still spinning!” But Lucious sees it all differently: “This is not a family. It’s a disgrace.” Cookie doesn’t have a saucy retort this time: Instead she picks up a framed photograph and reminisces about her time in an 8×8 concrete cell, where that same photo once hung by a piece of Scotch tape. “You’re so beautiful. I’ll still wait for you,” creaks this beaten-down woman, the slightest hint of a smile the only evidence of the proud, outspoken label exec we’ve come to know in the present day. We know, now, the legacy project was just a piece of a larger puzzle: One that, in the end, our protagonist hopes will be a whole portrait of herself and Lucious and Andre and Jamal and Hakeem staring up from the table and smiling. Oh, what a long journey Cookie has ahead of her!

108Empire_ep108_scn26_0580_f_hires1THINGS THAT MAKE YA GO “BOO?” | At the top of the hour, Cookie reminds Lucious he’s the only man she’s ever been with — but despite their night of passion, she’ll be “closed for business” ’til he dumps “fake-ass Halle Berry.” Anika, though, having witnessed Lucious with his “hand” in the “Cookie jar” confronts him at the office: She knows Lucious got her father to commit fraud on the health-clearance forms for his IPO, and if Mr. Anika’s Daddy falls, Anika reminds her fiancé that he’ll be doomed, too. And then she uses her leverage to get the wedding date pushed up to the weekend after the White Party. Cookie, though, having gotten the “Save the Date” (casually, not via U.S. mail) hunts down her rival and spills the intel that she’s had her way with Lucious again — this time in an Empire studio. “Congratulations,” smiles Cookie, adding a tablespoon of Kosher salt to Anika’s open wound. “You look pretty.” But Anika being No. 3 (with a bullet) on the Empire most bad-acts list — sorry, Lucious’ recent homicide and Cookie’s gang-style hit on a rival have them in the top slots no matter how much they make me laugh — does not take this news casually. Instead, she puts on her best red feather coat from the Big Bird Collection and rides to the home of Empire’s No. 1 rival, Billy Beretti. All I can say is Boo Boo Kitty better check her calendar to see how many lives she’s got left before pitting herself against Empire’s sole HBIC.

On that note, it’s your turn. What did you think of this week’s Empire? What were your fave Cookie zingers? How worried are we about Andre? Did you dig the Jamal-Ryan chemistry or do you miss Michael? And did you tear up after Jamal came out? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. abz says:

    Cookie was fantastic this episode (not that she isn’t in all of them). This may be my favourite episode so far. The showdown between Cookie and Camilla was more EPIC than I could have imagined. IT WAS AWESOME!!!
    The “white woman” comment Lucious made about Rhonda to Andre didn’t make much sense to me. Anika is mixed race with a white father and he has no problem being with her. It seemed like maybe there was something else Lucious wanted to say, but restrained himself Other than Rhonda, I don’t recall hearing any other character refer to Andre’s bipolar disorder. Does Lucious or his brothers even know Andre has a mental illness? Is that why he’s trying to sabotage him and not want him to take over as CEO but is using Rhonda as an excuse. Also kinda felt bad for Andre this week feeling like a black sheep. The actor is doing a great job. I hope they devote some more time to his relationship with Cookie. We’ve seen a lot of the relationships between her, Jamal and Hakeem, but he’s barely acknowledged by her sometimes.
    Jamal’s coming out was great. Loved the way it happened and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces (and the sourpuss face Lucious had on) was great. And I’m really liking that they’re fixing the relationship between Jamal and Hakeem. Loved when he sang ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ to his “daughter”. You’d think though that a rich family with an empire would order a paternity test the second the daughter was dropped off. Anyway, can’t wait to see Raven again (hopefully!). Seriously, you don’t have someone like Raven on for like only a minute, she deserves almost half an episode at least.
    I really like Hakeem, He can have some very mature moments on top of his brattiness. Although I think there has to be more to the reconciliation with Cookie than what was shown. That many years of anger and emotions doesn’t go away that fast. It takes time which even though I LOVE the show, it does move at such a rapid pace. They basically started and almost finished a legacy album and a video documentary and had a huge part set up in what like less than a week?

    • MLM says:

      yeah the fact that they haven’t done the paternity test kind of makes me think that it’s not really his daughter after all…. but that moment was the sweetest of Jamal with her!
      I’m sure Raven will be back.
      I am not a fan of Hakeem, but he does have his moments. My favorite of his was when he told Jamal that his coming out was the bravest thing he’d ever seen. That was sweet.

  2. Annie says:

    “You look pretty.”

    That was the best delivery of FU that I’ve ever heard.

    I’m shocked that Fox let them get away with the long tongue line, but I’m glad that it was left in the script.

    I love Hakeem and Jamal’s relationship. It is the best relationship on the show. Those two are great together.

    Andre’s storyline is very compelling, and very sad. I wish that they had more time to develop it, as well as some of the other stories.

    Speaking of more time, I wish we had an outside view of what’s happening with Jamal and Hakeem’s careers. I want more than a few lines about how well they are doing. I think that would have established a good reason for why Jamal felt strong enough to come out like he did. I loved the fact that both Hakeem and Andre saluted Jamal. That was so sweet.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Yeah, Annie Jamal coming out and in fine fashion after his father again flipped his mom upside the head a good slap in the face to daddy dearest who is harboring more resentment than I thought. But the other bomb of the night that long tongue line, wow. I sat straight up in my chair on that one it was vicious but that’s how a lioness kills her prey either neck snapping or strangling them to death she was in go for juggler mode on that one…dam..lol

    • The Beach says:

      The only thing better than “You look pretty” would have been a “Well, bless your heart” :-)

  3. Grace331 says:

    Wow. Give Trai Byers performer of the week! Amazing performance! Of course Taraji is always impeccable but the talented acting of all the cast really is amazing. While it may be a soap opera I’m amazed each week at the level of acting brought by each and every performer on the show. Kudos!!!!!

    • Anon46 says:

      Yes, he did finally come through and show some real humanity. His russian roulette grabbed at my heartstrings. He showed his pain with his expressions & eyes, words weren’t needed. I wanted him to blast Lucious when he threw his wife in his face. Why didn’t he mention before that he wouldn’t give the company to Andre because of Rhonda?

  4. Sarita Polk says:

    This is an amazing project it opens up the mind of the ignorant, we have st8 life, gay life and even men that are on the dl, we live in a world that just happens to be all walks of life I amend cookie for allowing and opening up doors for young black men, to allow them the opportunity to see another side of life, considering our streets here in chicago needs motivation, sense of direction, love, faith, hope and dignity, we need a praying family we need to continue to reach out to our young black men rather their st8 or not love is always to be taught and should be received unconditionally. Mr Howard you are a Genius I thank u for expression the homophobic side because their are men that grew up in family as kids that felt unloved due to their sexual preference its a lot of dads out their that neglects their sons because of this lifestyle, you brought awareness to the blind. Empire gets 10stars.

  5. itsafysel says:

    I LOVED this episode.hakeem and jamal’s relationship is so cute to watch,love them.cookie reading camilla for filth was everything.poor rhonda,I think she’s pregnant and feels that andre is just using her.
    Lucious is soo annoying ughh!!the things he says to his sons are so bad.
    And that final Andre scene with a gun was so good,I had goosebumps,his screams were amazing.that scene was perfection,the guy who plays andre deserves performer of the week.
    Plus jamal and his daughter were so cute.I would give this episode a 10.

  6. Robert says:

    Luscious is disgusting in his homophobia and racism! Like ABZ said , Lucious apparently has no problem marrying a woman with a white father, and she is a very light skin woman, who skin tone is not far from Rhonda’s. I love that Jamal found the courage to come out against such a powerful, controlling parent.

    • William says:

      I believe you’re mistaking racism with prejudice/colorism. It isn’t possible for black bodies to be “racist” as the subject concerns a system of power that we don’t benefit from. Racism involves an institutional force elevating one race as a means of subordinating the other. There has yet to be a time where black people outrank white people in society. As a result, black bodies are more susceptible to behaviours related to prejudice.

      • Anon46 says:

        I’m Black and I can’t stand people saying we can’t be racist! What if Rhonda were Asian or Mexican or Other? Would the comment then not be racist? Prejudice & bias are part in parcel with racism.

        • William says:

          Just because prejudice is embedded in racism doesn’t mean that the two concepts are synonymous. Like I said before, racism is a power system in which one race exerts force to maintain a superior status, which in turn allows them to oppress another race. It’s more than just insults. Lucious can’t benefit from a social structure that doesn’t cater to him. He’s displaying prejudice if anything because it involves a behavioral attitude that lacks foundation.

          • Adelele says:

            No that is not what racism is. Racism is the belief that all members of a race has certain characteristics that makes them inferior. It has absolutely nothing to do with any system of power. That is a canard that has been used by some black people to excuse their racism and bigotry.

