Was Glee Transition Too Fast? How Is Jane Still a Virgin? Why So Sinister, Arrow? Team Liv or Fitz? And More Qs


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Glee, Jane the Virgin, The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Didn’t Coach Beiste’s transition on Glee happen rather quickly? And for all that is good and holy, weren’t you hoping that Mr. Schuester’s days of rapping were over?

2 | Were you as shocked as we were that Grimm‘s Juliette came out on top in the (rather well done) ‘Biestfight?

3 | Constantine fans: Given what we now know about Manny’s intentions, are you hoping even harder for a Season 2 renewal?

4 | Does the time travel and the resulting changing timelines on 12 Monkeys make your head hurt in the best way possible?

The Walking Dead5 | How much would you have liked to have seen the storm that was so powerful it left a Walking Dead zombie impaled and hanging from a tree?

6 | After his shacking up with a new lady while Girls‘ Hannah was away, we feel it’s time to ask again: Why in God’s name would anyone date Adam?

7 | Despite Cecily Strong’s short tenure as anchor, was it a dis to not to include her in the Weekend Update host montage during Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary special? Meanwhile, TVLine reader Josh notes that the all-star ensamble had on hand impressionists for Bill and Hillary, Barack and Michelle, Sarah Palin, Monica Lewinsky and even Linda Tripp, “and they didn’t do a big political sketch?” Lastly: What will SNL do for No. 50?!

8 | Would you be surprisingly devastated if The Originals killed off Jackson?

Jane the Virgin9 | Ummm… how is Jane still a virgin? C’mon, look at this guy. Also, is Sin Rostro’s plastic surgery business just a means of making it easier to recast the elusive criminal in case Bridget Reagan becomes unavailable? And do we really believe that Roman Zazo has a twin?

10 | Is Gotham’s Jim Gordon pretty much the drippiest boyfriend ever? (Thank goodness Lee has enough enthusiasm for the both of them!) Also: Has Barbara somehow become extra-sexy now that she’s down in the dumps?

11 | For a show like Sleepy Hollow, where people die and come back to life with stunning regularity, Henry’s death seemed rather… final, didn’t it?

12 | Castle’s Beckett is badass to be sure, but how did she, with one free hand, overpower Dr. Nieman and ultimately do her in across the room? And how would Rick’s meticulous plan have panned out had Amy not gone outside for a smoke and spied him in the woods?

Justified13 | This week, Justified, last week The Americans…. Does FX has a placement deal with Scrabble this winter? Also: Who holds their phone to their ear like this, with just two fingers? (We tried to recreate the pose and it’s precarious at best.)

14 | On Agent Carter, was that “warming” vest one of Stark’s most ill-conceived, poorly executed inventions ever? Can’t be unlocked, can’t be turned off, it “explosively” overheats…. Yikes!

15 | The fact that Mindy Project‘s Danny so desperately wants his child to be a boy practically guarantees that it’ll be a girl, right?

16 | Was it silly for New Girl to prolong Jess and Ryan’s relationship beyond the point of Julian Morris’ stay? We all knew it was coming, so why peg an entire episode to an off-screen, over-the-phone breakup?

17 | The best Evan moment from this week’s Fresh Off the Boat: His “Buddy” to overreaching Eddie, the “Raisins, raisins, they used to be grapes!” distraction, or the poker game freakout?

18 | Did any other Person of Interest fans audibly cheer in their living room when Root showed up to pop!-pop!-pop! the Samaritan goons outside the school?

Arrow19 | Why does Arrow‘s Oliver look so Lifetime-movie sinister in this flashback photo? Like, should we be concerned that Felicity thought he was “cute”? And no, the fingerprint reader wouldn’t necessarily have taken Oliver off the system, but wouldn’t it flag that a “dead” employee accessed it?

20 | After this typo, did the Empire production office find itself ducking flying cell phones? EmpireDid Anika cross a line by drugging Elle? Has nobody in the Lyon fam ever heard of a paternity test? Finally, what happened to the guy Cookie ordered a hit on? Surely, that’s got to come back and bite her in that ass she likes to show off!

21 | Given the lack of Derek on Grey’s Anatomy this season, seems pretty obvious that one of the perks of Patrick Dempsey’s new two-year deal was a drastically reduced workload, right? Also, how can we help Amelia with Dr. Herman’s surgery? Because Funny Geena Davis must be kept around! (When she jokingly propositioned Owen, didn’t you — at least for a second — think, “Oh yeah, that would work”?)

22 | Are you relieved that Scandal‘s preposterous, potentially shark-jumping Olivia-Pope-up-for-auction plot is over? Also:

23 | Given the clumsy acting the How to Get Away With Murder kids put on in front of Oliver — because you always kick off small talk by mentioning your friend’s drug problem — is it any small wonder they’ve yet to be fingered for Sam’s murder? Also, we’re just ceding the Emmy for Guest Actress in a Drama to Cicely Tyson, right?

24 | On The Big Bang Theory, was the idea behind putting Mrs. Wolowitz’s furniture in Stuart’s reopened store a way to give the characters another place to hang out besides Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment?

25 | How can The Odd Couple‘s Oscar possibly afford that swanky apartment (complete with a sports wall!) on a radio DJ’s salary? And is Matthew Perry too likeable to play the grouchy character?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!