Scandal Recap: War, What Is It Good For? Plus: Who Returned to Save Liv?

Scandal Stephen Returns Olivia Break Up

This week on ABC’s Scandal, after the initial deal for Olivia fell through, a second auction was held, with the Gladiators furiously in on the bidding. In the end, who claimed dibs on the most wanted woman? And who lost her perhaps forever?

Harken back to a recent time when Darby Stanchfield, who plays Abby, told TVLine that within these first four Season 4B episodes, there would be “the most freakin’ hugest surprise,” one that longtime fans — aka the OGs or original Gladiators — “are going to freak out over.”

And sure enough, there he stood. (Props to TVLine reader Wheelz for predicting it first.)

Because after Olivia craftily torpedoed the trade-off with Iran, by using her Farsi fluency to make both sides distrusting of the other, she went back on the block. This time, Huck, Quinn and Jake bid fast and furious, scaring even the likes of ISIS (!) away from the table. When bidding closed, “Marie Wallace” was tied with the Russians — and since Olivia has the worst poker face at the worst times, the lead goon decided to go with the Russkies.

Abby meanwhile gleaned that Cyrus had (begrudgingly, after having a most entertaining daydream about chewing out Fitz) allied with the CIA to have the threat to President Grant — we know her as Olivia — terminated, by lobbing a missile at her after she is handed to the Russians. Thankfully, CyrusScandal Stephen Returns Olivia Break Up despite his age has super peepers, because even on the grainy sat feed, he recognized the man representing the winning bidder.

Stephen freakin’ Finch (played by Season 1 cast member Henry Ian Cusick, now of The 100). Tracked down and summoned to the rescue by desperate Abby, who knew he was hanging in St. Petersburg these days.

Liv of course is glad to see Stephen, but first grabs one of his guys’ guns and puts a bullet into her tormenter. Later at a helipad, the onetime OPA colleagues had a warmer moment, where she even offered him his old office back. Stephen though declined, saying he’s happy where he is now. He then notes, “You saved me, and I never thought I.d have the chance to return the favor” — but in the end he did get that chance.

Once back home at her apartment, reunited with Fitz… things were not warm. They were heated — and not in that good, “one minute” kind of way.

Liv launches into a Shondalogue about all that she has done for him to support him, to protect him, to establish and shore up his forever-delicate presidency, and he then tarnishes it all by declaring war and putting soldiers’ lives at risk for her? For one person?! In short, Olivia is borderline disgusted, certainly disappointed, to the point that she lobs at him the ring Huck had just returned to her possession.

Yeesh, I get cheesed off when a gal doesn’t return my text quick enough. Fitz gets the brush-off after declaring war for his lady! #Perspective

Elsewhere in the episode:

* When Andrew made it clear to Mellie that if he is fated to never be POTUS, he’ll make damn she won’t ever claim the office either, the First Lady urged Elizabeth to “show some solidarity, sister” and silence Andrew. So Lizzie Bear pays Huck a visit and tasks her onetime torturer to “make him hurt.” One syringe and three rolls of Saran Wrap later, Andrew has stroked out, incapable of tellin’ anyone anything.

* Also, at one point when the Gladiators are desperate to waylay the Russian hand-off, Maya points Jake to Rowan’s hideaway at a lake, but that proves to be just a red herring for us, the viewers.

What did you think of the resolution of Olivia’s kidnapping/auction?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:
    Attention ‘Scandal’ fans! The following is a recap of Scandal 4.13 – “No More Blood” courtesy of TV Line:

  2. CC says:

    Shonda is crazy. Fitz went to war for Liv. He did anything to make sure Liv did not die and he is repaid by being yelled at and told how disappointing it is… WTF???

    • bradick says:

      Are you out of your mind?

    • Wee says:

      Exactly. He went to WAR. You do not go to war because of one woman. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You cannot endanger a whole country and it’s millions of inhabitants for the rescue of one woman. He has the whole world to think about. That is not romantic that’s obsessive and disgusting and unhealthy and I’m glad she was angry with him. She could do so so so much better.

      • Cheyenne says:

        She probably feels like she’s to blame for the 40 lives he sacrificed and that is not a good feeling. But you know she’ll end up going back to him.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        But if he had not gone to war, the show would have ended – they were going to kill her in 48 hours. The arc was written to not give Fitz much of a choice. He was damned if he didn’t (he let’s Olivia die) or damned if he did (go to war). Horrible arc and another plot device to keep them separated. But this time, I hope it’s Fitz who is strong enough to let Olivia go. I am tired of the writers portraying him so weak.

        • TrudiV says:

          He should have let her be killed. As someone said, ungrateful witch

          • Carm says:

            He should have let her be killed instead of trading many other lives for hers with his fictitious war.

          • Samara says:

            He should have let Liv die, Liv is not the witch here, she did not choose to have people die in her stead, this is all on Fitz, he is the evil, sadistic one who does not even realize how what he did is beyond disgusting.

          • @Samara….Liv absolutely shares the blame for Fitz’ decisions. She, Cyrus and Mellie are the reasons why he had the power to start a war. He shouldn’t even be in office.

          • Samara says:

            You are right, they were all too blinded by their love of power, that they didn’t realize Fitz had no business being in the WH.
            I guess at a certain point you start to blame the adults for a child’s foolish behavior.

        • Uyai says:

          you took this out of my mouth (brain). And seeing the promo for next week means she just goes back to handling cases (which is good) but then we are just supposed to forget soldiers died for absolutely nothing.

          • Adelele says:

            What is exactly about this? Do you not understand what you are saying? Here’s an idea for you:

            He could have gone to war and not one person died in the war; and then Fitz discovers that Mellie was behind it. And Fitz calls in Huck to give Mellie a lesson in not messing with his precious Olivia. At the start, she decides she wasn’t saying anything, but that soon falls apart once Huck starts to skin her alive while pouring in some salt.

            Or perhaps there should never been a no-win kidnapping plot in the first place.

            The point is – the plot was not written with her escaping – if it did she would not have dropped the gun. Woulda coulda is ridiculous to entertain. If every thing is a woulda coulda, then as several posters have said I coulda woulda that Tony Stark or Doctor Doom was the one that bought her.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Andrew was running the whole show behind the scenes and killing Olivia in 48 hours was not part of his agenda. He would have held her hostage as long as possible while forcing Fitz to undo every political move he had made during his second term, and after all that was completed to his satisfaction, then he would have had her killed. He would have dragged it out as long as possible until he secured the presidential nomination.

      • L says:

        The guy is just plain nuts and a terrible president. Can the next plotline be about his impeachment please?

        • Samara says:

          Worst President ever, and I was yelling the whole time, that how is it that Cyrus knows the right thing to do no-matter how difficult it was for him, but Fitz has no clue, he would rather the whole country be left exposed and vulnerable as long as Liv is saved…total BS.

          • Adrienne says:

            So he should have let them kill her or dismember her? What then would have happened to the show if she had died?

          • Lincoln says:

            They could have found another way to save her on the show that didnt involve killing a lot of innocent people

      • Uyai says:

        Right. but she an endanger the lives of over 20 SWAT members team for some stupid plan that even the daftest person on earth would know Rowan won’t fall for and go on ahead with her life like ants got killed… THAT, is the woman you think deserves better. You all have a sense of selective righteousness.

      • I agree completely, but I was so annoyed with her tirade. You can’t possibly claim to have any standing when, in the same breath where you condemn Fitz for sending soldiers to their deaths, you admit to fixing the election that put him in office in the first place. Although she may feel guilty about the soldiers’ deaths because they happened due to Fitz’ love for her(above his own country), the real reason that she shares culpability in their deaths is the rigging of an election which put him in that position in the first place. Olivia is delusional sometimes.

        • Sweetweeny says:

          So is Cyrus. In listening to his diatribe, he kept on saying “the things I’ve done to put you here and the sacrifices I have made”. Well, my take is that Fitz never asked you to do those things and make sacrifices for him. Fitz would have been happy being a “college professor at a small liberal arts college”. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of man that wants power, instead he wanted to do good.

          Cyrus, Olivia and Mellie knew what type of man Fitz was – Mellie even called him an idealistic fool and was upset with him because he did not want to lie about Amanda Tanner. How dare them get mad at Fitz when the “image” they imagined for him isn’t panning out. It’s like a parent trying to plan their kids life, making a bunch elaborate plans for their kid, sending him to the best colleges to someday be a doctor and becomes shocked and saddened when they find the kid wants is to be a musician. Fitz didn’t want any of this – it was his father, Cyrus, Olivia and Mellie that wanted it.

