True Blood Finale Poll: Once and for All, Does Sookie Belong With Bill or Eric?

Life is full of difficult choices: Soup or salad? Paper or plastic? Ice water or donation? But with only four days until True Blood‘s series finale, TVLine is asking you to make the hardest choice of all: Bill Compton or Eric Northman?

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Though Sunday’s finale appears to be all about Bill, it’s entirely possible Sookie could end up with Eric — or no one at all — by the end of the hour. (Before you disagree, just remember: She suddenly got back together with Alcide at the end of the Season 6 finale. Alcide!)

True Blood Series FinaleTHE CASE FOR BILL | Sookie and Bill have faced their fair share of ups and downs — I’d qualify him turning into a bloody, naked vampire god and trying to kill her as a “down” moment — but he was also her first love. And despite being a blood-guzzling member of the undead community, he’s also a total Southern gentleman, the kind of guy you could bring home to mom. Or dad. Or… grandma? (Wow, the Stackhouse herd really has thinned out, hasn’t it?) And you kind of have to forgive Bill for lying to Sookie about his initial intentions. After all, did we not forgive Freddie Prinze Jr. at the end of She’s All That? I think we can all agree that Bill and Sookie’s love story is essentially just the vampire version of that movie.

True Blood Series FinaleTHE CASE FOR ERIC | Eric may have spent his 1,000+ pre-Sookie years as a murderous whoremonger — and to be fair, he still indulges occasionally — but meeting Sookie changed him. “I care about very few people in this world,” he told her last week. “A small handful of vampires and you.” The show hasn’t devoted too much attention to the Sookie-Eric dynamic in recent seasons, but every time he’s shown up at her doorstep over the past few weeks, her face has lit up. In fact, Eric has always been there to comfort Sookie whenever Bill broke her heart — like when he willingly drank Lillith’s blood and died, or when he refused to drink Sarah’s, effectively signing his own death warrant. Eric may never again return to his cuddly Season 4 form, but at least what you see is what you get. Honest to a fault, he might just be the Viking vampire of Sookie Stackhouse’s dreams.

Now that you’ve seen your options, it’s time to make Sophie’s Sookie’s choice: