The Walking Dead Recap: Heartsick and Tired

Walking Dead Season 5 Recap

If you were to turn to the dictionary entry for “dead tired,” the illustration accompanying the definition would probably look a lot like the survivors on The Walking Dead did this week. They were exhausted, hungry, dehydrated and, worst of all, demoralized. But then, something happened that promised to change everything. Wanna know what that something was? Keep reading…

OUT OF GAS | As the hour began, times were so tough for our remaining regulars that Daryl was eating a worm for sustenance, Maggie was almost too pooped and depressed to stick a knife in a walker’s head, and Sasha’s search for water turned up only a trail of dead frogs. “How much longer we got?” Maggie asked. “Sixty miles,” Sasha replied. “I wasn’t talking about that,” Maggie clarified. Yeah, things were that bad. And almost immediately, they got worse: The gang was out of gas (and not just metaphorically anymore). “So we walk,” said Rick, somehow managing to remain optimistic even after the losses they’d so recently suffered.

OUT OF SORTS | Hard as the going was, there were some very sweet moments along the way. On a fruitless hunting expedition, Carol gave Daryl Beth’s knife and repeated the words of comfort he’d once said to her: “You’re not dead.” She even pushed his greasy hair out of his face, kissed his forehead and encouraged him to let himself grieve for their fallen friends. Carl gave Maggie a broken music box. (It’s the thought that counts.) Gabriel reached out to Maggie, offering to listen if she ever wanted to talk. But not only did she not want to talk, she definitely didn’t want to talk to the preacherman who’d left his own congregation to die. (Hey, he gave it a shot.) And Michonne tried to help Sasha get her emotions in check by comparing the human time bomb’s reaction to losing Tyreese to Tyreese’s reaction to losing Karen. “We are not the same,” Sasha snapped. “But it’s still the same,” Michonne noted. (Hey, she gave it a shot.)

OUT OF OPTIONS | Shortly thereafter, as the group was executing a fool-proof, energy-conserving plan to get rid of a bunch of walkers by simply nudging them down a hill — zombie tipping? — Sasha broke ranks and came out swinging, nearly getting Rick bitten in the process. “I truly do not know if things can get worse,” Eugene said later. “They can,” Rosita assured him. And, right on cue, they did: Out of the woods came a pack of dogs gone frightfully feral. Before they could attack, however, Sasha had shot them all. (See also: The Leftovers.) While everyone ate the saddest meal ever, Noah forlornly stared at one of the dogs’ collars and told Sasha that her brother had tried to help him. Still, “I don’t know if I’m gonna make it,” he added. “Then you won’t,” she replied matter-of-factly. “Don’t think. Just eat.” Nearby, an impassive Maggie watched as Gabriel tossed his collar on the campfire.

OUT OF SIGHT | In the comments section, you’re sure (and welcome) to debate which character felt the crummiest this week. But my money’s on Maggie. Yes, Sasha was in a dark, dark place. So dark, in fact, that when she told Abraham that his boozing was gonna make things worse, he was moved to respond that SHE was what was gonna make things worse. And it didn’t have to be that way. “You’re among friends,” he noted. “We’re not friends,” she replied. Okay, then. Daryl wasn’t doing so hot, either. At one point, he even stole away from the group to smoke, deliberately burned his hand and then, at last, had himself a good cry. But Maggie… man. First, she couldn’t bring herself to knife the old lady walker that she found in a car trunk; then, she became so desperate to get the trunk reopened so that she could knife the zombie, she was ready to shoot the jammed lock; and finally, she confessed to Glenn, “I don’t know if I wanna fight [to survive] anymore.” Thankfully, he convinced her that she did want to. At least he was able to get her to take a sip of water.