          • Samara says:

            Be that as it may, Fitz is in the WH now and there are no excuses for his terrible choices that endanger the nation, he is an adult with a ‘functioning sense of morality’.
            No matter how he got there, he is there now and it is his duty to protect the nation and to prioritize their best interests and safety.
            If he was ok with being a college professor, he should never have run for office.
            Olivia was justified in everything she said, he had no right to save her life over sending troops to their deaths.

          • Nathalie says:


    • Christine says:

      That’s it. I’m outta here.
      Thank goodness for Empire!

    • TAL says:

      Fitz is an ass. Liv wanted Ian to shoot her in the head rather than become a liability to the US. She did not want Fitz to go to war at all.

      • TrudiV says:

        She truly doesn’t know Fitz. She does not deserve the love Fitz has for her. She should have known that Fitz would move heaven and earth for her.
        But Fitz is an idiot. He should have let them kill her. He should just wash his hands of this stupid woman.

        • Cheyenne says:

          You’re kidding, right?
          What kind of president sacrifices 40 people’s lives to get his mistress back? And when she’s finally back, the first thing he wants to know is did they hurt her, meaning was she raped? He acts like she’s his property. I was totally Fitz/Olivia but she deserves better than him. Cyrus was right. He’s a spoiled child.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            I totally understood why Fitz asked Olivia was she raped. I also totally understood why Fitz asked Karen why she was raped. Remember, Mellie withheld from him for over 10 years that she was raped, and that ruined their marriage and relationship. Maybe Fitz wanted to let Karen and Olivia know that they don’t have to withhold the information – he saw what it did to Mellie and maybe he didn’t want it to do the same to Karen and Olivia. Remember, it was “the rape” the ruined the Grants marriage (according to the writers of the show).

          • TrudiV says:

            Olivia doesn’t deserve Fitz. He’s too good for her.
            What would have happened if he didn’t go to war and they had killed her? Do you think he would have been able to survive that? The man was backed into a corner with no alternatives. None of his assistants provided him with a workable solution. So tell me, what was he supposed to do? Allowed her to be killed?

          • Samara says:

            @TrudIV YES! He should have let them kill her.
            He survived the loss of his son, I’m sure he could have survived the loss of his mistress.

        • Sweetweeny says:

          Totally agree. I never thought I would type this – and it has taken me 3 seasons and 13 episodes to do it, but I am through with Olivia Pope. Her rationale made absolutely no sense whatsoever. She knew what type of man Fitz was – hell, he risked his Presidency flying her terrorist mother out of the country. He let slide the fact that her father killed his son. He needs to kick her to the curb and never look back.

          • TrudiV says:

            I agree. He needs to rid himself of her. What he should do is get some one to kidnap her ungrateful ass and this time let them kill her.

          • Anna says:

            Preach! For once and only this time, I’m with Fitz on this one. Sure, no president should ever launch a war to save his mistress, that’s what should be done from a moral and a political POV. However, notwithstanding the fact that when it comes to Liv, Fitz’s a man in love not POTUS, do people really think that politicians around the world haven’t made crazy decisions just for one person? Do we wanna delve into how the US secret services were involved in several coups d’état, just to overthrow one person and the collateral victims of such decisions? Give me a break! Besides, aren’t we talking about Scandal, a show where POTUS killed the chief judge of the Supreme Court? Could we all just get off our high horses?
            Liv’s being ungrateful, fickle as usual and kidding herself into thinking that she’s still wearing a white hat. I don’t like Olitz but this time, she could have given the guy a break instead of berating him for not living, acting or breathing up to her standards. How many times was he ready to give everything for her?
            Anyway, now that you’re driving Fitz crazy again, Livvie, I hope you’ll stay away from Jack too. He doesn’t need your seasonal tantrums.

          • Cheyenne says:

            You still don’t get it? As far as Fitz is concerned his love for Olivia and his willingness to give up everything for her trumps everything else. Olivia loves Fitz, but since day one she’s been working and loving more than just Fitz the man—she’s been riding and dying for Fitz as both MAN and IDEA, as a person and as the president she believed he could be. That’s all come crashing down in a big way.

            And that is the reason Olivia didn’t hurl herself into Fitz’s arms and hump him on the living room rug the minute he walked in the door. She finally realized, in the most painful way, that she sacrificed her integrity to put a man in the WH who doesn’t deserve to be there. Whether or not she still loves him, her ideal has been destroyed. And she has to live with that for the rest of her life.

          • Samara says:

            @Sweetweeny “He let slide the fact that her father killed his son”
            My point exactly, Fitz a weak human being, he loses all reason & logic when it comes to Liv. This is the reason I shut my door on Fitz this season, when he prioritized Liv over getting justice for his son. How can anyone love a man who prioritizes his mistress over the death of his son.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            @Cheyenne – Yes I get it. And as I said on a previous post, if she was so in love with the “President she wanted him to be” she would have never had the affair. Affairs, more so than wars, have taken down men. I am a long time Scandal watcher, and there was a time back in Season 2 when Fitz, being a much better written character, actually told Olivia no on certain situations – an example being the South American General case when he refused to give her what she wanted and he actually left Olivia (restaurant scene) over this case. By having an affair, Olivia has been compromising Fitz’s Presidency from day one and having him do stuff when it benefited her.

          • @ Cheyenne…a really great post. I would only add that Liv did more than sacrifice her integrity to get Fitz’ where he is. She has no right to hold someone to a standard that she doesn’t live up to herself and what she did to help him “win” that first election was almost as awful as anything that Fitz has done.

        • TAL says:

          Liv has to break up with Fitz now. She fetched $2 billion on the open market. There won’t be a price tag on her head any more if she ends her relationship with the President…Her relationship with Fitz has only put her in danger…

          • Sweetweeny says:

            She is never going to break up with Fitz – which drives me crazy. She gives these big long winded speeches, but the minute she needs something, he is the 1st person she calls.

        • Toni says:

          I totally agree I’m sick of her he has shown he is willing to give everything up for her and she’s the one that can’t handle it Fitz deserves better

        • Samara says:

          Yes Fitz can move heaven and earth all he wants for Liv as long as no innocent lives are lost needlessly just to save his mistress. His lack of remorse is wat nauseates me most. There’s no redeeming his character now, unless he resigns from office and hands himself over to the Police for his crimes.

          • Adrienne says:

            Mellie’s character was rewritten and redeemed. And people now think he’s the reincarnation of the virgin mother. Anything is possible with the foolish writers and plots on scandal.

          • Nathalie says:

            All character of Scandal deserve a jail cell for all the laws they have he broken. Why only Fitz?

        • Mary says:

          I know this is just a tv show, but I wonder how would you react if your husband/boyfriend/son was the one send to die because of a president´s mistress! Would you still applaude his “love”, his moving heaven and earth? Or would you yell at him and ask for his impeachement right away?!

          • Sweetweeny says:

            Flip the script and see how they would react if a loved one was taken hostage. I know those families would not mind a war being started to rescue their loved ones. People forget that even though the U.S. does not negotiate with terrorist, the rest of the world, including countries in Europe does. European countries have paid millions of dollars to terrorist to get their loved ones back. Japan was ready to pay the $20 million dollar ransom to get their citizen back. Also, i lived under the Reagan years – and when a U.S. party goers became casualties because of a terrorist bombing in a club in German, Reagan damn surely sent troops and bombing missions to Lebanon to avenge their deaths.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            @Mary. I see where you are coming from, but as another poster pointed out, WW1 was started over one man (the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand). Most wars are started over silly reasons. Look at our involvement in the Middle East – we were led to believe that there were weapons of Mass Destruction, which was a flat out lie. The show even alluded to the fact that G.W. went to war to avenge his father. Israel’s Prime MInister has just strong armed President Obama into a meeting – and mark my words, we will be having more involvement in the Middle East because of the ISIS threat.

            I took this storyline as fiction – nothing more, nothing less because the whole damn storyline was nonsensical to me. The VP actually staging a coup with all the Secret Service going against the President? I mean C’mon Son. And then, look how easy Cyrus put down the coup – the President fires the secret service and hires Navy Seals (of all people) to protect them – I mean really. Also, how did everyone on the Dark Net know about Olivia’s relationship with Fitz. Did Ian and the other Guy send them a text letting them know Olivia’s value? How was this done, especially since they did not know who was actually bidding on Olivia. So many questions and no answers.

            With the above said, the writers backed Fitz character into a corner. The writers wrote the story, wanting Fitz to declare war to heighten the tension. And what I really notice is that nobody is getting on Mellie for literally talking Fitz into the war. If you remember, Fitz whispered in Mellie’s ear that “I am going to kill Olivia Pope in 48 hours”. It was Mellie who told Fitz that she could not except all the heartache she endured because he was only chasing a skirt. She told him if you love her then you know what you have to do.

