Food Network Star Season Finale Recaplet: And the Winner Is...

Food Network Star Season 10 Finale

All too often on Food Network Star, contestants are told to streeeeetch their segments just a few seconds longer. And on the reality competition’s hourlong finale, there was a lot of stretching for time.

Before we could find out whether Nicole, Lenny or Luca would become the next Food Network Star, all of the Season 10 finalists rejoined their judges for a look back at the past few weeks. Here’s the CliffsNotes version:

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* A number of video packages roll, zeroing in on everything from the contestants’ crushes on the judges — as well as everyone’s infatuation with dreamy Luca — to the judges’ goofy behind-the-scenes moments, to the catty comments contestants made behind each others’ backs. (And fourth-place finisher Sarah is at the heart of the drama, calling Lenny a “sidewalk entertainer” and telling Chris he’s “dead to her” after he won’t share ingredients. Relax, girl!)

* We also get a look at the Star Salvation series — led by last season’s champ Damaris Phillips — which helped the ousted contestants work on their camera skills, and ultimately put Luca back in the game. (And yes, Luca confesses, he does render women incoherent on a frequent basis, but he chalks that up to his molto bene genes.)

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But the results do eventually come. New Jersey native Nicole and her “coastal cuisine” POV are eliminated first, and between Lenny and Luca, the winner is… Lenny!

But the real mystery is: Will he ever take off that goofy cowboy hat in front of the camera?

How do you feel about Lenny’s Food Network Star victory? And will you tune in to his show later this season? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. adam says:

    Yes I would actually watch his show. Leny is very entertaining. He keeps me engaged. I also loved Luca , and on some level I wish she should have won but truth is hands down leny is better than Luca. Nicole definately did not deserve to be in top three. she is flat ,mono tone, and boring to the nth degree.

    • Mike says:

      He is not a Cowboy, he looks like a guy walking out the Western Gift Shop who maxed out his credit card. Watching him in a “Cowboy Uniform” is about as real as as a kid in a halloween costume! He is a classically trained chef, who faked a point of view, on a show that focused on being your true self.

      • Bill Veik says:

        by faking, you mean spending a year on the streets of Tennessee playing and singing for change, and gigs when he could get them. And cooking for a 5-star western ranch resort, where he still sings and plays nightly, after cooking. And previously working as a chuck wagon cook for a cattle operation in Prescott, Arizona.

        But then again, the column writer asks if the hat ever comes off in front of the camera, after apparently not seeing him take it off before jumping in the Vegas pool, or flinging it into the crowd during the appearance on the RR show. Lotsa attention being paid here….

        • Mary Ann says:

          I saw a video he made 5 years ago where he was not dressed as a cowboy, did not have a texas accent, and called someone a c**t while he was cooking. Not surprised by this since he was born and raised in New Hampshire and went to culinary school in Germany. He is a big phony and I will not be watching his show. I would have watched a show with Luca or Nicole.

          • Anna says:

            totally agree, will not be watching Fake Lenny, his phoniness is loud and clear. Anybody would have been better. Would have liked Luca or Ruben to have won.

          • carol says:

            you just said it! Phony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • sherry says:

        I agree with Mike.

    • SMatheson says:

      Completely agree. Not sure how Nicole ever got that far in this competition. I still hope they find something for Luca to do. He would be great to watch as well as Lenny.

  2. Joel says:

    Meh. Shoulda been Luca. So dreamy!!! America got it wrong, but judging by the looks Haida was giving him, I suspect he’ll show up on tv again!! And be a bigger star than Lenny McCowboy

    • Joel says:

      That’s giada…autocorrect was autowrong

    • MK204 says:

      Haha. I agree with you. I thought Giada would offer him something right then and there. She looked like she was head over heels.

    • I don’t believe they’ll let Luca just disappear; he’s much too hot for FN to let him go; they’ll find something for him; he’ll be back. Besides, Giada has obvious hots for him; he ain’t goin’ anywhere.