OUT OF NOWHERE | Just when it all seemed utterly hopeless, a Costco-sized delivery of bottled water appeared in the road along with a note saying that it was “from a friend.” Since there was great concern that the water had been poisoned, Eugene (almost redeeming himself in my book) risked his life to take a swig for “quality control”… only to have Abraham knock the bottle out of his hand. (Once a protector, always a protector?) At that point, the skies opened up, and at last, it rained. “I’m sorry, my Lord,” Gabriel cried as everyone else drank as much as they could, drop by drop. As the storm worsened, the group took shelter in the barn outside of which Daryl had had his crying jag earlier. Finding first a Bible and then another old lady walker — big week for old lady walkers, apparently — Maggie knifed the zombie. The woman had a gun, Carol noted. She could have killed herself. But “some people can’t give up,” she added. “Like us.” That evening, Rick told a campfire story about how his grandfather had survived combat by waking up every day as if he were already a goner. “Rest in peace,” Grandpa would say to himself. “Now get up and go to war.” And that was how they were going to make it, too. “We tell ourselves that we are the walking dead,” he suggested. And, as cool a monologue as it was, Daryl gave it a thumbs-down. “We ain’t them,” he insisted. (There’s one in every crowd… )

OUT OF TEARS | Moments later, Daryl discovered that walkers had surrounded the barn. One by one, the others joined in, helping him keep the doors shut. The morning after, Maggie discovered Daryl still standing guard and encouraged him to get some shuteye. In turn, he gave her back her music box — he’d fixed it. Since Daryl wasn’t keen on resting, Maggie tiptoed over to Sasha, woke her up and led her through a field of walkers impaled by fallen trees to watch the sun rise. Sasha admitted that she felt like Noah — like she might not make it. But Maggie, back to her usual self, reassured her that they would both make it. “That’s the hard part.” She then wound up the music box to hear it for the first time, and… hilariously, it broke again!

Just then, a handsome stranger appeared, a handsome stranger who looked like he showered regularly and had access to a Laundromat. “My name is Aaron,” he said as the women pointed their guns at him. “I know — stranger danger. But I’m a friend.” (That’s what they all say, isn’t it?) Next, he asked to be taken to their leader — by name. Wait, what? How did he know they had a leader, much less that his name was Rick? Aaron wasn’t giving any answers… yet. But he did say, “I have good news.” And just like that, the music box ominously began to play.

OK, your turn. What did you think of “Them”? First impression of Aaron? Hit the comments!

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  1. Reality check fan! says:

    The walkers, the storm, them all sleeping and Darryl sitting on watch…it all seemed like a dream!

  2. Evan Green says:

    Looks like a trip to the Alexandria Safe Zone might be coming up!

  3. relaxxx says:

    First off, Happy Belated Birthday to the Valentines Day baby Danai Gurira! Award winning playwright, actress, woman’s rights activist, AIDS activist, standing ovation speaker at the United Nations receiving, role model, and humanitarian. Second, Maggie n Glenn were so sweet together. I loved Rick and Michonne. They needed more damn lines. This episode needed more lines. The brightest spot was seeing Aaron! Asz here we come! I suspect he knows Ricks name from watching the group. I don’t know maybe I’ll appreciate this episode more tomorrow or after I visit tumblr. This episode was kind of dry. Cheers

    • Phoebe says:

      The absence of dialog made it more powerful of an episode. The writers are brilliant in that respect. The group is worn and can barely fight physically to survive. Do you think they have the energy for intense dialogue? This is as close to reality as it gets, not an episode of “survivor”.

      • roner teser says:

        People like Phoebe will someday ruin tv for all of us

      • sully says:

        I don’t understand both of your reasoning… She’s gonna ruin tv cause she understood what this episode was? It was a culmination of despair/exhaustion/etc? It was the way this episode was supposed to be. Did you want them to talk about the free agent signings of the atl falcons? They’re drained like they’re never been. I expected Maggie to take a good look at how much weight the rafters of that barn could hold without telling anyone. There was no dialogue to be had. @Phoebe is ruining tv because she understood the point of this episode?!

        • TVGord says:

          Exactly! The absence of dialogue made it such a powerful episode. I feel sorry for the people who didn’t get that.

        • Abby says:

          Word, sully. It was slow because they were transporting the tired, heartsick emotions of the characters into the viewer. Like fighting with that barn door even though everyone just wanted to sleep, cry…I got it, Phoebe got it, but haters hate.

