Teen Wolf Recap: Not All Monsters

Teen Wolf Recap

Lydia basically camped out at the police station on Soonday’s Teen Wolf, hoping to squeeze some info. out of Meredith — but she was thrown for a loop when Mer revealed she only wanted to talk to one person: Peter Hale!

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In what might have been the weirdest televised interrogation ever, Meredith lightly stroked Peter’s face and told him they’d met before — and they had.

Teen Wolf RecapIt turns out Meredith was originally admitted to the same hospital as comatose burn-victim Peter, circa Season 1. She was hearing every thought in Peter’s head, and apparently he was thinking of only one thing: creating the dead pool and exterminating Beacon Hills’ extraneous supernaturals.

In another weird twist of fate, Meredith said Lydia’s screams after Allison’s death are what triggered her to launch the dead pool. (I guess that explains why Aiden and Allison’s names were both ciphers.)

TEAM STALIA | Thanks to a slightly absent-minded Melissa, Stiles and Malia were forced into an awkward reunion at the hospital. After begging her to forgive him, Malia finally buckled and went in for a kiss. The back-together couple then dove into a little detective work, determining that Lorraine’s tape was actually recorded at the lake house — not Eichen House — where they found the very machine being used to disseminate the dead pool.

With the help of an old wine bottle — Grandma Martin, you lush! — Stiles and Malia were able to terminate all of the Benefactor’s contracts, thus saving the day…ish.

Teen Wolf RecapTURNING TABLES | Kira also returned to Beacon Hills this week, and not a moment too soon, as the remaining survivors of the Benefactor’s dead pool turned to Scott’s pack for refuge.

Braeden and Bushy Brows — excuse me, Braeden and Derek — were called in to prep the supes for battle, declaring revenge against any and all future assassins. Of course, they didn’t have much prep time before an army of hunters busted in the joint, guns a-blazing.

But we’re not out of the woods just yet, kids. The final moments of the episode revealed yet another shady underground conversation between Peter and Kate — and it sounds like Scott had better watch his back.

Were you surprised to learn that Peter (sort of) created the dead pool? Watch our interview with the Teen Wolf cast below, then drop a comment with your review of this week’s episode.

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  1. TK says:

    This episode was definitely a filler but can we talk about what was going on with Scott’s face as he was beating that assassin. I predict that Scott will kill before this season ends!

    • Graydon says:

      It advanced and ended the Benefactor storyline. That isn’t filler.

      • tk114 says:

        Sorry it was a filler episode for me. Majority was just confusing and yes it did end the why was Meredith doing all this but for a teen wolf episode this one just didn’t live up to the standards. Or maybe the whole Sunday night thing was throwing me off lol

        • 'A' Has Spoken says:

          This episode was definitely NOT a filler. Sure, it was a little off at points, but it closed off a major arch of the season and opened up another for the remaining two episodes. That’s not a filler episode. A filler episode is where none of the plot moves along and everything is just random. This was not the case.

          • tk114 says:

            True. I shouldn’t have said filler but rather that I wasn’t a huge fan of this episode. I felt there were too many plot holes.

    • Nick says:

      Wait, they finally uncovered the mystery around the Benefactor and stopped the deadpool… how could this episode be a filler????

    • Shaun says:

      Scott was going full Wolf I think.

  2. Pati D says:

    I think you posted this way too early. Does Teen wolf airs on Mondays?

  3. Cruciatus says:

    Pati D, there was a special new episode before the VMAs tonight at 7:00 EST.

  4. Ian says:

    I was just left scratching my head by this episode, even if it answered a lot of the big questions this season. How the hell were those machines in the wall acting as The Benefactor? Was it AI? Made no sense.

    • Robert says:

      I was wondering the same thing about the machines. I am sorry but the Banshee thing is confusing, are they telepaths ,psychics or some kind of mediums because it seeks to me they are only able to hear things on a higher frequency. I personally am glad this storyline is over and I wish I can say I enjoyed it but I can’t.

      • Ian says:

        I guess it’s like they can tap into different frequencies and wavelengths? Like one is a death sense, and another is people’s thoughts, and then just supersonic hearing in general? And then I guess no banshee is the same, and their abilities vary somewhat.

        How was Meredith in control of the people that stole the money? There’s so many plotholes.

        • Graydon says:

          Banshees can hear the thoughts of dead people, how they died, predict when they will die and communicate with the dead or the living telepathically if they want to. Lydia can’t because she doesn’t understand her abilities yet or how to use them fully. In regards to the Mute, Meredith used her abilities or Brunski to contact The Mute to steal the funds.

