Celebrity Apprentice: The Winner Is...

Celebrity Apprentice Winner

After eight weeks of blood, sweat and Geraldo Rivera selfie-induced tears, a new Celebrity Apprentice winner was crowned during Monday’s live finale.

First, the results of last week’s final face-off were revealed, with Rivera’s team netting $146,000 and Leeza Gibbons‘ team earning $234,000. But even with that victory under her belt, Gibbons’ total was still trailing her fellow ’90s media titan’s by more than $250,000.

Fortunately for Gibbons, it wasn’t all about the bank for Trump — not necessarily, at least — when it came time to name a winner. After asking the returning celebs for their picks, he gave each finalist one last chance to plead his and her case (during which time she played surprisingly dirty). Then, it was time to lay down the hammer…

In the end, Leeza Gibbons was named the winner of this season’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Kenya Moore at the live Apprentice finale

That said, the reveal of this season’s big winner was only part of the joy brought on by tonight’s finale. The two-hour live production was a veritible parade of awkward reunions, and the producers staged it flawlessly. Case in point: All that stood between still-heated rivals Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore was Ian Ziering, who (let’s be real) wouldn’t stand a chance should the dueling divas decide to go at it.

Naturally, #PhoneGate was rehashed; Moore insisted she didn’t steal Fox’s cell, to which Fox replied,” When she starts with the hands, you can believe that she’s lying.” The audience seemed to agree, as did Brandi Glanville, who said it was “clear” that if it wasn’t Moore, it was someone in her hair and/or makeup gaggle. Then she dropped the holy grail of reality TV proverbs: “It is what it is.”

Then there were the surprisingly heartfelt moments, like the arrival of Melissa Rivers for a moving tribute to her mother Joan Rivers. Even Joan cried during a clip in own montage; it was that emotional.

Apprentice faithful, do you believe Gibbons deserved to win? Browse finale photos, then drop a comment with your thoughts, and any unresolved issues, below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ginger Snap says:

    It was the right winner.

    • Terry says:

      Thank goodness Leeza won, I would have been so disappointed if it had been Geraldo. I don’t think he should have even been in the top 2!

  2. Jesse says:

    Stewart? The shade! We all know Kenya’s last name is Moore! Lol

  3. Grace DIPALMA says:

    While this was a tough decision. Both celebrities did a fantastic job with tasks and raising money I wish both could have won. It was a definite close but I am very happy to see Leeza become the winner. She’s smart fantastic cleaver classy and really knows how to play the game! Good luck Leeza

  4. Elyse Sensabaugh says:

    Leeds was the right choice. Where was Shawn Johnson for the finale?

    • Nana3 says:

      I was wondering that myself and they made no mention either. She probably couldn’t make the trip to NYC. I am so glad Leeza won. She was graceful through the entire 8 weeks and the finale. A well deserved win. About time a woman won after Joan.

    • Geckoman says:

      According to her FB page, she was stuck at some airport, as all flights had been cancelled!!!

    • Candace says:

      She tweeted that she was stuck in Nashville due to weather.

  5. beth says:

    it was great how leeza held her own congratsvto her

    • Jerry says:

      It was great. I was so proud of Leeza, the way she held her own against her narcissistic opponent. Congratulations Leeza!!

      • Ron Glee says:

        Geraldo, what a disgrace, he was such an unpleasant guy. Watching old grandpa Rivera doing curls in his underpants gave me the heaves. His dismissal of Jonas couldn’t have been uglier. Geraldo had the worst ideas with which he railroaded everyone to accept. Was any commercial worse that Geraldo’s Chock Full of Nuts? All in all even though he should have been eliminated earlier I am just happy the jerk finally lost. I only missed Trump telling him “you’re fired and don’t let the door smack you in the ass. What a jerk.

        • M says:

          Notice he fired that poker girl in the Joan Rivers finale because he clearly didn’t like her.
          Geraldo was Donald’s favorite from the start. “…how dare Kevin go up against him…’ lol

  6. cb says:

    I watched the whole season, gagged through the female drama, just to see Geraldo win. He had almost twice the contributions for his charity as Leeza, and other successes. I turned it off as soon as the winner was announced. Nothing against Leeza. Not excited about watching it in the future.