            Also, I’m not being flippant but 49 troops died in this so-called war that lasted about 5 days. Papa Pope killed about 20 SWAT team members in about 5 minutes – and not a word from anyone, including Olivia. Her Mama is a terrorist who killed people who were suppose to fly her out of the country – still nothing. Sorry, I don’t put one life over another – I don’t put te 20 SWAT members who were slaughtered on a fictional street below 49 military troops who were killed in a fictional war. Tons of people have lost their lives senslessly on Scandal, starting with James – and to tell you the truth, the only death that struck me to the core was Jame’s death. Even before James – those three young programmers were killed during the Defiance arc.

            If I am going to suspend belief in most of all that happens on Scandal, I just decided to go all the way. Yeah, I roll my eyes alot because as a long time Scandal watcher, I have watched them retcon characters (especially Mellie), and do hatchet jobs on other characters (Fitz and Olivia). This was a 5 day war, and I hate to say it, it was yet another plot device to keep Olivia and Fitz away from each other. During the midseason finale many fans were upset that she choose “Jam in Vermont” and “Standing in the Sun” – they wanted her to choose herself. Notice, how she sent Jake home and refused to let him spend the night (even after going through a life changing emotional turmoil where you would lean on love ones during this time). She told Fitz, he didn’t save her, neither did Jake save her – as a matter of fact, she was kidnapped because of Fitz and on Jake’s watch. She got rid of Fitz and Jake in one fell swoop and now she is on her own.

        • Shannon says:

          He sent people to war knowing it wouldn’t get her back….only keep her alive and buy him some time. He used American soldiers- young kids- as currency. Any self respecting woman wouldn’t want a man to sacrifice other people for her. If he knew HER he would know that.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            Every time the military takes on a mission or goes on a rescue operation, they are sacrificing themselves for other people. We don’t know how many people have really died in trying to rescue American hostages from the Middle East because those missions, especially failures, are not made public. Back to fiction, when Jake attempted his rescue operation, he had about 20 members of a SWAT team, all ready to sacrifice themselves to save Olivia. I guess this didn’t bother people.

          • Mary says:

            My reply isn´t for you, Shannon, but for “Sweetweeny”, but since her text hasn´t the “reply” button – We, clearly, aren´t talking about the same thing! One thing is paying a ransom or send military on a mission to rescue hostages – another thing, very different, is start a war because of a mistress!
            And let me tell you I WOULD mind a war being started because of someone I care! Would I do everything possible to get them back? Surely! But I surely wouldn´t be able to live with myself knowing a war was started – neither would my someone!

      • Uyai says:

        No. Liv wanted Ian to shoot her in the head because she figured the deal was done and that Ian would have to kill her and so decided how she would want to die. She said this herself, but of course, you must watch the same show and imagine she said something else

    • Dmac says:

      You realize that is a bad thing. Many
      Innocent people could have died because of his obsession with Olivia.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        What about all those innocent people who died because of her terrorist mother (the three people in the plane when they were trying to fly her out of the country – as well as setting a bomb to go off) – or all those military men Rowan had killed outside of the restaurant. I swear, some viewers have very short memories.

        • TrudiV says:

          They have damaged memory when it comes to Fitz

          • Sweetweeny says:

            You noticed that too. Some fonts are going on and on about these service men, when a whole helleva lot of people, including all of those SWAT members were killed.

        • Uyai says:

          don’t forget the people her Bf (jake) killed including the father of her very own goddaughter but of course, Olivia has a right to go all righteous when weak Fitz goes to war. Incredulous.

        • Shannon says:

          Because those things weren’t done in her name??

          • Sweetweeny says:

            According to Papa Pope, everything he ever did was because of Olivia. He killed Jerry because Fitz took his child. But if things were not done in Olivia’s name, what about all the horrible things she did in Fitz’s name. He never agreed or gave them any indication that he wanted them to rig a national election. They did that on their own and rationalize how they have done things for him to get him elected and keep him in office. Why should Olivia and Cyrus be allowed to do things in Fitz name and rationalize it, but Olivia gets made when Fitz does something in her name. And I’ll go on record right now – I think it was a worse offense of Olivia and Cyrus rigging a national election than losing 49 service members. I really wanted Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie and Hollis to pay for Defiance – but of course Fitz bails them out by Killing Verna.

            Everyone on Scandal have done deplorable things, but I just believe that Fitz gets to much of the blame for other people’s actions. No one ever mentions Mellie’s implications in pushing Fitz to start this war. Everyone, except Fitz, gets to have clean hands after a deplorable act.

        • Anna says:

          @Sweetweeny: I like your posts because at least, you seem to have a good grasp of Realpolitik. Scandal might be a fiction but it’s a fiction which finds some of its inspiration from real life political and security events. Even ISIS was supposed to be bidding for Ms Pope and isn’t the Shining Path who allegedly helped Mary Wallace get on board for the auction, just saying! So for people to be outraged because he launched a war to save his mistress? Everyone should take a deep breath and open their history books again and I don’t mean, the fairy tales people love to kid themselves with. Tom summed it the best in making that comparison with the Trojan War. Geez, I’d have never thought that most Scandal viewers were that naive when it comes to what goes behind the scenes of foreign policy!
          I couldn’t care less about Cyrus and Olivia’s outcry!!! Too late for that and how hypocritical of them! Couldn’t care less if they’ve finally seen Fitz for what he is: a very often weak man, put in a position where he has to make difficult decisions and not being allowed to any mistake!
          Olivia Pope’s a hypocrite and ungrateful person. She damn well knows that Fitz was right to ask about her being raped. Not because of Mellie or Karen but because any sound person who knows a tiny bit about international security issues, also knows that rape is the first and main weapon used by terrorists and armed rebels to damage women, instead of killing them. Does Olivia seem disturbed or unable to sleep because of the death of dozens of people who die because of her: Jerry, SWAT team members, plane’s pilots? Give me a break!

          • Adelele says:

            @Anna and Sweetweeny

            Brilliant posts! I am now beginning to realize why the writers of Scandal can get away with writing such dreadful plots over and over and over again. If more viewers were like you, they would have cleaned up their act a long time ago.

          • Nathalie says:

            All character of Scandal deserve a jail cell for all the laws they have he broken. Why only Fitz?

          • Nathalie says:

            Fitz is not weak. But kind , naive, idealistic, and dedicate

    • Josh says:

      Yes Olivia is going to swoon at the thought of innocent people dying because of her. That’s Olivia.//

    • Absurdist says:

      I’ll ask it for myself: Are you out of your mind?

      He is the PRESIDENT of the United States. His WIFE, the one he’s been cheating on with Olivia, has been going to meet the coffins of SERVICEMEN who DIED protecting the PRESIDENT’S PERSONAL INTERESTS.

      That is NOT what a PRESIDENT does. The PRESIDENT places the welfare of his COUNTRY ahead of his PERSONAL INTERESTS. To do otherwise makes him a DESPOT.

      At least three PERFECTLY VALID cases were made as to why Fitz should have let Olivia die, and over the past three episodes Olivia has been fully aware that Fitz should have cut her loose as soon as he found out she was gone.

      Did she not bet Ian that Fitz WOULD NOT GO TO WAR OVER HER? Yeah, she did. AND HE DID IT ANYWAY.

      WHAT FITZ DID IS NOT WHAT A PRESIDENT DOES. It’s what a stupid teenager with a crush and absolutely no sense of the bigger picture does.

      THE INTERESTS OF THE NATION HAVE TO COME FIRST. Even Olivia knows that. That’s why she was devoting so much energy to trying to save herself, so that Fitz wouldn’t be in the position to feel he “had” to.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        Did you forget the little fact that it was his wife who told him to go to war. At the beginning Fitz was going to let Liv die. He told Mellie “in 48 hours I am going to Kill Olivia Pope” and it was Mellie who told him to go to war – so what type of President is Mellie going to make – because the writers a clearly moving in that direction.

        • Absurdist says:

          Mellie said no such thing. She said “You know what you have to do.”

          • Cheyenne says:

            Thank you for setting that straight. People seem to be re-inventing the script to fit their own agendas.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            Listen to the whole conversation. She told Fitz that she didn’t want to accept the fact that Olivia was nothing more than him chasing a skirt and if you really love her then “you know what you have to do” – which is go to war.

