Revenge Recap: Relative Insanity

Revenge Recap

Jack Porter: Good father, great eye candy, terrible policeman.

The Hamptons’ second pluckiest rookie — Ben is obviously No. 1 — thought he was saving the day on Sunday’s Revenge, anonymously submitting the flash drive containing Malcolm Black’s criminal exploits to the police, but it turns out he only made things worse. Much worse.

Malcolm was released due to “lack of evidence,” which further fueled his rage — rage that he then directed towards Emily, whom he now knows to be Amanda Clarke. Two tranquilizer shots brought Em and Victoria to their knees, while a menacing Malcolm stood over them. (“Night night” has never sounded so terrifying.)

Elsewhere in the Hamptons…

SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT | Another member of the Ellis clan paid a visit to the Hamptons this week, but unlike Louise’s previous visions of the phenomenal Carolyn Hennesy, this relative wasn’t a figment of her imagination. Her older brother Lyman (Ascension‘s Sebastian Pigott) appeared very much in the flesh, and like any good addition to Revenge, he came baring threats — specifically ones about exposing Louise’s “obsessive tendencies” and well-covered brushes with the law. The evening began smoothly — Louise even passed Emily’s initial crazy test — but all hell broke loose when Lyman started talking about his late father. Louise’s delusions flared up, including a more-than-welcome appearance by Hennesy, and led to her slapping a baby bird Nolan in the face.

ELENA SATINE, SEBASTIAN PIGOTTBut know this: It turns out the Ellises have been drugging Louise for years in order to control her portion of the family inheritance, and Nolan was more than happy to oust Lyman as punishment for his shenanigans. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him, though I will humbly admit I was wrong about him being Nolan’s next boyfriend. (That ship sunk at the docks before it even got a chance to sail.)

BABY MAMA ON A MISSION | Speaking of untrustworthy family members, Margaux remains hellbent on finding a crack in Victoria’s story about Daniel attacking Emily before his death. But just as Revenge showrunner Sunil Nayar teased to TVLine last month, Miz LeMarchal quickly discovered that her rage and determination weren’t exactly conducive to a healthy pregnancy. “You need to distress,” the doctor told her, as if that’s something anyone on this show can afford to do. In an attempt to ease her troubled, pregnant mind, Victoria told Margaux everything — including Emily’s true identity — completely unaware that Officer Ben was eavesdropping on their conversation.

So… How do we think Ben and Margaux are going to use their newfound knowledge? And what’s to become of Emily and Victoria now that Malcolm has them in his clutches? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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