Celebrity Apprentice Results: The Final Two Contestants Are Revealed

Celebrity Apprentice Vivica A. Fox

And then there were two…

Just as TVLine foretold last week, Donald Trump kicked off Monday’s Celebrity Apprentice with a surprise firing — but who got the dreaded, penultimate pink slip?

That would be valiant Sharknado survivor Vivica A. Fox, who will not be competing in next week’s live finale; this leaves legendary news folk Geraldo Rivera and Leeza Gibbons as this season’s final two competitors.

“I’m definitely a great player,” Fox said through tears before Trump finally laid down the hammer. “I’ve done good and I’ve won some tasks for my charity.” She also had wonderful things to say about both Rivera and Gibbons; a true class act ’til the very end.

Frankly, I had a feeling Fox would be fired this week, though she absolutely deserved her spot in the Final 3. Not only did she show unwavering commitment to every task this season, but even in the face of relentless antagonists — here’s lookin’ at you, Kenya Moore, ya freakin’ nightmare person — Fox managed to keep her cool.

Do you think Fox deserved the boot? And which remaining celebrity, Gibbons or Rivera, do you think will win it all? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cookie says:

    What a sale out – such a loser! She could take the heat from Kenya but gives up because she was too afraid she could not win it all!
    Not proud enough of her hard work – so she skips out! Will never watch an of her work on TV or mvies again! Be proud of who you are Vivica – a black women who could have been the first to win it all!

    • joan hamm says:

      You are right Cookie. I’m confused with the way Vivica gave up?? Although respectable to Leeza and Giraldo. I bet Ian and Giraldo clash heads big time.

    • I’m not sure why anyone would be so hard on Vivica. She said today that she didn’t have the financial resources to compete with Leeza or Geraldo. She knew her limitations. I hated to see Lorenzo quit but I like him more now, not less. Donald Trump needs to include more black celebrities. Keshia left for a similar reason, only she wasn’t willing to hit up anyone with big pockets. I think that asking for money is one of the most difficult part of the competition. I think anyone who gets into verbal sparring or drops F-bombs throughout may not be eliminated immediately but will be disqualified at Donald’s first opportunity. He doesn’t want a loudmouth representing him.

  2. joan hamm says:

    Did you see the looks on Ian’s face in the finale room when Giraldo spoke??? Weird!!!!??? Look out Giraldo you have the wrong person on your team. Ian is odd.

  3. joan hamm says:

    Some of the people they brought back for the finale does not make any sense?????

  4. MC says:

    This will probably be a one-sided affair on the creative side, although Geraldo and Ian will raise plenty of money. I like both of the finalists, but Leeza has made very few mistakes so far. I think she takes the title.

  5. Tran says:

    My money’s on Leeza Gibbons to win Celebrity Apprentice.

    • I think that Trump will pick Leeza. He said his decision wouldn’t be as much about money. I think he laid the groundwork for her. I think Geraldo is very talented and capable but his ego gets in his way an awful lot. He is charming in spite of himself, and he knew how to behave in the board room. No one is more diplomatic and gutsy at the same time as Leeza. I am so impressed by her. Leeza has Kevin Jonas who is a powerful young man. Leeza and Kevin are alone unfortunately but together they make four people. Ian and Lorenzo are fantastic but Geraldo is preventing them doing their best. Geraldo’s team lost almost every week. They won with Leeza. That can’t be ignored. I don’t think Trump wants a loose canon like Geraldo representing his brand. It will be Leeza.

      One more thing. Do you all notice that at the end of the episode when each person enters the elevator to leave, they are wearing something completely different when they emerge from the building? It’s not just the coat. Their outfit is usually a different color.

      OK. I’ll quit blabbing until next week.

      • ror says:

        I feel u are wrong because he said that it isn’t all money, and leeza could still win.I feel that geraldo will know what to do because the executives gave team geraldo that great idea so, team geraldo will win because at the end they always have faith that they will win and i know that trump is a very smart man that will pick geraldo, for he is very smart and expresive

        • I don’t claim to be sure about the final outcome. But we’ve already seen Geraldo get in his own way by shooting around the well-crafted story boards. He could be recruiting funds of finding talent instead of of babysitting Ian and Lorenzo. As for the women, I may be old school, but it’s rarely a good idea to show cleavage on the job (Brandi, Vivica and Kenya). I’m trying to remember how much skin Ivanka shows when she’s dressed for business.)