      • relaxxx says:

        It is a long standing complaint from people in the fandom and critics about the shows hit or miss writing! There has n still have been so many plot holes, and ooc behavior from a lot of the characters. This is nothing new n my first comment was me being generous. The fact that there r characters like Michonne who has been on the show for 3.25 seasons n has never spoken to Carol, Tara, Eugene etc. and just started to speak to Maggie n Glenn this season even though she saved their life all the way back in season 3 is just bad writing. There r many more plot holes but I haven’t the time to speak on. Bad things happen to the group each episode it shouldn’t be a excuse for the writers laziness n inability to write for a large group. GOT has a larger cast n some how they r able to do it. Let’s agree to disagree!

        • TVGord says:

          I find it hilarious to read your opinion of lazy writers when you can’t even dredge up the energy to spell out entire words (and then there’s your poor grammar)! Please, comment some more. I could use the laughter today! :-D

          • relaxxx says:

            Wait, your gonna try to dyck ride my comment about grammer but u have a shyt load of grammer errors and u just wrote like three lines. I don’t get paid alot to write these scripts. A lot of critics have made the same complaints. Take your butthurt someplace else u miserable troll.

          • Dysturbed says:

            Sorry to have read that your butt hurts TvGord.

      • CountryQueen says:

        Please continue in your direction to ruin TV for all of us Phoebe! The acting was amazing.

  4. Emma says:

    Really solid episode. I loved the scene between Sasha and Maggie and I hope the show continues to explore their friendship. They formed a great bond in the back half of season 4 and now they’ve both recently lost their siblings so it’s nice to see them pull together and connect.

    Very excited about Aaron’s arrival and I can’t wait to see how that unfolds on the show.

  5. JP says:

    This episode is a reminder of why The Walking Dead is the greatest drama on TV right now (wonder when the Emmys will ever take notice). It doesn’t always have to be “zombie kill of the week” action, but more of the human psyche and how to live in this world. The opening was perfect with Maggie crying, killing a zombie, then just going back to crying.

    I, for one, am a huge fan of these episodes where they slow it down and really peel back the characters layers. Though this is not even close to being as great as The Grove episode, it was a great performance by the actors portraying Maggie, Sasha and Darryl.

    Now bring on the safe zone!!!

  6. sully says:

    Getting pretty pretty sick of 7 mins of show followed by 5 mins of commercials during the premiere of new episodes. Then when they show it the next week prior to the new episode they let it run like a normal episode with 15-18 mins of show at a time with slightly longer commercial breaks. Come on man

  7. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Watching this ep. made me feel TIRED! Overall it’s a solid one. I hope they show more Maggie and Sasha bonding now that they lost their siblings……and WTF every time Daryl wants to do something on his own (which was dealing w/the lost of Beth) Carol is all like ”can I go”? Like bitch no! I felt like slapping her. even tho. she was trying to help him get through it but still.

    • relaxxx says:

      I don’t get Carols behavior. I never have. She goes from being depressed n ready to leave the group in the Strangers episode gets hit by a car in Consumed recovers with her Wolverine healing powers becomes all hopeful in Them after Beth dies n starts handing out kisses n gifts. Okkkkk… Some of the characters behavior gives my neck whiplash

      • CountryQueen says:

        Carol was an abused spouse who is still finding out who she is as a person without an abusive husband telling her how to be and how to act. That takes a long time to get past in the normal world. Add the Zombie Apocalypse and it’s even harder.

  8. tammy says:

    Why do you assume they are old lady walkers, i mean they are decaying? I assumed the walker in the trunk was some young woman that got trapped in there and died when her abductor was killed ?

    • KCG says:

      That’s what I assumed, which makes the situation all the more distressing. Maggie was going to leave her but then decided to put her out of her misery. The woman clearly died slowly in that trunk.

  9. roner teser says:

    JP sounds about as dull as this episode

    • hud says:

      Twain said “Any show no matter how good, can’t be good forever” When asked about the afterlife. This sums up my opinion of TWD. At some point reach a conclusion.Soon.With the CONSTANT interruptions we are down to what 38/39/40 min. out of 60. Writing competent material has to be harsh.6ep. left until Oct.don’t believe I have the patience to live life to suit this schedule. Less breaks, more takes. Anyone agree?