    • T says:

      Twice as much- Do the math in the end Liza had over 500,000 and Geraldo over 700,000. That is a difference give or take of 200,0000 not twice as much. Plus she was on a winning team more often than Geraldo. Plus she was spot on when she said I was sent over to your team after they lost several and then they won. She was the right choice for sure!

    • lolajean says:

      The contest was about being a LEADER. Leeza was indeed a leader who received respect and support from those she worked with. Geraldo was only about Geraldo thinking he is better and smarter than everyone else. The only reason he raised more money is because he has rich contacts.

  7. jeena says:

    Leeza was a great competitor. Heraldo was good but many of his ideas were flops yet somehow he survived up to the finale. Leeza just ate Heraldo up when she gave several reasons why Trump should pick her. Congrats to Leeza and her charity!

  8. kenyahater says:

    Lol See Kenya how forgettable you are. Luv it. Thought you were Porchia. Lmao

  9. Jean says:

    Very happy Leeza won. hiraldo just so full of himself.

  10. kenyahater says:

    The riggt person won
    Congrars Lezza.

  11. MC says:

    I’m pretty sure that Leeza earned more than three hundred thousand on the final task. Check your numbers. Leeza was a true people person, a great organizer and a consistent winner throughout these tasks. She also had some great ideas. It was really an easy decision.

  12. Kelly Saggio says:

    Congrats Leeza you deserve it. She is such a classy ,smart and gracious lady.Her mother would be very proud of her.

  13. Brian says:

    This should not have been close. Lisa was awesome throughout the whole series.

  14. Mary Stinson says:

    Glad Leeza won. I hate self-centered biatches like Geraldo and Ian. I’m a 61 yr old white gay male, if it matters.

  15. Bill says:

    Leeza deserved to win. It can’t just be about raising the most money and the most connected person wins. It is good to see sometimes it is about how you play the game.

  16. Mary Stinson says:

    Glad Leeza won. I hate self-centered people like Geraldo and Ian. I’m a 61 yr old white gay male, if it matters.

  17. It was so wonderful to see Leeza win. She is a wonderful example to ALL people , particularly women and girls to show that you don’t have to be mean, a liar, or cruel to achieve your goals. In fact you can have success, including financial success, by having integrity and by being a kind and genuine hard working person. She also shows so much passion for a charity that she started well before the show started and she gave it her all for that charity ,while also honoring her mother. Thank you for being one of the only shows that actually showed us “nice guys DON’T finish last!”

  18. James Taylor says:

    I was very happy that Leeza won. Geraldo is just too self centered and egotistical for me.

  19. Oscar meyers says:

    Yes,Lezza definitely deserved the title. She did a much better job than Geraldo.She is awesome! !

  20. t...c says:


  21. suki wohland says:

    It is refreshing to see a winner with a style of leadership rarely seen in today’s world. One that is smart, passionate, decisive, determined, yet collaborative, and respectful of other points of view; rather than ruthless, dictatorial, and undermining. Wish more of these leadership qualities were modeled in our media. Perhaps our workplaces, and goverment workers would be more productive, less petty, and all around happier campers.

  22. jen says:

    I was extremely happy that Leeza won. Geraldo raised more money because he decided to be Project Manager on all of the fund raising tasks. He was very difficult to work with, made everything about him, and lost many many tasks.

    Leeza raised more money than him in the final task (head to head). She won more tasks. She came over to his losing team and helped them win. Plus she was a great leader, easy to work with and everybody liked her.

    I would have fired Geraldo at the beginning of the season. He was a hard-worker and always had ideas. But he was very rude to many of his teammates. And he wanted everything to be about him. A lot of his ideas were real turkeys.

    I really had no idea what Trump would do (since he seemed to like Geraldo and the woman never seem to win). To me Leeza winning was an absolute no brainer.

  23. Runner says:

    Yay Leeza! Classy til the end.

  24. Mark Barcklow says:

    Wow. Great show. You both are winners. You both have an open invite to San Antonio Tx

  25. lookinup2 says:

    I saw previous comments about why Shawn Johnson wasn’t there, but where was Capt. Sig???? Is he out crabbing this time of year?!?!?!

    • Nana3 says:

      Another person that wasn’t there that I didn’t notice at first.Really they couldn’t get a mention from Donald. Glad Leeza won but the finale was just blah.