  6. gwen says:

    She did what she felt don’t point fingers she,’ll be ok, these are old taping anyway, ms, Fox long gone from that show just like I,am

  7. joan hamm says:

    I cannot stop laughing at both teams messing up. I could have done better! Brandi and Johnny came back w NO souvenirs!! I know I would have brought back A lot!! Stop flirting. And the kids NOT on site for Giraldo was stupid. Poor Giraldo thought his team would have the brains to get the kids for the shots. I knew this team not good for either competitor. Also Giraldo better bring in a star entertainer or he’s done.

  8. joan hamm says:

    Vivica and Lorenzo and Jonas brother only ones stepping up. So I predict Leeza will win. Plus she has a great star coming. Love her. I’m done now w comments for good. Lol I just wanted to see who the teams were and am let down. Good luck to both Leeza and Giraldo.

  9. KK says:

    Wow….Vivica was a sell-out. .She fought Kenya tooth and nail on ethics but failed to deliver a punch for her charity against Geraldo and Leeza. What was she thinking?..Oh, I forgot she was on the same planet as Pete Caroll..

  10. Lars Juan says:

    stopped watching tonight, Geraldo should have been fired many times over. trump’s show, his rules. only way to show you don’t like it is to turn it off. off it goes

    • ceeli says:

      agree!!! there’s NO WAY geraldo should be in the final two except that trump wants him. i’m still watching, though. leeza better win!

    • lori says:

      Vivica is a classy lady. She left the game with, I think, a lot of class. I hope Leeza wins she is the better of the two left.

      • magnigaza says:

        Vivica is a lovely person did u think trump would put her in the finals no she know she would be fighting a loosing battle she is honest

      • bkisses says:

        classy in what giving up.. and you were 3rd place no way would I give up.. she could have been the first black woman who won Celebrity Apprentice she is no better than Nene a quitter.

        • Gail says:

          I’m not mad at vivica.. The show is in The Don’s hands and it was apparent who the last two finalists was going to be.. So she stepped back and let it happen.. She did it her way with class and grace and I’m not mad at her

  11. Gardner says:

    I stopped watching after round three. It was obvious Heraldo wasn’t going to be fired. He’s too much of a Trump like blow hole. Heraldo wins.

  12. Mike says:

    Takes a big person to admit some one is stronger then you at something. Nothing but respect for Vivaca.

  13. Loria says:

    I think Vivica and Leeza would have been more evenly matched. Heraldo is ‘out there’ with his ideas, less on point. Leeza will win it hands down!

  14. Eric says:

    It’s more than obvious that Leeza should win. She is consistent, smart, and has been in the board room. She totally deserves it. However, Trump has had a personal bias when it came to Geraldo since day one. Why do you think Geraldo made it so far? He should have been fired so many times over the course of the season, but hasn’t because Trump likes him on a personal level. He fails in every way when it comes to creativity and his ideas always fall flat most of the time. The only area he excels in is bringing in tons of money, which unfortunately, in my opinion, isn’t enough to be crowned the winner. But again, Trump loves him and his biased. So he’ll unfortunately win.

  15. Barbara wms.Omaha,Nebr. says:

    This show it is very predictable. Geraldo will win just like joan rivers won very predictable. Neither of these people deseves the winning title. Lets not forget whose running the show the trump….Donald Trump. This show and D.Trump is full of s…t.

  16. Sharon says:

    You go Geraldo !! You rock!

    Love you


  17. Pat says:

    I vote for Leeza! Geraldo is a self centered egotistical blowhard & has’nt had a good idea all season.

  18. Phyllis Sardona says:

    Last week team vortex won . First time out of six and he fires Brandy and Johnny. Was fixed from the beginning. We all knee Geraldo and Leeza are who Trump planned on having.

