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Big Bang Theory Wedding Scoop: Find Out Why Penny and Leonard Probably Won't Tie the Knot This Season

Penny and Leonard Wedding Date

Penny and Leonard’s wedding is off… in the distant future.

Big Bang Theory showrunner Steven Molaro tells TVLine that it’s unlikely the recently-engaged pair will walk down the aisle in Season 8.

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“I can’t say for sure, but I doubt it,” he shares. “They’re in a great place. They’re the kind of couple where they can be engaged for a while and that’s fine.”

As it is, Penny will be too busy to plan a wedding. “In the first episode back [on Sept. 22], she will embark on a brand new career, and that will be taking up a lot of her time and energy,” reveals the EP. “Bernadette has helped to get her a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep at her company. She is going to put her failed acting career on the backburner for a while.”

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Turns out, the onetime Cheesecake Factory waitress is “extremely well suited for” the new gig “whether she realizes that yet or not,” says Molaro. “She’s cute and flirty and gets along with people, and she’s great at memorizing lines. This is a job that will fit her personality and talents well.”

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  1. Stacie says:

    That’s the downside of having the show be renewed for 3 seasons at a time. Less need to move things a long. I love this show, I watch it every week, and will continue to do so, but in the past couple seasons they just haven’t been as sharp as in earlier seasons. I know it is still a huge ratings juggernaut, and it’s still a good show, but I think some of it’s fame and popularity has gone to the writers and creator’s heads. I think them dragging out their engagement is a good example of that.

  2. Matthew Weber says:

    I still have a feeling that they’ll break Leonard and Penny up at least one more time before they actually tie the knot. That would get them through three seasons. In season 10, they’ll get back together and get married in the series finale.

    In a way that’d be okay, because a lot of times shows like these don’t handle marriages well. TV marriages like Bones and Booth just make the show worse, even when that’s what fans wanted from the beginning. It turns out what we loved was the dance between the two characters, the chase.

    I hope however, that the two characters can get married in like season 9. I’d like to see how the showrunners handle it. They’ve done a good job with the relationship so far, so maybe they can make a TV marriage work.

    • Connie says:

      I have to disagree. The wedding in Bones has actually breathed new life into that show and I don’t see why a wedding here wouldn’t do the same thing. The last couple of seasons haven’t been as stellar as previous ones and a wedding would give them fresh ideas. All just my opinion though.

      • Boiler says:

        Agree Connie, I think the Bones’ wedding helped the series a lot. As to Castle, not sure yet. Frankly I don’t think a Penny/Leonard wedding would necessarily be good for the show either. Think they would lose the Sheldon and Leonard dynamic, unless he lives with them!

        • jp says:

          I’m more interested in the Penny and Sheldon dynamic. I think the best episodes have been when Penny and Sheldon were together. Her singing the Soft Kitty song to him were touching and then they made you laugh but there was some tenderness there that played well off of the comedy. I miss that part most. So no matter what they do with Penny and Leonard they have to keep Sheldon in the picture. Maybe at the end they can do a flash forward and Sheldon lives with their family like an uncle or something..

          • Miss Diamond says:

            I agree Jp, unless there’s a complete change around and Penny and Sheldon realise they’re a scientific match made in space!

      • I agree everyone was so worried that the show would ose something when they got married but it did not. I really hope they do not break them up again. I want to see Penny living with Sheldon!!!! LOL

      • Linda Howell says:

        Yes, I agree about BONES, they are 2 very strong independent people and the zing stays there!

    • Louie says:

      The marriage thing just killed How I met Your Mother. They took about 2/3rds of the season to do a wedding and it just killed the pacing of the show.

      • Matthew Weber says:

        My problem with HIMYM was that they spent the whole series trying to get Ted married. All he wanted to do was get married. Then when he met the mother, he didn’t marry her for 7 years? That was dumb.

        Also I agree that the Robin and Barney wedding wasn’t all that well done. I’d have preferred a whole season of Ted talking about flashbacks with the mom after they met, instead of just two episodes at the end.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree completely Matt Weber; it is the dance that’s so wonderful (and frustrating) to watch.

    • Karen Scott says:

      Bones wedding worked out very well and continues to work. It enhanced their “team” in so many ways.!