    • BJ says:

      I don’t even care to watch Giada again…used to love her show but the way she gushed and blushed over stupid Lenny with a belt buckle bigger than his brain I had to change the channel. When Alton or Bobby justly criticized him she would not say a word and was obviously annoyed but no matter how badly he performed (selling her on food in 90 seconds…total failure) she still just beamed and bragged him up. Yuck…made me dislike him even more. I too loved Luca and with Giada being Italian I thought she might show at least a little loyalty…maybe too much competition for her.

  3. Arié Moyal says:

    Lenny did NOT deserve the win. He’ll fall apart. :P

  4. Jody says:

    Great, I love this guy, he is down to earth, I would watch this show for sure!

  5. David4 says:

    How many episodes before we all forget able him? I say 4.

  6. Patricia says:

    Won’t watch his show. Next to Sarah, he was the one I disliked the most. He’s inauthentic to me and seems to be playing a part rather than actually being a chuck wagon cook.

    • Enrique the Intelligent says:

      I completely agree. He acted like a clown in order to get people thinking of him. Ip wouldn’t be surprised if he’s completely different at the end of the show’s first (and only?) season.

    • Kim R says:

      I totally agree. Lenny did entertain me to a point but something just did not ring true about him. I don’t know if it was nerves on his part or being aware of the camera but even when he won and was telling the big boss of the network that he loved her so much when he hugged her?! Yikes. I was embarrassed. He strikes me as a guy who is willing to be anything to anyone in order to get a show. That is not authentic at all.
      I really liked Luca and not because he was easy on the eyes. I like what he had to say. I like his humility and would have definitely watched his show.

  7. Kyle says:

    What an awful outcome. I’d never watch him. I now feel like I’ve wasted my entire season for this.. I cannot imagine his show not bombing, he’s annoying.

  8. Chloeann says:

    He’ll be one and done, like most of the recent winners. Annoying and tedious.

  9. Brian L. says:

    Let’s face it, there were no stars in this group. Lenny was the best of a bad bunch. It says a lot about the overall group talent when a contestant can get bounced in Week 2 and then come back to finish 2nd. I don’t care who won, I wouldnt watch any of them in their own show. This group will be long forgotten in a few months.

    • Susan Bushinski says:

      well said

    • lj says:

      Very true…what i have been thinking all season. None of them had star power. They were either drips or annoying. Hated Nicole’s hair! I can’t believe bettee people didn’t apply. And Robert Irvine was terrible as a video mentor. Do better next year for your fans FN. Thank you.

  10. Jean says:

    No. I am glad I didn’t watch the finale because I would have been very disappointed!

  11. Song4Ten says:

    At least he’s better than Aarti Paarti or whoever she was from whatever season that was….

    • will says:

      Aarti is awesome and got far far less than she deserved. I’ve loved her and the way she cooks in pretty much everything I’ve seen her in.

      • Gayle says:

        I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Put her back on food network! I learned so much from her and really enjoyed her personality!

  12. ann graham says:

    I will watch because he can cook and I hope to get some pointers from him. He is extremely polite which I appreciate. But if he gets too goofy I will stop watching.

  13. ann graham says:

    I’m sure Luca will gt his own show; as well.

  14. Michelle says:

    Knew it from day 1….I don’t like Texas type food….but I plan to watch Lenny for the entertainment and expect to learn something.

  15. Gloria korn says:

    Great finale! Love Lenny & his personality …looking forward to his show .

  16. Laura says:

    I liked them both but feel that Lenny will be more entertaining. Luca’s grandmother was getting old. I do wish him all the best but Lennie technically was never eliminated and Luca had a second chance. So way to go Lenny!!!

  17. eas21 says:

    Lenny is such a phony! I won’t watch anything he is on.

  18. Varvara Alimaras says:

    If FN thought an authentic “cowboy” would go over, how about Keith Rollins? Lenny is a cheesy, cut-out of a cowboy. Luca, on the other hand, is a truly good cook with a charming demeanor. But I guess FN needed a replacement for its phony, fatty butterball, Paula Deene! That’s it; I give up on FN.

  19. Sharon dyson says:

    You bet his food was interesting and easy to make!!!!