    • I don’t know about Johnny but I think that any contestant (like Brandi or Kenya) who engages in name-calling or swearing, can’t represent the Trump name. Vivica spent too much time bickering as well. These three women disqualified themselves early in the competition for that reason. As obnoxious as Geraldo could be at times, he stayed out of the fray once Kevin was gone.

  19. I’ve always liked Kenya but my opinion has changed since the missing phone incident. Having said that, who said that Shawn was on her period? Vivica opened the door to the idea of hormonal women or emotional hormonal contestants. I generally like Vivica but that was her first error that later bit her in the behind. Also, she let herself get riled up. In general, this season showed us some decent, intelligent, hard-working celebrities. Even though they left early, I was impressed by Kevin and Keisha. Also, what a sweet and good nature Lorenzo has. The final two had revealed themselves by week two or three.

  20. Of course she deserved to be fired. There is no proof her phone was stolen by Kenya. She said some real hateful stuff about Kenya. When Kenya said goodbye Vivica called her a trick. Class act please mother would ask her to wait on the porch.

    • I just watched tonight’s episode AFTER I made my first two comments. I’m not anti-Kenya. I’ve been rooting for her on Real Housewives of Atlanta for sometime. She said she had a trick up her sleeve when they first went into the board room. Kenya can keep her composure even after someone drags her by the hair. She is somewhat used to being picked on. I want to see her life going in a positive direction. I just watched the show and I was disappointed to see Vivica give up. Maybe she felt the need to be surrounded by skilled people. The way she talked to Kenya revealed more about Vivica who is 50. She’s perhaps a little intimidated by younger beauties with booties.

      When working under pressure Geraldo blames others for his mistakes. Leeza is gracious and grateful under pressure.

      • pat bryant says:

        Kenya revealed herself when she announced “she had some trick up her sleeve”. I believe she took the phone, tweeted on it and led Vivica in the boardroom right into the “Menopause” issue, making it look like Vivica tweeted that about herself. Trashy trick…up her sleeve!! Good riddance, Kenya!!

        • It was Vivica who said that Shawn was on her period so she wasn’t playing up to her full potential. That was a tacky thing to say. Furthermore, it was Vivica who introduced the idea that a woman’s hormones could interfere with her job, setting the women’s movement back years, and perhaps giving Kenya the idea about menopause. Vivica has also cried a few times. Once might be okay. There is intense pressure. Crying isn’t professional. Trump isn’t going to pick anyone who plays games. He can’t pick Geraldo unless his finished product outshines Leeza’s. Geraldo is a terrible leader.

    • magnigaza says:

      Kenya deserved to be fired too b**CH

    • macy says:

      Agree 100%! She also called Kenya a “crazy @$$ b*tch” in the boardroom. Totally lacking class — who would use that language in that environment?

    • macy says:

      My comment above was in response to Cafe Vivienne, about Vivica.

  21. yvonne says:

    My money is on Leeza to win. She knows how to deal with people far better than Geraldo. Geraldo is, of course, a very smart guy, but his super large ego gets in his way every time! He has never learned that one person cannot be all things to all people in every situation. Having said that………GO TEAM LEEZA!!!!!

  22. Kimmer says:

    Geraldo is a pompous ass – that fake grille is off putting and he’s this close to a nursing home. Vivica A Fox is a strong, intelligent Sister. Trump is just too white bread and it’s obvious…

    • Geraldo is 71. Joan was 80. Age can be a huge advantage. More experience. More connections possibly. And more access to money very likely, especially with a long career. Joan changed with the times. Geraldo isn’t so flexible.

  23. Wesley and Linda Podvin says:

    I think you should take a census on what the public who are watching this show,,,,who they think should win,,,,,just to see a public opinion.


  25. Anonymous says:

    I stop watching when Gilbert Gottried got fired!

  26. Leeza outshone Geraldo in every way. He had some really bad ideas and egotistical attitude from day one. Leeza, on the other hand was spot on with ideas and execution the entire season.

  27. Fred Hanson says:

    Trump ignored everything Rivera did wrong so you new he was going to bring him to the end. Why waste time when Trump knows who the final 2 will be from the start. Time to say goodbye to this show.