    • nope1 says:

      i wondered the same thing where was sig and shawn and if couldnt be there they couldnt say something via satillete or even donald say something about them or even show a video they were in seemed a little bizarre

    • Gordon Carlisle says:

      Sig is in the middle of the Bering Sea. He posted a pic from the Northwestern.

  26. jeena says:

    Many times in the boardroom Geraldo would go on and on ad nauseum without directly answering Trump’s questions, beating around the bush, it was annoying. When Geraldo started doing the same thing at the finale, Trump cut him off, good for Donald! BTW, Melissa Rivers is filing a big negligence lawsuit against the medical facility in NYC where Joan was treated before her death, very sad, RIP Joan.

  27. RoberVasquez says:

    I never ever seen many conceited individuals in my life.For reason Donald Trump , Your Fired

  28. RoberVasquez says:

    I never ever seen so many conceited individuals in my life.For reason Donald Trump , Your Fired

  29. GwenBJ says:

    Lisa was composed, professional and played solid throughout the weeks. She won the Disney production task and raised the most money at the finale. In the finale, she was very tolerable with the ineptness of Brandi and Johnny…OMG !!!! –and deserved the win with Kevin”s help…great finalists Ms Gibbons … Mr Rivera. Both winners….good luck leeza!!!

  30. Terry says:

    My comment is about the sad case of Kenya Moore. My opinion is that Kenya suffers from an emotional disorder . The situation with her Mother has turned her into something awful . I really feel sorry for her . I wish that she could see the trail of damage that she leaves behind . The crown she received seems tarnished in a way . I believe that Kenya more than likely gave her hard luck story to the panel and they wanted to give her the once in a lifetime opportunity to improve her life and use her platform for the good but she never intended to do that . I think that Kenya couldn’t wait to weild her title like a sword to cut everyone down that she believed to be in her way . For all the young girls who came from bad situations , Kenya is showing them how to behave badly . Mean , Malicious and Very Sick .

  31. Bobby says:

    $’s going to great work. They are all winners.

  32. steve rush says:

    Huge fan of the show,loved the finale and the outcome. Leeza to me was the best contestant Apprentice ever had. I am totally taken by this amazing women. Gongrats to Mr Rivera but he was simply outclassed. I don’t know what her political aspersions are but she should run for office. We need more people like her in this world 🌍

  33. albert says:

    very good show tonight looking forward to next se

  34. Robin says:

    Where was Sig?

  35. Patricia says:

    Finally a decision worth supporting….grace, courage and commitment wrapped in the essence and spirit of a real winner…..well worth the watch! My initial fave Ian got fired but he was a formidable apprentice and he has gained a new fan.

  36. Leeza deserved to win, she worked hard and was very well respected by everyone, a class act.

  37. Mark says:

    Leeza was amazing!

  38. Happy Liza won its always nice to be nice. Geraldo some times a had way of sirpperarity we are all one no one is better then another I know it’s a show but show our kids how we need a better world.

  39. Ella says:

    Yay Leeza! The right person won. And I don’t think she played dirty at all, I think she spoke articulately and intelligently in response to Geraldo’s “safe choice” diss. Awesome Leeza, I had so much respect for her throughout this process.

    • Ray says:

      Exactly. In no way did Leeza play dirty. She merely pointed out her very victorious record and the fact that it she was finally able to lead Geraldo’s team to a win after five consecutive failures for him.

      Leeza displayed an impressive intelligence, articulateness and very wide and well honed skill set. The right person most definitely won.

  40. tom says:

    Pure class, intelligent, gutsy, and strong leadership qualities. No other comes close. Right call from Trump!!

  41. No. She won because of who she is. He maintained such a high standard and she just floated by. Get real. We all know he should have won.

  42. Sasha Barbadps says:

    Congratulations Leeza….what a class act..It would have been disappointing to have see t former Jerry Rivers win..what an egotistical SOB..

  43. lc says:

    Soooooo happy Leeza Gibbons won! Her charity has a special place in my heart.

  44. dsvo says:

    Geraldo is a true arrogant bastard. I thought his charity was former spouses. He needs to cut off his ugly mustache, stop telling the enemy where our troops are and sail back to where he came from. Worst news correspondent USA ever had.