Emmys 2014: What Should Win Best Drama Series? Take Our Poll!

Meet this year’s nominees, same as last year’s nominees — with one notable exception.

That’s the story in the 2014 Emmy race for Outstanding Drama Series, where True Detective — the dark mystery series that some Emmy watchers expected HBO to submit in the miniseries category — promises to make the outcome unpredictable.

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Of course, the Matthew McConaughey-Woody Harrelson vehicle’s no shoo-in. Last year’s champ, Breaking Bad, is back — in its final year of eligibility — as is Mad Men (a four-time winner from 2008-2011).

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And for those who prefer to see a perpetual bridesmaid walk down the aisle (to the podium), you’ll have your choice of Game of Thrones (nominated for the fourth straight year), Downton Abbey (making its third attempt in the category) and House of Cards (only on nomination No. 2).

BTW, if you’re scratching your heads about which 2013 nominee missed the cut this time around, that’d be 2012 champ Homeland. (If you’re scratching your heads about how the hell The Good Wife isn’t in the running, alas, we’re scratching right along with you.)

What would you do if you had the power to honor one of these fine shows when the Emmys are handed out on Aug. 25 ? Take our poll below to vote for your favorite, then hit the comments to justify your pick!

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Every day for the next couple of weeks, we’ll launch another “Who Should Win” Emmy poll, so come back to TVLine.com every day to weigh in on who’s most worthy of TV’s biggest honor!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. SUSO says:

    What SHOULD win? “Good Wife.” (this is a snarky response to the headline and I am fully aware it was not nominated)

  2. colleenharris1979 says:

    Time to start a Good Wife write in campaign

    • Jack says:


      The Americans, Masters of Sex, Rectify, The Returned, and Broadchurch all deserved it more than The Good Wife.

      Hell, Hannibal and Parenthood are better Network shows. The Good Wife is just a procedural. Join the SVU crowd already.

      • Liam says:

        You clearly didn’t watch season 5 or you wouldn’t label it a procedural. That’s like calling Masters of Sex a series just about sex.
        I agree that Hannibal and The Americans deserved spots too. I would swap these three shows with Downton, Mad and (IMO the very good but very overrated) True Detective.

      • Tenney says:

        Jack, The Good Wife is definitely not a procedural. It’s clear by that comment you don’t watch the show at all; you’re just making an assumption. It is not just another SVU or CSI or NCIS. It’s not like them at all.

        That being said, I do watch The Good Wife and I watch many of the shows you mentioned including The Americans, Rectify, The Returned, and Broadchuch. I would say that The Good Wife’s last season was much better than The Americans (IMO), but it would be hard for me to say that about Rectify, The Returned, or Broadchurch; especially The Returned and Rectify, which were just stellar. But don’t put down The Good Wife as just another procedural, because it is not. It’s really a fantastic show.

      • guy says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is the most hilarious comment ever. You, sir, are so wrong. The Americans and Hannibal definitely deserved to be nominated, though. Rectify wasn’t even eligible… but whatever. Hannibal and The Good Wife were the *BEST* dramas on ALL of television last season. We all knew they would dismiss Hannibal for the poor man’s Hannibal (AKA True Detective), but since TGW has been nominated before, it was a particularly huge snub. TGW just schooled every show last season on how it’s done. It IS this year’s winner… even if it weren’t nominated.

  3. Anna says:

    Seriously. I vote The Good Wife.

  4. Claire says:

    Despite my love for HOC, True Detective and obviously BB I think it should be GOT’s turn thos year. They god damn deserve it.

  5. since I don’t watch any of them, I don’t care. I am still pissed The Good Wife wasn’t nominated

  6. Liam says:

    Easy. The Good Wife.

  7. Teag says:

    Breaking Bad’s final season was unbelievable. True Detective is my second pick.

  8. Mandy says:

    The Good Wife. Best season of TV this year. Probably the last few years. Insane it wasn’t nominated.

  9. Jon says:

    Shameless – even though it’s considered a comedy.

    • Jack says:

      Yes. The runner-up (to Breaking Bad, of course) for Best Show! Shameless is unreal.