      • arial2 says:

        When you say “interests of the nation have come first” are you referring to Wall Street interests or the Constitution? The only “values” most wars are about are stock values, not moral values. :(

      • Nathalie says:

        I hope Olivia will stay away from Fitz because he is so bad. Olivia go marry Jake or another guy, and leave Fitz alone please.

    • Samara says:

      You are the crazy you think Liv’s life is worth 40+ lost lives…I’m glad Liv told off Fitz and I hope she distances herself from him, he’s a disappointment.

    • Sara says:

      Are you insane CC?!!! Everything Cyrus and Liz yelled at him was correct. He was putting the entire free world at risk for one person! He was out of control!! Just because you want see them get it on doesn’t mean everything should be forgiven. He should be impeached for what he did.

    • Mary says:

      Sorry, but I think the “crazy” one is you…risking soldiers lives and letting children without their fathers because of a mistress?! WTF??? Olivia is right, it´s disappointing – actually that is a very soft word – it´s disgusting!

    • OA says:

      It’s a little disturbing how everyone is mad at Olivia for saying something that I’ve read in the comments for the last two eps = who on earth goes to war for a sidepiece?
      And to those saying he had no choice or she’d be dead and what would happen to the show -> there’s always another choice in Shondaland for those smart enough to find it which by now is everyone except Fitz.

    • Shannon says:

      Sending thousands of people to their death isn’t “love”.

    • Amilah says:

      I don’t get it. I would want the man I live to fight for me. I realize people died, but you seriously would rather he did Andrews bidding for the next three years?

    • Toni says:

      I turn on to a show for entertainment…I can get real life on today’s news…with that said, If the man I Love would go as far as to start a war in order to get me back alive (all in one piece) I would Love him even More. I certainly wouldn’t have torn into him like that…Her own Father had no interest in saving her…everything she did to get him in the President seat was by her choice countless times he has proven to her that he cares more for her than being the President…I love myself some Fitz ;)

      • Sweetweeny says:

        @Toni – Thank you, this is fiction for Christ sake. I think Scandal’s problem is that it doesn’t know whether or not it is a soap or for people to actually take it seriously.

    • Skye says:

      Thank you for those first three words…

  3. Really, Shonda? says:

    Dreadful. At this point I want to know why I am still watching this madness!

  4. Heidi says:

    Disappointing….. Guess I expected more.

  5. Tee says:

    When someone gets to the end of the road, it seems like the easiest thing to do is just get Huck to work his magic and silence/kill them.

  6. C. says:

    I quite enjoyed the last half of this episode for reasons I’m not sure of. There were so many Shondalogues…so many. Jake at the beginning. Cyrus. Mellie. Papa Pope, and they all felt like time filler. None were effective except for maybe Olivia’s. I’m unsure why she’s so angry with Fitz though. She would have rather died than see him diminish his presidency??? I don’t get it. The implications are weird. But whatever I’m sure they’ll somehow be in bed with each other by the end of the season.

    Stephen came in clutch for the perfect Deus ex machina…but I loved every moment of it and was shocked to pieces to see him!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Agreed — too many Shondalogues, and the second half-hour moved at much better a clip than the first.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I wasn’t. I figured it was him. They said someone from Season 1. Harrison and Amanda Tanner are dead, Billy Chambers is probably rotting in some supermax prison, and Crazy Sally wouldn’t lift a finger to help Olivia or Fitz, so who’s left?

    • Judy Lawson says:

      I enjoyed how things ended. I completely understand why Olivia is upset with Fitz. He has been a big disappointment to her and she now sees him as a weak man, willing to throw away everything she worked so hard to do to put him in the position of POTUS. Right now she’s disgusted with him and I understand why….but I’m sure they will make up even though I wish they wouldn’t.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        Why should she be disgusted with him? He didn’t ask her to do anything that she (along with Cyrus) claims they have done to keep him in office. Remember, he was very upset with Defiance and for once in his life, he got some backbone and cut Olivia off.

        You can’t take it upon yourself to do things for people, which they don’t ask for, or, in Fitz case, don’t really want, and then be disappointed with the results. Olivia knew that Fitz was an “idealistic man” and knew that he wanted to “do the right thing” and she, out of everybody should know that Fitz would not have been able to live with himself if he was the cause of her death.

        As for being disgusted with Fitz, was she disgusted when he put his Presidency on the line to fly her terrorist mother out of the country? Was she disgusted with him when he pretty much let her father walk for killing his son? Liv’s reasoning made absolutely no sense to me. Think about it, if she cared so much about his Presidency and keeping him in office, she would not have had an affair with him to begin with. There has not been a man in history who have been booted out of office for staring a war, but they have been booted out for having affairs.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Flying her terrorist mother out of the country was one thing. She thought her mother was innocent up to the time the plane took off. She was probably upset when he let Rowan walk after killing his son. But starting a war to get her back and getting 40 people killed in the process is a whole other territory. How do you think she sleeps at night behind that? And then he walks in the door and the first thing he wants to know is was she raped. Nothing about her emotional well-being, nothing about how she feels. He acted like she was a prize racing car he was afraid might have got dinged up before he got it back. I would have thrown him out too. She’s going through the inevitable disillusionment that comes from realizing he’s not the man she thought he was. The question is will she still love him anyway in spite of it.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            I disagree Cheyenne. As I said in a previous post, I totally understood why he asked about the Rape. 10 years Mellie didn’t tell him about her rape and that is what ruined their marriage – he didn’t want Liv going through the same thing. Remember, he asked Karen the same thing. Rape can affect men also – and as a man, Fitz felt he was being sensitive by asking the question.

            As for the soldier’s getting killed, you can’t feel bad for one group of people who lost their lives (40 soldiers) and excuse the killing of others who also lost their lives (the flight crew and all the swat team members Rowan had killed). People were killed for Olivia period – Olivia can’t pick and choose which ones she wants to get mad about

          • Nathalie says:

            She not also the woman he thinks she has.

    • Tee says:

      Ever since Olivia told Cyrus to declare that he wasn’t a “b*tch baby,” I started watching it as the soap it is. The dialogue is unbelievable.

    • Alichat says:

      Yes! All the Shondalogues. Ugh. And Rowan’s… god he says the same thing over and over. Did we really need to burn up 5 or 10 minutes of the show so he could prattle off insults by a pond?

  7. bradick says:

    Scandal, Season 4: Where Olivia Pope becomes the feminist hero everyone has been pretending she is since 2012.

  8. azu says:

    Scandal is better enjoyed these days reading the recaps and with low expectations

  9. Cheyenne says:

    Okay, I get it. At first I was like, WTF is wrong with this ungrateful b*tch acting like that after he went to war to get her back? Then I realized that’s exactly why she’s acting like that. How is she supposed to live the rest of her life knowing he sacrificed 40 lives for her when she never wanted that? She probably feels like a murderer behind that. On top of which now she is forced to admit that Fitz is not the great president she believed he was, because no great president would go to war over his mistress. So that means she sacrificed her integrity to get a mediocrity elected. That has to burn. So I imagine what is going to happen the rest of this season is that Fitz is going to raise heaven and earth trying to win her back. He’s not giving up on her. And as much as she despises what he did, she’s not giving up on him either. So around and around it goes.
    But DAMN, wasn’t Huck great turning Andrew into a vegetable? He kept his promise to Quinn. No more blood.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      AND OR… Liv knows — as everyone finally realized this week! — that now that the president’s girlfriend has fetched $2 billion on the open market, any Tom, Dick or Harry can kidnap her all over again for ransom and make the USA do its bidding. But if they are epically broken up, the threat (theoretically!) decreases.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Good point; I hadn’t thought of that. But you know they will hook up again before the end of the season. Without Fitz/Olivia, there is no Scandal.

      • ReallyShonda? says:

        Had she kept her mouth shut no one would have known she was the president’s girlfriend. She has to accept some of the responsibility for what happened to her. My only regret is that Iran, North Korea or ISIS didn’t buy her ungrateful azz.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Oh please, everybody in the WH knew she was the president’s girlfriend. This whole kidnap setup was totally on Andrew. He wanted his war so he could make a sh*tload of money. The guy’s a total sociopath. Is she supposed to be grateful that Fitz was a ditz and sacrificed 40 lives for her? She never wanted that.

          • TrudiV says:

            Oh please, the kidnappers did not know at the start of the operations. The dark web did not know. The people who were bidding on her did not know until the auction was announced. Look at the big picture, will you. It may have started off as a plot by Andrew but the dynamics of the situation changed.

            Fitz is an idiot- he should have let them kill her ungrateful self.