  10. betty says:

    I’m a little confused as to why we’ve seen minutes (only minutes) of Morgan more than once and have yet to see him or hear speak of him. When I saw the water from a friend, I was so sure Morgan was going to finally appear. But apparently, the water was from “clean guy”. Does anyone know why Morgan shows up only once a minute and if he’s still coming back?

    • Finn says:

      He seems to get to every place they have been (the sanctuary sign, the church etc.) about two weeks behind. I always keep thinking he is going to show up at the last minute and save them one of these times from peril. The water did seem to be from Morgan- but obviously wasn’t. Morgan lingering around adds to the suspense of the show. The reason why he won’t come back is because the group keeps moving and he is moving slow. Maybe when they make it to the Safe Zone he will catch up.

    • Jack says:

      We dont know how far behind Morgan is. A couple of years ago, one of the producers has said that the reason you dont see more of Morgan is because the actor (Lennie James) is too busy. Otherwise, he would have been a regular this whole time. So, there ya go. And they have already said that yes, he is coming back. Will he stay? Probably not.

  11. Anonymous says:

    OMG I was bored again except for the very ending of the tornado not destroying the barn.
    I hope the next episodes get much much better.

  12. Abby says:

    Seems suspiciously early to see Aaron just yet…what if they’re doing a twist switch-up and Aaron is a really bad guy, not the guy they first meet from the safe-zone? That twist would be amazing!

  13. Heathers says:

    This show is getting worse and worse each week. I’m almost ready to hang it up.. I now want back all of those hours spent watching the first 4 seasons.

  14. CountryQueen says:

    Ever seen the path of a Tornado? I have. It can skip and jump as it pleases. Totally plausible that it would cause all that damage and not hit the barn. Tornadoes have destroyed entire neighborhoods, and then, there’s one house, untouched.

  15. Kisha from Houston, TX says:

    I loved the episode! The viewers could relate to how run down our group was. Loved how Abraham rushed to protect Eugene even after all his lies. Loved how Sascha, Darryl, and Maggie were the first to rush to secure the barn doors to protect everyone even though they were hurting the most. Nearly cried on that scene.

  16. Abby says:

    He doesn’t die that soon. Another season at least, if he dies at the same time as the comics, because they have to get established at the safe-zone and there’s much internal conflict to be had there, AND they have to find Hilltop, well before the saviours show up to wreck stuff. Were still pretty far off from Began, let alone him offing Glenn, unless they kill Glenn a different way…

  17. Sandy Bell says:

    This episode was restauration of faith when all seemed to have lost it. Obvious, I know, but I wanted to say it, though. Much like what’s happening in our “lively” world…

  18. AnnieM says:

    As much as I love TWD, I just want to know how Abraham could not have been infected by being slashed with a knife that had just been used to kill a walker. :-/

    • David says:

      Because he is already infected. They are all infected. One example is back at Terminus. They had been eating people for a long time before Rick’s group and never became walkers. All the walkers they kill, I’m sure they get splattered all the time, and when do they have time to wash their hands and clean up? A walker bite, just speeds up the death process. The bite itself don’t turn them into walkers. It’s death itself.

      • AnnieM says:

        I realize they are already infected (poor choice of wording on my part, sorry), but what I’m getting at is what is it about the walker bite that triggers/accellerates the change – of course a huge *CHOMP* could make them bleed to death, but we have seen one or two people with small bites that still became fatal (most recently Bob). I would just think that a knife covered in walker guts that cut into a living person’s flesh would also be able to ‘speed up the death process’, as you put it. Making me wonder then, if the real accellerant is whatever passes for walker saliva…? ::shrug::

  19. Ja Jung says:

    This season started out as an art movie. Didn’t like it that much. Hope it picks up. I have a feeling it will. That group who cut up the people in the boxvan – I think will come eventually meet Rick’s group.