    • Joey says:

      I know why they entered as comedy this year, but it still doesn’t feel all that kosher since it was by far Fiona, Lip and Mickey’s most dramatic season yet. Oddly enough, Frank’s liver arc should’ve been one of the saddest but had some of the best comedy.

    • Mike Bee says:

      Wow…I’m so glad to see others agreeing with me! “Shameless” is one of the best over-all shows on the air ……. with an incredible cast that deserve acting nominations for each and every one of them! This is the perfect example of a series that CAN’T be categorized as a comedy or a drama, because it is so uniquely BOTH.

  10. Maria says:

    Who should win? How about a network show? Not everyone gets every cable channel available. How about two categories for drama: Best Drama: Cable and Best Drama: Network?

    • Jack says:

      Alright, Maria. Explain to all of us how that makes sense, and how you would separate the following channels:
      IFC, ABC, Amazon, FX, HBO, CBS, Netflix, Sundance, Starz, AMC, FOX, TBS, A&E, Showtime, PBS, History, Lifetime, MAX, MTV, CW, TNT, USA, BBC-A, NBC, etc.

      • Maria says:

        Okay, Jack, since you are all over everyone’s posts here…Technically, cable shows are broadcast using radio frequency (via cables…hence the name “cable” tv) and network shows are broadcast through the air, using radio waves. So however the shows make it to tv, that is how I would separate them. I was merely expressing my opinion.

    • S. says:

      They aren’t voting on what you can see, they’re voting on what THEY can see which is any show that submits itself and makes its presence sufficiently known to the Emmy voters. They can watch it or get screeners to make their choices. “The Academy” isn’t some vague thing. They are the only people who get a say and the only people who actually need to watch these for the purposes of honoring shows and individuals that want to be Emmy winners. What you can see on tv is irrelevant. The Emmys aren’t meant for the popular vote, it’s what the Academy membership thinks is the best show. That can be network, cable, internet-based, whatever. You just have to get their attention and have them agree that you deserve to be on the ballot. That’s not always easy, but that’s how this works. If you want what the public actually has access to and watches to be better reflected in the results of an awards show, that’s what the Peoples’ Choice Awards is for otherwise you need to become an Academy member. We might take an interest in who gets the award, but it’s not actually about the best thing seen by the most people. It’s about what Academy members (and only the Academy members) liked the most and that’s it.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      So you want one category that only contains the dramas that air on only four networks, and one category that airs the dramas on something like 150 networks, plus Netflix, and all the other new streaming services? Hell, let’s not stop there. Let’s have separate categories for network dramas, basic cable dramas, pay channel dramas since they have the biggest budgets, streaming service dramas, dramas from foreign countries like the U.K., and then we can do the same thing for all the comedies, and then we can sit through a 12-hour Emmy broadcast, while the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony goes for a week straight.

  11. Jason says:


    • Roberta says:


    • Mike Bee says:

      ‘Breaking Bad’ even gathering nominations this year is a sham, a hoax. They deserved everything they won last year, but that was its last season, period. This year the nominations just went out for EIGHT lousy shows of that same final season, that just appeared after Emmy’s cut-off deadline. BS. The SEASON has been honored…..a year ago in fact. It will be a travesty of justice if ‘BB’ wins one single award (AGAIN) this year, too.

  12. lindasays says:

    The Good Wife

  13. Eric says:

    Not only was Breaking Bad’s final season incredible, but considering it was such an iconic show and this is it’s last year of eligibility, I hope it goes home with the award.

  14. No broadcast network TV drama has been nominated in this category for three years in a row. The days when CBS, ABC, NBC and/or FOX ruled the Best Drama category are long gone.

  15. sara says:

    Breaking Bad.

  16. Christian says:

    I stopped caring about this category the minute The Good Wife wasn’t announced as one of the nominees. Blah!

    • Simon Jester says:

      And yet, here you are clicking on the story link and commenting. If you think that’s “I stopped caring,” you’re doing it wrong.

      • Liam says:

        I think he meant care in the context of how the EMMYs supposedly validates and awards the best series on TV – and I agree, pissed about TGW.