      • Cherise says:

        THIS! When she was having flashbacks of her captivity, it seemed to me like she was thinking, “Oh s***, why didn’t I keep my mouth shut!” She is a walking threat to homeland security because she told criminals that whoever has her controls the POTUS.

        I think this is a setup for a storyline where he’s forced to resign and they still can’t be together. Fitz and Liv are not an endgame couple.

      • sail says:

        So true! I said the same thing lastnight and got hammered for it!

      • sail says:

        I agree with you! I said the same thing lastnight and got hammered for it! She was so happy in the plane when she said “HI” and her his voice and she already knew about the war and casualties! If she didn’t want him to go to war she would have refused to do the proof of life video…

      • sail says:

        I agree with you-tried to reply but couldn’t post…comment went elsewhere

      • sail says:

        I agree with Matt but my comments go elsewhere instead of reply.

    • Sweetweeny says:

      You and other posters keep referring to Olivia as Fitz “mistress” when the show and Fitz have stated that Olivia means much more to him than a mistress. He even told Mellie (his wife) that he was in Love with Olivia. He treated Olivia like she was his wife.

  10. BooBooKitty says:

    Let me see if I understand this BS… This man went to war to save your azz. Innocent soldiers died to save your azz. And this is the reaction from your ungrateful azz?

    Enough! I am done with this stupid azz show.

    • Cheyenne says:

      What did you expect, wild hot sex on the living room rug the minute Fitz walked in the door? Did you see Olivia’s face a couple of episodes back when they told her Fitz had actually declared war? She was devastated.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        Then why did she tell Ian, at her most vulnerable state, that the President of the U.S. was looking for her? And she told Ian this with conviction – that she knew that she (and he) would be saved because the President of the U.S. would save her.

        • abz says:

          I can’t remember, but didn’t she tell Ian that during the early days of her kidnapping when she wasn’t aware of why in fact she was being kidnapped (i.e. to make Fitz start the war)?

          • TrudiV says:

            It doesn’t matter at what point she told Ian. The fact is that she did. So the man who loves her above all else moved heaven and earth to get her back safely – and she’s pissed off with him for doing so. I wonder what tune she would have been singing if Abby did not rescue her and she was been dismembered one digit at a time or was being serially raped.

            The only good thing in this episode was that she also told Jake to get lost.

          • Sweetweeny says:

            It doesn’t matter when she told Ian. She knew Fitz would try to rescue her. Even when Ian bet her the $1 that Fitz would go to war over her, she never took the bet because deep down, she knew Fitz would do anything for her.

          • herman1959 says:

            Yes, she told Ian that before she knew what was really going on.

        • Cheyenne says:

          But Andrew would already have told Ian that the president would be looking for her. Why do you think Andrew set this whole thing in motion? He was behind the whole business.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Forgot to add: she knew the president would be looking for her but she never imagined he would start a war over her, nor did she want him to.

        • Samara says:

          Yes she told Ian that but I’m sure she thought it was all about money. Had it been ransom for $ then ok..but sending troops to fight in an unnecessary war, utilizing limited tax payer resources and then having 40+ people killed all for one mistress. Had he taken a second to think, he should have realized that Liv would not have wanted lives lost to save hers. She needs to kick him to the curb and never look back, he’s worthless!

          • Adrienne says:

            It does not matter whether she thought it was about money or not. That’s irrelevant. In real life, presidents have sent troops to fight in many unnecessary wars. Case in point the destruction of Iraq, does anyone truly know the reason why Bush sent innocent people to their deaths? If I remember my history correctly, WW1 was started when some earl or duke was killed. IMO that’s no reason for a war – yet we had a global war.

            So what would have happened to the show had Fitz allowed the ungrateful woman to be killed?

    • David4 says:

      Azz… grow up.

      The president being weak lead to the death of 58+ soldiers. Just disgusting.

  11. Revelle says:

    OK, that’s it for me. I wanted to see who was going to rescue the ungrateful Byatch.
    Thanks for the ride Shonda, I’m jumping off now. Live long and prosper.

  12. Mine says:

    I sort of hate-watched as all of the Shondalogues were quite annoying and repetitive. I do have to say that seeing Stephen was pretty awesome; we did not see that coming in our household.

    I miss Desmond!

  13. Dalia says:

    I’ve really tried to be supportive… I’ve defended Scandal and OLITZ like a rabid dog.. But I’m really sorry Shonda, I simply cannot accept what you are serving up anymore.
    This is it for me. I can’t keep doing this back and forth thing.
    Thanks for season 1 and 2.
    All the best folks.

  14. TAL says:

    I’m glad Liv cussed out Fitz. He is a lovesick fool. When she was being held at the airport hangar, she asked to be shot in the head rather than become a liability to the US. Fitz is an idiot. And all she and everyone else around him worked so hard for has been tarnished…forever…jackass President…

  15. Anna says:

    Meh.. Nope
    No can do no more.
    Iz done
    Cya guys.

  16. Julia says:

    It was so awesome to see Stephen again though I wish he was coming back for good. I always loved him as a character on Scandal and I miss Desmond from Lost! I was wondering if there was any significance to the ring Olivia threw at Fitz. Did he give it to her in a previous episode?

  17. herman1959 says:

    (1.) It was STEPHEN! I knew it would be him, but I’m still excited to read about it (I’ll watch tomorrow on hulu).

    (2.) I’m not sure how this whole show works now considering what Olivia knows about Fitz, Abby knows about Cyrus, Mellie knows about Liz, etc., etc., etc

    (3.) Some of these posts are hilarious!

  18. Christina says:

    So, it’s worse than rape that he went to war to save her life? Umm, what?? This show has really gone off the rails

    • gs says:

      What is, or apparently can be, worse than rape is feeling responsible for the trauma that dozens of soldiers and their families feel after dying or being in the horrible conditions of war. For Olivia it could have been easier to live with being raped because it’s something she alone has to live with, and deal with. She now must feel responsible for what hundreds or thousands of people are going through- the PTSD, loss, and grief.

      • Sweetweeny says:

        What about all the other deaths that were taken on behalf of her? Did you forget that Rowan killed at least 20 SWAT team members in front of the restaurant – and did you also notice that Olivia did not lose a bit of sleep over them? Also, Fitz lost his first born son because of her and yet she was able to put that behind her. Her mother killed 3 people on a plane when Fitz was trying to help her mother (a known terrorist) leave the country and not a word from Olivia.

        Let’s face it – her reaction made no sense at all. There has been too many deaths (done for her) for her to react this way. What about the deaths that have affected her personally – the death of James – remember, she is Baby Ella’s Godmother, went to the Baptism ceremony and said before God that she would be Ella’s Godmother – and yet she sleeps with the guy who killed James.

        • Nathalie says:

          Writers, Olivia and some have selective memories.

        • sne92 says:

          Thank you! Finally a comment that makes sense on this thread! She moves on from those deaths so easily but the deaths of a few soldiers has angered her this much even though it was to save her life?

  19. abz says:

    I don’t think I have ever been more proud of Liv in four seasons that I have been with her at the end of this episode. It’s like she perfectly put into words what I’ve been thinking and wanting to happen for so long. So happy she finally told Fitz off and made him listen to what he’s needed to hear for SO long.

    Glad to see Steven again. Wish he could come back at least for a little while.

    During the entire scene with Rowan, I was just wishing that a fish from the lake would jump and bite his lips shut so he would just STOP TALKING!!! He never shuts up. NEVER!! Like seriously no one wants to hear what you have to say anymore.

  20. Jillian says:

    Called it last week when they casually name dropped Stephen that he would be the one to save Olivia.Way to make it obvious Scandal writers!

  21. Sean says:

    Glad the #SaveOlivia arc is over and it was nice to see Stephen again. Also, Liv being mad at Fitz made sense. Going to war for her is not what she wanted. Olivia would rather die than for more innocent lives be ruined.

    The next episode looks good but does anymore find it a little weird that they’re doing an episode about racial tension when ABC is premiering a new show(American Crime) that involves the same thing following Scandal on the 5th?

  22. Fannomore says:

    That’s all she wrote folks….

  23. Alichat says:

    Ok….so the moment when Olivia is being debriefed, takes a sip of water, and suddenly has a blurry vision/shaky camera/flashbacky/revelatory moment…..was there some other connection she made at that moment or was that just the ‘Fitz went to war for me, I think I’m gonna scream at him’ realization? It just seems to me that it was meant to be a more significant scene that will tie to something in an upcoming episode.

    • TrudiV says:

      Look at the cuts for the next episode. She is still doing that shaking hands thing. Perhaps she’s having a stroke. Or perhaps she’s still kidnapped and this is all a dream. I hope this is the case so that Fitz can let them kill her.

