Teen Wolf's New Recruit Outlines Brett's Loyalty, Ponders Mason's Crush

Teen Wolf Spoilers

Last week’s Teen Wolf found Scott’s pack taking in — and fighting alongside — loose-cannon Brett Talbot. So is Liam’s former lacrosse rival suddenly to be trusted?

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“As far as I know, he’s a bad boy with a good heart,” actor Cody Saintgnue tells TVLine. “He definitely has a hardness to him. We don’t know what happened to him before all of this, but I see him as very protective of the people he loves. He was rude to Liam because Liam demolished their coach’s car, so there was a loyalty element there.”

As for Mason’s throwaway line about being warm for Brett’s form — which, unfortunately, never ended up going anywhere — Saintgnue says he wouldn’t mind revisiting that:

Teen Wolf Spoilers“You never know. Brett’s a new, fresh character, so there’s a lot of mystery to him. It’s definitely in the realm of possibility. … I wouldn’t mind it. I’m an actor and I’m not against anything. That would be a challenging role, but I’m open to playing it.”

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And unlike many some guest stars who come in blind, Saintgnue has a long history with Teen Wolf — and its star, Tyler Posey.

“I went to acting class for a long time with Tyler, and I always looked up to him,” Saintgnue recalls. “He took a break from the class for a while, and it turned out it was because he booked Teen Wolf. So I started watching it to support him, but then I realized I actually like the show; it’s amazing. So I was a huge fan before I even booked it.”

Teen Wolf SpoilersBrett will be back on Monday’s episode, and Saintgnue believes it’s safe to give him a chance, assuring us he’s more than just a “snobby, dickish lacrosse player” (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

“I’d like to think he’ll be grateful to Scott and Kira for saving his life,” Saintgnue says. “That’s going to weigh out in some stuff that’ll be happening.”

Teen Wolf fans, your thoughts on Brett? Would you like to see more of him in Season 5? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Kate says:

    Well, I vaguely have expected him in whatever way you could compare them to be sort of Liam’s Jackson only unlike the Scott/Jackson dynamic, Brett obviously knows the way of being a werewolf and possibly is a born one, but he probably is going to create a bit of an impetus for Liam because while Brett is loyal to his Alpha Satomi, he seemed to be the one to step up and speak out of turn (I mean partially also because most of her pack are red shirts) the most so I wouldn’t be surprised if Satomi suggests to Scott that Brett almost do an internship with Scott’s more warrior oriented pack and Brett falls into the protecting people mode much easier, even if he isn’t exactly a hero but sort of has Malia’s theory about it, which sets Liam off with jealousy before Derek or Lydia can corral him into the different ways to be a hero.

  2. Ian says:

    He doesn’t sound like he knows if Brett will be back or not next season. I just hope he doesn’t die in this one. As far as he knows, Brett reappears Monday in direct aftermath of last episode, and that’s it. He doesn’t know anymore about his character either besides reading into what scenes he’s done.
    But he’s gorgeous, and is a capable actor from what we’ve seen so far, so I hope they’ll expand his role next season. Not exactly desperate for any of that Mason stuff to pay out though.

    • uk-usa-tvaddict says:

      From the podcasts that I listen to about Teen Wolf it seems that the creator of the show doesn’t seem to tell the cast anything about their characters. Apparently the actress who played the dark druid woman didn’t know she was the evil character until an episode before we views knew.

  3. He seems like a good guy who cares about his pack. Hope that we’ll see more of him

  4. Rose says:

    i hope brett will get lessons in how to fight and will get along with liam. + i want to see more of brett and his shirtless body ok

  5. I definitely want to know more about Brett! he’s such an interesting character!

  6. Taileah says:

    Omg Brett is so far the cutest werewolf well maybe until he changes with hair and more but with the teeth and i also think that, that is just a sign of loyalty to friend, family and his pack

  7. Elle says:

    I love that bad-boy-with-a-good-heart thing! I’m sure he’ll be thankful to Scott and Kira for saving his and Lori’s lives, I think it will earn them his loyalty, just like Isaac before he’ll always be here to help them in return

  8. Logan says:

    I definitely like the idea of keeping Brett around for the next season. He would definitely help with bringing Liam storyline more into play. Also he could definitely be a great addition to teaching Liam how to control his anger and powers. I do think the whole Mason thing would be an interesting storyline but i don’t think its crucial. I think there are other things Jeff has in store for Mazon and Brett.