  20. Annette Neugent says:

    I think food network judges made an excellent choice in selecting Lenny. I chose him in the first part of the challenges. He will add viewers to the network. It is time an interesting and good cook is chosen. Good luck Lenny.

  21. Susan Bushinski says:

    This years lot all were poor. Few knew how to cook. It amazes me how at the beginning this was about cooking well, and food knowledge, and now it’s all about stupid challenges and how they are on camera (and it doesn’t matter if they can’t cook). No Lenny won’t remove his hat, because he has little hair (see one of previousepisodes in car where he did take hat off) Lenny looks too goofy. He borders on the edge of too much and weird when he is allowed to be himself. He seems to have some food knowledge, which suprised me, but he’s a clown, and a guy that dresses like that doesn’t entice me to tune in. I predict he’ll be given a early Sat morning time slot and slide into oblivion like Amy Findley did.

    • Jenks says:

      Amy Findley actually quit FN to go do her thing in France, but your point is still valid — how many of the winners of this show are still around? Of those, how many have shows you would watch? FN has totally changed its “POV” and has become nothing but a bunch of competition shows and Guy Fieri reruns. There are still a few shows on that are actually about cooking, but they are few and far between.

      • lj says:

        Very true. We never got to see Justin… I guess he was on the web? Stupid. Yes, Amy turned down her series. What happened to Aaron McGargill? Oh well.

      • Mary says:

        I agree. Nothing new on FN. Too many competitions and reruns. Show some cooking please!

    • Glendora Godbersen says:

      the cowboy out fit not the problem just look at guy and he has three shows I love 2 of them but don’t care for his looks but I still watch and hes a nice guy

  22. sandrajumper says:

    Lenny is fine. I wish him well. It’s just that I really wanted to see a show starring Luca. I would watch Luca’s show for sure. Maybe I will get lucky and after they let Lenny have his time in the sun, they will give Luca a show. Or, maybe another network would be so kind….

  23. Pamela Vargo says:

    Nope. Didn’t like him from the beginning…too much fake attitude. Will not watch his show.

  24. symer says:

    Yes I rooted for Lenny the entire season I was so happy Lenny won and can’t wait to watch his show it will b very entertaining plus he makes good food.. Congrats Lenny u deserve the victory!!!

  25. Leslie says:

    Food Network plays fewer and fewer actual cooking shows. Subsequently I watch it less and less. With Lenny as the winner I will watch even less than before. I’ll watch Cooking Channel instead.

    • Sheila says:

      Problem is that the Cooking Channel keeps making shows for random actresses and washed up 80s rap stars with their wacky families. I’ve started watching PBS for shows where people actually cook!

  26. Shelli wright says:

    Not terribly excited about Lenny. He seems to be a cowboy clown…a character, not a person/chef

  27. Carol hubbard says:

    Will never watch Lenny, he is obnoxious and really wish the network would pick. For the last three years you have lost me with the choices. Tell him to lose the awful belt buckle. He is no Guy or Jeff

  28. Carol hubbard says:

    Luca should of won

  29. Andrea says:

    Yea Lenny won !!

    Yes I will watch his show. He was my choice to win since the beginning if the show.

    I watched last years winner show and she was boring I don’t see how she won. Lenny is a friendly, likable guy and will keep you watching. Glad he won

    • Carol says:

      Arron was great as was guy and Jeff lately picks have been a bust! More cooking less games and let food network pick the winner. Will not watch Lenny he is a phoney

  30. Therese says:

    The results tonight were VERY DISAPPOINTING! Luca IS THE BEST and was ALWAYS HIMSELF. Bobby Flay didn’t have to spit out any of Luca’s food nor did he make the worst showing on any episode as Lenny both of these offenses. With this HORRIBLE result tonight I can say I WILL NEVER WATCH this show again!
    I hope another smarter network offers Luca an EVEN BETTER show. Lenny should NEVER have been in the Finale…period end of story!!