      • gts says:

        Really? First of all, have you never seen someone scared before? Physically and psychologically you are traumatized. That’s why after someone is stuck in a burning building or something like that they put a blanket over the person, because their body goes into shock. Second, you want this all to be a dream so Fitz can kill her? Why? That’s never going to happen. And if you hate her so much you want her to die, not just for FITZ not to go to war for her, but for her to actually die, why are you watching a show all about her?

        • TrudiV says:

          1. Do you pay my mortgage? Electricity? Put food on my table? Pay my water bill? How about cable? Do you pay my cable bill? If and when you pay any of these, let me know – I’ll then give you the authority to ask me why I do anything.

          2. Quite a few posters are doing the usual Fitz bashing and his going to war. And Liv is an ungrateful twit! So you tell me, what would have happened to the show if Fitz had allowed her to be killed?

    • Sweetweeny says:

      You know, I really didn’t understand that scene either. I was surprised that, after being held hostage, they did not insist that she go through some type of phycological exam, as well as a physical exam to make sure she was okay. I did find it a bit strange that she was allowed to come home so soon.

    • gts says:

      It was to show that she is traumatized. She went through a lot, so I doubt that they are just going to have her go back to normal next episode. Even if they don’t make a big deal out of how traumatized she is, it would be unrealistic to show her acting all fine so soon after being rescued, so it’s giving her some PTSD-like fear.

  24. TrudiV says:

    What is going on with the trembling hand? Is she having a stroke or something?

  25. sail says:

    maybe this was the only way to keep the country safe and not put Fitz in this situation again it also allows her to be safe and work without fear of being kidnapped again. Remember how happy she was when she said”HI” on the plane when she heard his voice and she new about the war and casualties then.

    • Sweetweeny says:

      @sail – I agree and the Hi on the plane is what I have a hard time with reconciling with her actions towards Fitz. She knew what he had done – she knew about the war and the casualties – and yet she said Hi like he was the only person in the world that she wanted to talk to at the moment.

  26. Josh says:

    You tell Olivia!

  27. Elaine Silveira says:

    I’m annoyed with how we are supposed to believe Liv had knowledge of CIA black sites from her tenure as White House Communications Director. I mean, Toby Ziegler certainly didn’t have that info! 😉

    • Most of the info they claimed she possessed was a stretch. What cracked me up was the fact that Cyrus’ kept shutting down Red(I always forget her name) by telling her that she didn’t have the level of clearance needed to have a conversation about Olivia’s situation. He said it two or three times. How am I then supposed to believe that Olivia had all of this information well above her level of clearance? How does a group of writers not see that glaring contradiction?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Olivia wasn’t press secretary, she was director of communications — presumably a higher level — back in the day.

  28. true fan says:

    That’s it…I just happen to come on this site to see what people thought about last nights episode of scandal and I see a lot of angry fans.First off I love scandal.Always have and always will.This show could never dissapoint me but you people are taking this way too serious saying “your done watching the show” or “Olivia is a ungarateful bitch”.This is just a show.This is not real life and Kerry Washington is not writing her character.She is just acting it out just like all the other characters.Some of you people are putting way too much thought into this.You could have just said you agree with Olivia or you don’t.If your done watching the show because of Olivia’s reaction to fitz then you were clearly not a true fan.I am.They made Olivia pissed at fitz for good tv and not only that… in real life what he did was a huge deal.No president should ever make the stupid move fitz did.Clearly some of you are the ungrateful ones and you are getting reality confused with acting.Its

  29. jan says:

    Anyone else think that maybe Olivia is feeling guilty for not loving Fitz the way he seems to love her? she wants Jake as well and can’t seem to make up her mind. I think Fitz is more obsessed with her than in love with her. He had the chance to be with her and he choose the presidency. He wants to be powerful and in charge. Sure the very first episode is about him sleeping with another woman because Olivia left him. He wants her to want him all the time and when she doesn’t he stalks her and breaks her down until she gives in. At least with Jake he seems to love her. He’s offered to leave her alone and she asked him to stay. Yes he’s a killer but so is Fitz and Huck and her parents so she is not exactly surrounded by angels. Also the war was on the cards before they took olivia, Fitz wouldn’t make the choice. It’s not like they picked a random country and just bombed it for no reason

    • Sweetweeny says:

      You just did a total rewrite of the show. Fitz has never put his Presidency over Olivia. As a matter of fact, he has tried, on numerous occasions to walk away from the Presidency to be with her. He has always been firm and convicted on how he felt about Olivia. As for Jake, he has the same problem as Fitz. Jake would have done exactly the same thing Fitz did if he had the power to do it. Rowan has been Jake’s nemesis and we as viewers watched from Season 3 up to the president Jake’s total desire to kill Rowan. For so many episodes Jake wanted to kill Rowan. But when it came to Liv, he put all of that aside and went “hand in hat” to Rowan asking for help. Olivia is not getting together with Jake – notice how she told him to go home also. This episode she kicked both Fitz and Jake to the curb.

      • Cheyenne says:

        I think Olivia was still in shock over everything that had transpired and just wanted to be left alone for a while. Then Fitz walks in at the worst possible time when her nerves are shot. You know he will be back in her bed before the season is over. Without Fitz/Olivia there is no Scandal.

    • Adrienne says:

      Are you one of the writers of the show? Because you certainly have not been watching the same Scandal that I have been watching. It has been my experience they are the ones who never recall what has happened from episode to episode.

  30. true fan says:

    That’s it…I just happen to come on this site to see what people thought about last nights episode of scandal and I see a lot of angry people.First off I love scandal.Always have and always will.This show could never dissapoint me but you people are taking this way too serious saying “your done watching the show” or “Olivia is a ungarateful bitch”.This is just a show.This is not real life.Olivia pope is a character.Kerry washington is just acting out her role just like all the other characters.Some of you people are putting way too much thought into this.You could have just said you agreed with Olivia or you did’nt.If you’re done watching the show because of Olivia’s reaction to fitz then you were clearly not a true fan.I am.They made Olivia pissed at fitz for good tv and not only that… what he did was a huge deal.No president should ever make the stupid move fitz did.Clearly some of you are the ungrateful ones.Just because something happened on the episode you didnt like does not mean you should stop watching it.I get dissapointed when i watch shows but i still watch because thats just going to happen and either you like it or you dont.It makes good tv.If you’re no longer interested in the show so you’re no longer watching then that’s fine but not watching because something didn’t go the way you’d of liked is silly.I thought scandal was the bomb just like all the other episodes.Its a good show.Shonda knows what she’s doing but I just wish she would make Olivia love Jake a little more.OK now I’m done boring you guys with my comment.BYE! ^_^

    • SimplyFedUp says:

      @True Fan
      It is silly to simply accept everything that is shown no matter how stupid and ridiculous it is. That is not good tv and that is not being a true fan. That is being someone who would drink the koolaid even though it is laced with cyanide and claim that it is champagne. A true fan is someone who holds producers’ feet to the fire and ensure they produce quality shows that are logical, consistent and of high quality.

      I saw a post last week that made me chuckle, because given some of the crap that goes on anything is possible. So what would you have thought if Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne had been the one to buy Olivia? Would you have still thought it was “good tv”?

      • tonya says:

        tell it simply fed up. I myself have been saying this on twitter and have been blocked by shonda and a couple of other scandal cast. I will not drink the shonda kool aid.

  31. Babygate says:

    This arc was the worst. I am so glad is over. The incompetence of those kidnappers was so staggering that it could only be attributed to a flaw in the writing. The only good thing was seeing Stephen. I almost didn’t watch season 2 when I found out he was being written off. Wish he would have stayed. He had Liv’s back in a way the others haven’t figured out yet.

    • Sweetweeny says:

      Stephen was looking good (lol) and I wished he would have come back and he and Liv hook up. I wanted them to hook up in Season 1 because he, unlike Fitz and Jake, understands Olivia’s heartbeat. He was the only one who knew that she was having an affair and he never judged her for it. I have to give a shout out of Harrison because he was loyal as hell also – but Olivia and Harrison had more of a big sister, little brother relationship.

      I heard that the actor Ian Cusiak, left the show because it was suppose to have been written that he and Olivia would hook up but the writers did a detour and concentrated more of the “Olitz” relationship – he left because he didn’t like the way the story was headed.

      Another thing I learned was that Shonda Rhimes had promised the role of Stephen to Scott Foley and the executives at ABC shot that down – thank God because, in my humble opinion, Scott Foley and Kerry Washington have zero chemistry. Now, Olivia and Stephen (and Olivia and Fitz) chemistry is off the chain. I hope, at a latter period Olivia ends up with Stephen. I don’t think he is still with Georgia – and remember he used Olivia’s words that “Normal is Over-rated”. One can only hope so I hope against all odds.