  9. chelsey ross says:

    I LOVE Brett and i love him on teen wolf! I really hope he has more roles and becomes more involved in teen wolf!♥♡

  10. Hasnaa says:

    I really hope Brett will come back for season 5, it doesn’t seem so fixed right now but it’s cool that he is open to others propositions! As he said, he is an actor, and plays a really mesmerising character. I mean, I’m sure he’s not the “dickish lacrosse player” who was rude to Liam! No, he has a loyalty inside him that pushes him to protect the one he loves. Of course he was rude to Liam, who by the way is awesome, but his character can change! I don’t know if you know what I mean. You what I mean haha! Well and I will end this message by saying that I was so surprised to hear that he knew T-Pose before the show and that he was a Wolfie! Cool, mason is the cutest dork ever he needs his lacrosse player! Good bye!!! Mouah

  11. Avinash Goelela says:

    I hope Scott’s pack and Satomi’s pack team-up in season 5.

  12. Cassandra says:

    I think that Brett s going to be an interesting character to see evolve in the future theough his relationship with everyone else and that he even might become friend with Liam since they are both werewolfs now. I absolutely love his character and how sexy and kind is Cody. I’m looking forward to see him grow in the future/season 5.

  13. Reggie says:

    I love teen wolf . I hope they have more Brett aka Cody Saintgnue . He really good actor and kind want to see that back story with Brett and Liam. Cody is so different from his charatcher he much nicer in person. WARNING FANGIRLING:I want to see more Brett shirtless .

  14. Annette says:

    I would love to see more of Brett in Teen Wolf.

  15. I want to learn more things about Brett. He’s so endearing, especially with his protective side. I know he can bring a lot of positive things to the show and I hope see him soon. He’s definitely one of my fav character and Cody plays the role of Brett perfectly:)

  16. @sthalenski says:

    Of course i’d like! Brett is amazing and his character can bring a lot in the show. Plus, Cody Saintgnue is an amazing actor, it would be great to see him more.

  17. Geo says:

    Speaking of potential gay storylines, what the heck happened to Danny? I don’t remember there even being a line this season that explained why we’ve seen nothing of him this season (and it seems like that would have been really easy to do, like saying he ran off with Ethan). Have I missed something or does anyone know why he’s weirdly just missing?

  18. Ger says:

    Okay I can’t be the only one that thinks he looks a LOT like Daniel Sharman. Am I?
    We could see more of him, but he is at a different school so not as much as the other characters. The shirtless scenes are nice, but don’t need there to be anything more than admiration from Mason.

  19. Smithy says:

    Think they could get some good story lines out of him and Liam. Love to see more of him in Season 5. It does help that he’s not so bad to look at ;)

  20. Meli says:

    I love Brett and I hope he comes a regular character like Liam has become. I want Brett and Liam to become friends

  21. Lexus says:

    Brett is a great addition to this season, I want to see more of his story. So far his character seems loyal and protective, but the tension between him and Liam is all in fair game. Liam did vandalize his coaches car for personal reasons. I would like to see more scenes with them together, so see how their relationship plays out.

  22. Lexus says:

    Brett is a great addition to this season, I want to see more of his story. So far his character seems loyal and protective but the tension between him and Liam is all in fair game. Liam did vandalize his coaches car for personal reasons. I would like to see more scenes with them together, so see how their relationship plays out

  23. CK says:

    Not to be that person, but they have been lacking in the tall shirtless bad boy department since Dan Sherman left. Can we get an Brett/Mason/Danny love triangle/polyamorous relationship please?

  24. Bea says:

    I loved Brett in that last episode; he can protect me in the rain anytime against evil doers! I hope to see more of him in season 5!! He makes a good looking wolf!

  25. Ram510 says:

    I guess this this their way of keeping Teen Wolf a teen? Brett is ok but not as intriguing as the season 2 characters

  26. Scottyp says:

    Cody / Brett is one of those actors that only come along once in awhile that are going to blow up and become a huge STAR! Why do I think this? Because it’s exactly what has happened to Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, when someone can impact Twitter as he has, this is just the beginning for him. He has that edge, that style, and it appears he is humble enough, along with cocky enough to be the NEXT BIG THING! Big Fan and look forward to see more of him !

  27. Scottyp says:

    Yes on Brett!!!!!!!!!

  28. Scottyp says:

    Most Definitely on Brett!!!!!!!!

  29. Denisa says:

    It would be nice to see him somewhat more in the fifth season. Maybe he will also be in Beacon Hills High school :3 Also, I hope a lot that neither him or that smaller girl (his sister probably, I can’t remind exactly) won’t die

  30. Malaya says:

    I would loooooooove to see more of Brett in season 5. I love him and when I saw he was a werewolf it was like BOOM! I can’t wait til season

  31. I hope brett and mason get together