Forever Stars Talk Adam's Puzzling Return, Plus: Watch Henry Wonder How 'Indiana Jones' Winds Up at the Morgue

Forever Season 1 Spoilers Ioan Gruffudd

This Tuesday’s Forever (ABC, 10/9c) fits right in with a theme common to many of this year’s Super Bowl commercials: Fathers, their children and the parental desire to keep offspring safe from harm.

Don’t worry: Abe won’t be the subject of a mood-killing Nationwide ad anytime soon. But when Burn Gorman’s murderous Adam returns and has a run-in with Henry’s geriatric son, the normally placid Dr. Morgan is not having it.

The problem with threatening an immortal, though, is that you’ve got to get very inventive in getting him to see your way of thinking, star Ioan Gruffudd says.

“There’s this idea that [Henry] wants to kill him, and then he goes through ‘I can’t kill him, because he’ll just come back,'” Gruffudd says, laughing. “There begins the game, I suppose, that we’ll get throughout the series.”

Throughout the episode, we learn a little about Adam’s backstory — but only a glimpse, remember, because the guy is thousands of years old (and the show’s only an hour long). And why, exactly, is he back?

“We don’t know his intentions,” star Judd Hirsch reminds viewers. “How can we know the intentions of anybody that’s lived that long?”

Henry’s fellow immortal shows up in an episode that has Jo & Co. trying to solve the murder of a man who either is a modern-day Indiana Jones (as Lucas notes in the exclusive clip below)… or a horrible, Nazi-inspired thief.

As the case unfolds, it turns out to have a game-changing connection to both Adam and one of the series’ regular characters. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal that Henry’s own father was perhaps not the morally upstanding man his son believed him to be.

Press PLAY to watch Dr. Morgan get a grip on the case, then hit the comments with your thoughts: What’s your guess at Adam’s backstory?

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  1. N says:

    I love this show!

  2. Emily says:

    I know it’s still considered a long shot but I still hope that this show gets renewed for a 2nd season. This show is so addicting!

  3. diane says:

    Can’t wait to see this episode!!! #RenewForever

  4. Georgia Madman says:

    My favorite new show of the season!

  5. cherie says:


  6. Danielle says:

    I love this show!!! I pray it gets picked up for more seasons!!! Best show on tv in a long time!!!

  7. yurie says:

    At first I was wondering why I like the show because it’s a typical procedural with myth-arc that can be stretched on for ages and ME Henry might as well be a detective considering he does nearly everything from field work to medical work to deductions himself. Anyway the reason is that Henry is a likeable know-it-all goof and isn’t an obnoxious know-it-all arse like House, Patrick Jane, Shawn Spencer, Sherlock etc etc

  8. Leah says:

    The show is actually getting really exciting now that Adam’s out in the open

  9. Billie says:

    Love this show! Hope it gets another season. Curious to see what Henry’s father a was like.

  10. MaryAnn Dumond says:

    This episode of “FOREVER” looks like an especially intriguing one. Can’t wait for tonight’s airing. Welcome back, “FOREVER”. It seems like WE’VE been waiting FOREVER for your return!

  11. dan the critic says:

    I would love to see Henry tell Jo the truth before the show gets canceled.

  12. Debra says:

    Oh Joy Henry’s back! 😀
    Please #ABC # RenewForever for
    a 2nd season.

  13. RBA says:

    love the show

  14. Becky says:

    Ok-the reason Adam wants Henry to look for a Roman dagger of 44 BC is because it is the dagger that killed Julius Caesar, and it is the dagger that can kill an immortal! Adam is Brutus! And who knows who else?

    • PeeCeeKay says:

      The reference is definitely about the dagger that killed JC but I doubt it’s useful for creating immortals (Henry was not stabbed). Adam is probably a historical figure of that era. He could be JC himself, Brutus, Marcus Antonius or whoever really. Looking forward to see more information being revealed.

  15. Maureen says:

    Help! My p&r stopped recording right when Abe opened the box at the end. What was I. It?

  16. Ron g says:

    watching tv shows for 50 years ive seen almost every mystery plotline. So even though the premises is not new the writting and plots seem fresh. I like the cutting edge. Like in highlander, Adam is the shows nemise and therefore cannot die even if he finds the dagger that he thinks will end his torment.

  17. Jo Ann says:

    I love this show, too. The characters are very likable and I like the relationships they have with each other, especially the loving relationship between Henry and Abe. The murder mysteries on each show are the icing on the cakes.

  18. Tracy says:

    Love this show!!! So happy to see a new episode. Please renew this refreshing show another season:-D

  19. Deborah B. Weigel says:

    I love this show. we have lost so much of our history. This is one way to bring it back. I love the intrigue and how history always seems to repeat it’s self Please do not think of canceling it, maybe a different time slot, but please don’t cancel it

  20. d says:

    Please don’t cancel this show! I love the intrigue, his energy, and his intelligence. I especially love the go backs for comparisons on how things where done once upon a time but how he still reaches a conclusions at the end. The story line is just starting to take off. It’s not a comedy that it takes off right away. The history he covers is wonderful and our society seems to be losing where it all started from & wants instant gratification. this show is more like a finer wine to be fully enjoyed.

    • MaryAnn Dumond says:

      d, I love your post above and I SO agree with you ! Everything about “FOREVER” is perfection, from the fab actors portraying great characters to the wonderful story lines. ABC needs to hang on to this series and do everything it can to promote it. Everyone concerned with this show deserves the very best acclaim and support.

  21. Deborah B. Weigel says:

    Don’t cancel Forever. It’s a wonderful show full of glimpses of history we didn’t’ know existed esp in the field of medicine. The actors are phenomenal. Change show time but not against a major player. This show has potential, use it.

  22. Carla L. says:

    I love !!! this show, Great acting, interesting plot lines, Wonderful production!!! Such fun, PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL IT. GIVE IT ANOTHER SEASON!!! Really needs more promotion !! People need to know it’s there !!!

  23. Philip Bennett says:

    How could the Nazis know about Adam’s immortality if he seems totally normal till he “dies” which causes him to be transported somewhere else? That’s how Henry escaped from the insane asylum. Was Adam working with the Nazis till he was no longer useful then was turned over to Mengele? In my own unpublished novel about an immortal Irishman (coincidentally similar to Hamill’s book) my character Samhain Hall agrees to work with the Nazis and allow Mengele to experiment on him in return for reuniting all of Ireland after Britain is defeated. Perhaps Adam had a similar motive before it all went wrong Discuss.

  24. Peter says:

    I have been thinking could Adam in forever possibly be brutus or Julius Caeser. My logic is that maybe some sort of curse for killing Caeser made brutus immortal and only the knife can kill him. Or as Caeser he discovers his immortality in 44 bc at the Senate. What do you think.

  25. G. Medford says:

    Adam said that was stabbed with Roman dagger in 44BC. That was same year Julius Cesar was killed by stabbing. Any connection?