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Devious Maids Post Mortem: EP Talks Zoila's Twist, the Big Return and More

Devious Maids Season Finale

Lifetime’s Devious Maids ended its sophomore season with a wedding — and a bang! — Sunday night, and TVLine went to executive producer Sabrina Wind for some much-needed answers.

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Below, Wind discusses Zoila’s baby daddy, Nick’s future (or lack thereof) on the show, the real shooting victim and so much more.

TVLINE | So… Marisol and Nick supposedly went to the police, but we didn’t see actually see them go.
No, we didn’t see it. There’s a little piece that got cut where Marisol says, “Come on, we’re going,” but we had no intention of watching him turn himself in on the finale.

TVLINE | Will a hypothetical third season see Nick going through the prison system, or will he just be gone entirely?
I can’t make any promises. With some characters, you can say, “Absolutely, that person is gone.” Like Tony, for example, we have no intention of bringing back. But if we can find a way to bring back Nicholas and keep Mark Deklin on our show, we will do so. The audience really responded, as far as we can tell, to Nicholas and Mark. So if there’s a way to keep him, we’ll try and figure it out; on the other hand, he is a murderer.

Devious Maids Season FinaleTVLINE | That murder was the biggest obstacle in the Powells’ relationship. Might we see them happier moving forward?
While you’re absolutely right, I don’t think we’re going to solve their problem and watch them suddenly become the Cleavers. They are who they are. [Their son’s death] was a terrible thing that happened and exacerbated who they are, but these people aren’t going to change. We’re hoping that, moving forward, instead of being devious towards each other, they’ll both turn it on other people.

TVLINE | Quick question about Tony: Was that a random a mugging that looked like Adrian planned it, or did he actually plan it?
Adrian did set it up. The guy who mugged Tony was the detective. Remember the private eye Adrian hires to look into Tony? Our intention was for it to look like a random mugging, but Adrian was behind it 100 percent. He hears Tony say he’s going to the bank in an earlier scene when he’s talking to Evelyn. … And Tony’s not dead, he was just attacked.

Zoila PregnantTVLINE | Another twist that really surprised me was Zoila’s pregnancy. I’m imagining a “Who’s the daddy?” type situation.
Yes, and I have to say that while I’m not always a big fan of the “I’m pregnant” storyline, I’m a huge fan of the “I don’t know who the baby’s father is” storyline. For reasons I can’t explain, that’ll always get me. And Judy [Reyes] is loving this storyline, both for Zoila and for herself. She’s getting some problems that an ingenue would normally would get.

TVLINE | Have you decided who the father is?
Nope! [Laughs] I will say that our audience is really loving Javier, so I will be biased that way, and we’ll all be happier if she ends up with him. He seems so kind and sweet and charming and wonderful — but that might not make the best storyline. So we’ll decide when we can figure out what the good storyline is.

TVLINE | Oh, and [Rosie’s husband] Ernesto is alive! I didn’t see that coming.
Well, that’s good. Bringing him back wasn’t always our intention, at least not last season, but it’s going to be very interesting to find out why he’s not dead. It has to do with playing dead for everyone’s safety, for the same reasons Rosie fled the country.

TVLINE | I’m not up on my polygamy laws, but does that mean Rosie’s marriage to Spence is invalid?
Oh, God, we haven’t even gotten there yet because Rosie fully believes that he’s dead. I suppose you are correct, but to say the least, we haven’t gotten there yet. I will be bringing it up [with the writers].

TVLINE | The only cliffhanger I was expecting was that there’d be some sort of shooting, but it didn’t happen as I predicted. Do you know who got shot?
We’ve heard scenarios [from the writers] in which literally everyone is shot — except Rosie, because that wouldn’t work well with the Ernesto set-up. The cast keeps joking that Pablo gets shot because he wasn’t originally supposed to be in that scene. There was originally an extra scene written between Zoila and Pablo, and even though the scene was dropped, Pablo was still there. … But in all truth, we’ve gone through almost every series regular and guest stars, and there are a lot of cool stories to be told.

Devious Maids fans, who do you think got shot? Who’s Zoila’s baby daddy? And are you hoping for more Nick in Season 3? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the finale below.