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Memories from the Set: Laura Benanti Talks Gigs on The Good Wife, Playboy Club, Sound of Music and More

Throughout her career on screen and stage, Laura Benanti has found some great dramatic roles.

But sometimes, the drama finds her.

As TVLine chats with the Tony winner via phone, there’s a ruckus in the background on her end of the line: She is walking through an airport and just happens to stumble through the spectrum of human emotions, which was unfolding near a gate.

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“Let me set the stage for you,” she says after a brief pause. “To the right is a man who just came home from war, and his family is embracing him and everyone’s sobbing. And immediately to my left is a woman who [was choking and] just got the Heimlich maneuver. What a f—king rollercoaster ride!” (The woman, in case you’re wondering, ended up being OK.)

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Benanti will find even more drama, albeit of the fictional variety, next week when she debuts as Nashville‘s Sadie Stone. In advance, we thought we’d give you a little primer on her TV career, which includes stints as a support-group leader, a witchy wife and a Bunny mother.

Click through the gallery below to hear Benanti wax nostalgic about gigs on Elementary, Law & Order: SVU, The Playboy Club and more.


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