        • pauladuffy says:

          Ah yes, as pointed out this week by Zendaya to Giuliana Rancic. Bias, even unconscious bias is intertwined with racism.

        • Adelele says:

          You are correct. Black people can be just as racist as anyone else.

          • Yanez says:

            Adelele, you are wrong and William is correct. Racism is all about the power structure. Minorities can harbor prejudice when it comes to themselves and other races. Racism is what William described.

          • jazzyt2u says:

            Race scholars Howard Winant and Michael Omi define racism as a way of representing or describing race that “creates or reproduces structures of domination based on essentialist categories of race.”

            We can be bigots but until we have the ability to have power to implement stuff we can’t be racist.

        • Adelele says:

          I hope someone is keeping a record of Cookie’s zingers.

      • TigerLIL says:

        You can bark if you want William is correct on his assessment that racism is a power control structure that has a superior race component which that allows one race to control every aspect of the life activities of the subordinate race. it’s like a social engineering process and although it brings in a color in this case as a component it is not necessary for it to exist it can occur between people of the same color and sometimes the same ethnic make-up but there is some component that separates them like it was in Nazi Germany with religion. JMO.. but based on study and research of the subject matte too check out Dr. Neely compensatory code book he did some great research on it in the 60’s.

      • Bird says:

        You’re talking about oppression I assume because that is not the definition of racism.

        From Webster’s Merriam Dictionary:

        a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

        Lucious clearly thinks that white girls are inherently evil and he doesn’t think that black folks can be assimilated into mainstream American culture. I can list a thousand examples to counter his beliefs. If a black person judges another racial group with a sweeping generalization then they are racist.

        • TigerLIL says:

          Bird I disagree with you, that Lucius comments makes him a racist it makes him prejudice but not a racist. Blacks in this country don’t have the power to practice racism but I’m going to qualify my point. In the US Blacks are an oppressed people and other groups are targeted as well but that was not what I’m talking about when I made the Germany Nazi Regime comparison

          Let me see if I can clear it up for you oppression is prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control and the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control any group can be oppressed given these factor but the key work is prolonged treatment we know things changed for Jews after WW2.

          Now while Lucius has some heartburn about his son marrying a white girl and bringing her into his family unit it is not based on him being a racist because he cannot produce the social, economic and political components needed for him to exact power over his belief on another group of people, or the wife for sure.

          Therefore I have to conclude that what Lucius is practicing is a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience that marring a white girl is poisoning his hood family line so to speak and thus his son desires to be accepted by the dominate culture rather than his family makes him untrustworthy as to the preservation of the Lucius family enterprise, the way I read it. You are correct that there are many examples that can counter his belief but some people actually agree with him on the point. Any way on this platform its hard to explain the entire context of what I”m talking about so until I put up my blog kinda have to leave it at JMO…thanks for your comments I welcome them with open thought.

          • Yo says:

            I’m not sure Lucius is racist yet though odds are he is(that fool didn’t have a company when he put Jamal in trashcan)…I say this only because he’s discouraged all his sons romantic lives. Almost like he wants them to love themselves above all else. And if you’re taking over the family business that becomes a part of you, so it’ll come first too.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Robert to me here is what is so stupid about it too…you with BOO BOO Kitty because you want to be excepted in the power corporate structure then you gonna harbor some heart burn cause you son wants the same-thing. I guess mulatto is alright but white ain’t gonna cut it that dude need to kick rocks…

  7. relaxxx says:

    Michael S. Your recaps r just as entertaining as the show. This was an awesome episode filled with gumminess! Andre/Trai was amazing. I was like wtf is he doing in that booth! He’s slowly cracking. I loved Hakeem this episode. His walls are coming down n when he called Cookie Mom…..sniffles! Jamal and Cookie just stole the show tonight. Jamal n his daughter was just so cute and endearing. Cookie read Camilla and Anika like books. Cookie was epic. Jamal coming out n Lucious face….he looked like someone kicked his dog. Just a fantastic episode as usual. Well acted, written and directed. The music was wonderful. I’m going to watch this at least 3 more times this week.

  8. flowerduh says:

    Loved! Loved! LOVED this episode! The scene that had me laughing was when Rhonda and Andre went to the house of one of the board members. And the old dude was trying to convince Rhonda that he still can get an erection with Viagra! AND on cue you just threw up in her salad bowl! Classic.

