Was Good Wife Overstuffed? Did Parks Tourists Teleport? Fave Galavant Tune? Castle Too Secretive? And More Qs!

Golden Globes Billy Cosby

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including the Golden Globes, Galavant, Forever and Parks and Recreation!

1 | Golden Globes hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Bill Cosby jokes/impressions: Deserved disses, or kinda inappropriate? And did the awards show rely too much on December’s The Interview controversy for laughs?

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2 | Did The Good Wife overstuff Sunday’s episode with issues? Racism and Alicia’s out-of-left field accusations of sexism?!

3 | Wasn’t it weird seeing Revenge‘s Louise introduce herself to Emily? Like, we’re 12 episodes into the season and they’re just meeting now?

4 | Which Galavant song is your favorite thus far? Does the pirates’ shanty chantey — with repeated, humbled acknowledgment that they’re not actually on the sea — rank high on the list?

6 | How annoying was that judgmental saleswoman on Downton Abbey? If you’re going to give a married woman that much grief for buying a diaphragm, why even carry it in your store?

7 | Has Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Jake Peralta ever seemed more relatable? Not only does he rely on Yahoo Answers for vital information, but he never gets to the dentist when he should (and his teeth really hurt).

8 | Richard Castle’s biggest “affront”: Not telling Kate he got his P.I. license, or that he had also rented an office?Eye Candy

9 | Did knowing that Daniel Lissing isn’t a series regular on Eye Candy ruin the killer twist for you? (It sucks to understand the TV business sometimes, doesn’t it?)

10 | Who else was ready to throw something at the TV when Switched at Birth‘s Bay wouldn’t stop apologizing to that punk girl at community service?

11 | Was the escape of Major Crimes’ Phillip Stroh the darkest commercial for Uber ever?

12 | Does the new Fashion Police panel come up short on laughs? (You are missed, Joan Rivers!)

13 | The moment Agent Carter eyeballed that “bad baby” muscle contractor, you knew it was just a matter of minutes until she’d have to use it, right? Also, did everyone (save Hayley Atwell, obviously) lose their old-timey New York accents this week?

14 | How were two public servants like Forever‘s Jo and her late, ADA husband able to afford a brownstone in Manhattan’s extraordinarily pricey real estate market?

15 | Did the Parks and Recreation premiere seem a bit shout-y? How thankful are you that the show spared us a shot of Jamm in the Ron-forged chastity belt? Meanwhile, TVLine reader KatsMom asks: “Was anyone else bothered by the fact that Tom, Andy and Lucy were wandering around Chicago, and, with no break in their conversation, wound up miles away from where they’d been seconds ago?”

The Mindy Project Season 3 Recap Lee Pace16 | Which of Dr. L’s exes would win in a Mindy Project throwdown: Lee Pace’s Alex or Timothy Daly’s Charlie?

17 | Should New Girl keep spending as much time at Jess’ school as recent episodes have done, or are you already sick of the air-headed school nurse and the bearded biology teacher?

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18 | Did Person of Interest’s Yasin Said know there was a giant crate full of packing peanuts beneath the window he leaped out of? Or just dumb luck?

19 | When it comes down to Lucious vs. Cookie, is anyone watching Empire actually on Team Lucious?Chicago PD Lindsay Halstead

20 | Chicago P.D. “Linstead” ‘shippers: Was the wait worth it?

21 | Did American Horror Story: Freak Show outgross even its revelation of Twisty the Clown’s mouth with that shot of a freakified Stanley?

22 | On Hindsight, does the romance between Becca’s brother and her best friend have shades of Wonderfalls‘ Aaron and Mahandra?

23 | Was @midnight host Chris Hardwick’s pro-breast rant as refreshing as it was out-of-left-field?

24 | We can’t believe we’re saying this, but did Ashton Kutcher give his best-ever performance on Two and a Half Men when Walden thought he was about to lose foster son Louis?

25 | Did Parenthood‘s Adam make the right decision, agreeing to remain in business with Crosby at The Luncheonette? Because if he really isn’t happy, can’t he just help Crosby find a new business partner?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!