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Agents of SHIELD Skye Ward

Has a S.H.I.E.L.D. romance been shot down for good? Why should Grey’s fans liquor up? Will Castle leave you hanging? Which Arrow pairing has been postponed? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans needs some SkyeWard hope after a certain shot(s) heard round the world in the winter finale. Got anything on their future? –Brooke
It would seem that any last shred of affection ‘tween the two took its hits as well. As Brett Dalton tells me, “Ward had a hell of a time in the cage by himself for six months, he had some suicidal tendencies, and once he comes to the end of wrestling with all of his demons, he makes a promise – to reunite Skye with her dad. And that went on for 10 episodes. But her shooting me three times kind of answers the question of, ‘Are you into this? Is this gonna work?’ It was a big statement for her to make. Things can never be the same.” That said, Dalton hinted at a “new chapter” ahead for his character.

What’s next for Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith/Derek after the way they left things in the fall finale? –Samantha
I have no idea — repeat, no idea—if the following relates at all to MerDer, but Jessica Capshaw and Camilla Luddington has a blast teasing for me the back half of Season 11. I can’t possibly do the beauties’ banter justice, so here’s a transcript:
JC | There’s such huge stuff coming! And it’s so top-secret we can’t even tell you who it involves.
CL | I’ve been advising wine and tissues.
JC | See, I’ve been advising tequila, but only the good stuff. I have also been saying – and I might need to patent this idea — that you need to get an iPhone-like cover for your flat-screen TV, because you’re going to be throwing stuff.
CL | At the table read, people were crying….. There’s no relaxing. There’s no calm before the storm. It’s just storm. All storm, all the time.
JC | And [Camilla]’s been in her underwear more than all of the past year.
CL | A lot of underwear. A lot of nudity. Seriously.
JC | And remember when I was there while you were in your underwear…?
CL | Teasey!

At that point I got faint, dropped my tape recorder.

Ratings be damned, I’m loving Revenge more than ever. Have anything for the faitfhul fans? –Deb
“There’s something hugely big for Nolan that we’re literally on the precipice of,” Gabriel Mann reveals. “I think it changes the course of Season 4 for him.” Mann hints that it might have something to do with a certain new houseguest, as his character is “going to delve into Louise’s world and see all the baggage she brings with her.” As for Nolan’s love life (or lack thereof) this season, Mann hints at a major turn of the tide: “This season, I thought Nolan needed to take a little bit of a break … but [his love life] is not going to be dry for a whole lot longer.”

Is there anything Castle-related you have to share? –Mandy
I know we kinda swore off teasing the upcoming two-parter any further — especially now that this spoilery cat is out of the bag, sigh — but I could not abstain from relaying what Tamala Jones had to say about the February sweeps event. “You’ve never seen a Castle episode like these. It’s completely outrageous,” she effused. “You’re going to cry, you’re going to think someone died…. Your mind and your heart are going to be one.” Jones went on to say that Part 1 ends with a cliffhanger that will leave you “pissed that Part 2 isn’t coming on the next day,” while the actual conclusion is “emotionally driven” with regards to, among others, Lanie’s best friend, Kate. “There’s some serious, serious ish going on!”

I saw on Twitter that TVLine visited the Jane the Virgin set. What scoop did you get? –Meaghan
File this under muy curious: The freshman hit’s beloved narrator “is definitely connected to the narrative, and at a certain point in the show, I would plan to reveal who it is, but not now,” executive producer Jennie Urman shared. As for one fan theory floating around the interwebs about his identity — he’s Sin Rostro! — “Who knows? I like it,” the EP replied with a laugh. “It’s a funny theory.”

Do you have any VIOLA DAVISScandal or How to Get Away With Murder scoop for us? –Colleen
Scandal‘s Jon Tenney told me that POTUS won’t take kindly to his veep’s “ballsy” move against Olivia (“You don’t mess with Fitz’s lady!”), while Andrew cheating on Mellie with LizzieBear will be dealt with as well (“There’s a lot to be explored there, which I think people will enjoy”). As for Murder, Alfred Enoch says that Wes and Annalise will be “bound ever closer by the secret that they share,” adding: “The writers find new and genius ways to put a lot of strange things in our relationship.”

