Awkward Midseason Premiere Recap: 'Good Luck, Matty McKibben'

Awkward Season 4

Let’s all take a minute to applaud Awkward‘s midseason premiere — which, in my mind, could have been titled “Damage Control” — for essentially wiping the slate clean, doing away with so much of what alienated longtime fans in the first half of Season 4. And by “so much,” I mean Eva.

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For starters, Eva’s name isn’t the only thing she’s been lying about. The pregnancy test she showed Matty at the ski lodge actually belonged to Whoria Gloria, and Eva paid her off — with Matty’s mom’s stolen earrings, no less — to keep her quiet. In a shocking display of sudden intelligence, Matty figured out what his girlfriend has been up to and made her promise to leave Palos Hills forever. (See ya never, Crazy Pants!)

The premiere also put the kibosh on Jenna’s relationship with Luke. He fed her the whole “I need to focus on school” routine and sent her out into the cold — but not before his hot new friend Kat mistook Jenna for a cookie-peddling Girl Scout. (Ouch.)

So does this mean the way is paved for a long-awaited Jenna/Matty reunion? Watching them eat Chinese food in bed together certainly felt right, but I also respect that they’re both “giving it time” before pursuing any new flames.

Elsewhere at Palos Hills High School…

* Lissa and Tyler decided to continue watering the flowers in their collective attic, but because banging your “brother” is a Biblical no-no, she enlisted Jake to serve as her beard.

* Sergio and Sadie continued to nurture their budding flirtationship, even if she’s not willing to acknowledge their connection — yet.

* Does anyone else wonder who Whoria Gloria’s baby daddy is? I mean, it could literally be anyone.

Awkward fans, are you glad Matty finally banished Eva from his life? And do you think she’s really gone for good? Rate the premiere below, then drop a comment with your review of the episode.

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