    • Bozo says:

      Bones is killing the show all by herself. She was actually becoming a person until she had a complete character reversion the last few seasons and undid any character growth that happened with her. I only keep watching because of all the other characters.

  3. Tran says:

    How many episodes TBBT will air on Mondays before the sitcom heads back to Thursdays beginning October 30th?

  4. ryan says:

    this show is god awful

  5. Logically, this season should end with the wedding, next season should end with her becoming pregnant, and the last season should end with the birth of their son. That ends the entire saga that began when they met.

  6. James D says:

    meh. Not surprising at all they got to fill the next three season up right? I’ve watched this show from the start through the good and not so good times, IMO this season is shaping up to be the worst yet, I will of course watch and not judge until i’ve seen it but the whole Penny gets a better job then Lenord causing drama between the two is such a tired sitcomy thing to do Why can’t she be successful and happy with Lenard at the sametime. I guess we’ll see how it turns out but I’m not exactly hopeful.

  7. Nic10 says:

    Of course they won’t. Since when does Chuck Lorre ever been a master of “plot progression”?

  8. Karen says:

    Can’t see Penny in that new career. The writers have written her character as an air head who is street smart, but not book smart. She knows all about pop culture, but can you see her in doctors’ offices and medical facilities trying to talk the talk with professional medical people? Poor Leonard, Penny has done him wrong so many times, I just can’t be thrilled about Leonard being married or even engaged to her. His heart will be stomped on and broken by Penny how many times?

    • JLK says:

      Sales is often about street smarts…the ability to turn on the charm and win over the people around you…say what the customer wants you to say. Drug reps don’t need to be educated in the medical field to sell drugs to the doctors. During training, they’ll be given a script with all the basic information about the product to pass along. They don’t even need to completely understand the information if they can adorably say, “This is what they tell me….whatever that means” in a delightful way. When questions arise that go beyond their knowledge or the script, they turn on the charm and say something like, “Lemme take that back to corporate for some answers. If I actually understood how this stuff worked, I’d be in the lab right now, not wearing a groove in the pavement trying to sell it.” Bottom line is that sales is more about wining and dining than wowing people with intelligence.

      • Patrick says:

        I hope Leonard and the guys (maybe minus Shel just for the humor) create some sort of Tech company that becomes super successful. Not billionaires or anything, but multimillionaires. And then continue working at the University because they love it.

        It would be a neat flip flop for Penny and Bernie to deal with being the partners who are lucky, rather than the “nerds” being seen as lucky for being with two such attractive mates. Also, the inherent humor in Raj being aggressively pursued would be hilarious.

      • Barb says:

        Sorry JLK, its more important than ever now for pharm. reps to know their drugs and teach the MDs. Due to the ‘Sunshine Act’, no more wining and dining like before. But I do agree that it takes a good sales person.

        • JLK says:

          Thanks for the real world correction. I meant my comment to be taken in the context of the show and the likely expectations for Penny. (Based on some of Bernadette’s throwaway lines about her company, it’s hard to believe they have any care for laws or ethics. :) ) I was thinking about how they will probably show Penny doing her job, based in large part with how the job is usually portrayed on TV, and threw the description out there without providing that context. Whoops! Thanks for pointing it out and making me clarify.

          Point is: Unlike Karen, I can see Penny talking with professional medical personnel from a script that she’s been given about whatever drug she’s supposed to be selling and having the ability to defer questions over her head back to those smarter than she is with some kind of charm. It seems entirely in her wheelhouse to me. She already spends a lot of time talking with the guys, who are much smarter than she is, with great success. The guys have been buying her things for years. It just doesn’t seem like a stretch for her to get similarly smart people to buy things from her instead to me.

      • Lee Willits says:

        Pharmaceutical sales is about shmoozing with doctors and their staff by young, pretty, usually blonde females with great legs in heels… just sayin’

      • JC says:

        Speaking from 27 years experience — No manager with a major pharmaceutical concern would hire someone with Penny’s background and yes, you do have to understand how the drugs work and yes, you do get tested routinely. Hopefully Chuck Lorrie realizes that this turn is just as nutty as the personalities he has created for the show.

    • Justin Sturm says:

      Have you ever met a Drug Rep? They are usually good looking women who buy the nurses & Doctors donuts and lunches, drop off free pens and nick knacks and flirt with the Doctors. She will do amazing at it.

      • jp says:

        Not always..I know a very macho good looking male who is very successful in this field and has been for years.

      • JC says:

        Pharma reps have not been permitted to buy pens for the last ten years! Additionally, now if the reps even want to leave a copy of an article from the New England Journal of medicine, they need to record it for the federal government. The stereotype of a pharma rep is grossly inaccurate. Penny would be great at the stereotypical job, definitely wouldn’t even get hired for the real one.

  9. jennette Frizell says:

    As long as the really GREAT scriptwriters are there it will always be a good show.

  10. JLK says:

    Wow…so much negativity. I have no problem with them putting off the actual wedding for a season. If they drag this out until Season 10, that might be pushing it. But, realistically, it takes a long time to plan a decent wedding, and it’s incredibly stressful. It is definitely not something you want to be doing while you’re still trying to establish yourself at a new job, as Penny is apparently going to be doing. As long as they don’t completely ignore the engagement to the point where people are wondering if they’re still engaged or why they bothered to get engaged at all if they’re just going to ignore that fact for a whole season, I think this should be fine.

  11. mary says:

    I watch the show every week and will look forward to the wedding and i guess if it does not go through …i may not consider watching the series.like other comments made you cant keep dragging this relationship on and off, gets old….

  12. Earnie says:

    They seem to handle Howard and Bernadette marriage just fine don’t see why they can’t do the same for Leonard and Penny I just hope they get an apartment to themselves hopefully with Penny getting an actual good paying job this will happen they can’t move forward while living with Sheldon I think they will stay in the same building so that Sheldon can still interact with them just my thought

    • Stormy says:

      It would be cool if Leonard & Penny got married, and the whole group moved into a new building. Howard & Bernie in one apartment, Leonard & Penny in another. Sheldon, Raj & Stewart in a bigger one. And Amy in a fourth. A whole new dynamic for the show.

  13. TV Gord says:

    Howard and Bernadette were engaged for more than a year, and that was just fine. Some people are intent on nitpicking this show to death! It’s hilarious. Wring your hands over every plot point if that’s what makes you happy, but me? I’ll be sitting back and enjoying the show.

  14. I love the penny and Leonard thing going on, However I watch this show every week and even the reruns, I would like to see them get the romance in order and get married. How awesome that would be.

  15. poidf says:

    if this is the storyline they are going to stick with, i am IN! i was getting tired of the all actress failed career, this way Penny can evolve as a person, and it should be interesting seeing her flirting with the doctors. can’t wait!

  16. KIR RICH says:

    ..and they never should get married! They have no chemistry together.
    Penney and Sheldon are a much better fit as their time onscreen is when some of the most funny, interesting and poignant moments happen. She learns from him and he learns from her.
    THEY are the perfect couple!!!

    • Stormy says:

      WOW! Absolutely not! Sheldon is contemptuous of Penny’s mentality and regards her a a mother substitute. He has the same contempt for his mother’s brain. Also, Penny is a physical person and Sheldon is asexual. What could either of them bring to that kind of pairing?

      • JLK says:

        Agreed. He definitely sees Penny in much the same way that he sees his mother…someone who has grudgingly earned his respect because they have been able to help him bridge the gap between the real world and his intellectual bubble world. I think Sheldon probably does love Penny, but he’s not capable of loving her romantically.

        • izzybella says:

          Third me on this one. I love the friendship between Sheldon and Penny-it’s a beautiful thing. That dynamic where Penny and Leonard are Sheldon’s California parents amuses me. She has been wonderful for him and I hope they’re always friends, but I don’t see a romance there. I like the relationship between Sheldon and Amy. I gather from past comments on other articles that Amy doesn’t have a ton of fans on TV Line, but I dig her character and think she and Sheldon are wonderful together. That Valentine’s Day train episode was awesome. I think in general the writers have a done really good job of allowing the characters to grow at their own rates. I’m looking forward to what they do with Penny this season.

          • Krithika says:

            A TVLine viewer here and I absolutely ADORE Shamy!!! They are the most awkward, unique, sweet, intimate and absolutely amazing couple I’ve ever seen on screen. Besides, we all know Sheldon desires a relationship of the mind more than anything else, something hard for Penny to give.

