Reign's Megan Follows on Coronation Drama, the Clarissa Mystery and More

Reign Season 2 Spoilers

Francis and Mary are finally being crowned on Thursday’s Reign (The CW, 9/8c), but like most major events at French Court, star Megan Follows assures TVLine that the royals’ big day will be riddled with tension — the kind that only Queen Catherine can bring.

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“Catherine wants to exude a lot of stability by indulging in quite a showy coronation, even though we’re up against the critical situation with food shortages and political unrest,” Follows explains. “Francis and Mary aren’t impressed by her impressive display of showmanship; she believes that, even if you’re in serious trouble, you don’t let anyone know that.”

And “serious trouble” is a pretty accurate description of French Court’s current state. Below, Follows discusses the new crises coming to court, including Francis’ estranged sister and the long-awaited return of everyone’s favorite (formerly) potato-sacked phantom, Clarissa.

TVLINE | Catherine and Mary’s dynamic has taken a serious turn this season. How would you describe their relationship now, and where is it headed?
As soon as Francis becomes king, Mary becomes queen, which means Catherine’s suddenly in no-man’s land. She’s figuring out what her power base is now. In the first episode, we faced something greater than even our political challenges, which was the plague. So we sort of had to come together, even though we have very different ways of solving our problems.

TVLINE | I did like seeing Mary and Catherine on the thrones together, though. It worked for me.
[Laughs] I know, I loved that! I thought that was great.

Reign ClarissaTVLINE | Last week, Catherine finally talked about my favorite character, Clarissa. Is there more to that story?
I’m not sure, I honestly don’t know. But I think bringing up Clarissa was more about the ghosts in the closet, this idea of unresolved business. I haven’t seen her yet, but I found it very intriguing that we had a conversation about her.

TVLINE | Now that you’ve said the g-word, is there any chance Catherine will be haunted by Henry’s ghost, like Francis?
I do know that Catherine is definitely haunted by her own ghosts, which were somewhat of a surprise to me. There’s a new family member coming back to the castle, Francis’ sister, my daughter, Claude. Along with her, a lot of history gets stirred up.

TVLINE | And how is Catherine’s relationship with Claude, compared to with Clarissa? Better?
[Laughs] I hope it’s better! It’s completely different. With Clarissa, I had no idea she was still in the world and I was horrified by her; she was something I was trying to hide. Claude is quite rebellious, so I think there will be a much more recognizable parent-child relationship than with Clarissa and Catherine.

TVLINE | And where do things stand between Catherine and Nostradamus now? I miss their old dynamic.
I loved their dynamic, too. Right now, I think he’s probably a little angry at her for not coming to his rescue. For now, I think he’s seeking asylum as far away from Catherine as possible. But I hope he can forgive her because I miss him already.

TVLINE | Were you surprised when he showed up clean-shaven for Season 2?
Yes, I was! There’s a baby face under all that fur.

TVLINE | I feel like Catherine’s been without a lover for far too long. When is that going to change?
I am not sure, and I’m not even being coy. You’ll see Narcisse and Catherine have some exchanges, because I think they’re far more similar in their character. They’re both pretty ruthless. But I’m not sure what’s happening there; I guess they’re saving her for someone very special.

TVLINE | Well, yeah, someone worthy of being with her.
Exactly! It can’t just be anybody, and we know what happened to the last poor bugger who ended up in my chamber.

Reign fans, what are your hopes for Catherine — and the rest of French Court, for that matter — this season? Browse photos from tonight’s coronation below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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