Finding Carter Stars Tease Carter's Big Change and Max's 'Connection' to Lori

Finding Carter

Will she stay or will she go? Tuesday’s Finding Carter (MTV, 10/9c) features the titular character at her most challenging crossroads yet, and Kathryn Prescott tells TVLine that “there’s a big change in Carter” by the end of the hour. But is change always a good thing?

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Plus: Alex Saxon reveals how Max’s fan-favorite crouton scene became a “turning point” for the character’s future on the show — and what’s really going on with Crash?

Read on for more Finding Carter scoop straight from the stars…

CRASH & BURN | Now that Carter has made her feelings for Crash known, the couple is going full steam ahead. But is that a good thing? “He’s going to influence her negatively, but not in a typical way,” Prescott explains. “He’s always telling her to stop; he doesn’t want to get her involved in his life. I feel like Carter is so empathetic towards him because he’s the only person in her life who’s experienced that same level of trauma.”

LIFE-CHANGING CROUTONS | Though he wasn’t originally envisioned as a recurring character, Max’s position on Finding Carter became solidified when the powers-that-be observed him in the kitchen with Taylor. “The crouton scene was a turning point when MTV started thinking about where Max could really fit into the show and for how long,” Saxon explains. “Max was a one-episode guest-star, and then it just kind of kept going. That crouton scene was fun; we didn’t know it at the time, but they saw it and they liked it.”

carter-and-loriDECISIONS, DECISIONS | I don’t think Lori’s going to like what Prescott has to say about Carter’s growth this week. “There’s a big change in Carter in Episode 7; she’s kind of put down roots in this family, not meaning to,” Prescott begins. “And she’s also started to become attached to them. Episode 7 is interesting because you especially see how strongly connected Carter and Taylor are as twins.”

MAMA DRAMA | Max seems like the perfect liaison between Lori and Carter — is there a simpler, sweeter human on television right now? — but it sounds like that’s all about to change. “Max and Lori had a connection, just as Max has a good relationship with Elizabeth,” Saxon explains. “But his patience and his good nature are being tested; Lori’s becoming more and more inappropriate in her interactions, and Max doesn’t know what to do with that.”

Finding Carter fans, what are your thoughts on Carter and Crash? Max and Taylor? Drop a comment with your take on the MTV drama below.

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  1. Ally Oop says:

    I really like this show. Excellent writing. Great cast and characters with believable storylines. I don’t know how I feel about Carter and Crash. I know they’re doomed and she’s pretty idealistic about him but I hope they don’t end too soon because I like their dynamics.

    • johnhelvete says:

      The one weak part of the show for me is Carter with Crash. I get what the writers are doing, bad boy drug dealer and than revealing his tragic past, but there was just too much of Crash in the last episode for me. There is a scene posted online for tonight’s episode and I think it is the best scene the show has done since the pilot episode, between Taylor and Carter, which points to the sister/twin connection that Prescott refers to in the interview.

      • ggny says:

        I agree. Crash is the generic bad boy turned good guy. Carter seemed like such a strong character but the last episode just destroyed her imo. She literally listen to her friend having sex with Crash and then falls in love with him the next episode and end up in bed with him?

    • Ginger says:

      This show’s writing is horrible. Carter and Crash were thrown together without any build up and they are pretending they are some epic couple. The show downright ignores their premise and anything to do with a kidnapping victim readjusting to home life with their true family. Instead the show is full of cliches and stereotypes.

  2. ggny says:

    I really think Lori is gonna do something bad to Max.

  3. Ashley says:

    This show is really exciting to me, but I dont like the Crash Carter relationship. She needs to be with Gabe as he really cares about her. As for Taylor and Max, at first i didnt like the idea but the more i see them together the more i like them.

    • adam says:

      My only issue with that is so far i can’t stand Gabe, with his switching back and forth between sisters, his talking about how Carter will be his, a little creepy. His having a discussion about how important or not important the kiss with Carter was well she’s getting into a fight in the hallway, rather then trying to stop the fight. Also, his earlier ignoring of Taylor and the fact that she liked him which was very obvious but he still apparently didn’t get it, even after Carter told him, and now he suddenly likes Taylor because she kissed him.

  4. Hanna says:

    I loved when Lori told Max he “used to be so cool,” and he said, “so did you.”

  5. J says:

    The least interesting part of Finding Carter is the Carter/Crash relationship but im down for the ride to watch how it plays out. Alex Saxon makes the show for me. Love his character and happy MTV kept him on the show.

  6. Jk says:

    Where is season 2?

  7. FatherOctavian says:

    I watch this show for the family interactions, and for Max. Carter’s little high school clique do nothing for me.

  8. Love Carter & Crash, Love Max & Taylor. Can’t wait to see the history behind David & Janet/Lori

  9. bhm1304 says:

    This show has so much about it that should be good and they seem to have cast it fairly well but the writing and dialogue is so horrible at times its barely watchable. If this show had a better staff of writers it wouldn’t be on MTV.

  10. Natasha says:

    I love Taylor/Carter scenes I hope they get really close !!!

  11. Michelle Dela Cruz says:

    Carter and Crash,where do I begin. I think Carter and Crash are kind of good for each other,in a specific way. Crash was or is a drug dealer and a person that did a crime of GTA when he stole that car,but I think since he met Carter that he has tried to change who he is and how he acts. Episode 6,Carter finally admits that she has feeling for Crash,but all Carter doesn’t know is that Crash is suppoed to go to court and may end up in prison for three years. When Carter calls Crash’s phone Elizabeth over hears what Carter is saying and on the court day all Crash gets is probation and community service although if he does such a thing as light a blunt he will be in jail Crash then tells Elizabeth that he knows and that she did this because she loves her daughter more than she hates him and that he will do anything to prove that he is worthy of being with Carter. Moving on to Taylor and Max. As the show started you could see that Taylor liked Gabe,but Gabe started to like Carter. Once that Elizabeth brings Max home to stay for a while everything started to change. As Taylor was cooking dinner and making croutons Max was talking to her and said that he loved croutons Taylor then asked him if he wanted to help. The thing that I thought was really adorable and that I loved about this scene was when Taylor was going to give Max and hair tie and he said that he already had one,I don’t know exactly why I loved that part I just thought it was just adorable. Anyway,I think Max and Taylor are perfect for each other. They compliment each other very well and they just look adorable together.

  12. Robin Michele says:

    I love this show- BUT “Max” belongs on The Fosters!!! I hope he doesn’t leave that show.

  13. kylen milton says:

    bro im like oh snap!!!!! this show has me glued to the tube!! bro carter is a great actor

  14. kylen milton says:

    bro im like oh snap!!!!! this show has me glued to the tube!! carter is a great actor

  15. Mary Daly says:

    I love max, we all need someone so sweet and nice in our lives just to get through every day when the world has become such an awful place. Please keep him on the show !!!!

  16. Lisa says:

    Im watching the show with my teenage daughter. I really like that the parents are parents on the show and not playing friends. Rules and consquences. I really like that Elizabeth and David getting back together. Its nice to see a family that works out there issues. It was good to see Carter getting clise to her parents and siblings. I love max. I would like to see more of the family bonding doing family things. And working through normal family stuff.

  17. Lisa says:

    I watch the show with my teenage daughter. I like that Elizabeth and David are working on there marriage now. I like the fact that they parent and are not always trying to be their childrens friends. I really like Max and his character. I like to see the family bonding. I would like to see more of them doing family things together. And deal with family issues. The drama is good but its also nice to see happy times.