    • David says:

      As I’ve watched this show the Sheldon and Penny thought does go through my mind and how Penny and Leonard aren’t the end game. I can see Penny changing Sheldon and there have been times when he would hug her and open up to her. They seem to have a special bond and really I could see them together when all is said and done. I don’t think they should really get together until the finale though. It would change the dynamic of the show too much just like a Penny and Leonard wedding.

      • JLK says:

        I hope that never happens. One of the things I enjoy most about this show is the relationship between Sheldon and Penny because it’s not romantic. It is possible for men and women to just be friends. This is one of the very few shows that has explored that dynamic well. If they ruin that, I think it will ruin the show for me.

      • Serena says:

        Hmmm…Soft kitty? Never know.

  17. JW says:

    Ah darn, I was hoping to see this finally happen after waiting for it since the very 1st episode. They deserve to be a happy couple at last. Wish the show would change their mind and make it happen.

  18. Louie says:

    They are so going to have her as the “booth bunny” for their trade shows I imagine. That perfectly encompasses her talents.

  19. DERRICK says:

    Raj should explore his gay side, because it’s definitely there.

  20. Lance Burton says:

    The show has been dead for a few seasons.

  21. Caroline says:

    Hard to believe her as a drug rep….you have to have a degree. She’s a waitress!!!!Far fetched

  22. Ella says:

    I find Leonard and Penny as a couple REALLY painful to watch. She is just horrible to him. So this is good news.

  23. Ruth Nagarya says:

    I absolutely LOVE Kaley Cucuco’s character, Penny, She brings joy and always reaches for more in her life. In the very first episode where she introduces herself as “Penny from the Cheesecake Factor”y, she grabs your heart and pulls it into her mid-western life, always striving for more and yet remaining true to herself.

  24. JoyAnne says:

    I’m a senior. This show always makes me laugh. But ALL the characters make it a success. I love Jim Parsons but why does he get all the credit. Not his fault. Blame the critics or whoever. The s/l’s need all of them. Looking forward to the next seasons.

  25. Will says:

    I cannot wait for TBBT to come back on…its like an old friend that has been on vacation! I really don’t see the show lasting past 3 years…in its current state. Here is my take on what will happen…

    1- In Season 8: Raj will finally meet and fall in love with the girl of his dreams, only adding to the storyline. Howard and Bernie will finally be a normal wedded couple, after Howard’s ‘Ma’ dies from a medical problem(or a Brisket), Sheldon will continue to ignore Amy’s sexual advances, although their relationship will advance in other ways. AND finally, Leonard and Penny. This season will have them breaking up or in a BIG argument, Penny questioning her new job as Pharmasuetical Rep, goes back to acting after she lands the role she has been waiting for!

    2- In Season 9 will see the reuniting of Leonard and Penny and engagement and eventually marriage for the finale. The other characters will still provide the same comic relief until the next season.

    3 In Season 10, this will be a season of big changes. I think Leonard will move across the hall into Penny’s apartment, leaving Sheldon alone. We all know how Shelly can’t handle change, so this will spark Amy to begin making advances to move into the apartment with Sheldon, innocently at first, then finally having coitis. Bernedette and Howard become preganant or welcome a baby into the mix, and Raj, being cured of his problem of not being able to talk to women , marries his girlfriend of 2 years. Sheldon is offered a job in Texas, Amy tell him she will go where he goes! Penny and Leonard…as the LAST SHOW comes to an end, relveals that they are going to have a baby. Leonard, revealing how much of an influence Sheldon has been on his life wants to name the baby after him (Sheldon/Shelley)

    WOW! What an imagination! Maybe the writers are reading this!? LOL! But anyways, that’s my take on what might happen. Now they could SPIN OFF some characters into other sitcoms, but they never usualyy last. One things for certain, I will miss this bunch of characters when the end finally comes!:-(

  26. Eric Willard says:

    Drug reps are away from home a LOT. I have a step sister that was one and it was really hard on her marriage. It’s good pay for the work. Lots of driving to clinics and hospitals just to wait for the doctor and then you have to sell a product to them. I wanted to be one since I’m single and have no family ties. That’s a bad idea for their releationship but could be funny for the show.
    Oh yeah..Penny proposed 3 times. 1) When she was drunk. 2) When she was sad at a funeral and 3) when she failed at her job and was again sad. All 3 reasons are BAD reasons to propose. They aren’t getting married and if they do, it’ll be total BS.