          • Nick says:

            That doesn’t make much sense, why would the Mute steal the funds, then give them back to Meredith only to rightfully earn them by killing people? Wouldn’t he just keep the money?
            I think the man who actually stole the money from the vault was Brunski himself.

    • Graydon says:

      It was the code, the server for the transfers everything.

      • Alfred says:

        But how was the server computer able to change the names on the dead pool list? It removed Derek, and added Liam and also changed the amounts that some names were worth. And was the computer asking for visual recognition of the kills? Could an old computer like that have visual recognition capability?

  5. Erin2 says:

    I loved tonight’s episode! In regards to Scott’s new super-wolfed out state, I’m assuming since he didn’t kill to become an Alpha when he does kill we will finally understand what’s so special about a “True” Alpha!!! 2 episodes left!

  6. Jr says:

    Did anyone see Scott’s face when he was about to kill the guy at the end?? What a total bad ass!! I think Peter is infor a surprise if he thinks he got what it takes to take down a True Alpha. We got a little sneek peak of a True Alphas real strength. And in regards to the whole dead pool thing.. who took the money from the vault??? Why were the those machines put into the Martins’ Lake House?? Who set them up?? Man I need answers!!!

    • HoboKing says:

      I was wondering the same exact thing about the Lake House computer.
      I mean; why was the Deadpool computer in Lydia’s lake house? They were old computers and in a place Lydia’s grandmother owned, the grandmothers ashes weren’t really ashes but mountain ash (so she knew about the supernatural and probably what she was), they hid the turn off switch in a bottle of fake red wine that belonged to the grandmother. She better be connected in someway to this.

      I think the vault robbery was staged by Peter and Kate to explain the money missing and give him a way out of suspicion when his name wasn’t on the list.

  7. onelastemperor says:

    Ian Bohen was so great this ep……..well he’s always great, but Insane Pete was priceless)

  8. jm says:

    In promos we saw already that Peter will try to kill Scott…
    Peter + Kate = DANGER!
    It was fun cause i think scott was only a 5% of the episode.

  9. Sara says:

    If they are going to ‘kill’ Peter again this season, can it please stick this time. I get so sick of fake deaths. It’s like they keep Peter around in case they need a bad guy.

  10. dociarose says:

    Great twist with Peter inadvertently being the instigator of the dead pool. There is no redeeming that guy though – great character but he needs to DIE! Would be great if the Sheriff offed him! AND…WE NEED MORE STILES. STILES interacting with the group, not being off isolated by himself. Am watching this epidosde THREE times – Sunday, Tonight and next Monday! Hurray. Great katana, Kira!

    • Aligmich says:

      So true! It would be awesome if the sheriff was like ‘I told you there wouldn’t be a third time’ and then shot him…although for it to stick they’ll probably have to burn him and scatter the ashes or something.
      I still have two major questions though:
      A) what the eff is Parrish! come on!
      B) what the hell has happened to deacon, he’s just kind of disappeared…
      Also I think Scott’s face warp is maybe turning him into the same kind of alpha that Talia was? You know how she was able to morph into a wolf-wolf and not human-wolf hybrid and peter needs to kill him because he wants to steal that power as when he morphed into an alpha season 1 he was all malformed..

  11. Hmm says:

    Andy do not make fun of Derek his eyebrows are perfect, just like the rest of him. Besides, doesn’t he deserve a pass; his life has been poop and now he’s lost his wolf abilities.

  12. Yung says:

    I just feel like this whole story line was lacking. I’ve seen no major growth in Scott’s abilities as Alpha. He get his ass whopped more actually. I feel like the whole banshee this is misused and confusing. What the hell does Kate want? What’s the deal with here being some type of jaguar and them bear men things following her around. Too many plot holes.

  13. Guest says:

    Wasn’t my favorite episode but then again I’ve loved every other episode so I guess there had to be one! I really hope Scott’s transformation is the beginnings of full on wolf. Really not caring for the “blue tent” Jeff was talking about. Did however love when Liam asked how they did it, how they all survived and Scott tells him not all of them had :( major feels. Gosh I really want to know what Parrish is!!! I fear we won’t know until sometime next season though. If they make peter go full again and he has to die I don’t think I can bare for him to come back again! He is one of my favorite characters but this whole resurrecting a lot of characters thing got me off TVD and it will do the same if TW doesn’t slow it’s roll haha

  14. anonymous says:

    scott is actually changing ito demon wolf we all remember dukaleon and his demon wolf transformation from season 3 thats why his face turned black