  31. Carolyn Johnson says:

    Lenny is seriously boring to me & I have been amazed every week that he wasn’t eliminated! He might be a great cook, but I do not see any attraction to watching him at all & my favorite tv channel has been the Food Network for many years. I am truly disappointed that he was your choice!

  32. Therese says:

    I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with the results. Lenny is MUCH TOO OBNOXIOUS AND CRASS. I WILL NEVER I REPEAT NEVER WATCH his show!!! Lenny should NEVER have been in the Finale! Luca should have WON hands down! I’ll also never watch Food Network Star again!!!

    • Jennifer Malken says:

      Certainly agree with you. I don’t like the judges any more (Giada and Alton) because they are cold and I won’t watch Food Network Star because they’ve got it all wrong. Luca should have won. He is charming and great to watch.

  33. Therese says:

    Very disappointed! I will NOT be watching Lenny’s show. I would’ve watched Luca. Won’t waste my time next season either!

  34. Jeanne Willis says:

    Don’t like his goofy outfits for a cooking show lets hope he changes to something more practical! He was not my choice to win.

  35. Kate says:

    Both could’ve won, but personally I’m glad it was Lenny! I’ll definitely be tuning in. He has so much personality and he can cook! America got it right this time!

  36. lynn253 says:

    I voted for Lenny because I was most interested in watching his unique show. I think he will be a good, modern replacement for Paula Deans cooking style. Congrats Lenny!!

    • Joanna says:

      I agree. Luca was a bit hard to understand sometimes with his accent. Lenny needs a bit of grooming, but I think with some good coaching he will be pretty entertaining.

  37. Andrea says:

    Food Network, you shot yourselves in the foot with this fake, drug store cowboy wannabe. All hat and no cattle! The silly cowboy mannerisms were embarrassing, not to mention tiresome. Good luck with this one, Food Network! This Montana cowgirl won’t be watching.

  38. Nancy says:

    Congratulations to Lenny for winning! I liked him starting in the first show. Will be watching his new show.

  39. Dian says:

    I will NEVER watch Lenny’s show, I thought that he was terrible during live shoots. Luca was fabulous! I am so disappointed that I wasted my time watching this season.

  40. So disappointed. I will NEVER watch Lenny’s show. I thought that he performed terribly when ‘live.’ I was so looking forward to watching Luca. He seems so genuine and his show would’ve had class. I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER watch Lenny’s show.

  41. Carla Krae says:

    Yes, I’ll watch Lenny. He consistently cracked me up.

  42. Kare Myers says:

    I loved watching Lenny. I cannot wait until his new show airs. I will definitely be watching. Good Luck Lenny!

  43. Chris says:

    What has happened to FN? Cutthroat Kitchen, Guy’s Grocery Games and now this? Have mercy! Dumbification of what used to be an informative channel. Sad. I’m watching less and less.

  44. MK204 says:

    I’m sure I won’t watch Lenny’s show. I was surprised and disappointed that Luca didn’t win but I blame myself because I totally forgot about the fact that you could vote every day and only voted the first day it was allowed. I’d have watched Luca in a NY minute. Oh well.

  45. Teresa says:

    I am in utter disbelief! How did this guy win? I found him goofy, phony, and downright Creepy at times. NO, I will not watch his show.

  46. Alice obukhova says:

    I wanted Luca to win. Sorry. I won’t watch Lenny.

  47. Marianne says:

    No I won’t watch his show. I think he is a buffoon and don’t enjoy his type of cooking.

  48. Karen says:

    My husband and I were blown away when Nicole did not win. Her opponants were Blubbery Buffoon and someone who needs subtitles! When did this show stop being about FOOD? I am sure Lenny will not last long on TV.

  49. Jon says:

    Totally not happy. Lenny will not wear well and will be very tiresome. I feel as if I am watching a phony when he is on. Luca was the real winner.
    Sorry but The food netrwork is not as interesting as it could be.

  50. Lillian Wade says:

    A disaster! Luca was so much better. I certainly would never watch the phony “cowboy” and why does the network insist on stupid hats–germy and ugly–you cannot REALLY cook in a cowbor hat!