Every new Originals spoiler seems to be about the baby or Klaus or Hayley’s werewolves. What about Elijah? –Anna
Elijah’s got a new enemy when the series returns Monday — and by “new,” we mean old. Very old. “There’s going to be a little conflict between Elijah and Klaus,” executive producer Julie Plec says. “The brothers are at their best when they’re working together, and they’re also at their best when they’re on opposite sides of the fight. The beauty of their dynamic is that you enjoy them just as much when they’re bickering as you do when they’re side-by-side. There will be questions of what’s best for the family. For Klaus, it’s always going to be about Hope, but for Elijah, he has an obligation to the entire family. It’ll put them at odds over the course of the rest of the year.”

Now that The CW has seen how successful the crossover between Arrow/Flash was, is there any chance they would consider doing something like that with The Originals/The Vampire Diaries? –Emmy
I hand-delivered your Q to CW president Mark Pedowitz, and he’s game only if the sister series’ producers are. “For me, when you’re doing crossovers, they have to have a level of organic basis; otherwise they feel forced and the audience recognizes it,” he said. “So it’s up to them. If they think it’s the right way to go, I’m fine.”

Is there a chanceVINNIE JONES, TIMOTHY OMUNDSON, JOHN WALTERS, MALLORY JANSEN that Galavant will be renewed? – Craig
The ratings have been decent enough, and ABC threw a lot of support behind the show at the TCA press tour this week. And I’m more curious than ever about any Season 2, given that there is a “massive twist” in the season finale. Bonus scoop: Prepare to meet Richard and Gareth as 10-year-olds!

What’s going on with Haven? Is the fifth season the last season? –David
Syfy president Dave Howe told me this morning that the second half of Season 5 will premiere during Q3. As for anything beyond that, “It depends on how it does.” (Ain’t that always the case?)

Can you get some info on The Flash? Will Iris reciprocate the feelings Barry has for her? Will we see them get together this season (hopefully)? –Brenda
Noting that Barry’s midseason finale confession “really changed the world, and there’s no going back,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says the next few episodes back will be “dealing with the repercussions.” And Barry might just “deal” by moving on. “As he gets a new love interest in Linda Park (played by Malese Jow), Iris’ reaction to that is going to be interesting,” Kreisberg previews. “Certainly, there is no shortage of amazing women in Barry Allen’s life, including Caitlin and Felicity. Which girl actually gets to land him will be one of the surprises of the back half of the season.”

I read that there is going to be some interaction between Arrow‘s Felicity and Thea. Any idea how that will come about? –Emmy
You read that here in my column, in fact. But EP Marc Guggenheim tells TVLine that those scenes have since been “pushed off a bit” and will air later in the season. Still on the immediate horizon, however, is “Felicity having scenes with Laurel that are really terrific,” he shares. “As Felicity said in Episode 3 of this year, she didn’t even think they were friends, so it’s kind of fun to watch these two women who are so different from each other interact. Felicity’s got some words of wisdom to impart to Laurel, and has a perspective that is somewhat unique.”

Is Manu Bennett returning to Arrow in flashbacks, or for real? –D.L.
“Slade is definitely [resurfacing] in the present day,” showrunner Andrew Kreisberg affirms. And his disposition remains unchanged. “Not that he’s ever happy, but he’s particularly unhappy,” says the EP. “When he comes back, he’s out for blood.” Bonus scoop: Speaking of baddies, Vinnie Jones (who on Wednesday begins an arc as Danny “Brick” Brickwell) teased for me a fight scene in which a stunt woman jumped out a high window and grabbed a rope dangling from a helicopter above. Hmm, which character could that be?

Do you have scoop on the upcoming CBS series Supergirl? –lilslim
Only that casting for, among other roles, the lead remains ongoing. “There’s only one person [right for the role], that’s the thing. So you’re looking for that person,” EP Greg Berlanti explains. Is he leaning toward a familiar face or fresh one? “We have no preference,” he asserted.

Please, please tell me that Hersh will return to Person of Interest! –Nick
Hersh? His fate seemed pretty sealed in the Season 3 finale. That said, showrunner Jonah Nolan told me that over the winter/spring run, “We’re going to meet some new friends, and we’re going to revisit some old ones.”

Can you give me anything on The Messengers!? Love the premise and the cast, but I’m quite let down that The CW gave them the Friday night death slot. – Marko
I would venture to say The CW knows precisely what it is doing with that one. Sorry.

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