  32. Cas says:

    So I haven’t watched the episode yet but I had to find out who returned ;) I cannot express words of how happy I am that it is Stephen though! I was so disappointed when I started season 2 and he was gone :(. Side note to everyone complaining about Fitz going to war, I feel if you love someone your protect them no matter what. Not to mention Mellie is the one who told him to. He wasn’t going to. Remember that part?

    • Asta says:

      Mellie knew that Olivia would be shocked and appalled that all those people lost their lives to save her, thus putting a wedge between them. Yes, she is a hypocrite. The Swat team that died didn’t concern her at all. And she is sleeping James’ killer.

  33. Adrienne says:

    And once Fitz had let them kill the ungrateful twit. What would have happened to the show?

    • Samara says:

      This being a show centered on Liv and Fitz, obviously Liv would not have been killed just like when Cyrus made the decision to kill Liv, we all knew the show would find a way around it.
      But having Fitz make that difficult & crushing decision of letting Liv go, would have proven him to be a great POTUS, a great man, who is not only ruled by love of his mistress but mostly by the love of his nation. Now he is just a spineless coward, who can never do the right thing.

      Cyrus made the crushing decision to terminate Liv for the greater good, it does not mean he loves Liv any less but he weighed the options and came to this decision.
      The ‘rant’ Cyrus had in his mind towards Fitz was exactly the same outburst Olivia expressed, that alot of people have sacrificed so much for Fitz to be in office, for him to show his greatness but he has failed them all. They did all that for nothing, his son died for nothing,

      So I say yes Fitz should have been man enough to let Liv be killed.

      • SayWhatNow says:

        This makes no sense. Fitz should have let Liv be killed because she wasn’t going to be killed is what you are stating. Truly ridiculous then to have her kidnapped in the first place, isn’t it? This is truly then a ridiculous show right out the gate.

      • Adele says:

        Girl, what foolishness you talking? You seem to think Fitz sitting down on his couch watching a show called Scandal. Or else you think he has some magic juju or something that would show him the future while he armchair quarterbacking

        • Samara says:

          This seems to be just one person with two diff names, so I will respond to only one. My point is. There is no way Liv is going to be killed off on this show.
          BUT it would have been refreshing to see Fitz make the crushingly moral decision Cyrus made to choose the greater good over his mistress.
          Then the show could have had Liv talk her way out of being killed earlier than she did to Ian thus saving her life anyway. Clear enough for yah!

          • ME says:

            sorry but wasn’t Cyrus the same man, who nearly killed his own husband back in S2 .. so i find it hard to believe that it was a moral crushing decision, i think we all know when it comes to the presidency or otherwise , cyrus will always choose the presidency.

  34. SayWhat says:

    I was hoping it was that Leo Dicaprio character from Django that had bought her. Ah well better luck next time.

  35. itsme says:

    Way to go Shonda divide the fan base hate Fitz or hate Olivia meanwhile tank the show.

  36. KPMOM says:

    You gotta give some blame to Mellie in all of this. Fitz was prepared to let Olivia die until Mellie changed his mind! Here is the transcript of their conversation on the terrace:

    Fitz: And what kind of president would I be? [Sighs] What kind of monument if I indulged in this war? If I sent thousands of people to their deaths to save the life of one person no matter who that person is to me. I can’t do that. [Sighs] Right? Our son died so I could stay in office, so how can I dishonor him now by giving in and negotiating with terrorists, even if it means Liv dies? I can’t do it. [Sighs] Right?

    Mellie: I thought you loved her. Don’t tell me we’ve been through all of this for a cheap screw.

    Fitz: I love her.

    Mellie: Then you know what you have to do.

    And the next scene he’s at the podium announcing that we are going to war. He knew what was right and what he had to do and Mellie guilted him into changing his mind. So Mellie wanted him to save Olivia because of everything they went through, and Olivia wanted him to let her die because of everything they went through. He had a choose and he choose wrong.

  37. dj says:

    This has become silly…Really? An auction? Time to turn the DVR off for this one

  38. Kat Aston says:

    I watch Scandal for Kerry Washington and to help keep the ratings up. However, the way the Olivia and Fitz relationship is written is so predictable. The writers go out of their way to keep them apart and keep Fitz with Mellie (Fitz and Mellie are so boring together). So let’s see there was Defiance, Fitz hiring Jake to watch Olivia, Fitz finding out about Jake sleeping with Olivia, Olivia thought Fitz shot down her mother’s plane, Fitz son killed by papa pope, and yet they are still in love with each other. They are the main couple on this show. They’re the couple that ABC promotes for Scandal, yet they are afraid to let them be together.

    Now this ridiculous talk of Mellie being President or Vice-President. As if they have to soften the blow and give this character a reward because her husband is in love with someone else. Fitz is never going to be in love with Mellie, I was hoping they would let Andrew tell her that, Fitz would have never went to war for Mellie. Now what? They bring in another love interest on Scandal for Olivia and Fitz, because Jake and Mellie ain’t it. That’s my only gripe with my show. I love it, I have to watch it live and I look forward to March 5th.

    • Lovely says:

      I guess Shonda’s plan is to draw this out for 10 seasons and maybe perhaps at the end of the series they’ll end up together… Problem is I won’t be sticking around for that long and the story has been tired since the beginning of season 3. If I want to watch a silly soap opera I’ll stick to the Young and the Restless… At least real soaps don’t pretend to be quality tv.

      • abz says:

        I think Shonda went on record saying she doesn’t intend to make the show go past 7 or 8 seasons. Now who knows if she’ll end up changing her mind if the show reaches that point and is still successful.

        • Sweetweeny says:

          Scandal is a big money maker for ABC – look at what it has done for Kerry Washington’s career (presenting at the Oscars – hell, she was never even nominated) As long as Shonda and ABC can maintain between 7 and 8 million viewers (ala Grey’s Anatomy), Scandal will stay on the air. People have jumped off of the Grey’s bandwagon, but in terms of viewers, the show is still successful.

          Ala like Grey’s Anatomy, I believe we will be watching a different Scandal. Notice how Meredith and Derek are no longer the central couple on Greys; the same thing will happen to Fitz and Olivia. Other cast members (especially Mellie) will be given a bigger role and many guest stars will be making appearances (Lena Durham is scheduled to guest star on Scandal in March). Also, I believe other actors will be added to the cast and some current cast members will be removed. Mellie’s V.P. and later Pres. run is to extend this series.

  39. Laurie says:

    I loved Cyrus’ daydream. i thought the veins on his forehead were going to explode. Good thing Cosby from Parenthood never irritated his mother in law too much seeing as she heads the CIA now. Nice to see Stephen again. I must say Russia agrees with him.

  40. Ram510 says:

    I’m happy this storyline is over but the final scene with Olivia and Fitz was great

  41. will says:

    Fitz going to war for Liv pretty much ends his presidency. Do I hear an impeachment coming along? This might pave the way for a Mellie presidency with possibly Elizabeth as her running mate? I totally loved how Liv ripped Fitz a new one.

    • Sweetweeny says:

      If Fitz gets impeached, how can Mellie be President. Remember, when Nixon left the White house, his wife, Pat, left with him.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Apples and oranges. Poor Pat Nixon had no political ambitions at all. But what if Fitz was impeached and Mellie divorced him during the impeachment proceedings and then declared her candidacy for president? Theoretically she could probably do it. But she would be wiser to wait awhile until the dust settled, put some time and space between her and Fitz, and do what Cyrus suggested in season 2 and run for governor of California. If she is successful at that then she could make a serious run for the presidency.

        • Sweetweeny says:

          Intriguing idea, but I think it is too far fetched even for Scandal. Remember in previous seasons, Mellie’s whole rant was that Fitz had to show that he was a good President to keep her political aspirations alive. She is always going to be viewed through the lens of Fitz. A

          s for real life, President Clinton was pretty popular in his base and notice how Hilary didn’t go to Arkansas (her home state) to run for Senate because if she had she would have lost. She went to a Clinton stronghold (NY) to launch her political career, with Bill by her side and willing to take a back seat. Also, there are still people who refuse to vote for her because of not for anything she has done, but because they hate Bill Clinton, especially the right wing of the Republican base.

  42. Eran says:

    Thank Jesus, Moses, Buddha and four other types of deities this storyline is FINALLY over! I love Scandal’s OTT campness and high stakes antics but this stretched my patience to its furthest boundaries.
    The Liv-Fitz dance stopped being star-crossed romantic a long time ago. As of now, it is officially tired and toxic. I’m still on board with the show but am sooo ready for a new story.