  28. Maryann says:

    This is a repeat of the Arsenio/Clay Aiken rematch. Clay Aiken clearly beat Arsenio in all aspects of the challenge, throughout the season. Trump has his mind made up before the season starts. Geraldo is an egomaniac who cannot relinquish the spotlight. Leeza has style, class and handles people with respect. She is smart and savvy. That being said, where is Bill Rancic? He and Leeza do a TV show together. He has money, influence and experience, why isn’t Leeza reaching out to Rancic? If Leeza doesn’t win, then it is as everyone has said, Trump picks his favorite and that’s that!

  29. Dree Darling says:

    I love Vivica A. Fox and wish she fought a bit more to win the title of Celebrity Apprentice. However, must give her kudos for how she conducted herself throughout the reality show. Proud of how she refused to degrade herself especially when her phone turned up missing and a mysterious tweet posted under her name. Ms. Vivica A. Fox is definitely a Class Act. All the Best in future endeavors. You Rock Ms. Vivica A. Fox!!! In my mind, technically Ms. Fox is the better player because she knew how to strategically remove players and speak truths by not sugarcoating in an attempt to make herself superior. Class Act and proud of her. side note….loved her since her portrayal of Maya Reubens on Generations.

  30. Shay says:

    Vivica Fox was great, the exact opposite of Kenya. What I don’t understand is why people keep bringing up color.

  31. Marie says:

    Leeza….Geraldo does NOT deserve to win!

  32. Traci says:

    Na she was a lady and a gentleman, not found often. She definately took the high road and should hold her head even higher…

  33. marie says:

    the final two were the right people to compete it should make for really good TV

  34. judy says:

    Vivica Fox is one of the classiest women I’ve ever seen on television. What a great season this has been, although too short. Vivica, you are a great role model for women of all races. Loved you in Independence Day… loved you on Celebrity Apprentice. Leeza is a great role model, as well. Very classy. Hope to see more of both women in the future.

  35. Olga Andujar says:

    I’m sure Geraldo will win, but Leeza really deserved it. Bcuz Geraldo had terrible ideas after his 1st win, I wld have like to have seen Vivica n Leeza as d final 2! But alas, it was not to b. We all know that d Trump n Geraldo r good friends, so, he will win.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Half of Leeza’s team is LAZY. At least Geraldo’s team is trying. If Leeza wins, it will because she stars in the commercial. She has charisma and stage presence and that will make her hard to beat. But Geraldo will bring in more money.

  36. Robert Valentine says:

    Didn’t like the way they did it this season with two eliminations per week.

  37. Alice depaoli says:

    Class act Ms. Fox!

  38. Frannie says:

    The fact that Geraldo is still around says a lot about this season. It was not very good.
    There was too much cat fighting which interfered with a project manager being effective. The project managers kept getting fired for problems directly caused by lack of teamwork among some of the ladies., Geraldo did not seem to contribute much but he kept out of the way and thus did not get thrown under the bus.

  39. Renee says:

    Geraldo is a blowhard who only brags of his accomplishments and stands in the way of other more qualified contestants. That being said, Leeza is pure professional, dedicated to each task and a great leader. You go Leeza!

  40. Renee says:

    Geraldo is a blowhard who only brags of his accomplishments and stands in the way of other more qualified contestants. That being said, Leeza is pure professional, dedicated to each task and a great leader. You go Leeza
    Many better contestants didn’t have a chance-Nick, Lorenzo, Kate because of the bromance between “Don” & “Jerry Rivers”. You let good people go to save your buddy, Donnie boy!

  41. Sandy says:

    First of all, Cookie, it’s “Sell Out”, not “Sale Out” and it’s an African American Woman not Women… Please check your work before posting.. Vivica is very talented & she made a realistic choice. You don’t have to be a Hater. I’m pretty sure if you don’t watch “an” of her work is not going to affect her. Too many typos for such a small post.. Pity…

  42. Rockey says:

    No I don’t think she should of been fired.

  43. marie says:

    Geraldo the winner no brainer