      • Christian says:

        Oh no, I took a minute out of my day to comment on a tv article. How will I ever get that time back?!

  17. Tran says:

    Toss up between Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

  18. TL says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL for the love of THE GOOD WIFE, but considering it was BREAKING BAD’s last year…and a stellar one at that, it deserves it.

  19. Jan says:

    I can’t even bring myself to vote. The Good Wife deserved a nomination AND win!

  20. Diz says:

    I haven’t seen a single episode of any of these shows.

  21. Hannibal should but it isn’t nominated. Therefore I abstain.

  22. Ugh says:


  23. Louie says:

    Anybody complaining about Good Wife’s omission but admitting to not watching a single episode of those that were nominated have completely invalidated their argument. A lot of excellent TV out there

  24. HAP says:

    As good as True Detective was, and as much as I enjoyed it, the fact is that it was entered in the wrong category. It’s up against shows that play 20+ episodes, and should have been entered in the mini-series category.

    It is, basically taking away a nom spot for another good show, and I would have been happy to see either The Good Wife or Parenthood get it.

    • herman1959 says:


    • JBC says:

      Breaking Bad had only 16 episodes for final season.

      • Jerry says:

        Actually only 8 episodes for this year, since the first half of season 5 has been entered in the Emmys for last year’s best drama.

        • Mike Bee says:

          Now HERE is what’s crazy about “The System.”
          Breaking Bad’s final season should have been considered for awards in ONE YEAR or the other ……. but not in both! As far as I’m concerned, anything they win this year will be like a “Bonus Gift” from 2013. And please don’t try to tell me there was a damned bit of difference between the FIRST eight shows of its final season and the SECOND eight shows of its final season!!!!
          This is just unfair to Breaking Bad’s competition.

  25. jr says:

    None of the above.

  26. Lili says:

    I would have added The Returned… Or the last season of Borgen, or Bron/Broen, and Broadchurch. We don’t produce that many series in Europe, but some of them really do deserve recognition !!! The Returned was awesome ! They start shooting season 2 in september !!!

  27. Stephen Portman says:

    Orphan Black *SHOULD* win!!!

  28. Nick says:

    I don’t care how good The Good Wife’s season was, if you think any show deserves this more than Breaking Bad, you’re kidding yourself.

    • guy says:

      No, we’re not. Imagine the great half-season of a minuscule eight episodes of Breaking Bad but in a 22-episode season. That was The Good Wife season five.

  29. canadian ninja says:

    Your poll is broken…there’s no spot to vote for Hannibal. Please fix.

  30. Lauren says:

    Breaking Bad’s final season was perfection. You can’t watch “Ozymandias and tell

  31. True Detective. Nothing else comes close

  32. Anon says:

    So am I the only one who voted for Mad Men? I just find all the rest overhyped and overrated.

  33. JBC says:

    Breaking Bad for sure. The last season was stellar. The finale was great. The cohesive writing and fantastic acting is so worthy of this award.

  34. M says:

    I’m not sure how anyone can say anything but House of Cards…

  35. schu says:

    Agreed with most comments below. The Good Wife should still somehow win. Biggest misstep not giving it a nom.

  36. solf says:

    I am completely astounded that they left Masters of Sex out to include Downton Abbey, AGAIN, in its worst season ever. I hope Breaking Bad wins, but I’m counting more on True Detective due to star power…

  37. A-Mi says:

    It would be a travesty if Breaking Bad doesn’t win!

  38. Mike Bee says:

    This new entry is so unique in every way, and has such outstanding actors in powerful roles, that I think it should win hands-down.

  39. Jesse Pinkman says:

    Breaking Bad will be the most defining series of the first quarter of this century. (2000-2025)

  40. Mike Bee says:

    Since “Shameless” is the best show on the air, period …… yet isn’t nominated as Best Comedy ……… and isn’t nominated as Best Drama …….. how do we vote for it???

  41. The fact that Resurrection is not nominated is absurd.

  42. Nancy says:

    Should be “The Good Wife” – the best show on TV!!!!!!