    Also (and I know this may sound a bit superficial) but the fashion on Empire is phenomenal! The clothes the cast wore at the white party were NICE! Not just at the party but I must say whoever dresses the cast members has a great eye for fashion…..I’m jealous.

    I can’t wait to see how the writers are going to flesh out Andres character a little more. Personally I think he’s the most intriguing character on the show. It can’t be easy coming from a musically talented family and you don’t know how to relate to the other members of your family on that level.

    • i just love that cookie she’s a go getter,and that exhusband need to stop playing cause cookie is the best thing going for the whole family.i love all of yall and can’t wait to buy the whole Empire movie ,session 123456all

    • TigerLIL says:

      Oh the fashion was simply off the hook I mean the guys and the dolls was slamming they are doing a great job on that one

  9. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:
    Attention ‘Empire’ fans! The following is a recap of ‘Empire’ episode 1.08 – “The Lyon’s Roar,” courtesy of TV Line:

  10. TigerLIL says:

    Now that my friends was a hell of a review, Michael Slezak you hit the nail on the head and with any hard object to boot. Wow what an episode. I was so jacked up last night I want to break out a can of whoop ass myself so lets get right in the mix. It started out with the “Ultimate Player” Lucius showing how he had just duped the “Ultimate Hustler” and let the games begin. For the Alpha female mistakes are rare. Last week Lucius totally disarmed the lioness not with the I’m taking my ball and going home move but the ball game is over move. She took a slip on that one. She gave up her ace card using her high card to cut a low book instead of holding it to top a king. She still is holding both jokers though. Then she went for the reset, with the legacy family album idea which had her ready for the win in the next hand. That is until BOO BOO Kitty finally got some intelligence she could utilized. In reactionary mode as usual she overplayed her hand by using both her trump cards at the same time to cut some low books Poor child, she needs a reboot at the game school and quick. Lucius ever the ultimate player pulled the ultimate ruse better than the fake tank set up on D-day in WW2 and did the shake and bake right on over to the Cookie jar for another round of chocolate chip keeping both lioness in the pride.

    The white party turned out the be the ultimate nuclear blast though as it was reeked with IED explosives and land minds to boot, a hell-fire missile mess. Cookie was the Adolf Hitler of the night as she used some Nazi style blitzkrieg action to flat-line both the cougar and the young lioness giving them a tongue lashing the likes neither has ever seen. After learning the news that Lucius planned to move forward and in a hurry with the marriage, she went stealth. She droned down and scoop up the potential new misses and dropped a smart bomb on her with the knowledge that she had waxed her man again on the work site just last night letting her know I’ll take him anywhere and everywhere you think you got status. But that wasn’t the tactical move of the night, the dominate lioness in the pride went into roar mode to protect her young from a veteran cougar and Cookie went into jaw crushing, neck snapping mode on her prey as she looked to strangle that cougar to death with the one liner of the night. She told the cougar she would have made the ultimate prison bitch for her the Ultimate Hustler turned pimp because of her potential asset of a great long tongue. I nearly fell out the chair.

    Now back to the question at hand, BOO BOO Kitty wounded and bleeding profusely went into shock mode over a man she can’t control, runs out and does the fool. Now without gathering one shred of evidence that a dip in the Cookie jar even took place she turns up at Billy Barietti’s place to even the score. She collaborates with her mans enemy to broom stick the ultimate player who she is trying to get to sweep her off her feet and into the power game and commits the ultimate street game no, no; hobnobbing with the rival.

    Flash forward to next week’s episode and out of nowhere the spy who loves me whom I believe is Cookie’s assistant and who Kitty tried to proposition gets to play double agent and drops some in tell on Cookie that allows her to out the fake ass Holly Berry and Kitty winds up Russian roulette-n her dam self leaving only one queen lioness at the top of the food chain, the THBIC i.e. the Cookie monsters, oh what a night… you gotta love this show its entertainment to the what in the hell degree, can’t wait for next week when another smart bomb explodes! People it’s about keeping all hands on deck and eyes on the prize.. Loving The Empire and …LMAO

  11. Consuela says:

    I love Cookie. She is the ish. The way she tore down Camilla and Boo Boo Kitty was too good for words. That being said Taraji’s performance was not the standout for me this week, Trai Bryers’ was. Andre had such short yet powerful scenes. I usually don’t think too much about him but I couldn’t stop focusing on him last night. Bryers’ really is an amazing actor.