    • Joy says:

      LOL LOL tell me about it! It dragged on for so long! The only exciting thing for me was Stephen’s return. Not sure he’s back for good though. I just want to go back to vintage Scandal. No more killing, no more blood- no more spy shenanigans, no more ugh!

      The following people have stayed on this show too long and need to go.
      Mama Pope, Papa Pope and Jake. I want us to have a weekly guest star, OPA cases and White house craziness. That’s it. Thanks for the laugh:)

    • Lovely says:

      I agree. Olitz should be buried six feet under for good.

  43. Katrina says:

    Basically, this recap is not telling me anything I did not see. Bummer…

  44. Joy says:

    I was SO MAD at Liv following her rant. I couldn’t even sleep trying to analyze the purpose of that moment. But I let it go, I decided that MAYBE.. it was all in her head. You know, like Cyrus had his rant earlier in the episode about quitting. At first we thought it was real and then it turns out it was in his head. I know this is a stretch but come on, WHY would Fitz, the PRESIDENT- come to Liv’s apartment immediately after her release? Yes he loves her to pieces, but- but to come running out there immediately? Shortly after the OPA gang had left? I didn’t get it. Yes he was wrong for going to war but love makes even the greatest men (and women) do stupid things. Liv KNOWS Fitz, she ought to know he would have indeed gone to war, so I don’t understand why she’s upset. If it was a real scene (meaning not in her head like Cy’s scene) then I have to say it has to do with post traumatic stress… she’s in shock. But then, why not give the same cold shoulder to Huck, Quinn etc… she was even cordial, albeit distant- to Jake. And then unleased on Fitz. Damn. So if it were real, then it’s post traumatic stress- people tend to lash out on those they care for the most- OR maaaaybe it was all in her head. And next episode we we will see whatever the hell happened play out. They will find their way back together of course, but I really felt so bad for Fitz. I wanted to slap the crap out of Liv.

    Note so self: Never let a ficticious show get under your skin. Ugh

  45. Mary Morris says:

    How Liv survived so well with a egotistical narcissistic father and a anti social personality mom is beyond me. Good thing she went to boarding school.. The hero of this story line is Abby. Hope she gets her due from Liv. Don’t know of any POTUS who would sacrifice the lives of so many for his lady love. Many have had to order their own sons or daughters into harms way. Fits is a wimp. Go Melie. You did so good

  46. Cheyenne says:

    It looks like Fitz and Olivia’s relationship is all about lost illusions. Fitz just destroyed Olivia’s ideal of him as a great president, someone she believed in. Olivia destroyed Fitz’s ideal of her when she went along with Defiance and agreed to rig the election.

    So now it comes down to whether or not they can forgive each other for destroying each other’s illusions and just love each other as flawed people.

  47. kix2mix2 says:

    So I used to be team Fitz, then I was team Jake and I kinda am still; but seeing Stephen today saying ‘Normal is over-rated’… it hit me. It feels like olivia saw Stephen go be happy with Georgia and said: ‘Normal must be nice, I want normal with my guy(s)’, but actually it’s not exactly what she wants. Let’s be serious, she could be normal any day on an island. I think she wants to be a GLADIATOR, I think she wants a man to be her partner in crime, she wants another person on her team … (Stephen would be a nice choice I guess because he tried the normal life and realized it’s not the dream. – this is just me finding him incredibly hot talking – But really, he gets it and maybe she will think about it too now and realize her place is where she already is. Maybe she will realize she is happy now and doesn”t need to long for the sun or Vermont… Fitz and Jake are the ones that actually want these things…

  48. ME says:

    I’m so conflicted with the all Liv and FItz thing
    I Mean part of me agrees with what Olivia said and another sees the reason why Fitz took a stupid move .. but Either i reckon this relationship should stay on pause an till Olivia books herself an appointment with a therapist

  49. Linda anderson says:

    Worst storyline yet. I used to love Scandal but now it is so ridiculous. Come on Olivia, even if Fritz was wrong, at least he tried to save her. Come on Scandal get ur act together. It used to be fun, now it is just plain stupid.

  50. Lovely says:

    I was happy Liv told FItz to get lost. Whether it’s Liv is too good for Fitz or Fitz is too good for Liv… the point is these two are toxic for one another. Too much pain and suffering has come from their affair… Fitz son died, Liv kidnapped, 43 soldiers died… There’s nothing good that has come from Olitz and it should have ended long ago. Up until this point FItz and Liv have both been too weak to let eachother go. I just hope Liv is strong enough to truly be done with Fitz and not get weak again and go back. It would be great to see her focus on OPA and her gladiators, perhaps meet someone else she can love and be happy with… even if it isn’t Jake. Liv’s inability to let Fitz go has made her look foolish since season 2 and I finally gained some respect back for her this past episode. It seems like she FINALLY realized how toxic her relationship with Fitz is.

    • Sweetweeny says:

      @lovely: I agree but I am looking at it through Fitz lens. My hope for him is that he listened to every word Olivia said to him and realize that she is more in love with him being President. Like Maya said, Olivia is just like her father – she likes power and likes welding it.

      I want Fitz to be strong enough to walk away from Olivia and then I want to see how Olivia and OPA function without having power. Remember, alot of Olivia’s power comes from the fact that she has unfettered access to the White House. Many of the clients she had during the initial seasons was because she was a former Director of Communication and still had access to the white house. Also, remember in Season 2, when Fitz and Olivia broke up and Fitz cut her access from the white house? She used Cyrus to get access to Fitz.

      In a nutshell, I want to see Olivia functioning without using her ties to the White House. I want to see how she functions when she can’t get information from the White House on certain political cases. Remember, Judy Smith’s claim to fame was because she was attached to the Bush White House. She is still making a living, but let’s face it, she doesn’t have nearly the power she had when Bush I was running the country. Yeah, Ms. Ms. Smith handled the Monica Lewinsky case, but the Clinton White House came out hard and now to this day, Clinton is a beloved elder statesmen while Monica Lewinsky is still a punch line, used in a Beyonce song. Power still resides in having access to that big White building with the big columns. Let’s see how Olivia and OPA functions when it is taken away from her.

      • Lovely says:

        Olivia was also the one who was bought in by Cyrus to save FItz season 1 when he got caught with his pants down with Amanda Tanner… Olivia handled that situation for the Prez and how many times has Cyrus reached out to Liv for help… So it’s two way street. If FItz cuts off OLivia he will cut himself off from her help as well. You know what they say don’t cut off your nose to spite your face… I don’t think Fitz should act like a scorned lover and withdraw Liv’s access to the WH… You know there will come a time when he needs her again.
        I think they should just keep it business from now on… enough with the romance part. I don’t think their love makes either a better person… Their love made Liv rig the WH election and FItz start a war… How much more evidence does there need to be that these two should just leave eachother alone already?

        • Sweetweeny says:

          Olivia and Fitz just can’t do business. When you are in love the way they “claim” to be then both Fitz and Olivia just can’t leave each other alone. It has to be a total break. Look what happened when Liv came back from the Island with Jake – 2 episodes in, her and Fitz were back at it. I would like to see a total break to give them both time to get themselves together.

          Trust, Cyrus is always going to take care of Fitz so he really doesn’t need Olivia. As a matter of fact, I think Cyrus will be a happy man if Fitz totally cuts off Olivia, because Cyrus believes that Olivia is a big distraction to Fitz. Remember in Season 2, Cyrus did cut off Olivia’s access to the white house for a short period of time (Fitz reinstated it)

          • Lovely says:

            Sweetweeny, I see your point. Continued interaction would just give them an excuse to fall back into bed with eachother… We all know Olivia is weak and can’t resist Fitz… Between us gals FItz must have a big package and a golden tongue because I just don’t understand 😂😂😂 I will go along with anything that keeps these two apart at this point. I’ve said for two seasons now either break them up or let them be together but the back and forth is played out… Since Shonda goes to extremes to keep them separated (silly extremes really), Let them stay that way. So I’m OK with no interaction… As long as they spare us the torture of Olitz.

        • Sweetweeny says:

          @Lovely – Between us gals, I think its the tongue – check out a few of the sex scenes between her and Fitz – he is always going down on her (the lucky b@@@@ – lol)

          • Lovely says:

            YASSS Girlfriend!!! Now that’s something we’re in agreement with 1000%… Those scenes make me clutch my pearls 😂😂😂

    • Nathalie says:

      It’s Scandal. Wait and see.