Post Mortem: Covert Affairs EPs Talk Auggie's Dark Road Ahead, Annie and Eyal's (Romantic?) Bond

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s premiere of Covert Affairs.

Who wants to lend Auggie a shoulder to cry on?

On Thursday’s fall premiere of Covert Affairs, Auggie was devastated when he learned his friend and former colleague died of alcohol poisoning — or did he?!

Auggie, convinced that his pal was murdered, now will be pulled into a larger mystery that will connect him to Annie’s mission against Belenko.

Below, executive producers Matt Corman and Chris Ord reveal what that means for the former lovers and what’s next for Annie and Ryan now that he’s woken up. Plus: Did the episode put the final kibosh on a potential Annie/Eyal romance?

TVLINE | Auggie’s gotten pulled into this conspiracy. How is he going to be handling that going forward? Is he in a darker headspace this season?
CHRIS ORD | Yeah, I think that’s safe to say. You’ll see going forward, in Episode 12, he’s lost a number of members from his unit and that’s going to affect [him] in all sorts of ways. As we go through this back six [episodes], you’ll really see it all come to a head.

TVLINE | What is next on Auggie’s agenda now that he’s involved?
ORD | Well, he wants clarity. He’s wants to follow it down, and he’s going to need Annie’s help to do that. That’s really what the back six is all about: achieving that clarity and then, off of that, realizing all the questions and the new situations that that clarity’s going to create.

TVLINE | Is this the type of arc that’s going to bring Auggie into the field more?
MATT CORMAN | It’s possible. We’re always looking for ways to get him in the field, and I’d say there’s a strong possibility that might happen.
ORD | Not in the way you think.

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Covert Affairs Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | It’s also something that intercepts with Annie’s storyline, so are they going to work together more?
CORMAN | Yes, they’re going to be working together more fully than you would have seen at the beginning of the season.

TVLINE | Is there a possibility that she could return to the CIA?
CORMAN | Look, they value her, so it’s possible. The CIA will always play a prominent role in her life. It’s not so easy to get that out of your system.

TVLINE | With Annie and Augie working together, does that bring up questions about their relationship again? Or is it strictly professional?
CORMAN | It’s more complicated than that. You’ll see. It’s hard to talk about without spoiling what’s going to happen after the premiere. It’s going to get much more complicated and much more emotional.

TVLINE | Ryan’s woken up. Is he going to be able to return straight to work, or will there be a recovery period?
CORMAN | There’s a bit of a recovery period. He was pretty badly injured, so it’s going to take a little bit of time for him to get back on his feet. He’s a dogged guy. He’s going to really try to push the envelope and get back in as quickly as a person could.

TVLINE | And how is the Ryan and Annie relationship going to develop?
CORMAN | It will develop and change and deepen and get more complicated, but I think that we’re definitely playing in that space.

Covert Affairs Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Eyal told Annie that he reunited with his ex-wife. A lot of fans really love the chemistry between those two characters. Was this sort of your way of saying, “That’s not the trajectory we see for them”?
CORMAN | Not necessarily.
ORD | I would say that’s what we love about it: Annie and Eyal are on different trajectories, and those trajectories intercept and then they come apart and they intercept again and then they’ve moved on and come to different stages of their lives. But what we love about their relationship is, it is a continuum. So to try and put anything to bed or to rest seems false in the sense that, like in life, those things don’t just get put to bed. So why should that happen in their relationship?

TVLINE | Are we going to be seeing Eyal again this season?

TVLINE | How is that dynamic with Calder and Sydney going to change this season, now that she’s an asset?
CORMAN | That’s actually a pretty prominent story for him, and she’s terrific. She’ll be in a few [episodes].
ORD | Yeah, it’s one of those things where they had a connection in the summer season, but… she becomes operational and, as always happens in the spy game, as soon as people start working together, their relationships become much more complicated and interesting.