Vampire Diaries Photos: Jeremy Strips Down, Steroline Turns Tense and More

Vampire Diaries Jeremy Shirtless

Don’t say The Vampire Diaries never delivers — especially in the eye candy department.

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A new batch of photos from the CW drama’s Oct. 16 episode find the gang hanging out at the ol’ watering hole, where Jeremy is getting all kinds of flirty with new-girl Sarah. But has he really moved on from Bonnie, or is he just taking a cue from Elena and expressing his grief in the worst way possible?

(Now to address the big, shirtless elephant in the room: Remember when Jeremy was a little baby back in Season 1? He’s a giant man now, and I’m here to say, it’s OK to feel weird about feeling weird.)

Elsewhere in the new batch of shots from Episode 3…

* Caroline and Stefan appear to have a tense conversation in the woods, which ends with him storming off all angry-like. (Wait… Caroline? Stefan? Tension? Ya don’t say!)

* Speaking of Caroline, Elena is trying — way too hard — to set Caroline up with her new med-lab buddy Marco. [Insert joke about Elena always coming up with terrible plans here.]

What are you waiting for? Click through our gallery of photos from Episode 3, then drop a comment: What are you most excited about seeing in Season 6?

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