  27. Jim McKinney says:

    Love the show…with this group of writers, you’re never sure what might happen…my hope is that they write a Christmas episode where both Sheldon’s and Leonard’s moms show up at the same time…and become fast friends despite their incredible differences…and that in the last episode…the elevator is finally fixed…everyone is heading to the wedding rehearsal of Leonard and Penny…and it gets stuck again…with two possible endings…one with them staying stuck with a fade to black…the other that we hear Sheldon say :Bazinga”…and it starts moving again…just thoughts…

  28. Renee Johnson says:

    Crap, well if Penny & Leonard don’t get married…..Sheldon & Amy need to have relations….It’s been long enough. Something needs to change.

  29. Luis says:

    Sounds like Penny would make an ideal sales rep for Big Pharma. Seeing how slowly they have worked to develop the show, its not surprising they don’t feel in any great rush to get Leonard and Penny to the altar.

  30. Justin Sturm says:

    They should move Penny and Leonard into the Apartment upstairs and Raj into Sheldon’s apartment. Just to shake things up a little.
    They also need to have Leonard go back to Nebraska with Penny to announce the engagement and finally meet Penny’s mom and siblings.

  31. Denise Stark says:

    I think it’s realistic that Bernadette is helping Penny find employment. In this economy, you really need to know someone! Of course, with Penny’s looks, she would not have trouble getting work anywhere anyway! I will be watching old episodes every night until the new episodes start.

  32. DJ Doena says:

    Just recently watched a few episodes from the first three seasons. And I just miss those days. The geeky stuff. The ditched Mars rover. The Spock napkin.

    Now it’s all about Sheldon being mean on purpose and Penny drinking countless gallons of wine.

    I know it’s a ratings success now where it hasn’t always been one but the price for this is a part of the show’s soul. :-(

    • Bill Cord says:

      You miss it because those were the best years of the show. BBT made two major mistakes 1) it married Howard and Bernadette, which ended items like the Mars rover and Howard being a troll. 2) Linking Penny and Howard because it ended Leonard’s longing for Penny while watching an endless stream of idiot boyfriends pass his door to see Penny.

      Those two moves have caused the show to become unfunny and it is living on ratings built on past performance, which will end before season 10.

  33. Yuka says:

    My feeling is that Leonard and Penny and Sheldon and Amy won’t marry til the last episode.

  34. Matt says:

    I have no trouble with stalling the wedding for one season.

    I DO however, want to see some continued maturation in the relationship between Sheldon and Amy. Not saying they have to ‘do it’ but, except for the one moment on the train, Sheldon’s character hasn’t shown much ability to adapt to the ‘social construct’ of a true bf/gf relationship.

  35. I think they should get married on the last season of the series, whenever that is…Then there could be a spinoff series called, “Opposites DO attract”.

  36. Dianna says:

    Ur delusional-ive never been w/ relatives or minors-j ulie dies 4 her crimes and that’s final. Feel free to die with her & stop making unrealistic comparisons. Also, stop making false accusations against me. All accusations against me are false

  37. Dianna says:

    No they are not staying or getting money-j ulie and titus die-her son is out. End of discussion

  38. Natasha says:

    Penny a pharma rep??? Are you nuts???? Pharma sales reps have to be educated.Minumum: bachelor degree. She is a bimbo and people have to be aware that pharma sales rep are mostly health professionals…

  39. Bill Cord says:

    The show has become less funny since Leonard and Penny became a couple along with Howard getting married. Those moves removed the major story lines that made the show so funny, in the first two seasons.

    The first season set the stage of Leonard, the short nerd, longing for a relationship with Penny while having to watch a parade of idiot boyfriends to Penny’s apartment. Linking them removed a running joke that never got old and all also removing several funny secondary characters (Zach, for instance) from the series.

    When Howard got married, it eliminated the story lines about his idiot plans to pick up women and his clumsy pick-up attempts with Penny. Keeping Penny unattached was a major part of the series because having a good looking blonde across the hall from three nerds made jokes and story’s unlimited.

  40. Paul says:

    Since Penny got married in real life. The show is not worth watching! Short hair Penny is NOT HOT!

  41. tlcorsel says:

    They are not a great couple. They do’t communicate well and have very little in common