Did The Strain Infect Voldemort? Is Teen Wolf a Big Bad Tease? Another Sharknado Fish Story? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Strain, Falling Skies, Teen Wolf and Finding Carter!

Falling Skies1 | Will Girl Meets World ever allow us insight into Riley and Topanga’s daughter/mother bond? And why is Riley so comfortable calling her teacher “daddy” in school?

2 | Really, Falling Skies product integration? A gleaming jar of Hershey’s Kisses in the middle of the otherwise organic, post-apocalytpic commune?

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3 | Does it feel like Big Brother’s Frankie is the product of a secret factory that manufactures reality-TV contestants?The Strain

4 | Doesn’t The Strain‘s Thomas Eichorst look just like Voldemort? And as far as gross-out “effects,” can the show possibly ever top the rocker’s loss of his… manhood?

5 | How infuriating was it to watch The Leftovers‘ Laurie get thisclose to talking… but still never utter a sound throughout the whole episode? Also, were you able to keep your eyes open during Gladys’ gruesome death?

6 | Is The Last Ship’s John Pyper-Ferguson currently playing one of TV’s most annoying characters?

7 | How many times does The Lottery have to stress the importance of fertilized embryos?Major Crimes

8 | Did Luke Perry’s Major Crimes character stop for a shave on his walk down the hall to taunt the murder suspect?

9 | What was the point of Teen Wolf introducing Kate Argent as one of this season’s Big Bads if they’re only going to feature her in every other episode?

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10 | Was it hard to buy Jerry Larry Terry Jim O’Heir as a mean Switched at Birth dad?

11 | What is with The Fosters‘ dramatic, Law & Order-esque sound after each act break? How do we make it stop?

12 | How has Pretty Little Liars‘ Caleb not noticed Hanna’s drinking problem?

Chasing Life13 | Now that Leo’s tumor is operable on Chasing Life, does that mean we won’t have to say goodbye to Scott Michael Foster? Or would that be cheating the seriousness of his illness?

14 | Did anyone else think Finding Carter‘s Gabe switched his affections to Taylor pretty quickly? Also, when will Lori explain why she took Carter?

15 | As much as we love Ricky on So You Think You Can Dance, isn’t he the focus of the group numbers a little too often?

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16 | One more Sharknado 2 question to add to the list, from the mind of an industry colleague (TV Guide Magazine’s Damian Holbrook): What time was that Mets game, if Fin raced to it so soon after arriving in NYC on a red-eye?

17 | Did Suits almost fool you, telegraphing that Louis’ “wish” would be the obvious — getting Mike back — only to have him (briefly) settle for extra vacation days and such?

18 | Is Johnny’s side of this larger Graceland arc putting you to sleep?

19 | We “get” that The Talk‘s mostly female live audience needs to cheer for every hot male celebrity — but wasn’t their enthusiasm for Zac Efron discussing a stint in rehab just poor taste?The Quest

20 | Does The Quest‘s Crio remind you of Xena‘s Joxer?

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21 | Does any Defiance fan out there have the foggiest idea yet what the jek Irisa’s flashbacks are about?! And hasn’t Doc Yewll been on fire with the one-liners? A blushing Indogene!

22 | Wasn’t Dominion‘s naked slap-fight in the shower a bit much? Also, how great was the reveal that Noma is a higher angel?

23 | How crazy is it that Covert Affairs star Kari Matchett’s doppelganger, Katherine LaNasa, also wound up on a USA Network show, Satisfaction?

24 | Will there be a very special episode of Rush that explains how he handles tax season, running an all-cash/no receipts business and all? And has Harry Hamlin (Rush, Shameless, Veronica Mars) replaced Treat Williams (Chicago Fire, White Collar, Everwood) as TV’s go-to dad?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!