Did Good Wife Reveal an Exit Plan? Did Empire Go Too Far? Is Agent Carter's Pal a Spy? A New Horseman? And More Qs

Good Wife Cary Set Free

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Marvel’s Agent Carter, Person of Interest and Chicago Fire!

1 | Did this week’s Good Wife telegraph Archie Panjabi’s imminent exit? Who do you think asked Peter to stall Judge Cuesta? (And could Peter’s aide have been more of a dunce for leaving his cell on the table in plain sight?) As for Diane grabbing the altered meta-data off Kalinda’s computer: Wouldn’t the super-sleuth travel with her laptop and/or keep it password-protected?

2 | Would Revenge‘s Daniel really want Emily at his funeral that badly? And was Louise’s busty dress the most inappropriate funeral attire ever?

3 | Which is your favorite of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Amys? One-drink (spacey), two-drink (loud), three-drink (dance pants), four-drink (pervy) or five-drink (weirdly confident)?2 Broke Girls

4 | Anybody else take one look at 2 Broke Girls guest star Jaime Moyer and think to themselves, “Now there’s a future John Waters muse!”?

5 | Does NCIS: Los Angeles — which this week served up a small-scale Die Hard — not get enough credit as one of TV’s best action series? (Just one nitpick: If Deeks had to dangle out the window to get any sat phone signal, how was Nell able to send back the bomb schematics after he was back indoors?)

6 | Sleepy Hollow fans: Do we think that Frank Irving is the Horseman of Famine?

7 | Major Crimes thinksMajor Crimes Sanchez (played by Raymond Cruz) has anger issues? Have they met Tuco Salamanca??

8 | Is it any wonder The Bachelor hit an all-time premiere low given its ponderous, overly padded three-hour running time — complete with unnecessary interviews from past contestants? Also, are we in agreement that Farmer Chris’ rose ceremony time-out most likely involved a plea to producers to let him cut loose plastered Tara?

9 | Analyzing the assorted Person of Interest simulations, was Fusco not stealing a kiss from Root somehow the variable that allowed Shaw to join up with the team during the final shootout?

10 | What are the odds that Agent Carter’s Angie (played by Nikita badass Lyndsy Fonseca) isn’t just a waitress? And do you think we’ll ever see Jarvis’ wife, or will she be like Cheers’ Vera?

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11 | Were New Girl‘s Nick and Coach right to be worried about Winston’s new gig as a member of the L.A.P.D.? (After all, this is a man who gets headaches whenever he gets a paper cut.)

12 | Since we welcome as much Ana Gasteyer as we can get, weren’t you disappointed — and surprised — her Mindy Project guest stint was so short?

Chicago Fire13 | Can someone please explain to us what Chicago Fire‘s on-the-outs Dawson and Casey are fighting about?

14 | Did Ground Floor tie up the strife between Brody and Mansfield with too neat of a bow? Or has enough time been spent keeping their surrogate father-son dynamic on the back burner?

15 | Did Cougar Town make a mistake by not naming Tom’s 1920s speakeasy “Cougarton Abbey?” Or would that nod to Community be too on the nose?

16 | Who scored more laughs from its school production of Romeo and Juliet: This week’s black-ish or last month’s About a Boy?

american-horror-story-coven17 | How much did the sparkly red costume Neil Patrick Harris wore on American Horror Story: Freak Show remind you of Cheryl Ladd’s get-up in the circus episode of Charlie’s Angels?

18 | Is The Mentalist’s Wylie crushing on Vega TV’s cutest new ‘ship, or is it just Rigsby/Van Pelt redux? And were you kind of nodding along with Vega, that Jane’s “tricks” rob the FBI of actual investigative work?

19 | Wasn’t the tone of this week’s Modern Family absolutely odd? Are near-calamitous car crashes now considered funny? Cam sexualizing Phil?? Also, when did Manny suddenly mature, like, five years?

20 | Why is CBS — “America’s Most Watched Network,” after all — so insecure that the People’s Choice Awards annually robs select rival shows of on-camera acceptance speeches? (To cite but one example, how many more than three awards must Castle win to earn stage time?) Stana katicAlso, are  winners legally obligated to feign surprise when their names are called? Finally, who noticed that Ellen DeGeneres was one of the only celebs to stick around after grabbing an award? (On a related note: How quickly can Castle write in a red carpet event for Beckett to attend?

21 | Did you cringe at Empire‘s Cookie using the terms “sissy,” “queen”and far worse — or did you view it simply a case of a streetwise mother reclaiming slurs in reference to her gay son? Also, should Julianna Margulies, Claire Danes and Viola Davis be worried about Taraji P. Henson turning the Emmys’ Best Actress race on its head?

22 | Did Kirstie Alley’s larger-than-life persona fit small-town The Middle, or did her guest spot stick out like a sore thumb? And should more time have been spent on Sue’s hilarious efforts to conquer the oboe?

23 | Granted, we only catch Two and a Half Men sporadically, but: In which season did Alan become an grotesquely icky letch vs. a garden-variety horndog?

24 | Any other Parenthood fans think it odd that Zeek’s first visitors upon being admitted to ICU included all his kids but Julia? And how lax are the neighbors, passersby and cops of San Francisco that thieves were able to walk out of The Luncheonette with such big and clunky equipment as a mixing board and drum set (cymbals and all)?

25 | On Thursday’s American Idol, do you think J.Lo had any idea what Harry Connick Jr. was talking about when giving Savion Wright a detailed critique about chord progression?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!