Jane the Virgin Recap: Milkshake It Off

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Recap

“I’m going to get attached to it. How could I not? ” Jane the Virgin sobs to her mother at one quite poignant moment in this week’s episode, and for a second, I forget that a few scenes prior, we were all worried about a leopard on the loose.

Such is the genius of this charming, wickedly funny show, no? And the CW drama only gets stronger in its second outing, which finds the reluctant mother-to-be vowing not to let the baby with which she was accidentally impregnated change her life. (Even for a dreamer like you, Jane, that’s a tall order.)

Meanwhile, Michael’s jealousy intensifies, Petra’s scheming (maybe?) grows a body count and Rafael and Jane hear their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Here’s a quick look at how it all went down.

MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD | Jane starts the episode resolute that the baby in her belly will not change her life significantly; in fact, she vows to Xiomara and her abuela, she only wants to refer to the zygote as the “milkshake” — so named because she flashes back to Xiomara’s rather inappropriate performance of the Kelis classic at Jane’s quinceañera.

But that milkshake stirs up a lot of trouble throughout the ep. Jane admits to Michael that she and Rafael kissed five years ago, a fact that has him seething with barely contained jealousy throughout the hour. Then Jane and Rafael flirt in spite of themselves watch their child on the ultrasound and hear its heartbeat while Michael and Petra wait in the lounge… and he reveals to her that he knows about her affair (thanks to the surveillance) and that he’ll tell Rafael if she doesn’t. The very sly blonde deduces that Michael doesn’t want the baby — and doesn’t want any impediment, such as divorce, to mess with Jane handing it over to Rafael and his wife; she agrees to ‘fess up soon.

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD | After a stressful time in which Michael asks her to quit her job, Jane winds up crying to her mother about how much she’s inevitably going to get attached to the baby — it started with hearing the heartbeat — and how complicated her life is going to get. Xiomara isn’t big with the comfort, but she does encourage Jane to sue to recoup a little compensation for her pain. Little does Jane know, her dad is hiding out in Xiomara’s bedroom… but Jane’s mama has decided it’s not yet time for their daughter to know the truth. It is time, though, for Jane’s parents to get reacquainted, as Alba discovers when she accidentally walks in on her daughter sleeping with the telenovela presidente.

ONWARD AND UPWARD | Feeling a little better about everything, Jane tells Michael she’s not going to quit a job she likes (so they make up, and it’s cute) and states her intent to sue Rafael’s sister. Oh, funny, related story: Raf’s sister is sleeping with their stepmother! And later, when Michael sees Rafael and Jane talking, he’s so neon green with envy, he nearly glows in the dark.

ICED OUT | Petra comes clean to Rafael, who is icy to her — though not as chilly as the marlin ice sculpture at the hotel party — but later gives her a copy of the ultrasound photo and tells her he wants to give their marriage another shot. The sweet sentiment is soon marred, though, by Petra’s lover Zaz dropping (from where?) and getting impaled on the marlin sculpture’s icy point while all of the partygoers watch in shock.

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