Jane the Virgin Preview: Michael's Heartache, Petra the Kidnapper & More

jane the Virgin Season 1 Spoilers

Jane the Virgin isn’t the only one who has some explaining to do — in particular, to her disapproving mother — after last week’s jump from fiancé Michael to baby daddy Rafael.

Michael may need to justify his actions after he makes a surprising attempt at getting over his ex in Monday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c), while Petra finds herself in a tricky situation that will definitely require some damage control.

Read on for scoop on Petra’s criminal behavior, Michael and Rafael’s mounting tension and Xo and Rogelio’s drunken night out.

HOW DO YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART? | Seeing Jane and Rafael together is “definitely tough” for Michael, who tries to lessen his heartache in some interesting ways in next Monday’s installment, Brett Dier previews. “He does something to get over it in ‘Chapter Seven.’ But it’s just for him to try and get over it. It doesn’t really mean anything else.” Meanwhile, when Jane confesses her feelings for Rafael, her mother makes her own feelings clear, planting her flag in the other suitor’s camp. “Xo definitely loves Michael, and Michael’s always been supportive of Jane,” Dier says. “So she’s on my side, which is good.” But it’s not so great for Jane, who isn’t seeing eye-to-eye with her mom about the latest romantic developments in her life. “Surprisingly, Xo starts to take a side and is not necessarily in agreement with Jane, because Xo doesn’t do necessarily what Jane wants,” Andrea Navedo shares. “Xo does what she thinks is best for Jane as any parent would. And sometimes that is in conflict with what the child wants. So Jane is not too happy about my stance.”

CAN YOU FEEL THE ANIMOSITY? | After Michael catches wind of what’s going on between Jane and Rafael, the situation gets “very tense” between the detective and the hotel owner, Justin Baldoni teases. “[Rafael] doesn’t have it out for Michael. [But] Michael definitely has it out for Raphael…”

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Cjane the Virgin Season 1 SpoilersRIMINAL ACTS | Get ready for some dark comedy as Petra becomes an accidental kidnapper following last week’s knockout blow to the thug’s head. “It’s not what she planned, and now they’re left not knowing what to do with [him],” Yael Grobglas describes. “That was a lot of fun to film. We had a few incredible scenes there,” she adds with a laugh. As for her relationship with ex-fiancé Lachlan, the actress believes “there was real love there. It’s someone she trusts and she feels like she knows very well.” But whether they’re rekindle things now that she and Rafael are on the way to divorce remains a mystery. “It’s a fascinating one, as most of Petra’s relationships are,” Grobglas says, “as with Petra’s relationship with her mother, which is clearly a very interesting, complicated relationship.” (More to come on that front!)

Jane the Virgin Season 1 SpoilersDOUBLE DATE NIGHT | “Xo and Rogelio go on these double dates in an effort to try and make the other jealous, or at least make the other feel like they don’t care about them so much any more,” Navedo previews. “And it just makes for great comedic reactions in all of the characters,” especially when it comes to — no surprise here – Rogelio, who assumes Xo’s date is a loser. “Then halfway through the dinner, he goes like, ‘Well, I used to play soccer professionally,’ and Rogelio feels super-threatened,” Jaime Camil reveals. “So naturally, the telenovela star “gets wasted because when he’s nervous, he drinks.”