    Now there is no way I can comment without mentioning anything about my second favorite character Jamal (the first being Cookie). I LOVE THE IDEA OF HIM AND RYAN!!!! I SHIP THEM💙!! I love how he took Lucious’ advice and told his truth through music while simultaneously giving an eff you to Lucious by using his song and words against him. Lucious is so closed minded and really needs to get with the times. Oh and the scene at the end with Hakeem giving brotherly love to Jamal had me tearing up. So adorable (so was Jamal singing to his daughter. Too cute.).

    • TigerLIL says:

      Yeah Jamal’s words were the verbal smack down of the night and don’t forget Jamal doesn’t want his father anywhere near his mother he was reeked with shock when he found out they had been knocking boots, he smoked daddy dearest with one shot to the dome…dam

  12. liame says:

    I’m so happy this show is in my life, please never leave me.

  13. bizmooner says:

    Empire is the most amazing, exciting, entertaining and addicting show that I’ve ever watched! The talented actors, music, storylines, characters, unpredictability, performances and Cookie’s one liners makes this series TBE “The Best Evet”

  14. Adelele says:

    If only some of these writers can hurry on over to Scandal!

  15. tatou says:

    The actor who plays Andre should be performer of the week. The show was great, but his performance was mesmerizing! Great job to the cast and crew.

  16. Das Snow says:

    Anika: is black. Yeah she has a white father and is so light skin. But here is the rule created during the time of slavey. In order for slave owners to not claim their half breed kids they made up the rule: one drop, one drop of black blood is basically equal to being a native born African. In black culture that rule still applies. In Lucious’s eyes Anika is black and Andre’s wife well she just white.
    Inherited psychology basically we should be passed us but we’re not.

  17. Dana A.Whatley says:

    At the beginning of this episode it looked like Lucious had everything going his way. Legacy album and his family starting to become one as they say one big happy family. By the end of the show his world fell a part. His gay son came out against his wishes. He had to hurt his oldest son and he’s being blackmailed by boo boo kitty keeping him from the love of his life. And lastly he no longer trust his best friend the man he has depended on all his life.

  18. MLM says:

    This is my favorite episode and they just keep getting better and better with each show. Cookie is hilarious! I love all her nicknames for Anika (and Camilla!). I do miss Michael, though I can see how he wasn’t right for Jamal, he was really sweet and cute. I’m pretty worried about Andre, but I don’t really like his character much. Or his wife, Rhonda. ew. And I cheered when Jamal came out – good for him!!!

  19. MLM says:

    Oh! Almost forgot – my favorite (ok ONE of my favorite moments from this episode, there were so many!) was when Jamal and his little girl were singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight together!!!!! so much cuteness!

  20. Adelele says:


    As one poster has pointed out Merriam Webster disagrees with you and William. I will stick with Merriam Webster and Oxford authorities if you don’t mind.
    It it time that the old canard about racism being tired to a power structure by some people be retired. Black people can be just as racist and prejudice and bigoted as anyone else. Let’s not pretend that we can’t.

  21. Lovely says:

    I don’t get Luscious’ issue with Andre. He is very talented but in a different way… So what he doesn’t sing or rap he did something neither of the other brothers did and that’s get a masters degree in business. He’s more than qualified to run the company. Why isn’t Luscious proud of him? Is he that stupid to not understand that there is more than just one way to be talented? Someone can be a great musician doesn’t necessarily mean they’d be a great CEO… Confused. The only thing I can understand is Luscious having a problem with Andre’s bipolar disorder… Which could cause major issues for the company. The whole “you bought home a white woman” thing… Again, Luscious your fiancé is half white herself so…

    The only son Luscious doesn’t seem to dislike is Hakeem… Who is very immature and FAR from being able to run the company.

    Boo Boo Kitty knew Luscious would end up screwing Cookie again. She should have just played her position, made him marry her and waited it out until he died. I know… Sounds cold. But that’s what a smart chick who’s playing a long game would have done. Luscious is a dog and it’s been said he’s been cheating on her throughout their entire relationship.

  22. latavia lyons says:

    I love empire it is an amazing show and all the characters are doing a hell of a job its so good I go on demand and watch every episode over and over lol keep up the good work you guys are awesome and Jessy who cares about your sexuality in think and actor.should be able to play any role and play it so well That you forget the person real self and be drawn in to the character good job

  23. WOW, this show has my undivided attention on Wednesday nights. I live in Memphis tn. and everyone I know tunes in to Empire. Great work Mr. Daniels. I love my granddaughter, but when my show comes on SILENTS. I go on demand, and before I know it, I replay Empire about 10x. HOOKED.